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How Much Is Linkedin Premium Account

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Your Free Linkedin Account

Do i need a premium LinkedIn account?

Anyone can sign up for LinkedIn for free. With free LinkedIn membership, you can:

  • Build out your professional profile on LinkedIn .
  • Build a professional network both from your in-person contacts and 2nd degree connections.
  • Receive InMail messages from recruiters and those outside your immediate network.
  • Search for LinkedIn profiles based on industry, interest and company.
  • Save a handful of searches .

Since theres no such thing as a free lunch, LinkedIns free account level has a number of limitations:

  • Your searches are limited to 100 results.
  • You dont receive any InMail credits to message people outside your network.
  • You are only able to see the last 5 people to look at your profile.

A free LinkedIn account is a great way to get familiar with the platform. But you may soon find yourself wanting to upgrade to another LinkedIn membership level.

What Are The Different Linkedin Premium Accounts And How Much Do They Cost

  • Premium Career to help you get hired and ahead in your career from £24.98 per month.
  • Sales Navigator generate leads and develop your client base from £49.99 per month.
  • Recruiter Lite find the best new talent in the job search market from £79.99 per month.
  • Premium Business to empower you to expand your business with detailed business insights from £39.99 per month.

For more information on what features each paid-for LinkedIn account offers click here. Each of the different types of paid-for accounts gives you the opportunity to try a free trial for a month so you can assess if the account type will be of use to you.

Why You Dont Need A Linkedin Premium

If you havent used all the features of your free LinkedIn account or havent come across a limitation using the social network, a LinkedIn premium may not be worth it. As such, it is a good idea to use your free accounts features to advance your career to the point where you feel like you seriously need to upgrade.

Make sure to add a profile photo and cover image to your free account. Plus, write a good profile summary, add your portfolio items, and ask your connections or colleagues for recommendations. Also, youd want to send a message or two to people in your network to see whether they respond.

And even after doing all of the above, if you dont get positive responses on LinkedIn, you may give the premium option a shot.

How to Unsubscribe From LinkedIn Premium

If, after upgrading, you think the LinkedIn premium isnt worth it, you can cancel your plan whenever you want to.

Heres how to unsubscribe from LinkedIn premium:

  • Click on the Me icon on your LinkedIn homepage.
  • From the dropdown, select Access My Premium.
  • Click the option on the right, which says Manage Premium account. By doing so, you will be directed to the Premium Subscription Settings.
  • Click on Cancel subscription under Manage subscription, and follow the prompts to remove LinkedIn premium.
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    Bonus: How To Use Boolean Operators

    No, boolean is neither a country nor a game of petanque.

    Boolean operators allow you to refine Sales Navigator searches by keyword to help you find the best results according to the profiles you are looking for.

    These are operators such as: AND, OR, NOT and quotes.

    Do you want to know our recipe to use it well?

    How To Cancel Linkedin Learning

    LinkedIn Premium: What Are The Business Benefits ...

    You can cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription at any time. Once you have cancelled it, it will come into effect on the billing expiration date of your current subscription. No refunds are offered on the LinkedIn Learning subscriptions.

    To cancel your subscription:

  • Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Select Premium subscription settings from the dropdown.
  • Under Manage Premium account on the right rail, click Cancel subscription.
  • Click Continue to cancel.
  • Note: If you sign up for a free trial and then cancel it, you wont be eligible to sign up for another free trial for at least 12 months.

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    You Can Easily Gauge Your Effectiveness

    Whos Viewed Your Profile is a nice way of knowing if your outreach efforts, regardless of objective, are working or not. For sales professionals, an increase in the number and quality of profile views can help you know if youre becoming a better recognized brand. Job seekers can find out how often recruiters are checking out their profile. Besides this, theyll know if recruiters from a company theyve applied to are checking them out.

    Linkedin Premium Business Membership

    If you feel limited by your free LinkedIn account, you might want to consider LinkedIn Premium Business.

    You can start with a free 30-day trial. After your free month, you will pay $59.99/month when billed monthly, and less when you pay annually.

    Here is a list of tools and features you can access with your LinkedIn Premium Business subscription to help you decide if Premium Business is right for you:

    Whos Viewed My Profile

    This feature is one of LinkedIns most popular because it reveals the types of people and companies your profile and skillset is attracting, often uncovering high-quality potential leads.

    This section lists all the people who have viewed your profile over the last 90 days

    LinkedIn provides you with a couple of basic filters below the top graph, showing you which companies your viewers are from, the most common job title of the viewers and how they found your profile.

    It also provides a filter called Interesting views, which is a great filter to check out if you have a premium membership and get a lot of profile views.


    If you want to send a message to someone you are not connected to , you must send them an InMail.

