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How Many People Use Pinterest

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Boards And Board Types

How to Use Pinterest – Complete Beginner’s Guide


Think of Pinterest boards as digital mood boards. Use boards to save, collect and organize your Pins. Many use boards to group Pins according to a certain theme or topic. For example, you might create a board around the planning of a product launch event, for seasonal content, or for wedding inspiration.

Group boards

Group boards are the same as regular boards, except more than one person can add content. This format is ideal for marketers looking to share ideas or plans with their team, as anyone can contribute.

Secret boards

A secret board can only be seen by its creator and invited collaborators. When you create one, youll see a lock symbol beside the board name. These are useful for planning you dont want to be public secret boards wont appear in the home feed, in search, or anywhere publicly on Pinterest.

Protected boards

Similar to secret boards, protected boards live at the bottom of your Pinterest profile and only you can see them. However, the Pins on these protected boards can be seen across Pinterest if a Pinner has a direct link.

Set Up Shop And Start Selling Buyable Pins

Are you a maker? Designer? Creator? Crafter?

Its no secret that you can use your creativity to set up shop online. Entire platforms, like Etsy, were built to help creatives, like you, sell their handmade creations to millions of shoppers.

Its true!

Pinterest has something called buyable pins.

How cool is that?

That is, theyre looking for decorating tips, gift ideas, fashion choices, and other visual inspo for their next project, event, or celebration.

And when someone is in the planning stage, eventually theyre looking to buy. Thats where your buyable pins come into play!

My favorite platform for turning your designs into buyable pins is Shopify. In fact, Shopify not only makes it easy to create buyable pins that help you get paid to use Pinterest it makes it super simple to sell digital products on autopilot. Meaning you can get paid to use Pinterest and earn passive income. Talk about a win win!

Create A Pin Using An Image Saved On Your Computer

To create a Pin from images on your computer, follow these steps:

  • Select Choose Image and find the file on your computer
  • Pick a board for your Pin and add a description

Heres how to schedule your Pins with Later:

  • Drag and drop an image from your Media Library onto your content calendar to schedule it at the date and time of your choice.

Important: Your board settings must be set to Public in order to schedule your Pin to that board. When scheduling your Pin, you can search your boards by name, or simply scroll through a list of your boards

  • Crop your photo, enter your caption, and add a link.
  • Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin!

Not signed up to Later yet? What are you waiting for! Start managing and scheduling your Pins now:

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Should I Add Hashtags To Old Pins

People often ask if they should go back and add hashtags to older Pins.

You can, but it wont help your content show up at the top of hashtag search feeds. Newer Pins with that hashtag will appear first.

If you want to change or add a hashtag, just edit the Pin description. Since hashtag searches turn up Pins based on when they were Saved, dont edit old Pin descriptions to add hashtags.

Do add hashtags when doing a new Save of a previous Pin. Now youve got a fresh one!

Instagram User Demographics & Statistics 2021

How many people use Pinterest before they buy ...

Here are some of the latest Instagram stats about demographics of Instagram:

1) How many people use Instagram in Total?

On June 2018, Instagram reported a landmark. Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly active users. This grew from 800 million MAU in September, 2017.

Instagram is growing steadily and is soon expected to cross 2 billion active users by 2023.

Below is a graph by our friends at TechCrunch which shows the growth curve of Instagram user acquisition over time.

Needless to say, this Instagram growth case study proves just one thing, the whole success of a startup/business lies in one thing, giving a feeling of community to the users.

How many users are on Instagram in 2021?

As per Instagrams official report, there are over 1 billion users on Instagram. Over 1 billion people now use Instagram at last once per month.

2) Instagram, with 1 billion people who use Instagram per month, has surpassed to become 2x of what Twitter has in terms of monthly active users .

3) How many people use Instagram daily? Instagram Daily Active Users:

Instagram has a whopping 500 million daily active users who use Instagram daily.

4) What percentage of Internet users are on Instagram?

20% of all internet users are on Instagram.

5) What percentage of US users use Instagram?

20% of all US users use Instagram.

Instagram is the only platform that surpasses Snapchat and shows a progressive growth .

6) How many photos are shared on Instagram each day?

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Instagram Users By Country



Here is a detailed graph that shows the list of countries with the most number of Instagram users:

As is pretty clear, USA is the country with highest number of Instagram users in 2021 followed by India and Brazil.

11) What percent of Instagram content are photos?

Photos make over 91.07% of all Instagram updates.

12) Which is the first photo shared or uploaded to Instagram and when?

The first ever photo uploaded to Instagram by Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom on 16th July, 2010. This first image uploaded to Instagram was of Kevins dog and was taken near a Taco stand. This was exactly 3 months before Instagram was released to the public.

13) How many fake accounts are there on Instagram?

Over 8% reported fake Instagram accounts by spam bots.

14) What positive effect does video has over other content formats on Instagram?

Video content is viewed 5x longer than other static content formats on Instagram.

15) How many likes does Instagram users give per day?

