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How Many Users Does Pinterest Have

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Install The Conversion Tag Onto Your Site

How to Use Pinterest – Complete Beginner’s Guide

will give you incredibly valuable information, telling you what actions users take on a site after theyve clicked on a Promoted Pin. Instead of just measuring the number of clicks, you can actually track how valuable that click was to you.

The conversion tag also lets you track activity on your site period, so that you can set up retargeting campaigns.

The event codes are attached to the base code on pages where you want to track specific events, like conversions, add to carts, and sign-ups. You would add the checkout tag to the thank you for your order page, which might only flag if users purchase, for example.

Youll be shown the steps above, giving you your base code and then the different event codes, which you can customize and then add to the main tracking snippet.

All pages of your site should have the base code, and you can add specific events to different key pages.

Million Users Are From The Us

Pinterest has most of its audience living in the United States. There were around 100.75 million users from the U.S. as of January 2021. If youre a brand based in the U.S., Pinterest is the perfect social network that requires your attention. It also has a larger audience outside the United States.

If you sell your products internationally, you shouldnt focus on the users from the U.S. only. Instead, modify your marketing strategy to target people from other countries, as well.

Set Your Targeting Criteria

In Step 2 of Promoted Pin creation, youll set up your ad group. You can have multiple ad groups under a campaign, and multiple individual ads under each ad group. Ad groups determine targeting, schedule, and a more specific budget.

When it comes to the actual targeting, you have several different options of how to proceed.

The first option is to create Target Audiences, which work like . You can upload your entire email list , or create audiences based off of recent site activity or users who interacted with a certain Pin.

If you want to reach similar users to any of these audiences, you can create an act-alike audience, which will show your ads to users with similar qualities.

In addition to this option, you can also use any combination of basic targeting criteria like location, language, and gender, and more with interest targeting and keyword targeting.

Interest targeting will affect where your ad shows up for browsing placements when users are either browsing in certain categories or on their home feeds.

You want to choose the interests that are actually related to the Promoted Pin youre going to select in order to get the best resultseven if someone likes photography, they may not be overwhelmingly interested in your Pin about camera lenses when theyre intentionally browsing home decor feeds.

While its easy to just go for the most obvious keywords, Ive had the best luck when I think outside the box and use a combination of broad and specific keywords.

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Instagram Statistics 202: How Many People Use Instagram

DigitalGYD content is free. When you purchase through referral links on our site, we may earn a small commission.

Looking for the updated Instagram statistics for 2022?

Youre at the right place!

In this article, Ive researched and brought to you the latest and the greatest Instagram statistics for 2022 that ranges from Instagram user demographics, Instagram likes stats and stats about Instagram for business.

Feel free to use them in your own articles, papers or social media updates.

Led by the two most successful app founders in the history, Instagram has seen tremendous success in the social media industry.

How old is Instagram? How long has Instagram been around?

Hardly seven years.

But with that little time since Instagrams debut on October 6, 2010, it has opened up new potential for millions of users.20

From turning down a job offer from Zuckerberg himself, in 2014, to closing one of the beefiest deal with the same Facebook founder Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has had quite a ride.

This deal also proved Mark Zuckerbergs keen insight into the business potential of an app that hadnt made a single penny in revenue at the time he bought it for $1billion.

This research article on latest Instagram marketing statistics dives deep into the Instagram usage stats, user demographics and business facts about Instagram.

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The Right People At The Right Time

How Many Users Pinterest Has Now: 150 Million

Our targeting tools give you the flexibility to reach people by demographics, interests, keywords and more. Or, use auto-targeting and well show your ads to the people we think will like them most.

Our insights tools go deep on Pinner demographics, interests and behaviors. You can use these insights to tailor your targeting or make more effective Pins.

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% Of Pinners Have Undergone College Education

While 28% of US adults are on Pinterest, it is interesting to note that 38% of them have a college degree or have undergone some college studies.

This is a bigger number of people compared to only 20% for those on Snapchat, 32% on Twitter, and 15% on Reddit .

Note: Please link back to and this page when you reference/quote the statistic.

X More Businesses Used Shopping Ads In Q4 2020

Shopping ad revenue once again grew faster than our overall business and we saw a 6x increase in the number of businesses that used the shopping ads format in Q4 .

This increase corresponded with 85% more engagement across shopping surfaces on Pinterest between April and October 2020.

The shopping ad format is currently only available in 28 countries in North America and Europe. Shopping is among Pinterests strategic priorities for 2021, so expect the format to be more widely available soon.

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Instagrams Stories Dau Timeline:

On August 2nd, 2016, Instagram released a stories feature to give its users 24-hour video and photo sequences that disappear like Snapchat. In October 2016 , they had 100 million users interacting with their new stories function daily.

Parent company Facebook loves to flex on significant growth milestones publically. Eight months after launch, it was made public that Instagram stories overtook the 150 million daily active users of rival Snapchat.

