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How Many People Use Twitter

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The Kids Think Twitter Is Alright

How To See How Many People Saw Your Tweet!

Young Americans, ages 12 to 34 years old, are the most prevalent of Twitter users. Over a third of American social media users are on Twitter, up from 29% in the last two years. Compare that to only 10% of senior Americans over 55 years old, who spend the majority of their social media time on Facebook.

For the young ones, Twitter is down the list of social media sites used most often, trailing Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Are You Making The Most Of Twitter

Its easy to compare Twitter user stats with networks like Facebook and assume its an inferior marketing channel but impressions alone arent going to get results. The way people interact with content and brands on Twitter is entirely unique and their willingness to talk business means theres less resistance to your ads from the outset.

This is reflected in the majority of Twitter users who feel ads on the network arent intrusive and generally offer valuable information.

Not many advertising channels can offer this kind of relationship with its users and this is what continues to make Twitter a valuable platform for businesses of all sizes.

What Are You Waiting For Start Following These Funny Celebs Now

Twitter is a micro-blogging social-networking website that is popular with an ever-expanding base of users. In addition to regular Joe and Jane, there are many celebrities on Twitter, from controversial politicians to actors, authors, and comedians. Some celebrities on Twitter will tell you about stuff they’re working on and their lives. And the celebrities on THIS list also bring the funny.

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How To Qualify For Super Follows

Not everyone will be able to set up Super Follows for accounts. It’s only open to users who:

  • Have at least 10,000 followers. If you haven’t hit that milestone yet, you’re going to have to keep tweeting for free.
  • Have tweeted at least 25 times within the last 30 days. If you aren’t creating regular content, step aside.
  • Are based in the U.S.
  • Are least 18 years old.

What Are The Top Social Media Accounts Aside From Twitter

How Many People Use Twitter? Statistics From 2008

Almost two billion internet users are using social networks and these figures are expected to grow as the use of mobile devices and mobile social networks continuously gain traction. The top social media networks are generally available in multiple languages and allow users to connect with friends or people beyond geographical, political, or economic confines.

As of January 2021, based on the number of active accounts, Facebook is still the market leader and also the first social network to surpass one billion registered accounts while .

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Twitter Is 7th For Digital Trust

Twitter ranks 7th out of 9 places for digital platforms that are considered trustworthy. While this might sound good, its not 57% of Americans think that Twitter strongly protects their data.

This means that if you are going to share a lot of personal, sensitive information on the Twitter app, you might want to think twice. Its definitely not the worst as this statistic shows, but its also definitely not the best, so if you want to conduct business on a relatively confidential level, you might want to opt for LinkedIn, which is considered a lot more trustworthy according to its users.

What Is A Twitter Impression

When calculating the number of tweets of a hashtag we must also have in mind the Twitter hashtag impressions. In traditional advertising an impression of an ad view, we count one impression every time an ad has been watched. In Twitter it works kind of similar, an impression of the hashtag would be when it has been seen.

How do we calculate how many impressions a hashtag has? To do that we take the number of followers of the user who sent the tweet in consideration. For example, if user A sends a tweet and he/she has 100 Twitter followers, we say that he created 100 impressions of the hashtag. If you count the number of tweets you should also count the number of impressions. All these impressions, also known as impacts, are always potential impressions because we cannot know if the Twitter followers of the user really saw the tweet containing the hashtag or not. The way we show it in Tweet Binder is this:

If you want to learn where to find Twitter trending topics you can go to Tweet Binder and start analyzing Twitter trends. However you must know that trending topics normally have thousands of tweets and the FREE version of the tool Tweet Binder only analyzes 500 tweets per search. If you really need to calculate the number of tweets in trending topics you would need to buy a report.

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Twitters User Base Is Set To Grow 4% In 2021

The pandemic has changed a lot, including predictions around how much Twitter would grow in 2021. Now, the figure is sitting at 2.4%.

Who knows what this statistic is going to look like in another years time, but generally speaking social media platforms havent had too much bad luck throughout the pandemic.

Twitter App Store Downloads

How to Use Twitter Promote Mode

There were in the first quarter of 2019 registering a year-over-year increase of 3.6 percent .

It was also the highest number of app store downloads per quarter for Twitter since 2015.

But despite the increase, the Twitter app is outside the top ten list of most-downloaded iOS apps. It ranks 16th on the list pretty far behind its main competitors Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. By the way, look here to find out how to get more likes with this list of top

The app isnt doing too well either on the Google Play store, even failing to make the top 20.

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Twitter Popularity Among B2b Marketers

If you need more Twitter statistics to convince you of the platforms potential, heres another.

as a digital marketing tool . And given the number of active Twitter users, this figure really shouldnt come as a surprise.

Social media has given rise to the possibility of engaging personally with consumers. So much so that the brand-customer relationship has gone from one thats uni-directional to bi- and even multi-directional.

