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How Does Bcc Work In Gmail

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How To Send Email To Multiple Recipients Without Them Knowing

How to use Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in Gmail®

Occasionally we need to send emails to more than one person. Its a very simple task. For example, in Gmail, all you need to do is enter all of the names into the To field. Done! However, there are times when we dont want to show all of the addresses to our recipients.


How do we manage this option? In this article, you will learn how to send email to multiple recipients without them seeing each other. We will look at the main steps in accomplishing this goal using Gmail and Outlook.

If you need to expand tools for interacting with your website audience, try both emails and push notifications.

How To Use The Bcc Feature

To make sure you know how to use BCC, heres a step-by-step guide on sending an email that uses this feature.

Use the same steps on how to use the CC feature. Except, this time, you will click on the BCC button instead. The BCC button is found right beside the CC on the right-hand side of the To address box.

As said earlier, the main recipients of your email wont be able to see who else has been added. However, your BCC recipient will know that theyve been added as BCC to this email.

Bulk Messaging And Email Services

Instead of using basic email for business promotion, companies send email campaigns via special services.

Here are some popular email marketing services that you might wish to use.

You can learn how to build an email marketing strategy from the HubSpot course.

Benefits of Email marketing services for bulk messaging:

  • You have access to delivery reports and campaign statistics. A service will provide info about sent, delivered, and opened messages.
  • Your email has a low chance of going into the spam folder.
  • Email service will generate statistics for you, and keep track of your customers interests, best delivery times, etc.
  • User segmentation and personalization are extremely important features of email marketing services. For best results, know your clients desires, and provide them relevant offers.
  • You can customize emails with your own professional templates.
  • Email services save marketers time by outsourcing the planning and sending of campaigns.
  • Your contact list is hidden from recipients automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can use push notifications for your website. Push subscriptions typically grow faster than email subscriptions. Still, you will be able to segment subscribers, send them a newsletter, special offers and see statistics.

    Lets summarize.

    To hide the email addresses from recipients:


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    When Should You Avoid Cc In Email

    • When its going to be a long email chain

    Instead of CCing the person, you may want to forward a specific email to them so they have a record of it. That way, they dont have to specifically request you take them off the email chain or get their inbox clogged with otherwise irrelevant messages.

    In the end, CC is a matter of proper email etiquette

    How Does Hiding Recipients In Gmail Work

    Email to Salesforce from Gmail: How to Bcc an All Sales ...

    When crafting emails on Gmail, you may have seen the letters Bcc in or around the To field. If you only send emails on a one-on-one basis, you may never actually have used the Bcc feature. To make sure the email addresses of your recipients stays hidden, Gmail provides the Blind carbon copy feature that makes sure the privacy of all your recipients remains intact.

    When you add recipients as Bcc, they will still be able to see email addresses of those listed under the To and Cc fields. In contrast, the primary recipients listed under the To section will be able to see the email addresses of everyone involved in the email.

    You can add the email addresses of all the recipients you want to be hidden within this Bcc section, each separated by commas. Popular services like Gmail let you add as many addresses as possible and automatically separate all of them on their own.

    You may also only send an email to your Bcc list and keep the To field blank. In such scenarios, your email may get marked as spam by some email clients. To avoid getting your email marked as spam, you can either add your own email address to the To section or create an Undisclosed Recipients contact.

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    What Bcc Means In Gmail And How To Use It

    Bcc, or “blind carbon copy,” lets you add multiple recipients to an email in other words, lets you send an email to multiple people at once.

    However, when they receive the email, none of these Bcc recipients will know who else received the email via Bcc. They’ll still see who sent it, and they’ll see people who received the email via “To” or “Cc.”

    Bcc is useful if you’re sending an email to many people, and you don’t want recipients to see the full list of people receiving the email. If you’re sending emails on a big mailing list, using Bcc is a great way to keep everyone’s email private.

    Final Word About Cc And Bcc In Email

    These are simple concepts to understand but can cause damage if used improperly. CC sends an email to multiple people and everyone can see the entire recipient list. BCC sends an email to multiple people but none of them can see the other recipients.

    This guide has not only explained what each one is but how they can be used. Its up to you to use that information wisely. Let me know what you think in the comments and dont forget to share.

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    How To Use Cc And Bcc When Writing An Email

    In most email clients, youll find the CC and BCC fields next to or below the To field whenever you compose a new message. Using either CC or BCC is simply a matter of adding your recipients email addresses into the respective fields.

