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How Does Snapchat Streaks Work

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What Is Streaks In Snapchat

Snapchat Streaks Explained: How to Get & Keep a Streak + Helpful Snapstreak Tips!

Lets say that you have been sending snaps to your friend for more than one day. This is considered a streak. Streaks are how many times two people have been sending snaps to each other on a consistent basis. If you send a snap every day, your streak will get longer.

If you have a streak, it is shown next to your name in the Snapchat app. If the streak is continuing for a long time, then it is displayed with the number of days the streaks has gone on for. This is what snapchatters call it Snapchat streaks.

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When you have a streak next to your name, it is symbolized with the picture of a flame. Only the two people involved in the streak will be able to see this. For example, lets imagine that you and your friend have been exchanging snaps for some time. Both you and your friend will be able to see the streaks and how many days its been going on. But another person from your contact list wants to see the streaks and its details. He wont be able to do so because the conversation is happening between you and your friend.

Snapchat streaks are pretty popular among its users. In fact, it gives them a fulfilled feeling when they get more streaks in their account. On that note, we hope that we are able to give you a clear picture of what is streaks on Snapchat.

What Are The Snapchat Streaks Rules

The rules sound simple. Both you and your friend must send at least one snap to each other at least once every 24 hours in order to keep the Snapchat streak running. But alas, there are lots of caveats you need to know about.

There are five types of interactions that do not count towards your Snapstreak:

  • Chatting: Snapchat isn’t just about sending videos and photos you can also engage in regular text-based chat. Unfortunately, text conversation between you and your friend will not count towards your Snapstreak.
  • Stories: One of Snapchat’s most popular features is the ability to record your daily story. It lets your followers check in to see what fun adventures you’ve been up to every day. Again, they won’t count towards your streak, even if the friend watches the story.
  • Memories: Snapchat’s memories vault lets you rekindle old events and share them for a second time. Any memories you share with your buddy will not be considered as an interaction.
  • Snapchat Spectacles: Yes, Snapchat Spectacles are still a “thing”. Sadly, if you use them to send content to your friend, you won’t be increasing your Snapstreak.
  • Group chats: People who want to start lots of Snapstreaks always have the same thought: throw everyone into a huge group and bulk-Snap all the people at the same time. Sorry, but Snapchat is one step ahead of you—snaps you send to group chats won’t be considered you need to snap everyone on an individual basis.

What Are Snapchat Streaks And Why Do They Matter

Keep up with what the kids are doing

Snapchat streaks, or Snapstreaks, represent the number of days that youve managed to send a photo or video snap to your Snapchat friend.

For high school children, Snapstreaks represent their friendship. Essentially, it signifies that two friends keep in touch every day by sending snaps daily. You may have heard your children talk about quickly sending snaps so they dont lose the streak, but you didnt know what they were talking about.

Its always important to stay on top of what the children are up to, so here, were going to tell you everything you need to know about Snapstreaks, how Snapstreaks work, and whether or not they are a cause for concern.

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Should Parents Worry About Snapstreaks

Not always. Making your child delete their Snapchat account and villainizing Snapstreaks at the get-go isnt appropriate. On the contrary, Snapchat can be a valuable asset that will feed data into parental control apps about who children interact with.

However, if you see something you dont like, perhaps your child interacting with someone youre not particularly feeling confident about, you may need to reconsider.

Its easy for children to get carried away when theyre focused on something thats emotionally rewarding for instance, breaking the record for the longest Snapstreak in their peer group. When this happens, obsession is a potential concern.

Devastated Snapchatters Talk About The Heartbreak Of Losing A Snapstreak After Hundreds Of Days

How Do Snapchat Streaks Work? And What Is The Point?

No one likes losing things. Especially when you’ve worked on them every single day for a year and a half. But that’s the reality college student Amy Strawser is currently facing, as she lost a 571 day “Snapstreak” with her sister on Snapchat.

A Snapstreak is achieved when two people send Snaps back and forth on Snapchat for a consecutive number of days. And it’s definitely A Thing.

In order to keep a streak going, you’ve got to send a Snap back and forth to a friend within a 24-hour window. And, yes, you’ve got to do it every. Single. Day.

But once a Snapstreak is broken, it’s gone for good. In fact, keeping up the streak is so important to some that they appoint “streaksitters” to keep their streaks going when they’re on holiday.

The duration of your Snapstreak — A.K.A. your “streakcount” — is displayed next to your friend’s username alongside a emoji. When your Snapstreak hits 100 days, you get a special emoji next to your streakcount.

