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How Many People Use Snapchat

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How Many People Use Snapchat

How To Use Snapchat For Beginners [2022]

The latest data shows that in Q2 2022, Snapchat had 347 million daily active users worldwide, defined as users who access the social media app at least once every 24 hours. This marked an 18 percent increase from the 293 million users it had the previous year .

The company credited this to the continued and sustained growth in the number of Snapchat users worldwide. Of the three regions it categorizes users into, the increase in North America was the slowest, rising by just four percent from Q2 2021. In comparison, the annual growth in the number of Snapchat users in Europe registered at 10 percent.

The number of Snapchat users outside Europe and North America has been growing much faster than in these two regions.

In Q2 2022, the number of Snapchat users in the rest of the world grew a whopping 35 percent year-over-year to hit 162 million. In contrast, there were 99 million North American Snapchat users and 86 million in Europe in the same quarter.

Ads Are The Most Successful When They Feature Sound

Theres an option to view Snapchat photos and videos on mute, but statistics show that its not how most users engage with the app. 64% of users view ads on Snapchat with the sound on. Whether youre including a catchy theme song or customer testimonies, its an important thing to keep in mind when planning your social media strategy.

% Of Daily Snapchat Users Are From The Age Group Of 18

Snapchat statistics show that teenagers are using the platform more compared to the rest of the age groups. In a survey conducted among teenagers, it was found that the next generation prefers Snapchat over Facebook, and 3.4% of people aged 12-17 preferred Snapchat.

It is the first time Facebook got a drop in users, showing that the next generation likes to communicate visually rather than old school keyboard typing. Snapchat and Instagram are considered to be the most used Social media platforms by teenagers.

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It Would Take A Person 10 Years To See All The Snapchat Photos Shared In A One

Considering that over 20,000 photos are shared every hour on Snapchat, it would take a long time for us to view them all. Some guesstimates show that 10,000 hours is the period needed to master a new skill, such as a musical instrument, a trade, or a programming language, so our time might be better spent elsewhere.

Snapchatters Are 45% More Likely To Mention A Brand Online After Making A Purchase

How Many People Use Snapchat in 2022

If youre keen to build brand awareness on social media, Snapchat could be a good place to start. According to statistics published by Snapchat, users on the app are 45% more likely to mention brands after making purchases than they are on any other app. Snapchatters are keen to share their purchases with their followers, which is great news for brands.

Snapchat for business2

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Key Snapchat Statistics And Facts For 2022

  • Snapchat had 265 million daily active users in 2020.
  • Snapchat has 400 million monthly active users.
  • 24% of US adults have used Snapchat.
  • 77% of US college students use Snapchat daily.
  • The average time spent on Snapchat is 49.5 minutes per day.
  • Snapchat had $911 million in revenue during Q4 2020.
  • Sponsored Lenses can cost up to $750,000 per day.
  • Taco Bells Cinco de Mayo celebration Lens attracted 224 million views in 24 hours.
  • The longest Snapchat Streak is 2,033 days.
  • Over 20,000 photos are shared every hour on Snapchat.

Snapchat Daily Active Users

  • As of the 3rd Quarter of 2022, Snapchat has 363 million daily active users. That is 18.6% increase Year over Year.
  • In the 3rd Quarter of 2021, Snapchat had 306 million DAUs
  • In 2014, Snapchat had the biggest Y/Y percentage user growth, with a 104% increase.
  • Snapchat had its worst year in terms of daily active user growth in 2018 with just 186 Million DAUs as of the 4th Quarter. This was a decrease of 1 Million DAUs since 2017.
  • After the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, the world witnessed a boom in all social media platforms. Snapchat was one of them.
  • Below is an overview of Snapchat DAUs from Q1 2015to Q3 2022:

    363 million

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    Snapchat Statistics By Marketing Uses

    • 60% of Snapchat users are more likely to make an impulse purchase on the platform.

      Additionally, people who use Snapchat do so regularly. The typical Snapchat user spends around 30 minutes per day on the app. Thats a lot of time to advertise to them.

    • Sponsored Geofilters are usually seen by around 40-60% of Snapchat users in a region.

      Oftentimes, this translates to huge exposure. For example, one Snapchat Geofilter campaign run by General Motors was viewed over 60 million times total and reached 22 million different people.

    • Approximately 16 million Snapchat users see sponsored filters daily.

      Many companies are started to take advantage of Snapchats high viewership count. Its impacted the advertising industry in a big way.

    • 40% of Snapchat users claim to have discovered new brands on Snapchat.

      This suggests that many people see these ads, but a lot of them are buying as well.

    • 59% of Gen Z individuals have ad recall after watching only seconds of a skippable ad.

      This is slightly higher than the 57% of millennials who have ad recall after a very short ad. Additionally, less than half of Gen Xers demonstrated ad recall. Gen Zs high rate of ad recall makes them the perfect target for Snapchat marketing.

