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How Do You Share Posts On Instagram

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How To Repost On Instagram: 4 Ways To Reshare Content From Other Users

How to Share Facebook Page Posts to Instagram [2021] â Posting FROM Facebook TO Instagram!

Most social media feeds are almost distractingly busy — full of photos, videos, and text updates from friends and brands you follow. Instagram is different — you can only look at one post at a time.

And while Instagram’s simple, clean interface makes to easy to focus on users’ beautiful photography and interesting videos, it also leaves something to be desired: the ability to easily repost other users’ content.

But fear not: for every problem, the internet has afforded a solution. We tested out four different ways to repost content on Instagram in a few simple steps. All of these methods are free, but some require you to download an app from the iOS App Store or Google Play first.

Disclaimer: Pursuant to Instagram’s Terms of Use, you must first reach out to the Instagram user whose content you want to reproduce and obtain written permission to do so. You can do this by commenting on the image and asking, or by sending them an Instagram Direct Message, which can be accessed by tapping the paper airplane icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

How Do I Allow People To Reshare My Post

How to allow people to share your post on Facebook on a mobile device

  • Find the post you want to make shareable and tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • In the pop-up menu, tap Edit Privacy.
  • In the Privacy menu, tap the checkbox next to Public, then tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Another Way To Repost On Instagram

    If you are not sure about using an app external to Instagram, you can share posts on your wall manually.

    This is going to take you more time. You have to take a screenshot of the post you want, crop the image the way you want and upload it as a new post.

    When doing this, remember to mention the original user, if you dont want to find yourself in trouble.

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    How To Post On Instagram From A Pc Or Mac

    Learning how to post on Instagram from a PC or Mac can save you time and give more flexibility. What social media manager wouldn’t want that?

    Tired of posting on Instagram from your phone? Wondering how to post on Instagram from your PC or Mac instead?

    Youve come to the right place. Posting on Instagram from your desktop can save you time and offer more flexibility in what you can upload .

    And you can do it without having to upload them onto your phone first.

    Below weve outlined four different ways to post on Instagram from your computer.

    Sharing Your Own Posts On Instagram

    How Do You Share Posts To Your Instagram Story

    The primary way youll use Instagram is to share your own posts to show up on your Instagram profile. These posts will, of course, display in other Instagram users feeds, too.

    To share a photo, youll click the + shape outlined by a box in the upper part of your screen, left of the heart icon and message icon. Choose from a photo thats already in your gallery or take a new photo or video. You can also select multiple photos to upload. Instagram will place them together in a slideshow post for others to scroll through . Instagram also lets you upload or shoot a video to add to your feed, but it can only be up to 60 seconds long.

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    How To Repost From The Grid

    Follow these steps for when you want to repost from your own grid and from someone elses.

    Note: If the account you want to share a post from is private, you arent able to repost on your stories.

    Step #1: Find the post you want to share and tap the share button beside the comment and like icons.

    Step #2: Tap Add Post to Your Story

    Step #3: Now its time to edit your post! If you tap the repost sticker, you can decide if you want it to be just the image or a snippet of the caption.

    You can scale the sticker, change the background color, play around with fonts and stickers totally up to you!

    Repost Tip: If the repost sticker is crisp quality, try filling the whole screen with the repost sticker removing the background element entirely.

    Use A Link Service To Showoff Multiple Links

    When Instagram first became popular with marketers, link services were widely usedthen their popularity dipped. Now theyre back with more design capabilities and a smoother user experience.

    You can choose from a few different formats. The classic link service looks something like Linktree, where you present followers with a list of clickable buttons. The Workspace For Children uses Linktree to direct users to their latest blog posts, activities, and Amazon shop.

    Choose a style and colorway that matches the aesthetic in your Instagram posts and stories. If users click through and find something that looks very different, theyll lose trust in your brand.

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    Design Hack #: Use Fun Instagram Overlay Stickers

    Now youre up to speed with the copy and paste hack, you can use it to add all sorts of cool design elements to your Instagram Stories.

    Influencers and designers, like Mallory Joy, regularly add Instagram overlay stickers to their stories for an extra creative touch.

    Once youve found overlay stickers that suit your brand style simply download a pack of Instagram overlay stickers to your Camera Roll, and use the copy and paste trick to add them to a story.

    Ready to get creative with Instagram overlay stickers? We created our own!

    Upload And Organize Your Visuals Ahead Of Time

    How to Share Instagram Posts to Story – Send Instagram Post to Story

    Not very many people talk about this part of the Instagram scheduling process, but any social media manager will tell you that organizing your content assets saves a ton of time.

