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How Many Linkedin Connections Should I Have

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Is It Worth Connecting With Your Linkedin Followers

Stop posting so often on LinkedIn! | How many posts to share on LinkedIn in a week

Is it worth reaching out to your followers who arent connected? This really does need to be considered on a case by case basis. If you see a follower who could be an excellent prospect for you, the fact that they have decided to follow you is a good sign and could be a great starting point for you to contact them on LinkedIn. However, you will need to weigh up why they have chosen to follow you and not connect with you.

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How To Get More Meaningful Connections

Once youve created your LinkedIn network, its time to reap the benefits of these connections. Work on establishing a dialogue with them by sending a message. If its a known connection, through work or education, then check up on what has been happening since you saw them last. If its someone you added because theyre in your industry, send them a little note explaining why you requested them and what youre looking to get out of this connection.

If youve worked closely with a new connection, you can go to their profile and click Recommend to write them a personal recommendation. This will be publicly displayed on their profile. You can also request that they write you a recommendation as well.

Be wary of adding every single request you get on LinkedIn. If your main goal is to build up a major network, then accepting their request may be a good thing. If youre seeking a more curated network, check out the requesters profile to see if theyre a connection that may benefit you. Most requests are from legitimate individuals who want you in their network. But be aware that some users will poach your network list to grow their own network. If that may be an issue for you, you can adjust your user settings to protect your connections where no one else can see them.

How To Remove A Connection From Linkedin Without Them Knowing

  • Click the My Network icon on the top navigation bar.
  • Under Manage my network, click Connections.
  • Click on the three dots beside the Message button and select Remove connection.
  • With this method, they wont be alerted by LinkedIn about you viewing their profile.

    Nevertheless, they can still learn that youve removed the connection by looking up your LinkedIn profile. Thus, its vital to accept and send connection requests selectively.

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    Have Enough Connections Good

    If you worry about which step will take too long, you can take a step back. Start over if you think its necessary. Check your All-Star Profile for a first-rate impression. After that, use your best keyword and start searching for connections again. Dont forget that for a personal network, each request to connect requires a good Why and Call to Action, or the best ones you can write.

    We hope you enjoyed these tips to make 500+ LinkedIn connections to get a job. For more appetizing tips, check out the excellent resources on our homepage.

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    Why Use Linkedin As Part Of A Multi

    LinkedIn connections

    As mentioned, LinkedIn can be an effective tool for lead generation, however, there are some drawbacks. As is the case when you rely on any one platform – you might face restrictions, the platform might go down, or something might happen thats completely out of your control where you can no longer contact your prospects to bring new leads into your pipeline.

    Its the same concept why people are taught not to put all your eggs in one basket.Especially because as so many businesses have learned with the Google and Facebook changes over the years, if youre over reliant on one channel, any single change can affect your entire business.

    With a multi-channel outbound approach, you diversify your lead generation to maximize ROI. Its the same with your retirement account. You are invested in a mutual fund that diversifies your portfolio, so that when one channel suffers from market trends, another outperforms and it balances itself out. The key though is being able to predict the volume, regardless of what happens in each channel.

    That alone is reason enough to consider using multi-channel campaigns but its not just related to the fear of change. The real driver of including as many channels as possible in your outreach to prospects is based on the habits of those who succeed.

    Over 80% of high-performing sales teams use at least three marketing channels and create at least 15 touchpoints per prospect.

    Why are so many of these teams taking a multi-channel approach?

    Let’s Talk

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    Ridiculous Number Of Profile Views

    Chances are that when you add a new user to your connections, theyll end up checking out your profile. Once you start adding and accepting more LinkedIn connections, youll see your profile views dramatically increase. I went from a few profile views now and then to thousands per week! Pretty incredible.

    Some Scrooge McDucks out there may be wondering what the point is of getting more profile views. Well, it means more notice and attention. Isnt that what networking is all about? This would come in especially handy if you were looking for a job.

    The Top 21 Linkedin Statistics For Business In 2020

    For this post, I dive into what makes LinkedIn unique from a statistical standpoint. One of the points I explore is how the enhanced privacy features keep the number of members smaller. At the same time, I point out that the professional social networks members have a higher average income and are more likely to be corporate decision makers and management professionals. This makes the network a great for marketing. Lastly, if you want your content to be discovered easily, LinkedIn is a great place to post it. Because decision makers consume a lot of content before buying, this factor makes LinkedIn invaluable for B2B sales.

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    Better Leverage Who Viewed Your Profile

    A great place to find potential prospects is in your Who viewed your profile? page. On this page, you’ll see a list of users who’ve checked out your LinkedIn profile over the last 90 days. If you have a Premium LinkedIn membership, you’re able to see the full list of who has viewed your profile over the last 90 days, but with a free account, you’ll only see the last five people that viewed your profile.

