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How Many Hashtags On Twitter

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Monitor Twitter Hashtags In Real Time

How to check the number of tweets for a hashtag?

Real time tweet trackers collect tweets as they are posted. This type of analysis is great for analyzing Twitter campaigns, Twitter chats or for when we need stats right now like a TV Show or a live campaign or event. The report will update by itself and will show the latest stats. The look and feel of it will be the same as a historical report, the only difference is that it will update the stats in real time.

Hashtags That Get The Most Likes On Twitter

According to a study, the following hashtags get the most likes on a Twitter:

  • blackhistorymonth

If you want to get creative, you can add some questions in your tweets like: What are your favourite #marketingbook?

Note! The hashtags from the lists above might be changing in time as new ones appear, but as a general rule, they tend to give you good results when added in your tweets. Make sure you use the one that fit your purpose.

The trick is to pay attention to the popular hashtags from your industry.

Hashtags = A Party Invitation

As well as giving Twitter users a way to find content that they find is relevant or interesting, hashtags also give users a way to come together at one time. Its almost like a group chat, but with the entire world involved the hashtag works as the invitation.

Have you ever watched the British morning TV Show, Loose Women? Its a panel of women who come together to discuss all sorts of things: current events, recent news headlines, etc.

The panelists actively encourage viewers to get involved on social media, using a certain hashtag to include themselves in the conversation a word or phrase regarding whatever theyre talking about, or #LooseWomen.

Sometimes, those tweets and social media replies will be read out on screen. The hashtag is almost like your way of walking into the party and gives them permission to read your response on the air.

Twitter chats work in a similar way.

Using one hashtag, a group of many people can come together on the platform and participate in a discussion. The hashtag makes it easier for everyone to keep up with whats going on, and again, brings some order and organisation to a platform that is fast-paced and scattered.

Hashtags on Twitter can be very effective growth and engagement generators, especially if you get involved in Twitter chats that are relevant to your blog or business niche.

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How To Search And Use Hashtags On Twitter

The relevancy of hashtags on Twitter plays a vital role in boosting your content!

One of the common mistakes that most people make is they add too many irrelevant hashtags on Twitter posts. Thats not how hashtags work! Your tweet can reach millions even if you only use 2 to 3 relevant hashtags!

If you are having trouble finding the relevant hashtags on Twitter for your niche/brand, here are some ways that can help:

What Are Twitter Hashtags

How to see how many tweets a hashtag has

Imagine walking into a supermarket looking for cake. Youd ask someone who works in the supermarket for directions to the cake aisle, right?

Or youd look at the sign posts that stand above the aisles, keeping your eyes peeled for the one that says cake or baked goods or something similar?

Thats kind-of what hashtags do on Twitter: they direct people to the content theyre looking for.

Thats how hashtags work across all of the social media platforms.

Theyre not just great as a marketing tool theyre also fab for organising content on a platform that seems completely disorganised. And if youve ever spent half an hour or so on Twitter, youll know exactly what that means.

Put a # in front of any word to turn that word into a hashtag.


Remove the spaces and then put a # in front of any phrases to turn that phrase into a hashtag.


You *cant* use special characters in your hashtag.

#upanddown would work.

#up& down would not. The & would break up the tag.

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Google+ Hashtags Statistics 2022

Google+ is one of the most underrated places to use hashtags. Using hashtags with Google+ isnt going to work quite the same as with other platforms out there.

This is because instead of pulling up results based on hashtags that you have looked for, Google+ is going to present related and trending hashtags.

So, this approach isnt going to be the most effective when trying to come up with relevant content, but it can be a good strategy for marketers to figure out additional opportunities when it comes to engagement and content creation online.

  • Try to limit your hashtag use to between three or four, so that you dont take your audiences attention away from your content.
  • Because the search results are going to be related hashtags, try to use hashtags that are descriptive so that you can widen your audience, and increase your chances of being featured on feeds that relate to your niche.
  • Make sure that you use hashtags on videos, images and infographics, so that this type of content is suggested when others are searching the platform.

How To Use Branded Hashtags On Twitter

A branded hashtag is a special hashtag for your brand that might include its product name, any sort of slogan, variety etc. For Brand Ambassadors, influencers, Vloggers, and Bloggers, branded hashtags provide a pathway to build originality, sell products, etc.

But the question is how to use branded hashtags for proper hashtag marketing. Heres how:

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Keep Your Hashtags Short

Short hashtags make life easier for your audience because they are quick to remember and key into the search bar.


Did you find it easy to read this? Can you repeat it with next to no effort?

Point and case.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that Twitter only allows 280 characters per tweet. Longer hashtags means that you have less space for your content and link.

Last but not least, Twitter is a place where people like to discover new things. Unless they are looking for a particular hashtag, they usually key more general terms like industries, topics, brand names, ect. Sticking with those will provide you more visibility.

