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How Does Inmail Work In Linkedin

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What Does ‘inmail’ Mean On Linkedin

How to use LinkedIn InMail (to increase conversions)

InMail is a reliable, private, and customizable messaging tool offered by LinkedIn to help you reach out to any user within the platform, including level 2 and level 3 connections.

As a job seeker, insight into who viewed your profile will be invaluable. InMails allow headhunters, hiring managers, and recruiters to contact you without contact information or an introduction.

Not only that, by having InMail credits, you can offer any assistance to people who seem like valuable connections.

You’ll see a padlock close to the message button in someone’s profile that does not use LinkedIn premium if they haven’t become your connections.

You won’t view that icon with InMail, meaning that there is no need for any connection to send them a message. Can reach anyone on LinkedIn with InMail, from the recruiter to that hiring manager.

How To Write A Linkedin Inmail Message That Will Actually Be Read

The goal of a LinkedIn InMail should be to earn the right to have a conversation. You should not ask for a meeting via a LinkedIn InMail. Your LinkedIn InMail should add potential value such as ignoring problem or issue, it can cost you of money. A LinkedIn InMail can also be used to pique the curiosity of your recipient so they are asking can you tell me more about ? The point is to effectively start a warm conversation with insights.

Inmails: How To Benefit From It

InMails are one of the many features reserved for . Each subscription has a dedicated number of InMails available per month, which can be increased . On the other hand, you will not be able to send InMails if you have a basic account on the social network.

While a certain number of InMails are provided in each of LinkedIns Premium subscriptions, it is also possible to access InMails with , the creator of advertisements on LinkedIn. For this, you will have to go to LinkedIn Ads and create an advertising campaign in order to achieve your goals and send messages with quality content to your prospects rigorously selected according to defined criteria.

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Craft A Concise Compelling Message

The message you are sending should communicate a clear purpose that specifically speaks to your audience in a clear, concise way. Make sure to capture their attention and identify the Whats In It For Me message as soon as possible. If you dont, people will most likely leave before they get to the actual point of your message! In fact, shorter, more concise messages under 500 characters show a 46% higher click-through-rate .

Another way to make your message more compelling is to make it interactive by including hyperlinks. In fact, messages with links in the body text have been shown to lift CTR by 21%.

Lastly, try to avoid formatting overload. Although formatting options like bullet points, italics, and underlining are available, its best to keep the formatting simple and conversational since youre in a conversation space.

Get Bonus Inmail Credits

LinkedIn opens Sponsored InMail to all as yet more ad ...

LinkedIn InMail is a credit-based service, and hence, free LinkedIn users cant use it. As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn users can get limited credit each month based on their subscription type. However, you can always earn bonus InMail credits by doing the following tasks:

  • Posting a Job: Are you into talent acquisition? If yes, then you can get five extra InMail credits for each job posting. You can use this added credit to message interested job seekers.
  • Getting Quick Response: If your prospect replies to your InMail message within three months or 90 days of sending, youll get an InMail credit. So, write your messages in a way that increases the chance of getting a reply within three months.

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Examples & Templates Of Linkedin Inmails

How much do you know your prospect in and outside LinkedIn?

To avoid your InMail getting marked as spam, you have to develop common ground.

You can do that by simply researching your prospects social media profiles. It will help to build trust faster. You can achieve that by mentioning acquaintances common to both of you.

Heres an InMail template you can tweak for your own campaign:

You can also indicate a group you share in common with the recipient. Youll also have an added advantage if you mention companies in common. If you attended the same school regardless of the level, say it.

Anything to inform the recipient or prospect that you know them beyond LinkedIn is important. For example, heres a sample InMail from Social Talent to Siotra Patt. Before sending the message, the company actually read his article elsewhere.

You also have a high chance if the prospect is your company’s follower on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Technology has made it easier to access information. You can’t give any excuse of failing to establish commonality. You can check a prospect’s LinkedIn profile, check their Facebook page or Instagram.

Comb through and establish any commonality. It will be easier to get your conversation started.

How Many Inmail Credits Do I Get

The number of InMail credits you receive depends on your type of LinkedIn account.

  • A free LinkedIn account doesnt come with any InMail credits at all.
  • LinkedIn Premium gives you 5 InMails each month.
  • A LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional account gives you 20 InMails per month .

These InMail credits roll over for up to three months. That means you can accrue up to 15 InMail credits for a Premium account and up to 60 InMail credits for a Sales Navigator account.

LinkedIn users also receive an InMail credit for any InMail message that receives a response within three months .