Tweet may have been deleted

“Honestly after losing a snapchat streak of 571 days, I felt heartbroken,” says Strawser. “I could equate my emotional levels to eating clean for 571 days, and then randomly all of a sudden just eating everything that is bad for you,” she continues.

He’s currently working hard to maintain two Snapstreaks and he’s keen not to repeat his previous mistake.

Tweet may have been deleted

“There is a hole in my heart.”

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How Do Streaks Work On Snapchat

To keep the longer Snapchat streaks, you must know the basics of streaks, including: how do streaks work on Snapchat? What are the rules of Snapchat Streaks?

A streak begins only when both parties send a snap to each other within 24 hours for more than 3 consecutive days. Once both parties have done this, a fire emoji will appear next to that contact’s name, along with the amount of days the Streak has lasted. If you can maintain the streak for a long time, Snapchat will reward you with special emojis such as 100 for streaks lasting 100 days or “mountain for a very long streak as a return. But if either party goes 24 hours without snapping the other side, the snapstreak will come to an end.

Note: Before the loss of a snap streak, an ‘hourglass’ emojipops up next to the friend’s name, which indicates that your snap streak is about to expire. If you don’t send a read snap before this timer runs out, you lose your streak.

The rules of Snapchat streaks are simple:

  • You need to send a snap daily. If you fail to send a snap, your streak will be broken.
  • It works between two people. You must send a snap within 24 hours. Otherwise, the streak will be lost.
  • As the streak works between two people, you and your friend need to send snap back and forth for at least three days in a row.
  • Not every message and story will count as a streak. Photos, videos, and stories all count towards the streak. So, you can send snaps in the form of photos, videos, or stories and make a streak.

How To Start A Snapchat Streak

Dave JohnsonRead moreJanuary 7, 2022

Snapchat remains immensely popular even after 10 years, primarily due to its unique messaging feature. Unlike other services, anything you send will disappear after a short time after viewing . Another selling point is its Snapstreak, which counts and displays the number of consecutive days users have sent snaps to each other.

If youre looking to get into using Snapchat and starting streaks, youre in the right place. Below, well reveal everything you need to know about beginning streaks and making them last.

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What Are Streaks On Snapchat And How Do They Work

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Whats the biggest indicator of true friendship?

Feeling free to share all your deepest secrets? Sure.

But whats the thingthat really proves dedication to a friendship?

Thats right. Snapstreaks!

But wait what are streaks on Snapchat?

Dont you worry, friends, Ill explain.

Repeat The Process Daily

How Snapchat Streaks Works in 2022!

After youve snapped each other for more than 3 consecutive days, there will be a fire emoji with a number beside their username.

The number represents the number of days that youve been on a Snapstreak for.

To keep the Snapstreak going, you need to snap each other on a daily basis.

If youve snapped each other for more than 3 consecutive days, a fire emoji will appear beside their username.

Thats when youll know that youve successfully started a streak.

In addition, there will be a number beside the fire emoji .

The number indicates how many days youre on a Snapstreak with the other person for.

For example, if you see the status 15? beside the persons username, it means that youre on a Snapstreak with them for 15 consecutive days.

If theres no fire emoji after youve snapped each other for more than 3+ days, one of you might have messed it up.

When that happens, you need to restart the process.

If you think that your streak ended my mistake, you need to contact Snapchat to get it back.

After youve snapped each other for 3 consecutive days, you want to repeat the process for as many days as you can.

The more days that youve snapped each other, the higher the number will be.

Some people have been on a Snapstreak for hundreds of days .

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Snapchat Streak Rules: What Are They How To Save Streak

Those familiar with the photo-sharing app Snapchat know that their Snapstreaks in the app can be triumphs. The streaks indicate how many days in a row two users have continually sent Snapchats to one another.

For some users, their streaks are a huge accomplishment and signify the seriousness of their friendships through the app. Some people even have streaks that are hundreds of days long.

Keeping a streak, however, is a bit more complicated than simply sending a Snapchat to a friend once a day. There are some rules around the streaks that users hoping to hold onto theirs should be aware of.

The first time any indication of a streak appears, a flame symbol will show up next to a friends name. This flame emoji indicates that two friends have sent one another an actual Snapchat once every 24 hours, at least, for three days in a row.

The number next to the flame emoji indicates the number of days in a row the streak has lasted. It’s key that users actually send one another a snap to keep the streak going. Simply sending a message in the chat will not keep a streak alive, only an actual photo or video Snapchat can keep the streak going, according to Snapchat.

Snapchat does give a warning to those who are about to lose their streak. When a user is close to losing their streak, a little hourglass emoji will appear next to the friend’s name and their streak to indicate that Snapchats must be exchanged for the streak to continue, according to Snapchat.