Notable Instagram story DAU milestones:

  • Instagram stories hit 100 million users
  • Instagram stories hit 250 million users
  • Instagram stories hit 500 million users

In January 2019, the media sharing platform also reported 500+ million daily active users interacting with their stories feature. It took four years for nearly all of Instagrams daily active users to also interact with stories daily.

Instagrams Daily Users Exploded:

How to Create a Pinterest Board for Business and Get traffic No MATTER how many followers you have

When looking at how many people use Instagram daily since launch, its clear to see that the abundance of new features theyve added has made a big impact on the stickiness of the app.

If we looked back in October 2016, Instagram had 550 million monthly users with only 100 million daily users, meaning only about 18% of their user base would visit the app each day.

Fast forward to now, and over 50% of the monthly users interact with the app daily due to some impressive user-centric feature releases:

  • Instagram Stories: 24-hour photo and video montages.
  • Ephemeral messages: Private messaging media that deletes after viewing.
  • Feed algorithm: Orders your feed by posts their computer modelling thinks youll like.
  • IGTV: Post longer videos, removing the previous limits.
  • Live video: Broadcast videos to your followers, who can comment.
  • Instant translation: The ability to translate comments, captions, and profiles helped their expansion outside non-English speaking territories.
  • Reels: Create fun 15-second videos. Instagrams answer to TikTok.

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Nearly Half Of Total Ad Spend Used Automatic Bidding In Q4 2020

Pinterest rolled out automatic bidding for shopping in October 2020. By the end of the year, thats how almost 50% of ad spend on the platform was being funneled.

Pinterest also told investors that the majority of advertisers using automatic bidding increased their budget allocations on the platform, which suggests the process is effective.

What Is The Target Audience Of Instagram

71% of IG users are below 35 years old and only 16% are 35-44 years old. In the United States, 75% are between ages 18 and 24 years old, and 57% of US adult users are 25 and 29 years old. These numbers imply that the 18 to 24 U.S. age group who uses Instagram is almost the same demographics as Facebook.

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Effective Pin Images And Descriptions

Optimal aspect ratio is 2:3. Taller may give less distribution and be cut off in certain parts of the app. Stick with 2:3 or lower. The restrictions differ across the app and mobile platforms. Squares work but 2:3 is best.

23. Do Pins without faces perform better?

Depends on the content category. See what works best for your brand or business.

24. What about lifestyle Pins?

Lifestyle images, tasteful branding, and helpful text on image are still suggested.

People need help envisioning the item in context. Tell them how theyd use it or style it. If you only have a product shot, add context in a creative description.

Tasteful branding doesnt hurt performance and helps develop trust with an audience and carry your brand association down the line of repins.

25. Why avoid logo placement in the corners of the Pin?

Lens visual search icon will appear in a corner. We recommend top center or bottom center.

26. What kind of text is good on an image?

Text is helpful when it explains or contextualizes the image. The image may not tell the whole story of the content. The text can help set the expectation. Product images may benefit from added resonance and lifestyle relevance.

27. Whats happening with Pin descriptions?

2020-21 UPDATE: Pin descriptions have been playing a disappearing game lately. Whether or not you can see the description, Pinterest reassures us that its still working in the background to help your Pins get found.

How Does Kik Use Usernames

How Many People Use &  Own Bitcoins? (2021) / How Many ...

Kik usernames Unlike many other smartphone instant messengers, which are based on a users phone number, we use usernames to identify our users. By using usernames instead of phone numbers as the unique identifier on Kik, users personal information like cell phone numbers and email addresses are never shared by Kik.

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Pins Have About A Three

Its no secret that social media posts typically have a short lifespan, but the opposite is true on Pinterest. In fact, your pins have about a three-month lifespan on the platform. The key to longevity is to create search-optimised pins by using relevant keywords in your pins title and description. This will increase the odds of your content showing up in search results, allowing it to generate impressions for months.

Experience Social Media Marketing World Without The Travel

Imagine learning from the world’s top social marketing pros without ever leaving your home or office.

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When you send your message, include a clear . Invite pinners to visit one of your other boards to find content similar to the pin you sent them, or invite them to visit the page where the content originated .

Of course, your call to action will differ from campaign to campaign, but the idea is always the same: Engage followers, introduce them to additional content and invite them to interact with you.

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How Will These Player Counts Affect Your Among Us Experience

Without accurate, day-to-day information regarding the player count for Among Us on mobile devices its hard to say exactly how many players still play the game. However, if the numbers above are correct, then its likely that most players wont even notice the drop.

For those who play Among Us through public games, once the game has a certain number of active users, its unnoticeable how many are actually playing the game as a whole. Whether there are only 100,000 players, or a few million, lobbies can only hold 10 players at a moment.

These kinds of drops in player counts are to be expected whenever a game becomes a phenomenon. Many players likely picked up Among Us just to see what all the attention was about. They may have enjoyed the game, but eventually moved on.

