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How Many Email Addresses Can You Bcc In Gmail

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What Cc Means In Gmail And How To Use It

Using Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) for mass emails

“Cc,” or “carbon copy,” adds secondary recipients to an email.

All recipients in the “To” and “Cc” sections can see who the email was sent to, and who else was Cc’ed on the email.

You may choose to cc certain people on an email if they’re involved in a project, keeping them in the loop, and send the email “To” a point person that you need a response from.

Another example would be sending a vacation or time off request to a supervisor and Cc’ing HR so that they’re aware for their records.

What Happens If You Exceed Your Gmail Account Limits

When you hit your email sending limit, Gmail will show one of these error messages:

#1: You have reached a limit for sending mail. your message was not sent

If your account exceeds 500 emails in a single 24-hour period, then future outgoing messages will be blocked from Gmail or Google Workspace free trial accounts. As a paid Workspace subscriber, you can gain an increased limit of 2000 emails per day. To reach this goal, you must be a paid Google Workspace subscriber for over two months and your organization needs to have cumulatively paid $100 or more.

If youre logged into Gmail, and your account is at its limit, this is what happens when you hit the Send button:

If youre using any kind of external app to send emails through your Gmail account, the app will be able to successfully connect to your account and place the email in your Sent Mail folder, however, the email wont actually send. Instead, youll get a bounce notification indicating the email hasnt been sent because you are over your limit.

Solution: Use GMass to spread out your email campaign over multiple days without exceeding the daily email sending limit. When GMass detects that you are approaching the limits set by Gmail, it will automatically pause the current campaign from sending additional emails until another day has passed.

#2: You have attempted to send mail to too many recipients at once. your message was not sent

#3: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError User-rate limit exceeded

What Happens If Someone Replies All To A Bcc Email

Addresses that have been placed in the BCC field are not forwarded. If you have placed a large list of recipients in the To or CC field, all of them will receive the reply. By placing recipients in the BCC field, you can help protect them against receiving unnecessary replies from anyone using the Reply All feature.

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How To Send Emails To Multiple Recipients Without Recipients Knowing

If you use Gmail to send bulk emails, you face a common problem the list of recipients is visible to every recipient. To eliminate this, you can either use a Blind Carbon Copy, or what you may need is a specialized service.

BCC stands for blind carbon copy. This field is placed right under “To” in Gmail. All the email addresses you enter here aren’t visible to recipients. Still, you have to enter something in the “To” field.

An Alias Address Will Represent Your Large Email List

BoldBrush  How to Send Email as Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)

If you connect to a Google Sheet with more than 100 addresses , then instead of populating the To field with all 10,000 addresses, youll see an alias address that looks like:

This address represents all 10,000 recipient email addresses.

When you hit the GMass button, the sending to the first batch of 10,000 addresses will begin. The reason we use an alias address instead of stuffing all 10,000 addresses in the To field is because the Gmail Compose window gets clunky with 4,000 or more addresses in the To field. Loading a few thousand addresses in the To field takes a long time and we dont like making you wait. The alias address method is fast! Keep reading to learn just how many addresses the Compose window can hold.

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Show Hide And View The Bcc Field

If you add a recipient’s name to the Bcc box in an email message, a copy of the message is sent to the recipient that you specify. Any recipients added to the Bcc box will not be shown to any other recipients who receive the message.

After you turn on the Bcc box, it appears every time you create a message until it’s turned off. The option to turn on the Bcc field can be found in two locations, depending on whether you are composing a new message or replying to or forwarding a message.

  • Create a new email message or reply to or forward an existing message.

  • If the message you’re composing opens in a new window, select Options > Bcc.

    If the message you’re composing opens in the Reading Pane, select Bcc from the ribbon.

  • In the Bcc box, add recipients, compose the message, and choose Send when done.

  • How Do I Send An Email To 1000 Recipients In Gmail

    4 Easy Steps To Send Bulk Emails From Gmail

  • Step 1: Create Your Email List. First thing first, you have to create a list of your recipients to whom you are looking to send a bulk email from Gmail or outlook.
  • Step 2: Upload The List in CSV Format.
  • Step 3: Compose The Email.
  • Step 4: Send or Schedule The Email.
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    How Can You Re

    If you received the dreaded bounce that is from with the Subject You have reached a limit for sending mail, you probably want to resend your email to the recipients that resulted in this bounce.

