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How Many Users Does Linkedin Have

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Spruce Up Your Profile Aesthetic

How To Use LinkedIn For Beginners – 7 LinkedIn Profile Tips

One of the best things about your LinkedIn profile is how much real estate you have in terms of optimization.

Sure, the obvious places are your headline, summary and experience sections, but you can also take advantage of your profile photo and cover photo sections. This is what I call optimizing your profile aesthetic as you arent adding SEO keywords, but are tailoring the look of your profile to your target audience.

Do looks really matter? You tell me.

How important is the design of your business website to how it appeals to potential clients/customers?


Get Serious About Your Photo

Ive blogged about in the past, but it bears reminding that unless you need to hide your face in the public for personal security reasons, you should always have a professional looking photo represent you. You might be able to get around not having a photo, but as studies show in having photos in Google search results, those with photos might expect a significant increase in CTR after people find you in LinkedIn search results.

Actually, LinkedIn themselves have said that profiles with photos are 7x more likely to be viewed by others. And, besides, if you want to make a deeper connection with someone, shouldnt you be showing your real face?

Linkedins Popularity Among Marketers

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform B2B marketers use for content marketing purposes . Its popularity is at 97%, just ahead of Twitter and Facebook, at 87% and 86%, respectively.;

;One of the key reasons behind this success is the fact that LinkedIn is the most trusted social platform in the world, according to;Business Insider. In its annual reports, LinkedIn has been shown to lead consistently as the most trusted social media platform amidst the surge of fake news.;;

In a study conducted by;Hubspot, LinkedIn leads in terms of lead conversion rates. Traffic from the platform generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, which is 277% higher than Facebook and Twitter. This is an impressive figure, more so since;.;

Image credit:;Hubspot;

While it is quite popular among B2B content marketers, LinkedIn treks behind Facebook and Instagram as the most popular social media platform for marketers and for obvious reasons .;;

With billions of users on both Instagram and Facebook, they are a marketers go-to place as you can easily reach many people in an instance. However, due to its trustworthiness rating and high lead conversion rates, LinkedIn comfortably follows closely by, ahead of other platforms like Twitter and;.;

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Generating Leads On Linkedin

LinkedIn is an especially good source for discovering leads. Hubspot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn lead generation

Given this, its no surprise that 79% of marketers see LinkedIn as a very good source of leads, with 43% of marketers saying they have sourced at least one customer from LinkedIn.

B2B LinkedIn leads

That number increases for B2B marketers, who report that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn, with 40% seeing LinkedIn as their most effective channel for driving high quality leads.

Mistakes You Should Never Make On Linkedin

Q: How Many Users Does LinkedIn Have In Japan? A: Not Many ...

What do you do with your LinkedIn profile?

Do you check it only every once in a while when a connection request comes through? Have you linked it to your Twitter account? Did you never quite remember to sign up in the first place?

As much as it’s convenient to merge our;,;, Tumblr and Instagram accounts into one large social networking experience, LinkedIn has a special designation: professional networking.

And there;is;a difference between professional and personal networking, according to LinkedIn Career Expert Nicole Williams: “I see the same mistakes over and over!”

And, on LinkedIn, those faux pas can damage your career.

In fact,;data;shows that LinkedIn is especially helpful when it comes to landing higher-paying jobs”informal recruitment” is a favorite of hiring managers aiming to fill positions up there on the payscale.

So whether you’re hunting for a new job, making the most of the one you have or just looking to learn about professional possibilities, avoid these eight big LinkedIn mistakes.


Not Using a Picture

“One of the biggest mistakes I see is no photo,” Williams says. “You’re seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one. Like a house thats on sale, the assumption is that if there’s no photo, something’s wrong.”

If you’re worried about unwittingly sabotaging your career through social media, check out the;ten worst blunders you can commit.

Putting Up the Wrong Picture

Using the Default Connection Request

Skipping the Summary

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Feed Updates Are Viewed 280 Billion Times Annually

In 2021, LinkedIn reported 280 billion feed updates, making the case for content to be distributed on a routine basis. Users are scrolling through their feed and updating the content provided, meaning you need to be sure to have a solid distribution strategy to not be missed. Further proof LinkedIn articles are a tool you need to factor into your content distribution checklist.

What Is Linkedin Learning

Unlike other job-seeking companies, LinkedIn again proved to be different and more caring for the users under premium subscription. Lynda is a recent acquisition by LinkedIn. It is an e-learning platform that can also be called an online course, which is beneficial to premium members. These online courses are about business, software, technology, and creative skills. These are all made in videos and uploaded in the e-learning section for the users under premium subscription.;

The company has changed its name to LinkedIn learning but the operation models were all the same. There was even something called slide share which was acquired by LinkedIn in 2013. It was a way through which people or the members of the premium subscription Gives a way to discover people through content.