In other words, brand messaging is no longer a simple one-sided conversation whereby consumers only listen. They are now well-equipped to react, respond, and interact not only with brands and their messages but also with other consumers who are also engaging.

That said, its become increasingly important for brands to not only be present on Twitter but also interactive and engaging.

In fact, have a better impression of a brand when they respond to a tweet. And six out of ten users expect a brand to respond to any customer service requests within one hour.

Check out our guide to use

What Is The Number Of Twitter Users Per Country

Twitter is particularly popular in the US and as of January 2021, the microblogging site had 69.3 million active users . Japan and India were ranked second and third with 50.9 and 17.5 million users, respectively. Twitters user base represents only a fraction of the total social media users in 2020.

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Growth Of Social Media Users By Region

The total number of people using social media grew by 9.2% between April 2019 and Jan 2020. When looking at the number of people growing by region, Europe had the slowest activation of new active users at 4.9%. Whereas Asia was the most considerable social media user base growth at 16.98%, followed by Africa increasing by 13.92%

Social media growth by region 2019-2020:

  • North America: +6.96%

Twitters Daily Active Users

How many people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in ...

Daily active users indicate the number of unique visitors Twitter receives on a 24-hour basis. Twitter discloses the monetizable daily active usage , which defines as a number of logged accounts that were identified by Twitter and were able to show ads.

  • Twitter has 192 million daily active users
  • Twitter has 187 million monetizable daily active users worldwide
  • In the US, Twitter has 36 million monetizable daily active users
  • Internationally , Twitter has 152 million monetizable daily active users
  • In the US, 52% of Twitter users report using Twitter daily.

, Statista, Barrons

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Who Has The Most Popular Tweet Of All Time

A tweet from an unlikely person, a Japanese billionaire named Yusaku Maezawa, has become the most retweeted post of all time . The entrepreneur offered one million yen each to 100 randomly selected individuals who retweeted the post and followed his accountto celebrate the bumper sales of his clothing line over the holidays.

Until January 2019, the top spot on the ranking belonged to Carter Wilkerson, who asked fast-food chain Wendys for free chicken nuggets in exchange for retweets.

Is Size Really That Important

Well, actually, with a hashtag, size *is* pretty important. The longer the hashtag is, the less likely it will be that your audience will use it.


I mean, its a bit much. You must also bear in mind that longer hashtags are more likely to have spelling mistakes, are harder to remember, and will fit in fewer tweets. Theres that 280-character limit, remember?


Short, sweet, and to the point, this is the kind of Twitter hashtag that works. Theres less room for error, and itll fit on more tweets, so more people could be encouraged to use it.

Should you avoid longer hashtags entirely? No. Just use them sparingly, and only when theyre relevant. Oh, and only when you have the room for them.

DO NOT sacrifice awesome content in the tweet just so that you can add in a long hashtag.

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In Case You Missed It

This section does as its name suggests. It shows you tweets that you might be interested in but might not see in the old timeline as they were from quite some time ago.

This module seems to only appear in your timeline when you have been away from Twitter for several hours or days5

. Similar to the ranked tweets section, this section contains tweets that Twitter thinks are relevant to you. But the selected tweets are ordered according to their relevance score and might be from many hours or days ago.

For example, as you can see in the example above, the tweets were not ordered reverse-chronologically. They were also from more than 10 hours ago which I might not have seen if I were just scrolling through a reverse-chronological timeline.

Whats Next For Twitter

Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Twitter | 50 Things About Twitter | Twitter Tutorial 2020

Twitter remains a popular social media platform for marketers. In fact, 53% of marketers worldwide used it as a channel for their marketing activities in 2020 . Social media in general gives brands the possibility to personally engage with consumers.

Twitter has a great impact on consumer behavior. Digital Marketing Institute reported that about 40% of Twitter users disclosed that they purchased something after seeing it on Twitter . This is an excellent reflection of the steady increase in influence social media has on the purchasing habits of consumers.

However, getting your brand involved on Twitter is not enough. Brands need to consider the power of social media influencers. Twitter themselves reported that the intent of users to purchase increased over five-fold when they are exposed to tweets from both influencers and brands, compared to merely 2.7 times with just brand tweets .

Moreover, influencers on social media like Twitter are also rivaling friends in building consumer trust. When looking for product recommendations, 56% of consumers asked friends for guidance, while 49% of respondents said they relied on influencers. On Twitter, recommendations from influencers resulted in 20% of respondents saying a Tweet from an influencer inspired them to share a product recommendation. Based on these data, we can surmise that branding and marketing strategies should have a combination of tweets from brands and influencers.

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How Many Twitter Users Are There In 2020

As of the first quarter of 2020, Twitter has 166 million monetizable daily active users . Twitter defines mDAUs as people, organizations, and other organizations that are able to show ads.

This represents a 24% growth from the previous year, the highest year-over-year increase on record. Twitter this growth to product improvements and online chatter about the COVID-19 pandemic.