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Go Beyond The Inmail Messages

The best approach to get the most out of your lead generation plan, whether it’s through Inmail or text messages, is to focus on your personal brand and develop authority on your Linkedin profile.

One of the most effective ways to build authority on Linkedin is to share content and get engagement.

If your post has a large number of likes and comments, it can get your visitor’s attention and increase your message replies.

The best way to automate and consistently have more engaging posts is to use a tool like Linkboost.

With Linkboost you can generate qualified engagement and increase up to 10x the usual reach of your publications on Linkedin.

Still not familiar with Linkboost?

Watch this introductory video to learn your first steps!

Ready to get started? Click here and take the test!

How To Get More Inmail Credits

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Tutorial

The first way to save your InMail credits is to take advantage of the fact that, if you send a message to someone and you are a member of a common group, you can do this without it affecting your credits.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Choose one of your connections, and visit their profile page
  • Check if you have any groups in common with them by checking the list on their page. If you have a common group, there will be a checkmark next to the word member
  • Go onto the group page and select see all members
  • Choose the members you would like to contact
  • In addition, the new InMail policies do allow you the possibility of getting unlimited messages. In order to get this, however, you would need to get a 100% response rate.

    The problem is, its almost impossible to get a response every single time. Even if you craft the perfect message, it can still be ignored Also, some users dont log in to their account that often, or they might choose to respond to your message by email instead.

    But that doesnt mean that you need to give up altogether. If you can achieve a high response rate, its still possible that you can get free InMails and it might even be more than you were getting before.

    And heres how:

    Under the old policy, LinkedIn rewarded users for having a low response rate by giving them more free InMails to use.

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    Lead Generation Tips For Linkedin

    To help you generate as many leads as possible, weve outlined some of the top tips you should follow:

    • Optimize your presence. There are several ways you can make the most of your LinkedIn profile when it comes to lead generation. Make sure things like your headline, basic info, photo and selling points are all working hard for you.
    • Choose your audience. LinkedIn provides several tools to help you target the right people. Utilize the analytics options to really drill down into the demographics that are right for your business.
    • Make adjustments. With a Sales Navigator account, you get access to a wide range of insights. Make sure to track how your campaigns are performing and make adjustments where necessary.

    These are just some of the ways that you can use the platform to secure new business. Check out our full guide on lead generation for more information.

    Grow With Linkedin Inmail

    Professionals use LinkedIn InMail to get hold of better business opportunities and leads. Now that you know about its features and best practices, you can turn it into a powerful tool for connecting with important people.

    While using the messaging service, you may consider implementing the best etiquette of email writing.

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    If I Send Them An Inmail Where Does It Go

    A question were regularly asked by recruiters is about sending InMails in LinkedIn to prospective candidates. Are they useful? Whats the difference between them and an email?

    Sometimes approaching a cold candidate via LinkedIn can be daunting, recruiters not wanting to approach someone while at work in case they get mad, or in case the email is intercepted by a nosy boss. Many recruiters are banned from sending connection requests to cold candidates because LinkedIn has discovered theyre breaking the rules by connecting with people they dont know, and so require you to enter an email address at the time of requesting. This throws many of those recruiters off, so sending the cold candidate a LinkedIn InMail is often resorted to, in the hopes that this in-between medium will both catch their attention and not disrupt them inappropriately.

    What is an InMail?

    We took a detailed look at the 4806 combined connections of four well-connected LinkedIn users and analyzed the email addresses of those connections were they work emails or personal emails? What would the benefit of sending any one of them an InMail rather than sending them a standard email? Or heaven forbid, should I just pick up the phone or meet them at an upcoming networking event?

    The results were startling 62% of the LinkedIn members surveyed had their work email address connected to their account, and 38% had their personal email .

    How To Post Paid Job Ads

    3 Secrets to InMail Success

    Paid job postings reach the who have the skills your job requires. When you pay to advertise your job, LinkedIn:

    • Shares your job across its network of 500+ million professionals, making it visible to anyone on LinkedIn.
    • Emails and displays the ad to potential candidates whose skills and location match the job posting
    • Posts your job description to your .
    • Curates a list of 50 members you can view who suit your role.
    • Gives you 5 free InMail messages to contact members outside your network.

    Heres a step-by-step guide on how to post a job to LinkedIn:

    1. Create a LinkedIn profile

    If you already have a LinkedIn account, skip ahead to Step 2. If not, create a LinkedIn profile. This is easy to do. Go to the and follow the prompts to set up a new account. LinkedIn will ask you to enter your professional and personal details and add a photo.