Focus On People With Whom You Frequently Interact

There’s little point in trying to start a Snapstreak with someone you rarely communicate with. Sure, it can be done, but there’s a high risk that the person will lose interest.

Remember, the first few weeks are the hardest. Once you get to a respectable number of consecutive days, both people are invested in the game and it becomes easier. The easiest way to get over the initial hurdle is to start Snapstreaks with people that you already send lots of snaps to.

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How To Make Sure You Keep Up With Your Snapstreaks

To avoid losing your snapstreak, you and the friend you’re snapping must send photo or video snaps to each other within a 24-hour window. It’s a team effortso if you keep your snapping up within that 24-hour window, but your friend doesn’t, your snapstreak will disappear and you’ll have to start all over again!

You don’t necessarily need to know exactly when your 24-hour window ends. Snapchat will remind you that you need to snap each other soon by putting an hourglass emoji beside your friend’s name on the conversation tab when your time is almost up.

Ways To Make Your Snap Interesting

How To Boost Snap Score Fast

You can make your snaps interesting by including filters, lenses, and stickers in your videos or pictures.

What could have made you lose your Snapstreak?

One day, you enter Snapchat and found out you have lost your Snapstreak. What could have caused it? The reason could be that you or your friend havent sent snaps within 24 hours for some time.

Anyway, sometimes it isnt anyones fault.

For some reasons like internet connectivity, Snaps may not be

delivered, which may cause you to lose your Snapstreak. After, imperfections must come in. One of you cant be changed all the time, due to some natural occurrence, one of you may even skip days out of Snapchat.

To avoid losing your Streak, out of the 24 hours, set out some hours to Send snaps. However, since at this point we assume you have lost the Streak, you can try again.

How to not lose your Snapstreak the second time?

You can try to get back your Snapstreak after losing it. Here are some of our personal suggestions:

Restrategize with your Friend

Discuss the tricks you and your friend can use to ensure that Snapstreak keeps going every day. Since it works like friends for life stuff, then you have to come up with a committed attitude towards it.

Choose a Specific Time of the Day

Set an alarm on your phone

Due to a busy lifestyle, you may have forgotten that you havent replied or sent a snap for Snapstreak to your friend. You can set a phone alarm 10 minutes before your scheduled time to remind you.

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Section 2 Of : How Do I Start A Snapstreak

  • 1Exchange photo or video Snaps with a friend within a 24-hour period. Its super easy to get started toward a Snapstreak! Just Snap a friend and make sure they Snap you back within 24 hours. There are a few things to keep in mind, though.XResearch source
  • Only Snaps count, not Chats.
  • Group Snaps dont count, only those sent to an individual Friend.
  • Only regular photo or video Snaps, not those with Memories or Spectacles content, count.
  • If youre brand-new to Snapchat and need help getting started, dont worrywith a little help, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!
  • 2Snap back and forth over 3 straight days to officially start a Snapstreak. “Day 1” of your potential Snapstreak starts as soon as you exchange Snaps back and forth with a friendsay, for example, at 2 pm on January 1. You have to exchange Snaps back and forth again before 2 pm on January 2 , then do it again between 2 pm on January 2 and 2 pm on January 3 . Once you hit Day 3, your Snapstreak is official!XResearch source
  • As long as your streak continues, each “day” will begin at the same time of day as your original Day 1.
  • How Exactly Do Snapchat Streaks Work

    Home » Technology » How Exactly Do Snapchat Streaks Work?

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    Snapchat streak is very popular among young people. An experienced Snapchat user may already know the benefits of Snapchat streak and how it works on users. But if youre new to Snapchat, you might not yet know how it works and how to use it.

    Do not worry! If you want to know how Snapchat Streak works and how to use it, all you have to do is stay on our site and read below as clearly as possible.

    How does Snapchat Streak work?

    Snapchat Streak feature really gives users a sense of friendship and competition. Many young people on Snapchat want to receive streaks to compete with their friendship or to show that they really do have a very close friendship with a particular contact.

    In other words, Snapchat Streak can be mentioned as a parameter to measure how close you and your friend are on Snapchat. However, the number of Snapchat streaks depends on how many times you and your friend have regularly sent each other snaps, which counts as a streak. In this case, if you send a snap every day, your streak will get longer.

    If you have a streak on Snapchat, it will appear next to your name. If it lasts a long time, your streak is shown with the number of days the streak lasts.

    What exactly is a Snapchat streak?

    How do we keep the Snapchat streak going?

    What Happens When Your Snapchat Streak Disappears?

    How do I start a streak on Snapchat?

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