This makes Twitter the 13th most used social media platform, with some 340 million users. Because Twitter does not publish general monthly active user data , this figure is based on the platforms advertising audience reach.

Source: Hootsuite

In the United States, 80% of tweets are created by just 10% of users. Findings from Pew Research Center show that the average U.S. adult posts twice and favorites one tweet per month, follows 89 accounts, and has 29 followers. Some 13% of adults in the U.S. keep their accounts private.

Barack Obama is the most followed Twitter user , followed by Katy Perry , Justin Bieber , and Rihanna . But according to Brandwatchs analysis, Taylor Swift was the most influential tweeter in 2019.

Social Media Usage Statistics

  • 4.48 billion people currently use social media worldwide, up more than double from 2.07 billion in 2015
  • The average social media user engages with an average of 6.6 various social media platforms
  • The social media growth rate since 2015 is an average of 12.5% year-over-year. However, growth is on the decline with 2019-2020 data revealing a 9.2% growth rate
  • By region, social media growth in 2019-2020 is led by Asia: +16.98%, Africa +13.92%, South America +8.00%, North America +6.96%, Europe +4.32%, and Australasia +4.9%
  • 60.99% of the 7.87 billion people in the world use social media, of eligible audiences aged 13+, there is 63% that are active users
  • 93.33% of internet users are on social media however, a titanic 85% of mobile internet users are active on networks
  • Out of 4.48 billion social media users, 99% access websites or apps through a mobile device, with only 1.32% accessing platforms exclusively via desktop
  • Globally, the average time a person spends on social media a day is 2 hours 24 minutes if someone signed up at 16 and lived to 70, they would spend 5.7 years of their life on it
  • is the leading social network at 2.9 billion monthly active users, followed by , WhatsApp , FB Messenger , and WeChat
  • 72.3% of the total US population actively use social media, totaling a number of 240 million people
  • In the US, 54% of social media users are female, while the remaining 46% are male, compared with a global average of 45.6% for female, and 54.4% for male.

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Tweets About Cooking Increased Nearly 300% In 2020

Sourdough. Banana bread. People filled their time with baking this year, and that increased kitchen time showed up in a massive increase in cooking Tweets.

In one of the first weeks of pandemic restrictions, there were 500,000 Tweets about cooking and baking every day. And theres a daily average of 29,000 tweets about chocolate.

Food and drink-related emojis saw a big bump, too:

Twitter Popularity In The Us

How Many People are on Twitter in 2018 â The Startup ...

The majority of Twitter users come from the United States, with more than 47 million accounts. This is followed by Japan and the United Kingdom.

Its one of the top five social media sites in the US and it is estimated that over 20 percent of US internet users access Twitter on a monthly basis .

As a matter of fact, seven of the ten most-followed Twitter accounts hail from the land of the free. These include the accounts of Katy Perry, Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, YouTube , and Justin Timberlake.

If youre wondering, Twitter comes in at 16th place with just over 56 million followers.

Check out our guide on how you can

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Social Media Statistics You Must Know In 2021

We are well into 2021, and so far, it has not been much different from 2020.

The year of the pandemic saw huge shifts in society and businesses. Online activity also surged to record highs due to stay-at-home advisories across the world.

This was reflected in online engagement numbers for various social media platforms. People were spending more time and sharing more content online than ever before. Nowhere is this more evident than in the social media statistics of last year.

This posed an interesting challenge for brands and businesses. With more people spending time online, brands shifted their social media strategies to maximize business growth in uncertain times.

To help you make the most of this transformed landscape, Ive compiled a detailed list of social media statistics based on last years usage. The insights drawn from these can help you better understand your target market and audience and create a winning social media strategy.

These social media statistics can help you answer important questions such as:

  • Which platform is best suited for marketing your brand?
  • How much engagement can you expect from different social media platforms?
  • Which social media platform is most frequented by your ideal audience?

And many more!

To help you easily navigate and process insights generated from these social media statistics, Ive divided them into different sections:

How Many Tweets Do I Have

Very common question and very easy to solve. Being easy to get doesnt make the number of tweets less important. To count the number of tweets is one of the first things we must do when we start with . The number of tweets of a hashtag is an important metric, not the only one, but it is key. Twitter includes under the name tweet the original tweets and the retweets:

  • Original tweets: they are the tweets that add content. It can be a reply, a text tweet, a link, a picture or a mention. They add new content, they are original.
  • Retweets: they are just repetitions of a tweet. Twitter says they are re-postings of a tweet. Retweets do not add anything new, just amplify the impact of a hashtag or message.

Every hashtag has its own goals and, depending on those goals you will want original tweets or retweets. Retweets are always welcome, of course, but if your campaign is about adding content you will want more original tweets than retweets. Of course there are always exceptions, if a famous celebrity sends an original tweet or just retweets, the number of retweets generally increases.

Many people at this point want to know how to search your own tweets. Good question, we have other posts talking about it, but if you want to search your own sent tweets type this in the search box:

from:YourTwitterUser .

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