Instagram gets a total of 4.2 billion likes per day on its posts from users all around the world.

16) How many online users use Instagram?

6 out of 10 online users use Instagram or have an active Instagram profile.

17) What is the ratio of males to female users on Instagram?

Female vs male on Instagram is 36% vs 24%.

18) Who is the top most followed Instagram user in 2021?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 145m with Instagram followers
  • Selena Gomez 127m rules the spot with Instagram followers
  • Instagram Stories Statistics For 2021

    With over 250 million active users in just a year of its launch, Instagrams stories feature has been killing it with its popularity both for users and businesses.

    There are now over 500 million Instagram accounts are using Instagram Stories every day!

    The success of stories feature has made Facebook add the stories feature to all its platforms including messenger, WhatsApp, & Facebook itself.

    One of the key features that has catalyzed this growth is the ability to share live videos to your stories for 24 hours before they disappear forever. Below are some important statistics regarding the usage of Instagram stories .

    22) How many Instagram users use Instagram stories feature?

    According to , over 500 million Instagram accounts are using Instagram Stories every day.

    23) How many Instagram Daily Active Users does Instagram have?

    Instagram now has 500 million daily active stories users.

    24) What are the top location tags used in Instagram Stories?

    • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Turkey 4.79%
  • United Kingdom 4%
  • Point to note here is India, which is the second largest user base for Instagram, isnt in the top 5 countries that send desktop traffic to These results are only for desktop traffic, app traffic/usage is something not taken into account.

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    % Of Users Are Looking For Products

    Sometimes it doesnt matter what kind of product theyre looking for, but only that theyre looking for products. It might not be so much the type of glue that holds a basket together that a potential customer is looking for, so much as ideas on what to put IN the basket. Glue is boring , while contents are interesting. Or, theyre hoping to find a bunch of products on a certain theme for that special event. This is where boards are so handy: One user can find associated items on someone elses board and combine them in unexpected ways. Put your brand and products out there, and someone will find it useful enough to buy.

    Us Instagram Monthly Active User Growth Rate

    Pinterest Marketing Tip #18 – How Many Pins Should You Pin Per Day?
    • 2023s estimated growth is +1.8% in US Instagram users
    • 2022s estimated growth is +2.2% in US Instagram users
    • 2021s growth is +3.7% in US Instagram users
    • 2020s growth is +6.2% in US Instagram users

    *Estimated growth data from eMarketer

    As the platform has become more accessible to the world with new features like instant translation, Instagram has seen some impressive growth outside of the US.

    What you have to consider with Instagrams growth is that there are only 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, and so far, a whopping 28.57% of them have the app.

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    Creating A Content Strategy

    When you create engaging Pins and organize them on boards, you make it easier for people to find your content and ultimately find your brand. Although Pinterest is focused on stunning visuals, your content strategy must also include strategic copy including your Pin descriptions. Remember that Pinterest serves as a search engine, so your SEO game needs to be on point with every Pin.

    Start A Blog Tutorial

    Ive been using Canva for years for ALL of my graphic design needs. This free online design tool makes it easy for even the most design-challenged to create irresistibly-pinnable pins!

    Did I mention its free?

    Whether you want to create buyable pins or affiliate pins to promote your partnerships, Canva is an easy-to-use tool to do just that. In fact, they have beautiful, free templates you can use to transform blog posts, affiliate products, and goods for sale into click-worthy, money-making images!

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    Target An Existing Customer List Audience

  • Log into your
  • Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Create ad
  • Click New ad group from the left-side navigation
  • Click Targeting from the left-side navigation
  • Under Audience, find and select your audience list
  • Select Include or Exclude
  • Select Include to reach the people who are part of your chosen audience
  • Select Exclude to reach people on Pinterest who arenât a part of the audience youâve uploaded
  • Once complete, select your Budget & Schedule, Optimization & delivery and Ads
  • Review your information
  • Click Launch
  • Note: As of November 2nd we no longer require advertisers to claim your website before creating an engagement audience. Engagement audiences created before November 2 will automatically be transformed into audiences based on any engagement action

    Why Arent My Pins Showing Up In The Hashtag Feed

    How to use Pinterest to Promote Brand? People use ...

    This section is rather irrelevant since theres not a hashtag feed per se in late 2020. Left here for historical reference.

    What shows up when a hashtag is searched has to do with a lot of different factors including a Pinners interests, searches, past history of engagement, etc as well as a vast majority of other signals. In general, our goal is to show the right Pin to the right Pinner at the right time. That means that it actually isnt possible to force show a specific Pin of yours for the hashtag.

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    Data Sources For Stats On This Page

    Pinterest Inc.s investor earnings report for 3Q 2021 .

    Kepios analysis .

    Kepios analysis of data published in Pinterest Inc.s 3Q 2021 investor earnings announcement , compared with the latest population data published by the United Nations and the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Kepios analysis of data published in Pinterests advertising tools in October 2021.

    Kepios analysis of data published in Facebooks advertising tools in October 2021.

    Any other data sources have been attributed directly within the article, next to the appropriate data point.