    Add in the email addresses to the CC field for all recipients.

    Use BCC simply by adding in the emails addresses into the relevant field.

    Deadly Sins Of Email Communication: Learn To/cc/bcc Etiquette

    How to use cc and bcc in gmail app

    A common way for people to differentiate between to, CC, and BCC is that they will use the To field to list the primary people theyre emailing. They use the CC field for secondary recipients that may contribute but are mostly included for information. BCC is used for tertiary recipients that cant participate in the conversation except in reply to the email originally sent to them.

    If you send out a lot of automated or group emails, you may use BCC as your primary type of recipient, though, and thats where auto BCC comes in handy.

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    More Ways To Stay Organized

    Using CC and BCC in Gmail the right way helps you stay organized when youre emailing at work. By putting your email recipients in the right recipient field, you let people know why youre emailing and what actions they need to take.

    Understanding when to use CC vs BCC saves time and helps you look more professional. These days, email can take up a lot of time, so every minute saved counts.

    If youre a professional looking to save even more time on your email, you might enjoy Folio.

    Folio is an email add-on that lives in your Gmail or Outlook email account and helps you organize your emails into smart workflows that make sense, saving you hours a week on your inbox.

    What Happens When You Reply To A Bcc Email

    No. When an email has BCC recipients, no one can see the BCC list except the original sender. If you were in the BCC list, then you will only see your own name/ email address. No, the email does not include any information about the Bcc recipients, so they reply will go only to the To and CC recipients.

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    What Are The 10 Rules Of Email Etiquette

    Rules for email etiquette

    • Use a clear, professional subject line.
    • Proofread every email you send.
    • Write your email before entering the recipient email address.
    • Double check you have the correct recipient.
    • Ensure you CC all relevant recipients.
    • You dont always have to reply all
    • Reply to your emails.

    Inappropriate Uses For Bcc

    Bcc Me for Gmailâ¢

    That said, BCC can be misused in a number of ways. If you think about it, the BCC field is inherently dishonest youre letting people see a message without other people knowing about it. Its almost like letting someone listen into a speakerphone call without letting the other person know about it.

    Accordingly, there are many examples of misusing the BCC feature:

    Ask yourself why youre trying to hide someones information. Is this merely to protect the person youre BCCing? Or are you trying to get away with something deceitful? Be honest, and try not to use the BCC field for sneaky, fraudulent, or insincere purposes.

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    B 4 Major Problems With Gmails Bcc Method

    The four major problems with using the BCC field in Gmail include:

    1. Unintentional Reply to All the Recipients

    Anyone in your BCC list could mistakenly click Reply All instead of the Reply button to respond to your mail.

    This will broadcast their direct response to multiple people involved in the email thread, resulting in an unintentional breach of privacy and revealing that you had blind-copied them.

    2. Unprofessional

    Because your recipients in the BCC address field know that they arent the only ones added to this mail, it could raise questions or suspicion. Thats why you should never use the BCC feature for formal conversations, as it could lead to distrust among your team members.

    3. No Personalization

    Gmails BCC or CC feature doesnt allow you to personalize emails.

    This means that your recipients receive an email without their name being mentioned. This is enough for many people to mark your email as spam or just delete it.

    Moreover, this makes it an impractical method to send pitches and marketing emails.

    Why?As you cant mention a persons name and customize their sales message, your BCC list recipient will receive a bland, generic marketing email that disappoints them. You wont be able to address their concerns and make a personal connection to boost your conversions.

    4. No Stats or Analytics from Your Emails

    Gmail doesnt give you any stats or analytics from your BCC or CC emails.

    Email Address Is Shared With Every Recipient

    Sometimes users add multiple recipients in the CC section of the email with the intent to send multiple emails at once. In such cases, each recipients email address is visible to other recipients hampering everyones privacy. Usually, recipients do not entertain this practice as it also goes against professional email etiquette.

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    How Does Bcc Work

    Essentially every email system in use today uses a standardization protocol called RFC 5322 Internet Message Format. This extremely boring document is kind of like the Magna Carta of the internet. It lays down the law about things like email addresses utilizing the @ symbol, syntax, and the fields that will be used when composing an email. Subject line, cc, and bcc are among these.

    RFC 5322 provides code that defines what cc and bcc do. When one sends an email with a recipient and some addresses listed in the cc field, the email system is instructed to copy the message to the recipient as well as those copied on the message. The email system must also allow the recipient and all those cced to see who is receiving the copy.

