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How Long Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For

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Permanent Suspension Of An Account

How long do twitter accounts get suspended for?

According to Twitter policy, it has the power to permanently suspend any account. It is the most severe enforcement action because the user will not have the option to activate its account again. Permanent suspension means that person will not be able to create a new account. It means he/she can not again come to the platform by forming a new account if an account is permanently suspended by Twitter. Twitter informs the user that the account is permanently suspended and also explains the policies which they violated due to which the account gets suspended. If a persons Twitter account is permanently suspended by the company then he has the option to appeal against the permanent suspension if he believes that they made an error. The aggrieved person can file an appeal through platform interference or by filling a report on Twitter.

What Does It Mean By A Suspended Twitter Account

A Twitter account gets suspended for a number of reasons such as due to suspicious activity, violation of a rule, etc. And it depends on the severity of the violation whether you are going to get your account back or not.

You may be able to log into your Twitter account but arent able to perform any action is one form of account suspension and not being able to login to your account and getting an email regarding account suspension is another.

In my situation, I normally logged into my Twitter account one day and was asked to verify my phone number that I dont have access to. So, I tried to reset my password using my email address but still, it asked me to verify my linked phone number to continue using my account. And after several failed login attempts, I was able to login to my Twitter account but to a suspended one. My followers and following were reduced to zero and upon submitting an appeal, describing the issue, I got my account back after a few days.

So that was about how suspension looks like and my story of a suspended Twitter account. Now, lets have a look at the causes and recovery methods.

But Can Kangana Appeal Against This Suspension

Yes, Twitter does let violators appeal permanent suspensions given it is the harshest punishment. According to Twitters support page, those whose accounts have been impacted can file an appeal through the platform interface or by filing a report. If the suspension is found valid on appeal, then Twitter will respond to the appeal with information on the policy that the account has violated, according to its support page.

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How To Get Your Suspended Twitter Account Back

Depending on the reason for suspension, it is not always possible to unsuspend your Twitter account once it gets locked. But still, you can give it a try by using the information given further to unsuspend your Twitter account.

Having said that, it is not always possible to unsuspend your Twitter account once it gets locked. But still to give it a try, here is how to unsuspend your Twitter account.

NOTE- For severe violations, you may get your Twitter account suspended permanently, in that case, submitting an appeal may not work. This method is only applicable when your Twitter account has been suspended by mistake or for minor violations.

Twitter Account Suspension And Other Ways To Get Spanked

Learn How Long Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For ...

Now comes the hard part: paying for your Twitter indiscretions.

Ive got some good. aaaaaand some bad news for you.

The good news is Twitter is genuinely trying to make the platform better for everyone.

And they arent there to getcha

Should they feel that your otherwise healthy Twitter account is getting into a bit of trouble with Twitter rules, they wont just ban you, I promise.

Theyll try to warn you first , then might give you a slap on the wrist.

For instance:

we are not being overly harsh with an otherwise healthy account that made a mistake and violated our Rules.

If Twitter determines that your tweet violated the Twitter Rules:

  • Theyll send you an email to let you know which tweet is in violation and which specific rule it violated.
  • You then can either remove the offending tweet or
  • appeal it if you believe Twitter made an error.
  • While Twitter is waiting for you to remove the tweet, theyll replace the original content with a notice stating that the tweet is no longer available because it violated Twitter Rules.

    This notice will stay for 14 days after the tweet was removed.

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    Does Twitter Release Suspended Accounts

    In short yes, Twitter does release some of the suspended accounts. However, if they decide their suspension is valid, there is hardly anything you can do to save your account and get your profile back. That is why it is extremely important to file a good report explaining everything in detail. Since Twitter lets you know which content was in violation and what policy or policies they have violated, you get a chance to explain the mistake you have made that led you to lose your account.

    Once you decide to file a report, you can visit Twitters Help Center and find the page titled Appeal an account suspension or locked account . There, you will be asked a few questions and be given options to choose your answers. For example, the first question is Where are you experiencing this issue? and you will be given a number of options to choose from. Some fields will require you to do a bit of writing, such as the field titled Description of problem. Here is where you need to be careful since this is what will help them decide whether or not the suspension of your account was valid. They ask you to describe the nature of your appeal . You can also use this report to notify Twitter if you are unable to unsuspend or unlock your account, or simply cannot provide them with the information they need, such as your phone number.