    InMails can be useful when you want to reach out to a potential prospect before you send them a connection request or if they havent accepted your connection request.

    Extended LinkedIn Network Access

    Activities that LinkedIn counts towards the Commercial Use Limits include:

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    Linkedin Recruiter Pricing 202: What Does It Cost You

    These are the latest pricing indications for a LinkedIn Recruiter account.

    LinkedIn Recruiter pricing is hard to find online.

    So we wrote this blog to inform you on the available plans, differences in plans and the latest pricing indications.

    We’ll answer these questions for you:

    • Which LinkedIn Recruiter plans are there?
    • What does LinkedIn Recruiter cost?
    • When should I pay for LinkedIn Recruiter?
    • What are my alternatives?

    What Is A Linkedin Premium Account

    How to get a Free LinkedIn Premium Account

    LinkedIn Premium is an extended version of your free LinkedIn account, which comes with a host of added benefits and features. There are four different premium accounts, and each one can cost between £19.99-£99.98 per month.

    LinkedIn Premium accounts work best for those who are looking for a new career or are looking to hire, or for those who are looking to find leads and drive sales. Thats because LinkedIn Premium unlocks benefits such as InMail messaging, advanced search options and lead builders.

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    Whos Viewed Your Profile

    If you are reaching out to other people on LinkedIn, you dont know if they are active on the platform or saw your message. Being able to see who viewed your profile is an excellent way of confirming if they checked you out or not. It also gives you the ability to see how has been checking out your profile that you might want to proactively reach out to.

    Business Is $5999 Per Month Or $57588 Annually

    Those who opt for the Business membership get 15 InMail messages per month and business insights . InMails are messages that are sent directly to other LinkedIn members, even if you’re not connected to them.

    With a Business membership, you can also view an unlimited number of profiles on the site, see who’s viewed your profile, get career insights, and access online video courses.

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    See Who Viewed Your Profile

    I know what youre saying, Thats not a big deal, why would I care if someone even took a look at my profile?. However, I must remind you that this gives you the opportunity to connect with people that may not want to reach out first!

    You never know, the person that viewed your profile yesterday could be your perfect client, a recruiter, maybe even a fortune 500 CEO looking to add a professional face to their network. If someone takes a peek at your profile thats enough proof that they may be interested in what you have going on or want to learn more about you.

    Our Verdict Is It Worth It

    LinkedIn Premium Accounts

    The best thing to do is just give it a try see how often you use the additional features and monitor the effect LinkedIn Premium has had on your business insights and you as a professional. Take advantage of all the features and see if its worth the investment.

    Just remember to opt for the right style suited to your needs consider the components and whats best suited to you. If you dont use whats available to you you wont notice any difference.

    Invest in LinkedIn Premium if youre going to make the most out of it the subscription is a small price to pay if you grow your network.

    Youll find our previous LinkedIn articles useful too

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    Can You Tell If Someone Has Linkedin Premium

    If you’re a premium member, you have the option to display a gold “In” logo on your profile to indicate your premium status. This premium profile badge will also be displayed next to your name in search results. To display your premium profile badge: Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

    Is It Worth Paying For Linkedin Premium

    LinkedIn Premium Benefits In short, Premium Career helps you make connections and find a job. And that’s what could make LinkedIn Premium worth it for you. If you’re searching for a job, Premium Career’s InMail credits, insight into who viewed your profile, and additional job information will all be very useful.

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    Mix It All And Serve Hot

    Obviously, its not just in recruitment that Boolean operators are useful.

    There is nothing better if you want to qualify your prospects. For example, are the CEOs and managers of companies your target?

    Nothing could be simpler, type in your search Sales Navigator:

    These operators will serve you to segment. As I explained to you above, you will have to add more criteria to arrive at 2,500 prospects per search maximum.

    Here you go, your magic potion is ready. You can download your results, launch your prospecting actions and repeat the operation.

    Is Linkedin Premium Worth The Money

    How to Cancel Linkedin Premium account Subscription

    For most users, LinkedIn Premium is a sound investment, thanks to the tools and insights it offers.

    Mike ONeil, who has paid for LinkedIn Premium since the day it was initially offered, says the most valuable tools you get with LinkedIn Premium are InMail messages, advanced search and additional results in search queries. ONeil has built a business around the platform, as CEO of Integrated Alliances, where he consults with and trains managers, marketing teams and sales professionals.

    The benefits of LinkedIn Premium arent always immediately apparent. They can be very long term, but it depends on how you use it and how you keep up with it, ONeil says. Once you close your first deal as a result of LinkedIn, it changes everything.

    LinkedIn Premiums biggest barrier to adoption is cost, according to ONeil. The packages being offered now are overpriced in terms of what people are expecting, he says. ONeil suggests the market would be more receptive to a $20-a-month baseline business package.

