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How Linkedin Helps Your Business

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Linkedin Company Page Admin

How LinkedIn can help Entrepreneurs grow their business ð?

Who is your LinkedIn Company Page admin? Answer this question before moving further in this article. You need at least one, although we’ll discuss in the section below how to add additional Page admins.

LinkedIn offers a variety of admin roles, and your Page should have at least one of each to avoid losing access to your Page. Moreover, this admin are the ultimate managers of all content posted on your Page. They should ensure all content is on brand and consistent with your other social networks and website content.

Let’s talk about some more best practices for LinkedIn Company Pages.

Best Practices For Managing Linkedin Groups

If you have any experience in community management, managing a LinkedIn group will probably feel quite natural. Nonetheless, lets have a look at some of the best ways to manage your LinkedIn Group to make it a fun and engaging place for the members of your group.

Creating and inviting people into your group is only the first step. Your group will never be successful though if you dont nurture it.

Here are some best practices:

But most of all, have fun.

Sure, you want your brand to extend and get more established as a helpful brand. Still, the whole idea why you want to start a group in the first is, is to create a spot on the internet where you, your peers and other likeminded people can come together, share ideas and learn from each other.

Thats it. LinkedIn may not have a reputation for being the biggest or the sexiest social networks of them all. Still, it is one that houses some of the most profitable decision-makers across numerous industries.

Just that fact alone, makes it a perfect fit for B2B companies, especially when trying to reach upper management.

The least approachable people within a company, become approachable again and marketing with a well thought of strategy on LinkedIn can be your secret weapon to breakthrough.

How are you using LinkedIn at your company for generated leads and getting a higher return on your marketing? Leave a comment below!

Stay On Customers’ Radars

“My company helps small businesses generate leads on LinkedIn. Clients tell us what kind of people make high-quality customers for them. We search on LinkedIn for people who fit their criteria, and then introduce them. Then we stay in touch with the people who have expressed interest, again using LinkedIn. We do daily status updates and weekly LinkedIn blog posts to keep the client’s name in front of their network. We also send monthly emails that share information about the kinds of problems our clients can solve for their customers and share the results they have achieved for other customers. We also make offers, such as inviting people to a webinar or offering a whitepaper. The result is a simple, inexpensive, systematic process for doing lead generation, with all the work done through LinkedIn.” Judy Schramm, CEO of ProResource Inc.

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Customize Your Public Profile Url

Make your Profile look more professional, and easier to share, by . Instead of a URL with confusing numbers at the end, it will look nice and clean like this:

You can do this by clicking View Profile and then clicking Edit Public Profile and URL. Here you can change your URL to anything you’d like such as your first and last name or business name assuming it hasn’t already been taken by another LinkedIn user.

Ready To Create A Successful Linkedin Marketing Strategy

How LinkedIn Jobs Helps Level the Playing Field for ...

LinkedIn offers a plethora of opportunities to connect your brand with the right decision-makers and senior-level influencers.

It has grown into a powerful marketing tool that can help you build brand awareness and sell your products or services.

So it is high time that you recognize its importance and start crafting a powerful LinkedIn marketing campaign.

A deep understanding of your end goals and target audience is crucial for the success of your LinkedIn strategy. Make sure you create a compelling Company Page and optimize it for search .

In addition, you should tailor your content strategies and post updates that will appeal specifically to your audience on LinkedIn.

Also be sure to use all available resources to boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts. This should include your existing workforce, to increase the reach of your LinkedIn updates and Company Page.

Lastly, track your website traffic using tools like Leadfeeder to find which companies are visiting your website from LinkedIn.

What other tactics are you using in your LinkedIn marketing strategy? Share your views in the comments section below.

Disclosure: This content has a few affiliate links, which means if you click on them, I will get a commission .


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Know When To Use A Linkedin Profile Vs A Linkedin Page

LinkedIn Pages are able to be followed without sending a connection and waiting for approval. That means when a LinkedIn user shares your Page with their connections, those individuals will be able to follow your page and see your business’ content right away which has the potential for high engagement. LinkedIn Pages and LinkedIn Profiles serve different purposes in LinkedIn marketing. Pages are public and used primarily by businesses. Profiles are private and used by individuals. Each of them works with the LinkedIn algorithm, but you’ll have different tools that you can leverage to grow your audience.

LinkedIn Profiles can be followed as well, but what makes them unique is the ability to have one-on-one, private conversations with connections who request to join your network. If you’re a consultant, work in direct sales, or prefer to take an individualized approach to your business, you’ll want to have a LinkedIn Profile to capitalize on this feature.