    Wait For Suspension Expiration

    If all else fails, but your suspension was a temporary one, your last recourse is to simply wait it out. Most suspensions are no more than a month, after which your account will be restored. I know its harsh, but its better than having to start from scratch. Of course, if your suspension was permanent, you will have to start over. Just make sure not to do whatever it was that got you suspended again. Dont try to rush you growth take it slow and easy. Shortcuts lead to more suspensions.

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    So Your Twitter Account Is Suspended Why And Now What

    Your Twitter account has been suspended.


    NO ONE wants to hear that like, EVER

    Yet, with Twitter continuously changing , its nearly impossible to keep your Twitter account squeaky clean.

    I know exactly how you feel. I had not one, but several Twitter accounts suspended at one point or another.

    Full disclosure: some of my Twitter account suspensions didnt exactly come as a surprise I knew I was playing with fire!

    Learn more about my Twitter account suspensions in the post.

    Whether you knew you were breaking Twitter rules that got your Twitter account suspended or not , lets take a look at

    • several common cases of why Twitter accounts get suspended,
    • what you can do to get your account back,
    • what to do to make sure it doesnt happen again.

    Twitter Account Suspension Or Permanent Suspension

    How To RECOVER Suspended Twitter Account! (2020)

    Compared to a Twitter account suspension, all previous enforcement actions were just that: slaps on the rist.

    Account suspensions happen if Twitter determines that a person

    • has violated Twitter Rules in a particularly egregious way,or
    • has repeatedly violated them even after receiving notifications from Twitter.

    When Twitter suspends an account, they notify the account owner via email and explain which policy or policies he/she has violated and which content is in violation.

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    Twitter Might Make Your Tweets And/or Account Less Visible

    This is something thats referred to as restricting or limiting an account or content throughout Twitter Rules, yet theres no specific section that explains what it is.

    From what I could gather, it sounds like Twitter might limit your account or tweets in search results, replies, and on timelines.

    The only other piece of info we have is:

    Limiting Tweet visibility depends on a number of signals about the nature of the interaction and the quality of the content.

    Account Suspension Of Indian Actress

    In May 2021, a famous Indian actress named Kangana Ranauts Twitter account was also permanently suspended by Twitter for repeated violation of Twitter rules. Twitter blocked the account after the actors vitriolic comment on the post-poll violence which happened in West Bengal, which sounded like a call to violence. The Kanganas account has been suspended for repeated violations. We always take very strong actions on behavior that has the ability to do harm offline. He said that the referred account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of the rules specific to the Twitter rule of hateful conduct policy and abusive behaviour policy.

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    Username And Email Address

    The username and email address of a suspended Twitter account cannot be used to sign in or create a new account. If your account has been suspended, you will need to appeal the suspension to gain access to your account. You cannot delete the profile at this point. A suspended account does not time out, unlike deactivated accounts, which are purged forever after 30 days. If the suspension is never appealed, the username and email address remain unavailable for future use.

    The Last Twitter Suspension

    How Long Does a Twitter Suspension Last and How To Avoid One

    Well, I think to myself, There is no better way to teach about this than to go through it myself.

    So, the next step was to confirm my mobile device. After that, I learned that I could repeal the suspension. I went into the Twitter help center and did just that.

    Next, I did receive an email from them. This is why I say it is so important to have access to the email you use to open up your Twitter account at all times!

    Finally, about 48 hours later I received an email from the Twitter support team. They had unsuspended my account but the reasons why it was suspended in the first place were a little vague.

    After reviewing my own accounts I think it may have happened with what Twitter refers to as decks. There were peeps on that account always tagging me with dozens of others in quotes and such. I really did not use the other third-party apps on that account as I wrote about on Medium.

    I would thank these peeps and reply. Now, I no longer respond. Of course, I feel bad though Im asking around on Twitter from others using this practice. Stay tuned as they say!

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    Synthetic And Manipulated Media

    Also known as misleading media, this violation involves altering video, audio, or photographs to distort facts or the context of a situation.

    This includes things like deep fakes which purport to represent real people or heavily edited video that appears to make people say things they did not say.

    Hiding Of Tweets While Awaiting Its Removal

    In the meantime, when Twitter takes any action and that person removes the tweet, it has basically hidden that tweet from public view, and people will not be able to see the tweet and will replace the original tweet with a small notice mentioning that the tweet is no longer available to view because it violated the Twitter rules. Also, this notice will be available for 14 days after which the tweet is removed.