    How do you organize your social media content? Dropbox, Google Drive? A few folders titled misc social on your desktop?

    Using a dedicated content library is better: there are tags, permissions, and a truck-load of metadata to help you find what you need fast.

    Heres how to use Hootsuites content library, in case you were wondering:

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    Choose A Photo Or Video From Your Library Or Shoot One In The App

    Instagram will show you the photos already saved to your phone. Choose one of those to post. Alternatively, you can click on the camera icon to take a photo or video within the Instagram app itself, if you don’t already have an image you want to use.

    Once you select and crop an image , click the arrow button in the top right corner of the app.

    How To Share Instagram Posts To Stories With Re

    22 September 2021, 17:28

    Instagram’s new update has changed the way you add grid posts to your Instagram Story.

    no longer allows you to share your grid posts to your Stories, with the share button, but there is still a way to do it.

    Instagram is no stranger to updates. Ever since the photo-sharing app first launched in 2010, it’s evolved year on year. Most of the time, the app introduces exciting, new features that are fun to use, like IGTV or Reels. However, every now and then, the updates are not popular. For example, users are still angry that posts no longer appear chronologically in your feed.

    Now, Instagram has launched another update and it makes it a little more difficult to share your grid posts to your Stories.

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    Create Links In Instagram Shoppable Posts And Stories

    Shoppable posts are another example of highly specific links. Each shopping tag links to one product only . Shopping tags are the most targeted conversion possible.

    To use shopping tags, start by . Once you have a full range of products uploadedwith shopping links, images, and descriptionsyou can start adding shopping tags to your Instagram posts.

    How To Post On Instagram: Carousel Posts

    How To Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

    Carousel posts are super popular on Instagram, especially with brands as they let you tell more in a single post!

    With carousel posts, you can share multiple photos and videos in one single post, rather than splitting it up into separate posts.

    You can use carousel posts to share tips, highlight your staff, or showcase multiple products. Check out how we used a carousel post to highlight 8 tips for going live on Instagram:

    A post shared by Later: Social Media Scheduler on Mar 27, 2020 at 10:59am PDT

    Step #1: Posting a carousel is super easy. When youre posting to Instagram, follow the same steps as above, except instead of a single post, select the carousel option in the bottom right corner of the image.

    Step #2: Choose your images.

    Note: When uploading a carousel post, you can choose up to 10 images.

    Once youve selected your images, press Next.

    Step #3: At this stage, you can edit and adjust each photo individually if youd like!

    Step #4: Now its time to enter your caption, tag people, and add a location! Make sure to tap the photo in the corner and swipe through your carousel one last time before you press Share.

    Carousel Tip: Make sure each photo in your carousel has the same dimensions. For example, if youre adding one vertical photo and several square photos, your vertical photo will be cropped into a square or vice versa. If you arent sure about dimensions, check out our

    Ready to upload a carousel? Schedule carousel posts to Instagram with Later!

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    How To Share A Post From Your Feed To Your Instagram Story

    In a move that has a lot of Instagram users less than thrilled, the app has rolled out a new way to share posts from your feed to your stories and it’s a little bit confusing, to say the least.

    Previously, if you were looking to repost from your feed to your Instagram stories, all you had to do was click the triangle “share” button, next to the icons to “like” and “comment,” and select your story. For many users, though, the “share” button is no longer available.

    Add Links In Instagram Direct Messages

    are an underused feature by many brands. You should be monitoring your inbox daily for message requests, customer service questions, and stories that mention your brand. Respond, reshare, and build customer relationships.

    You can start a conversation by reacting to a users story or reaching out to offer help. For instance, we make a point of reaching out to first-time users of our platform.

    You can also use direct messaging as a more active tool. Because messages on Instagram are private, theyre a more personal form of communication. If you reach out to followers in their DMs, theyll appreciate you treating them as individuals.

    So what kind of messages can you deliver? Lets take one example: a message to welcome new followers. Of course, you wont have time to type out a new message every time someone joins your community, so start by setting up quick replies.

    To set up quick replies, go to Settings and then Business. Write a message and choose a keyword so you can find the reply you need quickly.

    You can share active links in your quick replies and standard messages. So in addition to sharing specific links in response to customer queries, you can also start an automatic lead-nurturing campaign for every new follower.

    Try turning new followers into qualified leads by asking for details in their DMs. Offer an incentive, like an introductory discount, so more people will respond.