;LinkedIn slide share is a platform where the users can upload contents publicly or privately according to their taste. They can do these slide shares in different forms such as PowerPoint, PDF, open document format, or keynote. The service here is provided free to everyone. So these are some kind of benefits and learning which only LinkedIn provides to their users and we cant find it in some other job-seeking companies. That is why we can see huge growth in LinkedIn through the years.;

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Early Life And Education

Hoffman was born in , to Deanna Ruth and William Parker Hoffman, Jr., and grew up in . His paternal great-great-great-grandfather was , a minister and president pro tempore. Hoffman’s uncle Eric Hoffman is a writer.

Hoffman described himself an avid as a child. His first paid job was as an editor at the game company , then based in Oakland near his home. Although he was only 14 years old at the time, Hoffman’s name was featured on the box of Chaosium’s release , receiving equal billing with game designers , and .

% Of Linkedin Members Primarily Use The Platform For Professional Networking

LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial – How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

Mediums LinkedIn profile stats reveal that over one-third of survey respondents claim professional networking as their main motivation for using the platform. LinkedIn recruiting statistics show that another 19.9% of its users do headhunting for candidates or search for employers.

In addition to LinkedIn people search, around 12.8% of the networks members also dabble in lead generation and the same amount read the latest updates on their feeds. 11.8% of respondents said they use LinkedIn to get inspired and another 9.9% see its primary use in sharing useful content with friends.

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Audiences Exposed To Brand & Acquisition Messages On Linkedin Are 6x More Likely To Convert

This statistic comes directly from Linkedin. I would take it with a pinch of salt. Although this does make sense. Imagine if a prospect is consistently exposed to your brand , they would likely remember you and become top of mind when they are ready to buy.

Remember to add view-through custom conversions in your campaigns.

This will help you track audiences who converted but did not click on the ad initially. Many members will not convert on the spot. Its only natural that they see something, get back to their daily lives and come back to your brand if they do remember.

Impressive Linkedin Statistics For 2021

From its humble beginnings in Reid Hoffmans living room, LinkedIn has grown to be the;largest professional network;in the world.;

Coming up are the 2021 statistics on LinkedIn;that you need to know.

1. The country with the largest LinkedIn user base is the US.

LinkedIn is an advertising goldmine that continues to grow every day.

Heres why:

A 2020 survey, found that the United States could reach 160 million users via the platform. The closest competitor was India and with 62 million. Thats a whole 98 million difference.;

2. LinkedIn revenue increased by 25% in Q1 of 2020.

The first quarter was a good one for the company, considering that most organizations had started seeing a slump due to COVID-19.;According to;LinkedIn stats;for;2020,;the networks income grew by a 1/4 compared to 2019s $1.5 billion.;

3. Women hold 41% of the companys leadership positions around the world.;

On a global scale, the organization is taking steps towards bridging the gender gap. Over 40% of top positions go to females. The hiring of women in the LinkedIn company has grown by 56% over the last five years. Thats great news for women pursuing a career in the tech industry.;

LinkedIn hiring statistics show that the professional networking sites hiring was down in March by over 1% compared to April 2020. Public safety, legal, software, and IT companies had the most hires. Nonetheless, networking is still the most reliable channel of landing a job

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M Members Attended Virtual Events On Linkedin In 2020

If your company relied heavily on event marketing before, this is a perfect alternative. There is no other platform in the world with the scale Linkedin has for professional audiences.

Members are showing up in huge numbers in Linkedin events. While the product is still in its infancy, Linkedin is constantly adding new engagement tools like integrating Linkedin live within events and adding lead gen forms.

The Average User Spends 17 Minutes A Month On Linkedin

How Many Users Does LinkedIn Have?

Official LinkedIn profile statistics show that most people dont spend that much time on LinkedIn. Unlike popular networks used for long chatting sessions with friends such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, LinkedIn sessions tend to be brief and most interactions tend to be relatively short. It is a place to hang your online resume, browse job vacancies or check out the profile of your current, former or future colleagues or employees.

While most people are interested in how to use LinkedIn to find a job, the network has also garnered a bit of a reputation for being used as a lowkey dating site. Theres no real vetting of friend requests and people usually assume that someone is adding them out of a desire to grow their professional network. While it doesnt seem that swatting away aspiring admirers takes too much time for the average LinkedIn user, its still probably one of the ways that its chat function gets used these days.

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Dont: Add All Your Connections To Your Leads List

With an automation tool, you might get tempted to send a message to everyone in your connections list.;A single click might save you hours, but youre also setting yourself up to be marked as spam.

When a user doesnt know much about your business, receiving unsolicited messages from your end is a sure way to ruin your first impression.

Do: Filter Your Connections As Per Whether They Allow Inmails Or Not

InMails are an extension of LinkedIns basic messaging feature, and allows you to send requests and messages to your 3rd degree connections on LinkedIn. However, the feature can be used by only those having a premium LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn places some limitations on sending out InMails as well, and for good reason.

Its tempting to send mass messages without truly taking the time to connect with every user.

For one, you cant send another InMail message to a user until they respond to the first message you sent. But theres no need to worry; an automatic reminder is sent to the receiver within three days.