Both of these LinkedIn entities can work in tandem to create the ultimate marketing workflow. For example, you can list yourself as an employee of your business by listing your business’ LinkedIn Page as your employer on your personal Profile. That way, when a visitor lands on your Profile, they’ll see your Page, too.

What To Do On Your Linkedin Company Page And What Are Some Best Practices

As with everything online, just because you build something doesnt mean people will come. This also holds true for your LinkedIn Company Page, just because you have one doesnt mean that followers will come. You can boost your chances of success, though, with the following LinkedIn business tips and strategies.

#1 Use the power of your employees

The biggest part of this entire post is dedicated to empowering your employees so that they will make your company stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. Your company page is no different. You need your colleagues, your employees they are your biggest and first brand advocates. By adding them as followers to your page, you can indirectly make use of their network.

#2 Let your brand personality shine through on your page

Just like your companies Facebook page, your Twitter profile page, etc., LinkedIn offers the ability to adapt your company page to let your brand personality shine through.

By using the style guides you created for your visual brand, you can make your banner image more creative.

Ask yourself why someone would want to be spending time reading your company profile? Include relevant links to your website, your blog, and so on.

#3 Provide valuable content

Your brand personality is mostly not enough for the static parts of your company page to keep people interested. The best way to grow your audience and to keep your followers interesting is by providing value to them.

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Promote Your Company Page

Creating a compelling Company Page is of no use unless you can attract followers and grow your audience. In addition to optimizing your Company Page for search, you should also encourage people to follow it.

Increasing your visibility is crucial to creating a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy and lead generation.

This ensures that all of your updates show up in their LinkedIn Feed which, in turn, increases the reach of your content. In addition, a high follower count also reinforces the credibility of your company.

The easiest way to do this is to ask all your employees and colleagues to become followers of your Company Page.

You should also add a Follow button in your email signature and newsletters as well as on your blog and website.

This allows your subscribers and website visitors to become followers with a single click. Additionally, you can invite your existing customers and collaborators to follow your Company Page.

Create Posts Of Varying Lengths

Use LinkedIn to help your music career!

Quick, bold posts pack a punch on LinkedIn. Long-form stories capture the readers’ attention and lead to a longer dwell time on the app. Both of these types of posts should have a place in your LinkedIn content plan.

You don’t want to become known as the person who only shares monologues because your network won’t always have time to read them. Along the same lines, too many short posts can come across as lacking substance which could make you seem less authoritative as a thought leader.

Varying the length of your posts can keep your content fresh and relevant to your network. You’ll have content that gets people excited to see what gems you drop next.

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How Can The New Linkedin Help Your Small Business

When LinkedIn first appeared, most people were reluctant to join. It was just seen as an online summary something else you have to update every time you gain a new work experience. More people joined after a while, but they still only connected once or twice a year to update their resumes and click like on the work anniversaries of their co-workers. Then something happened. As more people joined, they started using it more. Then LinkedIn started to release updates and these people brought more people.

Now LinkedIn is the perfect place for professional networking yes, you can convert your LinkedIn conversations into deeper business relationships that include sales. It’s also the best place to find candidates for your business when it’s time to grow up. So what has changed?

The first major change was the large number of people with LinkedIn accounts. Between 2011 and 2017, the number of users on LinkedIn has more than tripled. Today, there are 500 million users, more than 9 million businesses, 100,000 new articles published each week and more than 10 million active job offers. . Recruitment and hiring are at the heart of the new LinkedIn.

Learn more about the benefits of the new LinkedIn from this infographic!

Source: Sleuth number : NowSourcing is an award-winning, nationally recognized infographic design agency. Founded in 2005, NowSourcing has strong roots in the human and technical nuances of the web.

What About Linkedin Product Pages

LinkedIn Product Pages are a part of the LinkedIn Pages ecosystem, that focus on generating highly qualified leads and building a product community. How?

  • Showcasing customers
  • Displaying ratings and reviews
  • Adding custom call-to-action buttons for a demo request or a contact form

Product Pages are currently only available for B2B software and are gradually rolling out to other product areas.

Visitors can access Product Pages through a tab at the top of your LinkedIn Company Page. If you have just one Product Page, the Products tab will take the visitor directly to that Product Page.

If you have several Product Pages , the tab will take them to the Products summary page, which lists all published Product Pages in alphabetical order. Each product on this summary page will show its logo, name, category, connections with the product as a skill, and a short summary of the product description.

