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How Many Emails Can Gmail Hold

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Gmail and Google Keep Integration

Google imposes strict email sending limits and it can be difficult for users to send bulk messages without getting blocked. That doesnt even touch on the problem of wasting hours by manually importing, crafting, and sending group messages.

One of our customers, Mettler Toledo, used to spend hours creating their employee newsletters. Fed up using a combination of Mailchimp and Microsoft Word, internal communicators at Mettler Toledo wanted a better, faster way to build engaging internal email.

They switched to ContactMonkey, and saved 25 days per year on the internal communications process.

There are a few other options out there to get around the Gmail email limit. But in our completely unbiased opinion, were the best ?.

ContactMonkey solves the challenges with bulk email sending inside Gmail for internal communications. You can create and manage campaigns faster, and get access to Gmail email tracking statistics that can help you hone your email content.

Talk about smart.

Sending out mass email in Outlook to your organization? ContactMonkey has got you covered.

Want to smash those Gmail email limits and start sending your internal communications updates from your Gmail inbox? Book a free demo with one of our experts to see our internal communications solution first-hand.

Why Is There A Limit In Sending And Receiving Emails

Unfortunately, there are bad companies and people out there that try to game the system. Theyll try to work around spam laws and blockers by creating mass emails and using spam bots to con people.

Gmail, therefore, puts these limits on because they want to maintain their sending reputation to not be labeled as spam by other email platforms. This is especially true for company emails who have strong email systems built for protection against them.

Because of this, you want your legitimate email to actually be received by the intended person, right? So follow these rules and you wont get blocked!

How To Archive / Save Emails From Gmail To Computer Flash Drive And Usb External Drive

admin Cloud

As you possibly know, the entire suite of Google services keeps a key to your business as well as many key things for your personal life. Gmail has become the essential suite for almost every person who is alive. Due to the large volume of personal and business data in Gmail cloud, it should be your first priority to ensure that you have backed up your Gmail. Also, for whatever reason, you may want to export all your data from your Gmail account. Either you are deleting this email account, or you only want an offline copy for recording purposes. Regardless of the reason, we will tell you how to download email and other data from Gmail to Hard Drive. However, if you are one of those who are looking for a solution to download emails from Gmail to a computer, then read this article carefully.

If you are looking for a Quick Solution for Downloading Gmail Emails to Computer, then download the app first.

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Improve Your Internal Communications With Internal Email Tracking Software

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An easy way to manage the Gmail send limit is to use an internal communications tool like ContactMonkey. Send mass emails like employee newsletters without encountering Gmail email limits. ContactMonkey optimizes your internal communications process, so you can create, send, and track emails in Gmail with ease.

Outlookcom Email Sending Limit

Send 10,000 emails with Gmail [Updated 2021]

Per day: 300 emails maximum for verified email addresses with a good reputation.

What does it mean that an email address is verified and has a good reputation? Your email address reputation is determined by based on factors, such as

  • your email accounts age
  • how often you use your account
  • whether your email account is verified .

Get more out of each email you send

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How Many Emails Can You Send From Gmail

Have you ever wondered if theres a limit to how many emails you can send from a Gmail account? Are large companies ever restricted? Lets answer these questions today!

Firstly, when sending through the web platform, Gmail will limit your account to 500 emails over a 24-hour period. If youre sending through Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, or another email client, this reduces to 100. Interestingly, the limit is also 100 for sending through a script .

Is it possible to reach this limit? In truth, its actually very easy because every single To, BCC, and CC counts as an email. If youre sending an email with seven CC, this adds to the original To and counts as eight emails. With this in mind, emails with lots of BCC or CC will probably be rejected.

Different Gmail Account Types

There are two main types of Google email accounts: Gmail and Workspace with Gmail being your everyday user, and Workspace being a professional account generally for companies with numerous users.

You likely have a Workspace account if the domain is your company name and not If you created your account on Gmail, you did so for free whereas on Workspace unless youre on a trial version you did not.

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Make Use Of The Google Storage Management Tool

The Storage Management page can provide you with a good overview of what is taking up space. Using this screen, you can review deleted email messages that you havent yet removed, spam and attachments, and large files.

This can only help you as much, so lets proceed to handle this more surgically.

What Are The Email Sending Limits Of Various Email Hosts

Attach many files to Gmail on iPhone and iPad | 2020 Tips

IMPORTANT: This blog post gets updated from time to time, but mind you that the limits may change in the meantime. So its crucial to follow the links for the direct resources to make sure you get updated information.