    More Marketers Are Interested In Snapchat For Business Than In Previous Years

    Why Do We Like Snapchat So Much? | Mashable Explains

    According to Hootsuites own research, search demand for keywords related to Snapchat for business has been growing year over year. This means that more people are googling phrases like:

    • Snapchat ads manager
    • Snapchat business
    • Snapchat business manager

    So, even though Snapchat isnt exactly new to the social media marketing game, its clearly benefiting from the short-form video content craze pioneered by TikTok and Instagram Reels.

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    Who Owns Snapchat And How Many People Use It

    Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has grown and developed, with a number of features, including Snapchat Spotlight, which gives users the opportunity to earn money from their snaps.

    Despite being around for some time now, the image-sharing app is still hugely popular, with millions of daily users. But who is he owner of Snapchat and how many people use it? Here is everything you need to know.

    % Of Snapchat Users In The Us Are Aged 13 To 24

    According to recent Snapchat statistics, every six in ten people using Snapchat in the US are teenagers. They prefer Snapchat over social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    It shows that the company has a clear understanding of its target audience. Snapchat upgraded its UI and added resonant filters that can attract the younger generation to the platform.

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    The Release Of New Filters Doubled Snapchat Downloads In 2019

    In early 2019, Snapchat released a couple of filters that truly made the platform go viral. One of the filters smoothed the appearance of your skin in an effort to make the user look like a baby. The other allowed you to swap genders. This filter gave women square jaws and facial stubble while giving men a dolled-up look.

    As people began to play with these filters and share their funny photos with friends outside of Snapchat, the app saw its download rate double. In fact, Snapchat saw about in May 2019, which was a major increase when compared to the previous months 16.8 million downloads.

    Snapchat Marketing Has A Great Roi

    Snapchat Ads, Explained: Benefits, Examples, Stats, Strategies

    Lots of successful businesses have used Snapchat as a marketing and advertising platform and seen great ROI as a result. Snapchat lists travel app Hopper, hot sauce brand Truff, and clothing consignment app Depop among its most spectacular success stories.

    Hoppers example is particularly inspiring. The airline booking app used location radius targeting for their ads and designed dedicated creative assets for each radiuss advertising audience .

    According to the case study, By introducing radius targeting to its strategy, Hopper was also able to cut its cost per install in half, and confidently scale its investment in Snapchat by 5x.

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    Snapchat Marketing And Advertising Statistics

    Snapchat isnt always the first platform to come to mind when you think of marketing your business or running advertisements to generate exposure or conversions. However, that doesnt mean you should write it off entirely.

    Here are some Snapchat statistics on marketing and advertising that will show you what an effective platform it can be for businesses:

    What Is Snapchats Annual Revenue

    Snapchats revenue, along with its user base, has increased massively over the recent years.

    This increase in revenue is because of the exciting features Snapchat keeps adding regularly.

    The team introduces new filters, games, and sharing options to keep the users on their toes.

    In 2020, Snapchat reported an annual revenue figure of 2.5 billion USD, which is a tremendous leap from $1.7billion in 2019. In 2021, Snapchats annual revenue was $4.12 billion.

    This means Snapchats average revenue per user also increased in 2021.

    So, whats average revenue per user?

    Well, it is the quarterly revenue divided by the average daily active users.

    And the annual revenue per user is the sum of each reported quarterly average revenue per user.

    In 2020, Snapchat recorded an average of $10.09 per user, which increased to $13.06 in 2021.

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    And The 12th Most Popular Social Media Platform

    If we broaden it out to look at how Snapchat compares to all social networks at large, it doesnt quite rank in the top 10. Snapchat comes in 12th place with 514 monthly active users. Facebook takes the number one spot, with a whopping 2.8 billion monthly active users.

    Snapchats also outranked by popular social networks like TikTok , Instagram , and . However, it ranks ahead of Pinterest , Reddit , and Twitter .


    How Many Times Was The Snapchat App Downloaded In 2020

    How To See How Many Snapchat Friends You Have

    Snapchat is meant to be used on a mobile app. Unlike Instagram, for example, it doesnt even have an official desktop version of a website. The only way to access Snapchat on the computer is by using an Android emulator. So, with 281 million downloads in 2020, Snapchat was the 7th most downloaded app worldwide. Statistics for the US only point to 51 million downloads and the same ranking.

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    Snapchats User Growth In Europe North America And The Rest Of The World

    Snapchats user base has an uneven spread throughout the world.

    This means there are regions where Snapchat gets more share of users than others. North America gives Snapchats biggest share of daily active users in the world.

    A whooping 32.42% of Snapchats daily active users come from North America.

    In quarter two of 2020, Snapchat had 90 million users from North America, which increased to 98 million in quarter two of 2021.

    The second-largest share of users for Snapchat comes from Europe, which stands at 26.62%.

    In Q2 of 2020, 72 million daily active users came from Europe, which increased to 78 million in Q2 of 2021.

    The third-largest share includes the rest of the world.

    These users come from Asia, Australia, and South America.

    Snapchat recorded a 55% growth in international users in 2020.

    In the past 5 years, Snapchat has added over 85 million daily active users from Asia, Australia, and South America.

    This figure was around 111 million in Q2 of 2020 and hit 120 million in the Q2 of 2021.