    2. Create a LinkedIn company page

    Youre ready to create your company page on LinkedIn. Click the Work drop-down menu on the top right of your page, next to your avatar. The drop down will include an option: +Create company page. Click this to start. You will need to select a unique URL for your company page and a company description

    Once youre done with this step, youre ready to start the LinkedIn job posting process.

    3. Click on the Jobs icon

    You will be redirected to another page to re-enter your LinkedIn account information through the LinkedIn Recruiter login page. Enter your LinkedIn account information.

    4. Describe your job

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    Write A Catchy Subject Line

    The subject line is the very first thing people will see, so it really has to catch their attention. If it doesnt, your message is probably not going to be opened a whole lot. The best subject lines tend to include a clear value or opportunity to connect while also being personable, interesting, and friendly. You only have 60 characters, so make it count!

    I Personalising Messages For Candidates

    The messages that stand out nowadays are the ones that use ‘excessive personalisation’. Candidates receive some many generic messages, that going overboard with your personalisation is the best way to stand out.

    Make sure you reference at least 2-3 unique details from their LinkedIn profile if you want to stand out.

    There are no rules on what you should reference, you can mention anything from employment to education, from mutual connections to shared interests.

    Here’s an example:

    If you’re interested in more inmail personalisation tips, this piece goes into a fair bit of detail on a few creative ways that you can personalise your messages.

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    Send An Inmail Message Quickly

    Sending an InMail message is a quick and easy process. You can send it as a new message or by visiting the profile of the intended person. While writing a message, remember that your subject line should be below 200 characters, and the upper limit for the InMail message body text is 2000 characters.

    However, if someone customizes their message preferences settings for not receiving InMail, you cant send them the message. Moreover, you can message LinkedIn members who enabled the Open Profile Premium feature for free.

    Be Professional But Inject Some Personality Into Your Message

    Review InMail Analytics

    Youre the professional here, and youre the one who needs something from them. You should make sure to always sound courteous and professional, but also be sure to show your personality and intrigue them enough to merit a response. You want to come across as easy to approach and conversational, but not so much so that they dont take you seriously.

    I like to think of it as talking to an old friend you havent seen in a long time. Youre not at that comfort level where you can make questionable jokes and say inappropriate things, but youre not talking to them as if theyre your boss or another higher-up. Find that happy medium that works for you and stick with it.

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    Should You Send A Follow

    Yes, you should follow up. It shows you’re persistent and seriously interested, rather than just playing a numbers game. If you haven’t heard from them in a week, Lamarche recommends following up on LinkedIn. If another week goes by and you haven’t heard anything, you can give it one final check-in. After that, you should move on to other leads.

    If you need a template as a jumping-off point, Cohen recommends the following: “I am not sure if you saw my original message. I’d truly appreciate the opportunity to connect and learn more about XYZ. I can be reached at XYZ. Please advise and thank you.”

    If you’re looking for more enticing reasons to keep in touch than simply “circling back,” use your Google Alerts for topics. Hoey suggests saying something like “I recently read XYZ company blog post on TK/saw that XYZ company did XYZ exciting thing,” and including succinct thoughts that show you understand industry trends or tie-ins to your own skills .

    Linkedin Hacks That Will Be Certain To Increase Your Inmail Response Rate

    Toolkit for download in this article

    Free Social Media Tips

    According to LinkedIn, it is the king of B2B marketing. The numbers speak for themselves, too.

    Free Social Media Tips

    With the knowledge that 94 percent of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to distribute their content and 80 percent of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, the time is now to master LinkedIn so you can get more business by mastering InMail.

    But, you need to know how to respond to InMail correctly. In fact, 48 percent of B2B decision makers wont even respond to your InMail if its not personalized to them.

    So here are the hacks to help get your InMail read, and lead to more closed deals:

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    Leveraging Linkedin For Email

    If youre not looking to spend thousands of dollars on Message Ads or hundreds of hours on manual LinkedIn InMail outreach, there is a third option. You can use , and then reach out directly via email.

    This approach is both easy enough to scale and incredibly cheap compared to paid options.

    Within this approach, you actually have a couple of different options.

    Late last year, Juliana Crispo wrote an incredibly to reach Fortune 500 accounts. Instead of starting with InMail or email, she set up targeted ads on LinkedIn . She pointed those ads to a lead magnet and then used the collected emails for outreach and follow-up through email.

    Your other option is to start with Sales Navigator for lead generation, use your favorite email finder tool to get lead emails, and then integrate with your CRM to start direct outreach.

    With this approach, youre only paying for verified emails. These work as the foundation for a cold email campaign with higher open and response rates. You could even use our new sales email templates to boost your opens and replies.

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