To create a Product Page:

LinkedIn takes up to 2 weeks to review your submission. Youll receive a notification in your Activity tab once the approval process is complete.

Once approved, you can publish your Product Page following these steps:

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What To Post On A Linkedin Company Page

Creating a LinkedIn presence for your company expands your brand trust and awareness. Here are a few ideas for what to post on your LinkedIn page to maximize your ROI.

1. Share company updates and news.

LinkedIn, like any other social network, features a content stream on which people share and discuss important articles and updates. Your Page is a perfect place to post your company updates and news for customers, employees, investors, and fans to review and share.

2. Post open jobs and connect with potential employees.

LinkedIn is a professional social network, meaning users benefit from work and career-related updates, connections, and interactions. LinkedIn members are primed to discover and discuss job opportunities, including the ones at your company. If you have any open roles, LinkedIn is the perfect place to share them.

In fact, LinkedIn provides Career Pages a space separate from your Company Page thats dedicated to open jobs, recruiting, and employer branding.

3. Build a community.

Every social network boasts its own ability to foster a sense of community, and LinkedIn is no exception.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is a place to build a community of LinkedIn members who are interested in your business, updates, and jobs. Here, they can connect and collaborate on their shared interest in your company. Post interesting questions, behind-the-scenes information, and unique updates to engage your audience and build camaraderie on your Page.

Linkedin For Business Building Your Brand

How can LinkedIn help your business?


Guest Writer

Reading Time: 11 minutes

LinkedIn is a social network designed for the business community, founded in 2003. Unlike other social networks in which you might become friends with anyone and everyone, LinkedIn is about building relationships. So, it is the best and resourceful business tool for connecting and keeping relationships.

Whether with your colleagues, potential clients, business partners or freelancers. It helps to build your career, whether from 0 or from the middle of your business path. It is like an online CV but with wide features that help you present yourself in a most simple, yet so powerful way.

So, LinkedIn is therefore for anyone interested in taking their professional lives more seriously by searching for new possibilities to develop their careers and connect with other experts.

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Add A Page Follow Button To Your Website

Add the to your website to promote your company’s LinkedIn presence and the content you share on the platform. When your website visitors follow your LinkedIn page via your site, they’ll automatically become connected to you and be able to view your company’s latest updates on the platform.

Using this method, you can boost your engagement and number of connections on LinkedIn by driving traffic to the platform directly from your website.

How Small Business Can Reap Rewards On Linkedin

LinkedIn allows small businesses to post products and services they offer, thus exposing them to a larger market. This social platform has a separate tab where they can post their products and share them on other social media networks, so you can post on LinkedIn and share that post across your other social platforms to help drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

It is also a place where you can gain new business partners. Gaining new clients and partners is a definite thing on LinkedIn. Once your account is up and running, you will be exposed to more professionals who will be interested in what you offer.

One really great feature and benefit of LinkedIn is that your peers and clients can verify your skills. This can be a very beneficial feature to help showcase your talents and skills.

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Customize Your Connections To Grow Your Professional Network

LinkedIn offers features to help you grow your professional network and make valuable connections. There are several ways to do this depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Here are some examples:

  • Add, view, and remove connections depending on their level of value to your business.
  • Control who can see your connections maybe you do or don’t want your competitors to see that list of people.
  • Leverage your second and third-degree connections to grow your network and build new relationships.
  • Import and sync your contacts from your email and other sources to stay in touch with colleagues, partners, leads, and customers across the board. These connections will see your content in multiple places so they learn more about who you are as a business, deepening their relationship with your brand.

How To Create A Linkedin Company Page

How to Use LinkedIn for Business | Top 5 Tips

Most businesses probably already have a LinkedIn company page. If this is true, you as a marketer should just ask the correct access to start creating content on your company page.

If youre just starting though, you still need to create a page. And just like publishing an article on your profile, the creating a company page is pretty straightforward :

  • Go to the Add a Company page, and enter your official company name and your work email address. . Alternatively, you can also go click the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage, and then click Create a Company Page. Youll also select this option to create a Page for a school.
  • Fill in your company details
  • Add a banner, logo and tagline
  • You can now click Create Page, and your new LinkedIn Company Page is online. After your company page is online, dont forget to add some more info to your company page so people can get to know you better.

  • Create a company description. (You only have a maximum of 2K characters to describe what your company does and why someone should follow your brand. Be sure to include your Value Proposition and that youre using your companys brand voice.
  • Add a cover image for your page
  • Add the location of your company
  • Add a custom button to your company page
  • Adding hashtags that are important to your business
  • And finally your first post
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