Alternatively, many players likely have a playgroup they play with periodically, but dont get on the game every single day, and prefer instead to play once a week.

How To Make Multiple Pins For One Page

How to Use Pinterest for Business | My 2020 Pinterest Strategy and how I NO LONGER use Tailwind!

The fastest way to make multiple Pins for your blog post or page is to do it all in one sitting. Youre focused on that content, youve got your photos, and the text of the page is handy.

If youve already got some quality blog content that only has one old, stale Pin, set aside some time to make several more for that page or post at the same time.

New blog post? Consider making 3-6 Pins for it before publishing.

Here are examples of multiple Pins I created for my Social Media Content Planner sales page. These have all been successful for me.

Some vary only in background color!

Try these ideas for multiple Pins:

  • Instead of using one branded template, use a library of 3 to 5 templates.
  • Change out the photo background.
  • Crop in tight or loose on the same photo.
  • Make one Pin with a photo collage.
  • Use different colors from your brand on different Pins.
  • Change up the text overlay, or dont use text at all.
  • Try a few different fonts.
  • Pull quotes or tips from the article for a series of Pins.

If you have to look really hard to see whats different about one image from another, thats probably a good sign to make some more meaningful changes.

The more unique the Pins, the better! Focus on unique images to future-proof.

To make multiple Pins quickly, use Pin templates.

Tailwinds FREE Pin templates are designed with Pinterests best practices in mind.

The Perfect Pins Toolkit contains the following:

  • Customizable Pin templates for use in Canva.
  • New templates released monthly!

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Are Promoted Pins Effective

Promoted Pins absolutely can and do work for businesses with products and services that are a good fit for the platform.

Keep in mind, however, that even 93% of pinners say they use the site to make purchasing plans and research products, and 40% of users have a household income of more than $100k, so they have quite a bit of spending power.

  • 67% of users discovered a new brand or product as a result of Promoted Pins
  • Promoted Pins typically earn $2 in profit for every $1 spent in ad costs

How Many People Play Among Us

Just how many players does Among Us have at this stage in their journey?

Among Us has run the gambit from having mere dozens of players, to having millions of concurrent players across all platforms. However, its been over a month since Among Us reached its last peak, so how many of those millions have stuck around?

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The Art Of The Pin: When And How To Save Images

Heres a list of quick tips to get you started!

First five Pins each day are prioritized for distribution

Its also a good idea to save Pins regularly, rather than all at once. In other words, consistent, daily activity is much better than a once-a-week or once-a-day flurry of Pins.

By using a tool like , were able to schedule content out days, weeks, and even months in advance. This allows us to keep a consistent stream of Pins flowing to our boards without spamming our followers or missing out on positive Pinterest algorithm benefits.

Always include links

That means ensuring that your content includes a relevant link to the original source every single time even if the link does not lead to your own website.

*Note: Pinterest does not distribute Pins with broken links.

Lean into trends

Start saving Pins about upcoming trends, seasonal events, or holidays around 45 days in advance. Then keep adding more ideas daily and maintain a steady pace of content.

For example, Cristin Cooper // The Southern Style Guide shared a variety of birthday party themed Pins leading up to the summer season here in the United States:

Linking multiple Pins to the same destination

When doing so, just make sure to add specific descriptions for each Pin. This will greatly help to improve your SEO.

Save to the most relevant board first

In other words, make sure the Pin and board are a perfect match.

Number Of Channels With More Than 5 Viewers

How Many People Use &  Own Bitcoins? (2021) / How Many ...

The reason for this number is so low compared to active channels is that many broadcasters find it hard to surpass the 1 average viewers deadzone. In fact 95% of streamers on Twitch average 0-5 concurrent viewers on Twitch. This means that out of 127,000 active streamers, only 6,350 channels are averaging above 5 viewers.

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How Many Twitch Users Are There

Though it is hard to determine the exact number of Twitch accounts, the site boasts a large 26.5 million daily active users around 140 million active users on Twitch monthly at this time. The yearly average concurrent viewership for Twitch is also at its highest, with an estimated 2.84 million users using the service at the same time in 2021.

According to Twitch stats, many of these accounts are made up of a young audience, as is most of the gaming world. An estimated 75% of Twitch are under the age of 35. This is why it is important for the platform to have efficient content moderation in place, something other platforms such as YouTube are said to be lacking.

Twitchs highest viewership happened in June 2020 when the platform reached a huge 6.5 million users, this is a huge achievement that many other services have not even got close to this date. The only exception to this is of course YouTube as the platform others a little more than just a gaming community and has millions of more daily active users.

Though Twitch stats seem to be growing at a slower pace than previously, Twitchs audience is still the largest for a service of this type according to statistics. There is a reason millions of creators gather on the service each day to create and watch live content from games to anime watch parties.

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