    Fun fact:

    In most cases, GMass will automatically re-queue these specific email addresses for your campaign. That means you dont have to take any action, and when its determined that your account can send again, or if your campaign gets re-routed to an external SMTP server, then these addresses that bounced the first time will subsequently get your email.

    In certain situations though you may want to manually re-send your email to the email addresses that bounced.

    Using the GMass segmentation tool, doing so is just a matter of a few clicks.

    1. Click the red button near the Gmail Search bar. This launches the segmentation tool.

    2. Choose the campaign from the dropdown that experienced the blocking.

    3. Under Behaviors, choose Over Limit.

    4. Next click the main COMPOSE FOLLOW-UP button.

    5. A Gmail Compose window will launch and the To field will be filled with the addresses you want to send to, the addresses that previously blocked your campaign.

    6. Next load the content of your campaign by clicking the GMass Settings arrow and choosing your original campaign from the Campaigns dropdown. Your Subject and Message will be set.

    8. Finally, hit the red GMass button to send. Your campaign will now go to the email addresses that blocked you the first time.

    How Many Recipients Does Gmail Allow

    Sending emails to Multiple Recipients: the Difference Between To, Cc and Bcc
    • Free Gmail account If you use a free Gmail account, you are limited to sending a maximum of 500 emails in a 24-hour period, and a maximum of 100 addresses per email.
    • Paid Google Workspace account If you use a paid Google Workspace account, you are limited to sending a maximum of 2,000 emails in a 24-hour period. If you use Googles SMTP service, a single email may have up to 100 recipients.
    • Free trial period Anyone using the free trial period for a Google Workspace account is subject to 500-email maximums until they convert their account to the full paid version and complete a 60-day waiting period.
    • Email alias Use of an email alias does not change these limits. Your primary account address and all of its aliases count toward a single limited number of emails per day. So, if your account includes both and the alias email address , then the daily limit of emails in a 24-hour period for both is 500 or 2,000 .

    If you exceed these limits, your account can be suspended for up to 24 hours. You can still access your mailbox to receive emails and use your Google account for other features, such as your calendar but you cannot send emails during this period.

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    What Does Cc Mean

    In email sending, CC is the abbreviation for carbon copy. Back in the days before internet and email, in order to create a copy of the letter you were writing, you had to place carbon paper between the one you were writing on and the paper that was going to be your copy.

    Just like the physical carbon copy above, CC is an easy way to send copies of an email to other people.

    If youve ever received a CCed email, youve probably noticed that it will be addressed to you and a list of other people who have also been CCed.

    Can One Person Have Two Email Addresses

    You are allowed to have as many accounts as you want, and Gmail make it easy to simultaneously sign in to multiple accounts. If you have more than one Google Account, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once. Your accounts have separate settings, but in some cases, settings from your default account might apply.

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    Send To Multiple Recipients Using The Bcc Method In Gmail

    Perhaps the simplest method of doing this is the BCC method. This works by sending the email to a single recipient, often even to yourself, and adding every intended recipient of the email as a BCC.

    Contacts added into the BCC field will receive a copy of the email, but this wont be visible to the recipient of the email, nor to other contacts added as BCC .

    Note: Dont get this mixed up with the CC option. Contacts added as a CC to an email will be totally visible to every other personincluding other CC recipients.

    How Can You Send More Than 500 Emails A Day On Gmail

    If You BCC Someone on an Email, Can the Recipient Find Out ...

    There are two ways to increase your Gmail sending limit, and one way to create an exception:

  • Multiple accounts. Establish more than one authorized Gmail or Google Workspace account, each with its own limit. For example, in addition to , you might create and . Your customers would recognize the name, and you can expand your Gmail mass email capacity to 1,500 .

    In this case, you would divide your recipients into smaller groups and send your bulk emails separately to each mailing list. Of course, this means youll need to monitor multiple email accounts for a single campaign. This may not be practical, depending on how busy you are and what your personal bandwidth limit is.

    The same principle applies to Google Workspace accounts, where you might create email addresses such as , , and to increase your bulk email limit to 6,000. But again, youll have to segment your lists and manage three campaigns instead of one.

  • Mass Email Service. Its much more efficient to use an email marketing service such as GMass, which works right inside Gmail or Google Workspace and offers features to increase your campaign limit to 10,000. If you want those details, you can skip ahead to read more.
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    Potential Problems Of Using Bcc In Gmail For Multiple Recipients

    While the BCC method for sending mass emails is incredibly simple, it does come with some drawbacks.