    You can check out each person to see if they may be potential prospects, and where relevant, you can follow up with a personalized connection request.

    In addition to individuals, LinkedIn also shows you three of the top companies from which people have viewed your profile, as well as most popular job title of people viewing your profile, along with a listing of what search terms they used which saw you come up.

    Leveraging this data can give you a comprehensive view of which companies people who are looking at your profile work for, and what positions they usually hold. If you notice a trend in the position or type of company that is viewing your profile, this may suggest a niche you previously hadnt considered.

    Why A Minimal Anemic Linkedin Profile Can Actually Hurt Your Executive Job Search

    How to Make LinkedIn Requests to Connect

    When people assessing you go to your profile, they wont find enough of the kind of information they need to make the decision, and may not be willing to take the risk to funnel you into the interviewing process.

    The hiring process as a whole is an expensive proposition for employers. The more they know about candidates beforehand, the lower their risk in bringing on bad hires.

    A minimal amount of content in your profile does little to define and support your personal brand, and help you get found by people who can help you meet your career goals.

    More Content = More Relevant Keywords = Greater Chance of Being Found

    An incomplete profile and lack of activity on LinkedIn can age you, and mark you as a poor-fit candidate. You appear to be out-of-date with the new world of work, and not social media-savvy.

    Your competitors in the job market may be more savvy than you, using LinkedIn to their best advantage. You need to do the same, just to keep pace with them.

    So, back up your growing number of connections by making sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and communicates your personal brand.

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    How Can I Get More

    Social media networking is all about karma and the best way to get a recommendation is to write one first. Pick someone that you would love to get an endorsement from, write them an honest and useful recommendation, and they are bound to reciprocate.

    Another way is to ask people just after you have done them a favor your goodwill is still fresh in their minds. This is a classic trick of the trade for recruiters and is typically applied just after you they have found you a new job. If if you have got more money and responsibility, you will be happy to write something nice for the recruiter in return. Learn from the masters and apply this to your situation. Whatever it is you do in your profession, ask for the recommendation when you most deserve it.

    How Many Linkedin Messages Can I Send

    This question was answered by Teddy Burriss from Quora.coms How many messages per day can you send to your LinkedIn 1st degree connections?:

    Lets be clear on the names of message types:

    LinkedIn messages these are regular messages sent from the Send a Message icon. You can send these to any of your 1st level LinkedIn Connections.

      Read more:

    There are no limits, as far as I have ever discovered sending these messages. I would imagine abusing the system would shut you down.

    LinkedIn Inmails these are only available in Premium Subscriptions or Purchased.

    You can send these to anyone on LinkedIn, unless the member has closed down their communications channels in Privacy Settings.

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    How To Get More Connections

    Its entirely possible to consistently add 200400 new connections per month and as a result youll consistently grow a network of potential collaborators, buyers and readers.

    Ive been averaging 700 new connections per month over the last year with a 50.02% connection request accept rate. I alluded to my strategy in this post. Essentially you need to create a connection request that is personalized and eye catching. Something that will stand out.

    When your up against spammy robots and insincere outreach its not difficult to be better that the competition. Check out some of the responses that Ive received

    Do: Connect With People Right Away

    How to download my Linkedin connections

    It might be considered desperate or creepy to friend someone on Facebook right after youve met that person, but LinkedIn has completely different rules. Ill chat with someone for 10 minutes at a conference, leave to attend a session, and request to connect with him or her as I walk away. The longer you wait after the meeting, the less likely people are to remember you. So dont feel weirdsend that request.

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    Two Easy Ways To Disconnect And Delete A Linkedin Connection

    Made a networking mistake on LinkedIn? Fortunately, theres a fix. In this post, I give you two ways to remove connections from your LinkedIn network. While you may not want to add and delete people lightly, being connected to someone on the site is not a marriage. After all, relationships do sour.

    Of The 500 Most Shared Linkedin Articles In 2016 30 Were Small Lists

    People on LinkedIn really like lists, and they like their lists short and easy to digest. Content Marketing Institute found that 30 of the 500 most shared posts on LinkedIn were lists of 5-10 items. Were breaking the rules with this post, but sometimes you just have too much valuable info to deliver. Whenever you can, aim for those quick lists and try to go with an odd number.

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    But Hang On Its Not About The Size

    Let me add the obligatory disclaimer here so I dont get too many angry comments about quality vs. quality, engagement vs. broadcasting, farmers vs. hunters, etc etc etc. This post is only about the numbers, what you do with your connections is another matter. The fact that someone has amassed thousands of connections does indicate that they have an ability to connect with other people .

    What Should You Do When You Reach Your Limit

    Which LinkedIn connection Requests should you accept?