Another rule is that InMail messages that dont get a response within 90 days wont be credited back to you. Auto-replies are considered as a response, in case your prospect is away for a while.

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Linkedin Traffic Source Statistics

25. Approximately 31% of LinkedIn visitors come from the US.

According to current LinkedIn stats, the platforms highest percentage of desktop traffic is coming from the US . 6.58% of all traffic to LinkedIn came from the UK, 6.37% from India, and 4.45% from France.

26. 46% of the social media traffic visiting B2B company sites comes from LinkedIn.

This stat proves that LinkedIn is more than just a powerful job search tool. The network is also responsible for generating nearly half of all social media traffic to B2B sites. Additionally, LinkedIn provides different tools for audience targeting, which is why website visits originating from LinkedIn are more likely to increase conversion rates on B2B sites.

27. Over 71% of LinkedIn traffic is direct traffic.

SimilarWeb LinkedIn statistics show that the vast majority of the platforms traffic is direct traffic. A significantly smaller portion, 23.75% comes from search, and 2.08% comes from the mail, and only 2.08% from referrals.

28. More than half of all LinkedIn traffic comes from a mobile device.

As much as 57% of LinkedIn members use a mobile device to access the site. This stat explains why the LinkedIn app has 500+ million downloads from the Google Play store.

29. The average time spent on LinkedIn is around 11 minutes.

Customize Your Profile Url

How To Use LinkedIn for Beginners 2020 (Setup 9 Profile Tips)

LinkedIn provides you with a default URL which you can and should customize. Some talk about the SEO benefits of doing so, but I look at it this way: Once youre invested in LinkedIn as part of your professional infrastructure, youll probably want to include your LinkedIn URL in your email signature or even print it on your business card. Wouldnt you rather have a professional looking and easy to input URL like;;rather than;;?

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Women Are 20% Less Likely To Apply For Jobs On Linkedin Compared To Men But 16% More Likely To Get Hired After Applying For A Job

When it comes to LinkedIn usage statistics, there are some important differences to note between men and women. According to LinkedIn Gender Insights, women are more thorough job applicants than men. The paper refers to an earlier study which shows that women generally tend to apply only when they are sure they meet 100% of the jobs requirements. This is in stark contrast with men, who often apply when they meet at least two-thirds of the requirements, roughly. What this means is that women apply for 20% fewer jobs than men and are 16% less likely to apply for a job after viewing it than men are. However, once they have applied, they are; 16% more likely to get hired, and 18% more in the case of senior roles.

Background History Of The Company

2002: LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, and Jean-Luc Vaillant.

2004: With the introduction of address book uploads in late 2003, growth has accelerated significantly. LinkedIn introduced new features including Groups and partners with American Express to promote its offerings to small business owners. In 2004, there were 92,000 active LinkedIn members.

2005: Features such as Jobs and Subscriptions were added. In addition, more options such as People You May Know and Recommendations were introduced. With the introduction of these features, companies were able to not only post job and career listings but also look for prospective employees on the network. This increased the number of users to 1,568, 235.

2007: LinkedIn CEO Mr Reid stepped aside after four years and brought Mr Dan Nye to lead the company. LinkedIn opened a customer service centre in Omaha and reached 10 Mn active users.

2008: LinkedIn became a global company by opening its first international office in London, and launching Spanish and French language versions of the site

2010: With the new phase of leadership for the company, LinkedIn shifted into hyper-growth mode. By the end of 2010, LinkedIn had 90 Mn members and around 1,000 employees in 10 offices across the globe.

2011: LinkedIn launched a business card scanning application named CardMunch for US$ 1.7 Mn. In addition, the company went for IPO and in turn traded its first share at US$ 45 per share.

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How Fast Is Linkedin Growing

The number of Linkedin users has grown tremendously since it launched in 2003. However, the last decade has seen a downturn; each progressive year reflecting diminishing returns which can be an indication of saturation of the professional social network. And this continues through 2020.

Others argue LinkedIn is not a social network anymore, instead, it works as a social marketplace. Going by this reasoning, is it even worth it to be on LinkedIn now? Yes, LinkedIn is a goldmine for marketing opportunities for B2B selling. Its also the go-to tool for talent recruitment.

Looking at social media trends in general may also provide a hint regarding the future of the professional networking site.

Number Of Linkedin Users

How many connections does the averaged LinkedIn user have ...

LinkedIn boasts over 740 million users in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe .;

Officially launched in 2003, LinkedIns growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. In just two years, it amassed 1.6 million members.;

Even so, this initial LinkedIn growth rate was relatively slow compared to the spurt it achieved after going public in 2011. In the five years that followed, LinkedIn nearly tripled its user base from 160 million to 400 million. Just a year later in 2017, it crossed the half-a-billion mark.;

Today, nearly half of its users come from North America and Europe. Specifically, 194 million are in North America and 166 million in Europe.

However, the region with the highest number of LinkedIn users is Asia Pacific, home to more than 201 million users. There are 110 million LinkedIn users in Latin America and 65 million in the Middle East and Africa.

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