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    How To Repost On Instagram With Captions

    If the account is public, not only can you repost the post onto your Story, but you can even include their caption. Heres how:

  • Open Instagram.
  • Locate the post you want to share.
  • Press the paper airplane symbol underneath the post.
  • Select the option Add post to your story.
  • Tap on the post to display the caption. Tapping it again will hide the caption.
  • Edit the post if you wish.
  • Select where you want to post the Story.
  • Press Send.
  • Keep True To The Original Photographer

    How to Share Facebook Page Posts to Instagram

    This means you should keep edits at a minimum. Try not to crop or add filters in a way that would take from the original work. Additionally, pay attention to the original caption. If theres a caption that was written to emotionally match the photo, dont just take the photo and write about your upcoming sale.

    A simple credit line like Girlboss does above is a great way to give credit to the original post.

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    Repost From Instagram Story To Feed

    Maybe your Instagram Story had a lot of traction and you think itd do well in your feed. Its possible to repurpose your Instagram Story into a feed post.

    • Open up the Instagram Story you want to post. It can be a current Story or one in your Archive
    • Select Share as Post
    • This will take you to the screen where you can start a new post

    Repost From Story To Story

    Maybe someones Story is so good that you want to repost it into your own. Or maybe they mentioned you and youd like to repost that. For the former, we recommend asking permission to repost and then taking a screenshot. For the latter, Instagram makes it easy to do from within the app.

  • If they mention you, the Story will appear in your DMs.
  • Tap the Add this to Your Story prompt that appears on Stories that can be shared. Itll take you to the Story creation screen.
  • Resize the Story and add items to the background.
  • A good example of this tactic in use is Whole Foods recap of the best Story mentions theyve had. Watch the video above to see how this was put into action.

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    Upload A Image Or Video To Your Stories

    In 2016, , a feature that allows you to post videos or images that disappear after 24-hours. Instagram’s Stories feature is similar to Snapchat in terms of content — users often post more casual and candid videos and images, offering glimpses into their every day lives.

    For instance, you might post a heavily-edited picture of yourself and friends at a baseball game. But you might post a more candid video to your Story of the stadium singing “Sweet Caroline”.

    To learn how to upload an image or video to your Stories, follow these steps:

    1. Click the camera icon in the top left.

    2. Once you’re within the Stories feature, you can take a picture or video right from within the app. Alternatively, if you have an image saved to your phone that you’d like to use, click the small square in the bottom left corner.

    3. Click on a photo you’d like to use in your Stories.

    4. In the top right, you have a few different editing features. The smiley face lets you add a location, hashtag, time, date, and other fun images or emojis to your picture. The pencil lets you handwrite or draw on your image. And the “Aa” icon is your text button. Once you click “Aa”, you have the option to change your font by clicking “Classic” at the top.

    5. If you click the smiley face icon, you’ll see the following screen. Simply click on one of the icons to add them to your image. If you don’t like it, drag it to the bottom, and a trash can will appear so you can delete it.

    The Easiest Way To Post On Instagram From Pc In 2021

    Instagram now lets you instantly repost stories youre ...

    If you are a business owner, you already know the importance of having your brands presence on different social media platforms. However, jumping between different social media apps on your phone can be draining. Managing social media pages from a PC is super convenient. While social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter support uploading pictures and doing other activities from PC, Instagram does not allow you to directly post pictures from a PC.

    But, there is a way around it. In this article, we will tell you how to post on Instagram from PC, regardless of the operating system. Lets jump right in

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    Cant Share Posts To Instagram Stories Heres How To Reshare Posts To Your Story

    Have you recently noticed that the option to add a post to your Instagram Story is now missing? If yes, you are not alone. Instagram is intentionally making the process of resharing posts to Stories more complicated. It is now testing a new Reshare sticker, so you are more conscious about what you choose to reshare on the platform. If you are part of this test, you will not see the post-sharing option you are used to. So we will walk you through the new method to share posts to your Instagram Stories in this article.

    Instagram Says The Changes Will Promote More Original Content

    In a move that surprised many, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram would be moving away from photo content, focusing instead on video, shopping, and other “entertainment.”

    “We’re no longer a photo-sharing app,” Adam said. “The number one reason people say that they use Instagram, in research, is to be entertained. So people are looking to us for that.”

    The company claims their research suggests that changing the way users share posts to their stories will encourage more “original” content, something users want to see more of.

    “Weve seen from research that people prefer to see original photos and videos in Stories from the people they care about,” Instagram said in a statement. “The goal of our test is to better understand how people feel about this type of content and ultimately improve the Stories experience.

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