So, keep it short and sweet.

Tiktok Hashtags Statistics 2022

How to see the number of tweets for a hashtag?
  • TikTok has more than one billion monthly active users. This is incredibly impressive, especially considering TikTok has only been around for a couple of years, compared to titans like Instagram and Facebook. This is a lot of people using hashtags to promote their brand.
  • TikTok has been downloaded more than 2.6 billion times. In June of 2020 alone, TikTok was downloaded 87 million times around the world.
  • TikTok has more than 130 million monthly users. This is just in America alone a pretty amazing statistic.
  • TikTok has attracted more than 22 million mobile visitors in January over the age of 18. It appears that TikTok isnt just a hit among teens.
  • The most popular hashtag category is entertainment, with 535 billion views. This means that hashtags belonging in the entertainment category have been used 535 billion times on TikTok so far.
  • Dance is the second-most popular category of hashtags on TikTok, coming in at 181 billion views. This might not be even close to the entertainment category, but its still pretty impressive its clear to see what TikTok users like to do in their videos from this hashtag statistic.
  • Beauty and skincare are all the way down at 33 billion. Again, though, this is still an impressive stat, but it shows that beauty and skincare isnt as popular on TikTok as it is on other platforms.
  • #MomsofTikTok has 46.8 billion views
  • #MomHack has 1.6 billion views
  • #ToddlerMom has 1.2 billion views
  • #Momcomedy has 1 billion views

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How Many Hashtags Are Too Many

Too much of anything is good for nothing. – Mark Twain

It is vital to understand the hashtag etiquette. Although Twitter has increased its character limit from 140 to 280, adding too many hashtags cuts down your room to be creative. A long string of hashtags can make your tweets messy and unattractive. So, its best to stick between one to three hashtags always, with two hitting the sweet spot.

How To Use Twitter Hashtags For Your Brand

The key to Twitter hashtags is to use them correctly rather than just blindly using them and hoping for the best. This is especially true for those running brand social media accounts as it requires taking a calculated approach for proper hashtag marketing.

Check out when you should use Twitter hashtags for your brand:

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Types Of Twitter Hashtag Analytics

When analyzing a hashtag on Twitter and getting twitter hashtag analytics there are several types of tweet trackers we can create and, although the Twitter hashtag stats will look the same, they are very different. The type of Twitter report that we choose will depend on the timeframe we want to analyze. is a complete new world and there are basically two types of reports:

  • Historical Twitter reports: they gather information from the past. Imagine having an historical report for analyzing Bitcoin on Twitter.
  • Real Time Twitter reports: they gather information as they are tweeted, live.

Lets see in detail the details of these types of hashtag tracking. All of them are relevant for your Twitter marketing strategy.

How To Avoid Shadowbanning On Instagram

Tweet reach How many users did a tweet/hashtag reach?

Alex Tooby, Instagram expert and influencer, on how to avoid the Instagram Shadowban. Heres a quick overview so that you can keep your account in the clear today:

  • Avoid using banned or broken hashtags in your caption and/or comments
  • Avoid using any type of software that violates Instagrams terms of service
  • Avoid any big surges in your Instagram activity
  • Avoid being reported by users by posting only appropriate content to Instagram

Looking to learn more about the Instagram Shadowban? We cover that and more in this episode of our Buffer podcast The Science of Social Media!

Using the tools above, you can hone in on a few ideal hashtags to start with, and like most things online, test and iterate from there.

1. Learn from the best: What hashtags are influencers using?

Twitalyzer can give you a good foundation of where to begin for your hashtag search by showing you how influencers are using hashtags. Grab a handful of usernames of people and brands in your industry whom you admire, and input the accounts into Twitalyzer. At the bottom of the results page, youll see a section for their most commonly-used hashtags. Add the relevant ones to your list of potential hashtags.

Lets say I wanted to find some hashtags to use in promoting social media marketing content. I might start with a list of names like Jeff Bullas, Jay Baer, Mari Smith, and Ann Handley. Here is what the hashtag results on Twitalyzer look like for Jeff Bullas:

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How Many Hashtags Can You Use On Twitter

, you can add up to 2 hashtags per tweet. However, there is no restriction if you want to add more. Just keep in mind there is a character count limit of 280 chracters.

We hope this article has helped you better understand how social media hashtag rules differ from one platform to another, and how many hashtags you should use on each platform.

Now, search the relevant hashtags and run time-bound experiments with different sets of hashtags, collect data, and then decide what works best for your account.â

If you donât know which hashtags are best for you to bring in new followers and engagement, leave that job to Hashtag Expert. It is, by far, the best hashtag generator tool. Hashtag Expert is a one-stop-destination for hashtags on all social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

A Quick Background On Hashtags

With millions of tweets every day, Twitter manages a colossal amount of content. This also means that users need a filtering option to organize things around their niche, which is why in 2007, Twitter came up taking the # , and calling it the hashtag. A hashtag has two parts: the # symbol, followed by the keyword or phrase. For example, Social Media with a hash prefix without any space or punctuation becomes #SocialMedia.