  • The most obvious problem is the recipients seeing themselves listed as BCC recipients. While they wont be able to see who else is receiving the message, simply seeing themselves added as a BCC rather than a direct recipient may raise some flags. Its pretty clear that theyre not the only recipient of the email.If recipients do notice this, then at best it appears as a somewhat impersonal communication. At worst the email could seem like spam. This could even lead to Gmail marking your email address as a whole as a spam account.
  • It leaves you unaware of who has opened your emails. Simply sending out emails in this way may lead to positive results or not. However, without an email tracking system supporting these emails, youre left without valuable data, such as who opens the email, what time people open them, and whether they click on links and attachments in the email.
  • Using the BCC method also leaves you subject to Gmails sending limitwhich typically falls into several hundred a day. While this is fine if youre only dealing with a few dozen email recipients, once you start needing to send out higher volumes of emails, then this simply wont suffice for your needs. The step to take at this point would be to use emailing campaign software.
  • When Should You Use Cc

    The use of CC is a bit of a debate, as it functions the same as adding multiple recipients in the To field. Whats so special about CC?

    Using CC is more a matter of etiquette than anything. The general rule is that the To field is reserved for the main recipients of your email. Other interested parties can be included as a CC so they can have their own copy of the email.

    CCing other parties also makes it clear to all involved that the email has been seen by everyone.

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    How To Check Your Email Sending Limit In Gmail

    Gmail doesnt provide an easy way of determining how many emails youve sent over the last 24 hours, other than looking at your Sent Mail folder and manually counting, but GMass calculates this for you and displays it. Click the Show usage button in the GMass Settings box to see how many emails youve sent over the prior 24 hours. This will help you determine how many emails you can send at any given time.

    If You Bcc Someone On An Email Can The Recipient Find Out

    How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail

    By: Nathan Chandler | Updated: Mar 31, 2021

    Your typical email program has several options to simultaneously message more than one person. You can load up the “To” box with many recipients and then blast away. Or you can put some in the “To” spot and CC the rest. Or else BCC some or all.

    The BCC might be the trickiest as it means that not everyone is privy to the same information. And it has the biggest risk for pitfalls. So, when do you CC and when do you BCC?

    First, you have to know what CC and BCC mean. The CC field stands for carbon copy the BCC field stands for blind carbon copy. Carbon copies were common in pre-internet days. When someone needed a copy of a document, they inserted a sheet of carbon paper between two pieces of paper. The carbon paper helped the ink or type move from the top sheet to the bottom, and presto, you had two copies of the same paperwork.

    These days, an email CC means you sent a copy of a message to someone other than the direct recipient it’s an easy way to keep vested parties in the loop on a subject. Notably, the CC format allows everyone to see each other’s email addresses, too.

    This isn’t just a matter of convenience for you it also protects the privacy of your freelancers, who probably don’t want a bunch of virtual strangers to see their personal email address.

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    How To Automate Your Mass Emails

    Now that youve learned how to create great mass emails while not showing the addresses, its time to look at how you can automate this process in order to save time. When it comes to sending emails in the B2B space, you will often send out the same emails to different people at specific times. To avoid having to copy and paste your email copy to create new mass emails, its often more efficient to simply automate this process.

    For example, when youre sending out a specific email to every new user that signed up for your product last week, you want to avoid having to send a mass email containing every new user. You will have to schedule this task every week and in the end, it will just be a time-consuming task. Instead, you should start automating these mass emails so you will be able to spend your time on other tasks.

    Send 10000 Emails With Gmail

    Google imposes a limit to how many emails each Gmail user can send from their account in every 24-hour period. If you use your account only for personal email, thats usually not a problem. However, if you want to send mass emails from your Gmail or Google Workspace account, you need a way around those limits. GMass provides a solution.

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    Bcc Is Not Good For Lots Of Recipients

    Sending the same email once to 50 recipients is a lot easier than sending 50 individual emails. Sending that email using BCC including all 50 recipients on the BCC line, so they cant see each others email addresses seems like a polite and sensible thing to do.

    The problem is, spammers do this. As a result, long BCC lines, or the same message going to multiple BCCed recipients on the same destination service , are a couple of the many factors considered when judging whether or not your email is likely to be spam.

    To me, 50 is excessive. Im surprised your local email delivery succeeded without problems Id expect some of those recipients to have flagged your email as spam. Its possible they did, but you didnt hear about it, since all that happened was your email was placed in a spam folder without a bounce notification back to you.

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