    Instagram User Growth Rate History

    According to Instagrams growth rate data, the company has been adding over 100 million new users every 4 to 9 months This user growth rate has been consistent since 2014. However, between September 2017 and June 2018, the company had a massive 200 million increase in new user growth. From 2018 to 2019, the user growth rate reverted to a steadier 6.7%.

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    % Increase In Monthly Active User

    Pinterest saw an exceptional increase of 38% monthly active users worldwide from 2019 to 2021. One of the major factors for this increased percentile is the coronavirus pandemic. Billions of people were stuck in lockdown, working or studying from home, resulting in the increasing number of social media usage.

    How Do I Add Hashtags To Pins

    How To Use Pinterest For BEGINNERS // 2021 Pinterest Marketing Tutorial

    Hashtags for Pins go in the description.

    I recommend placing them at the end of your description, and not peppered throughout your carefully-crafted sentences.

    Remember that hashtags are clickable, so give Pinners a chance to read through to your call-to-action before getting distracted to click away to a hashtag feed!

    To add a hashtag, type # and add a keyword or phrase.

    This changed in 2020: Youll ONLY get hashtag suggestions when creating a NEW Pin in the mobile app. This is still true in April 2021. See screenshots below.

    Start typing the hash mark followed by a word, and youll see suggested hashtags pop up with a number following.

    The hashtag suggestion feature is no longer available on desktop, at all.

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    Add Interests And Keywords

    You can expand on your targeting by adding interest and keyword targeting. This setting will ensure that your ads are automatically targeted to relevant searches and interests.

    Pro Tip: Use 25 keywords for the best results. Keywords can be formatted to indicate a broad match, phrase match, or an exact match. Negative keywords can also be added to exclude certain search terms from triggering ads.

    X More Businesses Used Shopping Ads In Q4 2020

    Shopping ad revenue once again grew faster than our overall business and we saw a 6x increase in the number of businesses that used the shopping ads format in Q4 .

    This increase corresponded with 85% more engagement across shopping surfaces on Pinterest between April and October 2020.

    The shopping ad format is currently only available in 28 countries in North America and Europe. Shopping is among Pinterests strategic priorities for 2021, so expect the format to be more widely available soon.

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    Holiday Planning Starts As Early As 9 Months Ahead Of Time

    Christmas in July? On Pinterest, Christmas planning starts as early as April.

    Searches for Christmas gift ideas were three times higher than the previous year in April 2020. Christmas decor ideas, Christmas movies, Christmas cookies and Christmas wreaths were among the platforms top search terms between June and December.

    Seasonality is important on Pinterest. According to Pinterest data, Pins with content specific to seasonal life or everyday moments drive 10 times higher aided awareness and 22% higher online sales.

    A Majority Of Facebook Snapchat And Instagram Users Say They Visit These Platforms On A Daily Basis

    How many people use Pinterest before they buy ...

    While there has been much written about Americans , its users remain quite active on the platform. Seven-in-ten Facebook users say they use the site daily, including 49% who say they use the site several times a day.

    Smaller shares though still a majority of Snapchat or Instagram users report visiting these respective platforms daily . And being active on these sites is especially common for younger users. For instance, 71% of Snapchat users ages 18 to 29 say they use the app daily, including six-in-ten who say they do this multiple times a day. The pattern is similar for Instagram: 73% of 18- to 29-year-old Instagram users say they visit the site every day, with roughly half reporting they do so several times per day.

    YouTube is used daily by 54% if its users, with 36% saying they visit the site several times a day. By comparison, Twitter is used less frequently, with fewer than half of its users saying they visit the site daily.

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    Set Your Budget And Schedule

    Enter the start and end date for your campaign, and then set your daily or lifetime budget. Your daily budget sets your daily spending limit for your ad group. The lifetime budget is the total amount you want to spend between your start and end date.

    Pro Tip: Be careful because this cannot be edited later on!

    Write Relevant And Helpful Content

    Now that youve started a blog, write 5-10 blog posts related to your niche that will solve your readers problems.

    Before you start writing, take a step back and figure out who your target audience is.

    I always recommend choosing something you enjoy talking about.

    Dont choose a topic just because you think it will make money. Sure, it may work out, but can you really keep writing about something you dont have a genuine interest in?

    The last thing you want is your blog to feel like a chore.

    This diagram will help you determine what you can write about while solving your readers problems.

    • Passion: Im not going to tell you to quit your job and chase your passions without any financial support. But what would you do with your life if you were financially independent? I know this is tough to answer, so this free personality test is amazing and can help you figure it out as long as you answer truthfully!
    • Skills: What are you good at? What do you usually get compliments on?
    • : What are people searching A LOT for on Google and Pinterest? I recommend using SEMrush for some guidance. Billions of people out there want answers and solutions to their problems!

    Remember that readers need your help with something. Most of them arent here to read about your problems. When they land on your page, they will subconsciously ask:

    Whats in it for me?

    Your ideal spot is to hit all these 3 elements !

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