If your email provider is not on the list, please let me know in the comments so I can add them.

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How Many Emails Can Be Sent At Once In Gmail

Gmail sets a rate limit of 20 outgoing emails per hour. If you exceed this limit, Google might suspend your account for anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. If you gradually and consistently raise your use to a higher number, Google will tolerate the increase. But if you aggressively exceed this limit, Google will mark your emails as spam, which will damage your email deliverability because it will trigger spam filters among the receiving email services.

Anything you send to external recipients from an alias address will count toward this total, as will vacation auto-responders. And when you sync your phone to your Gmail or Google Workspace account, any emails you send from that device will count as well.

If you send an email to multiple recipients, Google counts each recipient as a separate email. If you frequently send email to the same recipients for example, 30 members of your cycling club, or your team of 12 local volunteers one way to expand your reach is to establish a Google Group of that membership . You can then address your email to the Google Group name, and it will count as just one unique recipient even though it is distributed to all members of the group.

Learn more about on our blog.

What Is The Gmail Smtp Limit

Although you can set up an SMTP service on Gmail, it will still impose those lower limits and block your account if you exceed them. However, if you set up an SMTP relay service on GMass, you dont have to worry about that lower SMTP limit because youll be sending through GMass servers.

This lets you bump your daily email limit up to 10,000 recipients.

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Clean Up Google Drive And Google Photos

Still dont have enough room? Well, Gmail isnt the only service hogging up your storage space. Google Drive and Google Photos can fill up quickly if you upload images or other files in their full quality. So check your settings in Google Photos and ensure that your upload quality is set to High Quality rather than Original.

Similarly, you can monitor the storage of your Google Drive account here. You can filter by file size by clicking Storage used on the right side. Consider also checking the folder which also adds up to your storage space.

Do note that Google Drive stores previous versions of files, and these can consume additional space. Depending on how much youve edited the files, you may have previous versions taking up your storage space. The previous version of a file can be found by right-clicking the file and selecting Manage revisions. Delete a previous version and free up space by clicking the X button.

Gmail Email Limits: What Is The Sandbox

How to Forward Hotmail to Gmail

The Sandbox is a term coined for the period of time between creating a new email on their platform and the time when they deem you not a bot. In other words, when you start a new account on Gmail or Workspace from scratch. This is the lag time between determining whether youre a human or a bot.

When starting a new account, youre essentially on probation for 4-8 weeks approximately. Only Google knows the exact logic behind it! They expect the natural sending of emails from a real person to be progressively increasing. If they see too many emails being sent too quickly, youll get two warnings and then be banned.

In addition to tracking if youre progressively sending emails, they look to see if youre also receiving emails with attachment and photos as well as regular plain text. One important piece of this is that theyre opening your emails and especially not marking them as spam.

Essentially they seek to learn if youre a real person! Google knows that if you have a new email, especially within a company, that youll receive mostly internal emails for the first few days. Over time, theyll see that youll start sending and receiving external emails and conducting normal email activity. Some of these will naturally have attachments, others images, others still a fully designed email.

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Dont Use Gmail For Mass Emailing

While Gmail is a great platform for both personal and business use, it is not a platform for mass emailing.Gmail is designed for person-to-person email sent directly, rather than bulk messaging of large number of emails.So Google has setup limitations on the number of emails you can send through Gmail.

In order to help prevent spam and keep accounts safe, Gmail limits the number of emails you can send or receive per day, and the number of people you can add as recipients.Continual violation may result in your account being closed for violation of Google Terms of Service and if this happens, you may have great difficulty in recovering the account, if at all possible. So dont spoil your account and reputation by mass emailing using Gmail.

Why You Shouldnt Send Mass Email In Gmail

Gmail is great for sending emails to individual contacts but, as youre about to learn, not so great if you want to send mass email.

If youre looking to grow your business through email marketing, avoid using Gmail for mass email. Sure, it might save you a bit of money to begin with, but youre going to run into these problems:

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You Cant Send More Than 500 Emails Per Day With Gmail

Mass email in Gmail is limited. The number of emails you can send and receive within a 24-hour time frame is 500. The number of recipients is also limited to 500.

For any business with a large subscriber list, the 500 limit gets used up quickly. You may end up having to separate lists and spread campaigns over several days. Obviously, this wouldnt be very efficient.