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Create Your Own Tweet Counter

Counting the number of tweets is one of the first things we must do when we start with . The number of tweets of a hashtag is an important metric, not the only one, but it is key. Twitter includes under the name tweet the original tweets and the retweets:

  • Original tweets: they are the tweets that add content. It can be a reply, a text tweet, a link, a picture or a mention. They add new content, they are original.
  • Retweets: they are just repetitions of a tweet. Twitter says they are re-postings of a tweet. Retweets do not add anything new, just amplify the impact of a hashtag or message.

Every hashtag has its own goals and, depending on those goals you will want original tweets or retweets. Retweets are always welcome, of course, but if your campaign is about adding content you will want more original tweets than retweets. Of course there are always exceptions, if a famous celebrity sends an original tweet or just retweets, the number of retweets generally increases. There is even the chance to access all the Twitter data using Tweet Binders API.

Many people at this point want to know how to search your own tweets. Good question, we have other posts talking about it, but if you want to search your own sent tweets type this in the search box: from:YourTwitterUser .

Hashtag #dos And #donts

How to properly use Hashtags on Twitter

Youll mostly see it used on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, but Facebook is also trying to implement hashtags into their sites. While Facebook was actually the first platform to launch this social media staple, they remain less popular than on sites like Instagram and Twitter which have incorporated them since the sites inception. The word hashtag has even been added to the dictionary in recent years! So its no secret that a good understanding of this feature is vital for the online presence of any business.

The humble # has come a long way from just a simple number sign.

Here are a few helpful dos and donts when it comes to hashtagging:

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How To Add Hashtags Wisely

Now that youve learned how many hashtags on Twitter is too much, we must take a look at how you can add these hashtags wisely.

We believe the best way to add hashtags to your tweets is to add them within the tweet. Thus, your tweets look real and the users dont get irritated by them. For instance, if youre willing to add #nature and beauty to your tweet, you can add a tweet saying I really love exploring the #beauty of #nature as it makes me feel alive.

Its a great way of expressing your feelings without annoying your followers. You can add more spice to your tweets if you consider adding a relevant image along with the text.

We hope weve accurately answered the question how many hashtags on Twitter is Too Much. If youre still unsure about how many hashtags you should add to your tweets, we can help you with choosing the most accurate numbers of hashtags for your tweets.

Well, now you have an idea about how many hashtags on Twitter is required and How many Hashtags on Twitter is too much? To learn more about Twitter and read a bunch of other blogs relating to it. Just press here and enlighten yourself with all the knowledge.

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The Biggest Hashtag Mistake To Avoid

But before you dive into the world of hashtags, its important to be aware that things can go wrong very quickly. Unfortunately, many brands have tried to implement a strategy called trend-jacking, only to wind up dealing with disaster. If you ever see a trending hashtag that seems intriguing, dont just jump in with a post of your own. Research the hashtag first so you know what its about, then determine if its right for you to use.

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Hashtags = Directions To Content

When you use Twitters search feature to look for #cake, the platform will direct you to all of the cake-related posts you need what other Twitter users have categorised as similar content by using the same hashtag.

Search results are offered in a number of ways.

Top posts come up first the ones that have generated a lot of activity in the way of likes and comments.

The Latest tab gives you all #cake-tagged content in chronological order, and you can also find other Twitter users with #cake in the bio , all photos that have been tagged with #cake , and also videos .

The Benefits Of The Twitter Hashtags

How to Find Popular Twitter Hashtags

There is no doubt that one of which we mentioned earlier, i.e. it increases your Twitter exposure. We will discuss tons of other benefits you will find interesting.

Increase Visibility worldwide

When selecting the right hashtags for your posts on Twitter, will increase your visibility worldwide. Hashtags have been used by many Twitter handles to increase their presence and promote themselves on the platform.

Many business owners take their time to study hashtags that are trending, relevant, and workable. This has helped them to drastically improve their sales, leads, and other beneficial achievements like more followers, engagement, and interaction.

There is this tip I have for you. Whenever you are selecting a hashtag, ensure that it is relevant to your brand or the topic you are posting about.

The reason is that users that search for a hashtag that is related to yours will find all topics under a such hashtag. For example, if you include a hashtag like #developerjob in your post, anytime a user searches for a such hashtag, all the posts under that hashtag will show up.

It is like a discover page on Instagram. Thats how you can discover unlimited topics about a specific subject.

Twitter happens to be a place where millions of people visit every day to search for topics that can be beneficial to them, while it can also represent a virtual world for Influencers, individuals, and brands to make more impact on the worlds population by what they can offer.

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