    How Many Snaps Get Created Every Day

    Sharing snaps with friends is fun. You can share every event of your day with them and make the snaps exciting using filters.

    Every time you click a photo or create a text-based content on Snapchat, you create a Snap.

    This asks for a question: How many Snaps get created every day?

    Well, the number of Snaps that get created every day is going to leave you in shock.

    According to Snapchat, people open the Snapchat application over 20 times a day and spend about 30 minutes of their day using Snapchat.

    This suggests they create a little over 5 billion snaps daily.

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    Study Shows How People Use Snapchat

    Sexting on Snapchat may be less common than you think, at least according to a new survey of adults who use the app.

    A study from the University of Washington that polled 127 Snapchat users ages 18 and over found that 60 percent of respondents used Snapchat primarily to send “funny content,” while the second most popular type of “snap” is a selfie. Fourteen percent of those surveyed said they’d previously sent sexts over Snapchat, but just 1.6 percent said they do so regularly.

    Snapchat, which allows people to exchange messages that self-destruct seconds after they’re viewed, has attracted an estimated 82 million users, most of whom are between ages 13 and 25, according to Business Insider. Despite its limited sample size and focus on adults, the UW study offers a rare glimpse into how the app is used — along with a chance to correct erroneous Snapchat stereotypes.

    Many assume Snapchat’s biggest draw is the temporary nature of its messages, which encourages people to share racy images without worrying about the repercussions. But the researchers found the app’s key appeal is even simpler: It’s fun.

    Image via Sex, Lies, or Kittens? Investigating the Use of Snapchat’s Self-Destructing Messages.

    However, most people didn’t seem to mind that their “snaps” were saved. When asked how they reacted to having a screen shot taken of their message, respondents “more commonly chose answer choices indicating neutral or positive reactions,” according to the report.

    Can Someone Make Money From Snapchat

    Snapchat Content Survey: How Much Millennials Actually Use Live Stories ...

    Yes, just like with other social media platforms, it is possible to make money using Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with some other popular options including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. If someone has a lot of subscribers on Snapchat, it is possible for Snapchat to start putting ads in front of their content. Then, users can make money by monetizing their images and videos with advertisements. It is possible for someone to become famous using Snapchat, and they can direct all over to their other social media platforms as well.

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    Number Of Snaps Created

    According to the latest Snapchat statistics, over 210 million snaps are created every single day . As a result, the company increased its total snaps created per quarter to a whopping 3.5 billion in the second quarter of 2019.

    The company attributes this growth to the higher number of users that are using newer Android devices. Snapchat says this group of users is sending 7 percent more snaps than users who are still on the older versions of Android. One of the platforms most popular features is Snapchat streaks . Users create Snapstreaks by creating and exchanging at least one snap per day for consecutive days. This feature encourages users to constantly create snaps, which boosts engagement, interaction, and user retention. You may be interested to know that the current record for the longest Snapstreak stands at 2,492!

    The Longest Snapchat Streak So Far Is 2033 Days Of Continued Use

    Two Snapchat users need to message each other at least once in 24 hours to keep a streak going. As of December 2020, Caitlin OMahony is the record holder, with a streak that exceeds 2,033 days. Snapchat facts such as this one change daily, so who knows who will be at the top by the end of this month.

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    Snapchat Predicted It Would Spend $196 Billion More On Mobile Advertising In 2020 Compared To Previous Years

    A bold predictionbased on the recent facts about Snapchathad been circulating on the internet. The total advertising expenditure for last year was expected to exceed $767 billion. A decent chunk of that money would have likely gone toward mobile ads.

    With the growth Snapchat has seen in recent years, advertising on this social platform has the potential to exceed some of the top competitors, including that 98% of users access through their mobile devices.

    Fascinating Snapchat Stats That Will Surprise You In 2022

    How To See The Number Of Snapchat Friends You Have

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    Snapchat has taken some giant strides since its humble launch. Today, it is one of the most popular social media apps, offering something to everyone.

    To find out more about how it got to be that way, you can check out these up-to-date Snapchat statistics. Here is a taste of what’s about to come.

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    Snapchat Daily Active Users By Region

  • Snapchat has 97 million daily active users in North America and 82 million in Europe as of the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • The Rest of the world accounts for 140 Million Daily Active Users.
  • 30.4% of Snapchats Daily Active Users are from the North American Region.
  • 25.7% of Snapchat Daily Active Users are from the European Region
  • While the rest of the world accounts for 43.8% of Daily Active Users.
  • Below is the growth table of Snapchat Daily Active Users by Region.

    $3.30 Billion
  • Snapchat had registered a revenue of $2.5 Billion in 2020.
  • Snapchat has a net loss of $360 million as of Q3 2022, That is a 400% year over year increase.
  • Snapchat claims that this increase in net loss largely reflects $155 million in transition costs associated with our reprioritization efforts, the flow-through of the $102 million decline in adjusted EBITDA, unfavorable investment impacts of $47 million, and income tax expense of $8 million.

  • In Quarter 3 of 2022, Snapchats operating cash flow is $245 million, up from $55 million in Q3 2021.
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