    LinkedIn Premiums disjointed levels of service are dizzying, even for ONeil, who hopes LinkedIn addresses that point of confusion, introduces new features and promotes a lower, entry-level price for premium services.

    Jack Martin, CEO and founder of Technology Jobs NYC, says LinkedIn Premium is an incredibly valuable tool in his line of work. Martin especially appreciates the capability to search LinkedIns entire database and quickly send InMail messages to job candidates.

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    Reach The Right People At The Right Time

    When it comes to LinkedIn Premium you will be open to a wide range of opportunities, for example, if you were to purchase the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and you were, lets say a digital marketer looking for their next client, you would gain access to loads of data that would help you pinpoint your exact target customer.

    Needless to say, even if you are searching for a job this tool can give you the opportunity to place yourself in front of your ideal employer. Heres just a quick example of all the various filters that are available to you:

    Summary: Premium Is Underwhelming

    Sorry Linkedin, the price jump from free to Premium is significant and the value minimal. Especially when compared with what I get in Sales Navigator for $20 more. Unlimited search is great, but without the ability to narrow down things like current job title or specific regions Ill never get a good list. And without tagging, how am I going to keep my connections organized? And should I just save leads in a spreadsheet? Premium isnt my jam.

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    How Much Does Linkedin Learning Cost

    LinkedIn Learning comes in two different tiers Basic and Premium. The Basic Plan offers only LinkedIn Learning features for a price of $24.99 a month, or $239.88 a year . And the other Premium Plan offers the benefits of both LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn Premium features for a price of $29.99 a month, or $299.99 a year . In fact, this LinkedIn Learnings Premium Plan is nothing but the same Premium Career version of LinkedIn Premium.

    The Business Account To Develop Your Network

    LinkedIn Premium: Top Features &  Benefits for Users &  Business

    This Premium account is designed for those who want to develop their network in a qualitative way. For example, by strategically choosing who you want to add to your contacts.

    The price is $29.95 per month. To be completely honest with you, LinkedIn business is far from the best option for growing your network.Spending that much per month for this offer is not very profitable.

    If you want to develop your network, I advise you instead, to use tools like the Sales Navigator to do targeted research, then to couple that with an automation tool like ProspectIn, to send your invitation notes.

    Do you want to learn more about Sales Navigator?Thats great, I was going to talk to you about it.

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    What Does Premium Cost

    LinkedIn offers premium plans with a variety of options. They are available four tiers. The higher paying premium plans grant access to more special features and data. While some dont want to pay the high costs and wonder if its really worth the cost, there are quite a few who will tell you that for them, its money well-spent.

    Linkedin Premium Business Subscription: To Help Business Development

    Signing up for a LinkedIn Business plus account gives you a lot more visibility. LinkedIn counts on average six times more visits to a Premium Business LinkedIn account compared to a free account. Taking a premium account will allow you to expand and develop your network a little faster. It is ideal for business owners who want to contact people.

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    What Is The Difference Between Linkedin Basic And Premium

    A LinkedIn Basic account allows you to maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn. A Basic account is for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional profile online, locate and connect with colleagues and friends, plus receive messages and save up to three searches a week.

    A Premium Career account is aimed at job seekers who want to view their competition, receive InMail credits, see who has viewed their profile in the past 90 days and enjoy all the features of a Basic LinkedIn account. A Premium Career account is designed for active job seekers and professionals seeking to network and find growth opportunities in their field.

    Use Prospectin With Your Linkedin Account

    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Account 2021 – How To Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Account

    In order to take advantage of your premium LinkedIn sales account, you will be able to download as many prospects as possible into your ProspectIn CRM.

    Whether you are a manager, salesperson, recruiter, or other This tutorial will really help you segment your searches.

    • First of all, go to your ProspectIn account.

    If you dont have one, here are the 4 offers that you will find on the site, 3 of them exist in trial versions.

    For setting up our little hack to have the Sales Navigator for free, I invite you to start the trial of Advanced ProspectIn.

    • Then, in the price tab, click on start the test. Of course, you can start a free trial and see for yourself if you like the tool.

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    Linkedin Premium Career Subscription: To Increase The Chances Of Being Recruited

    According to a LinkedIn study, job applicants who have subscribed to a premium LinkedIn account see their chances of getting hired doubled. When you take a premium account, you are automatically placed at the top of the list among all the applications received by an employer. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest. Taking a LinkedIn Premium Career subscription would put the odds on your side to obtain more visibility to grab the attention of recruiters.

    However, it doesnt have to be, as my customers and my network havent really seen a difference, so I dont necessarily recommend it.

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