    Back in the day, LinkedIn specified the exact limit of connection requests you can send to 3,000, then to 5,000 but nowadays the amount you are allowed to send is based on daily volume. Today, you can accrue up to 30,000 connections on LinkedIn. Which is great if theyre actually connections who might do business with you.

    As far as limiting the amount of connection requests you can send at one time, what LinkedIn wants to avoid is members using automation tools to send out large blasts of connection requests to unsuspecting members. If they suspect this is whats going on, they will temporarily restrict your ability to send out connection requests.

    Previously, you were also able to contact LinkedIn to increase your connection limit when reached. However, they dont seem to be allowing that theyve only provided strategies on what to do when youve experienced throttling or restrictions when sending connection requests.

    LinkedIn that they,

    Have invitation limits in place to protect our overall member experience and to ensure that our members only receive relevant requests

    Your LinkedIn account may be temporarily restricted from sending invitations to people for the following reasons:

  • You’ve sent many invitations within a short amount of time.
  • Many of your invitations have been ignored, left pending, or marked as spam by the recipients.
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    How To Write A Linkedin Connection Request Message

    The secret all-time tip is mine Who Viewed Your Profile everyday and multiple times a day. The moment someone looks at your profile that IS a social selling trigger event, and in fact gives you permission to reach out and engage.

    How to write the perfect LinkedIn connection request? What should I write? Here is one of the messages which contributes to a 74% acceptance rate:

    Hey FIRST NAME! Thx for viewing my LinkedIn profile! After viewing yours, I would be honored to have you in my network to learn from and network with you! We also share common connections! If open, here is the connection request! Looking forward to learning from you! Mario

    In the above LinkedIn connection message, note I mentioned I would be honored to have them in my LinkedIn network and would like to learn from them. This is all true. I ABSOLUTELY love learning from fellow sales and marketing leaders and reps .

    In addition, I established that we have mutual connections. Of course, the best LinkedIn message would be to determine whom we know in common and certainly something I found of personal interest to them after reviewing their profile. But remember, we are talking about cold LinkedIn connection requests here.

    Finally, in the above request, they have one choice to make click the checkmark to accept or the X to decline.

    % Of Marketing Executives List Linkedin As The Top Place To Find Quality Content

    When marketing executives were asked where the top places to find relevant, high-quality content was, the results werent even close. A massive , while only 29% said Twitter and 27% said Facebook. LinkedIn is the place decision-makers go to find valuable content. As a B2B marketer creating content, LinkedIn is the place to be.

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    Should You Accept All Connection Requests On Linkedin

    Should you accept all LinkedIn Connection requests?

    The logic, of course, is that you probably shouldnt, as you could open yourself up to spammers and people who might look to scrape your profile for contact info, which they could then, potentially, collect up and on-sell to the highest bidder.

    But then again, if you connect with more people, you expand your LinkedIn network, which gives you more opportunity to get your posts seen and amplified in the app.

    Do you accept every connection request that comes your way?

    We recently asked the SMT community for their thoughts and more than 5k people participated in our LinkedIn poll.

    As you can see here, the vast majority of people dont accept every request to connect. But still, many do, and in the comments, some noted that they felt that this was a good way to expand their network and reach.

    Why wouldnt I? one user questioned.

    LinkedIns own advice is that you should only accept connection requests from people that you know personally and who you trust on a professional level. Which could be fairly limiting, and there is some value to expanding your connection pool a little further than this. But again, the risk is that you open up your profile to strangers, which exposes not only your personal history, but also your contact info, your company phone number, contacts, connections, etc.

    Or worse, they could mute you, which sends negative signals about your posts.

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    Break Growth Goals Down Into Achievable Chunks

    How many people have over 10000 connections on LinkedIn ...

    Getting from 100 connections to 500+ can seem like an impossible feat. But if you divide that number over many weeks or months, it wont seem so insurmountable. For example, instead of setting a goal of going from 100 connections to 500+, try setting your goal to 175 connections within two weeks then repeat.

    Remember, the key to setting goals is to make them realistic and time-bound.

    And dont forget to exercise caution about how to grow connections on LinkedIn. No matter your goals, its vital to maintain proper etiquette and refrain from spamming people you dont know. Quality matters more than quantity, and spamming connections might not get you either.

    Dont expect all your connection requests to accept your invitations. They may have a personal LinkedIn philosophy of assessing potential quality of connections and deciding whether to accept requests. Here are a few questions I ask myself when I receive a request:

  • Do I know you or someone who knows you?
  • Am I familiar with your company?
  • Do you share industry insights I care about?
  • Are you in a geographic market where I do business?
  • If I cant answer yes to at least one and preferably more of these questions, chances are I wont accept your invitation to connect.

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