Once you hit the limit, you have to wait a full 24 hours before you can resume sending emails from the account. When there are other important emails to be sent, this quickly becomes a major inconvenience.

How Many Email Addresses Will The Gmail Compose Window Hold

How To send Group Emails in Gmail [NEW]

Since GMass uses the native Gmail Compose window as the basis for campaign creation, and since GMass allows you to copy/paste a list of addresses right into the To field, I thought it would be fun to see just how many email addresses the To field of the Compose window can hold. Is there a limit? Is there a connection between how many addresses Gmail will let you put in the Compose window and Gmails actual email sending limits? Would the Gmail anti-spam pre-crime team detect that Ive pasted thousands of email addresses into the To field and shut down my account before I even have the chance to hit Send ?

Lets find out.

  • First, I need a big list of email addresses I can paste in. Easy enough I use SQL Server to store my users data, so I can just copy/paste email addresses from SQL Server into the Gmail Compose window.
  • Here Ive pasted 1,980 email addresses in the To field. Note that in the screenshots below, the Gmail Send button is hidden by GMass, to prevent a user from making the grave mistake of hitting the wrong button.
  • Might as well keep going6000 email addresses!
  • As the number of addresses gets bigger, each subsequent paste into the To field gets slower, and additionally, I get an increasing number of Chrome Page Unresponsive alerts.
  • A whopping 15,000 email addresses.
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    How Does Gmass Manage Your Accounts Sending Limits

    You can send a mail merge campaign through GMass to several thousand email recipients in one shot. GMass employs several methods for sending large campaigns through your Gmail account but here are the steps we take when simply distributing a campaign over multiple days.

  • GMass will automatically distribute your email campaign over multiple days to avoid exceeding your accounts limits. For example, if you have a Google Apps account, where your limit is 2,000 sent emails/day, and you want to send a campaign to 10,000 people, GMass will evenly distribute your campaign at 2,000 emails/day for 5 consecutive days.
  • GMass counts how many emails youve sent through your account over the past 24 hours when calculating how many emails in your campaign can be sent right now. Lets say that youve sent 15 regular emails through your G Suite account in the last 24 hours using the blue Gmail Send button, and now youre sending a 2,500 person campaign. GMass will send 1,985 emails now, and 515 emails 24 hours later. In cases where youre mixing send types, sending some campaigns natively with Gmail and sending some campaigns over SMTP, GMass will count only the emails sent natively through your Gmail account when determining where you fall within your Gmail accounts limits.
  • Using Multi Email Forward

    Once you have downloaded the Multi Email Forward tool from the Google Web Store, using it to learn how to forward multiple emails in Gmail is incredibly simple.

  • Enter the target email address.
  • Multi Email Forward offers a number of helpful tools intended to allow for flexible use depending on the unique needs of each user. When forwarding multiple emails, you can choose whether to send them as a single email or keep them separate for the recipient. Emails can also be sent as a single PDF attachment if necessary.

    The tool is also capable of forwarding large sets of emails, such as every email you have marked with a given label. To forward all labeled emails, simply click the correct label on the left sidebar, select all or any of the displayed messages, and use the Multi Email Forward function as normal.

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    How To Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts And Addresses In One Inbox

    Are you using multiple Gmail accounts for separate projects but dont want to miss any email as it comes in?

    With Gmail, you can easily connect multiple accounts and email addresses with its native features. No add-ons or paid plugins necessary.

    Its the perfect solution if you have aliases , or you want an assistant to handle urgent emails while focusing on work that matters.

    Gmail alone makes up 26% of all emails sent on the internet, so theres a good chance anyone youre working with already has an account. Plus, for companies, theres an even easier solution in Google Workspace.

    In this article, well show you exactly how to manage multiple Gmail accounts from a single inbox.

    Forwarding Multiple Emails With A Chromebook

    How to Select Multiple Emails in Gmail

    Multi Email Forward will function on any computer running the Chrome browser, and its cloud capabilities are one of its key benefits, especially for users with less powerful machines. As all email forwarding takes place in the cloud, Chromebooks and budget PCs will work seamlessly with Multi Email Forward.

    For the same reason, forwarding emails using this extension doesnt require that your computer be on after beginning the process. This makes it easy to forward a large number of emails overnight without worrying about your progress being interrupted.

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