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    Efficient Guide On How Long Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For

  • Efficient Guide On How Long Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For?
  • For users and brands who base their earnings on Twitter, suspensions are a scary domain. Thats something very common with regard to other social media platforms as well. If youre an individual brand or an online business, a suspension can be really disastrous for you. Besides, its rather quite easy for you to get your account suspended. Thus, how long do Twitter accounts get suspended for? Follow our guide.

    How To Recover A Suspended Twitter Profile

    How To Recover Suspended Twitter Account Within 2 Days (2019). I HATE BEING SUSPENDED FROM TWITTER

    It takes a lot to get an account suspended on Twitter. Its one of the only social networks out there that allows actual pornography to be posted, after all. There are, however, a few terms of service that will result in a suspended account if you break them. Thankfully, a suspension isnt quite the same as a ban, and it can be lifted. Some are worse than others, though, so you really have to analyze the situation to see what actions can be taken.

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    Unsuspending Your Twitter Account By Verification

    The first method is definitely the easiest one and you can easily do it on your own! It is the quickest way to get your account back, but it only works for minor violations. The first thing you should do is log into your account. Once you do that, look for prompts asking you to verify your phone number or confirm your email address.

    What Other Actions Could Twitter Have Taken Against Kanganas Account

    Typically abusive tweets can be hidden for a particular country or Twitter can even reduce their reach. But with Kangana, it chose to do more.

    Twitter could have placed the account in a read-only mode, but this applies only to otherwise healthy accounts which appear to be in the middle of an abusive episode. In such cases, Twitter can limit the accounts ability to tweet, retweet or link content. The person can however, use direct messages, when an account is placed in this mode.

    The duration of this enforcement action can range from 12 hours to 7 days, depending on the nature of the violation, according to the support page.

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    Placing Your Account In Read

    If it is your first time violating some of Twitters policies on your otherwise clean and healthy account, Twitter might temporarily make your account read-only. If your account is going through an abusive phase, Twitter takes action by limiting your ability to Tweet, Retweet, or like any content until the whole situation calms down. Worry not, however, since you will still be able to at least read your timeline or send Direct Messages to your friends. When your account is under this type of ban, other people will still be able to engage with your profile. The duration of this type of suspension ranges from 12 hours to 7 days, depending on the violation that caused Twitter to take this action.

    The Power Of Government To Issue Certain Directions For Blocking Of Any Information

    How Long Does a Suspended Twitter Account Last and How to ...
    • According to this Section, if the Indian Government or any of its officers which are authorized by it on this behalf is satisfied that it is necessary to block the content in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of the country, defence of India, security of the State, to keep good relation with other states
    • For preventing the incitement of the cognizable offence relating to the above, can direct any agency of the Government or intermediary such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to block access of the content the public or cause to be blocked for access by the people any information which is generated, transmitted, received, stored in any computer resource throughout in the country
    • The procedure of blocking or stopping the access of the content by the public may be carried out shall be such as may be prescribed in the procedure.
    • The intermediary company who failed to comply with the direction of the notice under subsection shall be punished with imprisonment for a term that may extend to seven years and be liable to be fined.

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    Respond To Any Responses

    If and when Twitter sends you a response asking for information or directing you to a form to fill out, fill it out as promptly and completely as possible. Err on the side of too much information, because the last thing you need is another 24-hour round of waiting while they respond to your response to their response to your ticket. Adding another round on top of that just makes it worse.

    Sometimes it will be simple, sometimes it will be complex and require more explanation. Always be nice to the Twitter rep their job is hard enough as it is, they dont need irate users yelling at them. One good tip is to ask for instructions or an explanation as to why you were suspended, so you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

    Abusive Tweets Or Behavior

    Unfortunately, this category is broad.

    Because of so many bad actors, Twitter has a rule for just about every type of threat or harassment you can think of.

    Essentially, this is an anti-bullying rule.

    Those who violate these rules are more likely than not to face a suspension of their account.

    You could probably come up with most of the items on this list on your own, but here are some specifics.

    First is the prohibition against violent intimidation.

    You cannot threaten to harm people or a group of people, even if youre joking.

    Doing so can lead to immediate and permanent suspension.

    Similarly, one cannot wish or pray that harm would befall others.

    Another form of abuse is unsolicited sexual advances.

    You cannot objectify others without their consent, and you cannot solicit sex or send unwanted pornographic materials as a DM or mention.

    Last, you cannot harass or encourage others to harass someone for any reason.

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