    RFC 5322 thus defines bcc as a copy in which the email system is instructed to hide the bcc list from the recipients, those who are cced and others who may be bccd. Privacy of the BCCers is protected in this way.


    Bcc For Email: What It Means And When To Use It

    How To BCC someone in GMAIL!

    I recently wrote a guide on using CC in email, including what it is, how to use it, and the proper etiquette for using it. As a follow-up, in this article Ill do a deep dive on BCC for email, the close cousin of CC.

    Frequently mistaken for each other, CC and BCC functions are two entirely different features, and its important to understand the differences. So what is BCC in email, how is it different from CC, and when should you use it?

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    A How Is Cc Different From To In Gmail

    The difference between the CC and To field lies in email etiquette.

    The Tofield is used for primary recipients people required to act in response to your mail.On the other hand, the CC feature applies to secondary recipients people who need to be in the loop about the conversation and, ideally, arent supposed to take any action.

    The correct usage of To and CC fields usually defines who needs to take action and who simply needs the information.

    What Is Cc And Bcc In Gmail

    While sending an email, you must have come across the CC and BCC fields beside the To field. It allows you to add more recipients before you send your email. Both CC and BCC allow you to add recipients to the email thread, but there are a few fundamental differences between the two.

    Lets compare the differences between CC vs BCC.

    Carbon Copy is used to send a copy of the email to someone who needs to be involved in the conversation, without needing to actively participate. For example, if you are applying for leave via email to your manager, you can add your colleagues in CC just to inform them about your absence.

    Blind Carbon Copy is used for sharing a copy of the email with someone without letting the primary recipient know about it. Similar to CC, the recipient added in the BCC section doesnt take part in the conversation. For example, if you send a discounted quotation to a customer and want to send a copy to your manager, you can add your manager to BCC. Your customer wont get any idea about the copy sent to your manager.

    Now that weve learned the differences between CC and BCC, see how we can use either of them in Gmail.

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    When To Use Bcc

    Use BCC to send an email when:

    • The message recipients need to remain private.
    • The message may be sent as a mass newsletter.
    • An action or reply is not needed.

    In some cases, the right etiquette for sending CC and BCC emails can be tricky. For more details, see these articles on when to send CC emails and when to send BCC emails.

    What Actions A Bcc Recipient Can Take

    How To Automatically Bcc and Cc Emails In Gmail [Chrome ...

    A BCC recipient can reply back to the sender if they wish, to ask a question or make a comment. Other BCC recipients wont see this email and wont be in the loop.

    If you receive a BCC email thats part of a marketing campaign or newsletter, note that your reply to the sender may go unanswered, since the email might be coming from an unmonitored inbox.

    A word of caution hitting reply all as a BCC recipient on an email where there are TO and CC recipients is generally considered poor email etiquette. If you have to comment on a BCC email with other TO and CC recipients, its better to send a separate private message to the original sender.

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    What Is Bcc And When Can You Use It

    Just like To, and CC, the BCC field allows you to send emails to multiple recipients. However, when using BCC, the main recipients of the email will not be aware of the other recipients that youve included. The process is also the same across all other platforms.

    The twist is that while your BCC field recipients cant see who else has been added, they will know that they were added as BCC to the email. That means they are also aware that they are not the only ones being addressed.

    The Risk With The Reply All Button

    Open your Gmail inbox and check any email you received with multiple recipients attached to it. While replying to the email, you get two options. Reply and Reply to all. If you click on the Reply to all button, your reply will be sent to all the recipients attached in the email.

    Even in the case of BCC, if anyone of your recipients sends their response by clicking on the Reply to all button, all your recipients attached in BCC will receive the email. This results in your email content is shared with everyone in the thread and not just the sender which might be unintended and embarrassing.

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    Gmail Cc And Bcc Send Email To Many Recipients

    There are primarily three ways to send an email to several recipients in one go using the To, Cc and Bcc fields. By default you see only the first, but the other two can be made visible by clicking on their links refer image below.

    In any of these fields whether its To:, Cc: or Bcc you can enter more than one email address and separate by commas. The difference is just one. Recipients who have been copied using bcc will not be able to view the email addresses of other recipients.

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    As you can understand, sending an email to multiple recipients simultaneously is a real time-saver. In fact, copying-pasting the message to individual recipients when the email needs to be sent to many is not recommended unless, of course, you want to personalize each email with the name of the recipient.

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