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How Do You See Comments On Twitter

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Is Buying Twitter Comments Safe

How To See Comments On Twitter

Yes, it is safe. We take multiple measures to ensure your account’s safety and your confidentiality. We don’t ask for your password or login credentials and never violate Twitter’s terms of service. We have thousands of satisfied clients from all over the world that love our Twitter Comments services and keep ordering more!

Keep Tabs On Customer Service Conversations

Like we mentioned earlier, your Sprout Social account is the perfect assistant for helping you look through past mentions and revisiting conversations surrounding customer service issues.

We highly recommend using Sprout Socials People Search anytime you get a new customer service tweet or DM so you can see if there have been any past conversations between you two.

Coming into a customer service request with as much knowledge of this persons past issues or tweets as possible will help you to be more empathetic and detailed so you can provide legitimately useful information. Plus, users will feel more positive about their experience with you if you remember them and your past conversations.

You Can Also Hide Comments If You Think Certain Ones Will Not Go Down Well With People Or Can Turn Your Tweet Into A Virtual Battleground


Whether you are a social media newbie or a veteran, you would definitely crave for certain amount of control over what you post. Twitter does allow you reasonable amount of control over your tweets but a specific option to turn off commenting is still missing. However, there is a work-around that will allow you to stop anyone from commenting. You can also hide comments if you think certain ones will not go down well with people or can turn your tweet into a virtual battleground.

How to turn off commenting

To turn off comments, look for an option near the bottom that says Everyone can reply while you are drafting your tweet. Tap on it and there should now be three options on display that read, Everyone, People you follow and Only people you mention. These are self-explanatory and will allow people to comment on your tweet depending on which option you select. If you want no one to comment, then you should select the last option of Only people you mention and then add the name of an inactive friend or a friend you know will not comment. Doing this will mean no one can reply to your tweet.

How to hide comments

How to turn off retweets

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Will The Original Tweeter See That I Retweeted Them

If you’re retweeting someone in hopes of getting on their radar, you’ll need to know how visible the various retweet options are to the person who originally sent the tweet. Here’s the lowdown.

Notifications for an Auto Retweet

Your retweet will show up in both the original tweeter’s notifications tab, but not the mentions tab.

Notifications for a Retweet With Comment

Your tweet will show up in the original tweeter’s notifications tab, but not their mentions tab. It’ll look like this:

Why might this be a problem? Because many people who get a lot of attention on Twitter actually rely on their mentions tab, not their notifications tab, to show them who’s reached out to them specifically. This is because the notifications tab includes all username mentions in addition to favorites, retweets of tweets they were mentioned in, and other more extraneous notifications. So if you’re retweeting someone in order to attract their attention, you might want your retweet to show up in their mentions tab, you’ll want to do a manual retweet instead of either an auto retweet or a retweet with comment. I’ll cover the manual retweet later on in this post.

What Do Tweets With Images Look Like

How to Read Comments on Twitter

Let’s take a look at another side-by-side comparison of the auto retweet versus tweet with comment functions, except this time, with an image in the original tweet.

Images in an Auto Retweet

Check out the screenshot below of my retweet of HubSpot’s tweet, which included an image in it.

Notice that the image looks amazing and the links in the original tweet are visibly clickable. What’s more, my retweet counted toward the tweet’s number of retweet interactions, as indicated by the green retweet icon at the bottom.

Images in a Retweet With Comment

In this case, I retweeted the same HubSpot tweet by adding a comment.

Notice that the image doesn’t appear in full here — instead, we have a square thumbnail that’s smaller and a little less compelling.

The takeaway here? If the main purpose of retweeting is to share a cool or arresting image, then stick with the auto retweet.

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Space Out Your Comments

If you tend to comment on Instagram posts frequently, your account might get flagged as a spammer or bot. Instead of commenting all the time, wed recommend you comment less by spacing your comments out over a week or ten days. This will help you see comments and prevent your account from getting flagged.

Reason #4 Hidden Reply

First off, we will talk about hidden replies in a detailed manner in the latter part of the article.

So, now, lets get to the point quickly. If you have hidden a reply, then you will not be able to see if:

  • If you are viewing the reply from the Home timeline
  • And if another user has replied to the hidden reply

Simply put, a hidden reply will not be viewable from the Home timeline if somebody has replied to the hidden reply. Yes, anybody can reply to a hidden reply from the hidden reply page.

Solution to This

Of course, the easiest fix to this issue is not to view the hidden reply from the Home timeline. Also, you can unhide the reply anytime you want to make it viewable.

As usual, if anybody has not replied to the hidden reply, it will be visible from the Home timeline.

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How To View Comments On A Twitter Post

Every month, the equivalent of the population of the entire United States uses Twitter. This fact is not meant to be shocking, but its a testament to the popularity of a platform that gave a new meaning to the phrase scan-friendly writing.

The basic premise of Twitterand largely the source of its appealis the public nature of its content. By default, anyone can see what you tweet and vice-versa. Not only is everything on full display but anyone can reply to anyone elses tweet as well. A key aspect of the Twitter experience is replying to a tweet and reading replies that others have left. This article will teach you how to do just that.

How To View Retweet With Comments

how to see twitter comments

Once you already know how to read comments on Twitter and you want to see the retweets on your computer with comments, you better do that. It can be made on a mobile device from the Twitter mobile website, but not from the mobile app. The process begins much like the previous two. Navigate to your browser’s tweet and follow the following steps:

  • Right-click the tweet timestamp to be displayed in the top right corner of the tweet.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Copy Link Address. The exact phrase may slightly change based on your browser but you want to copy the link.
  • to paste the link address into the search bar of the Twitter.

Now you will see all the retweets with comments. Often people retweet rather than answer to give a tweet a higher exposure that leads to many of the relevant comments in the retweets. There can be a lot more retweets than answers, so be aware that if you are looking for something specific, you’ll be browsing long.

These methods work on Twitter apps from third parties, such as Owly or Hootsuite .

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How To Leave Comments On Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social networking sites and millions of people around the globe use it on a daily basis to post short updates about anything from their personal lives to business-related content. These short text-based updates are known as “Tweets,” and you can comment on any Tweet even if you are not following the person who posted it. Commenting on such posts is a good way to strike up a discussion, make friends and gain more attention and followers.

  • 1.

    Open your favorite Web browser and log in to your Twitter account with your username and password.

  • 2.

    Scroll down your Twitter homepage to view all of the latest updates from people you’ve been following until you find the post that you want to comment on.

  • 3.

    Hover the mouse over the post so that the various options, including “Reply” and “Retweet,” appear in the top right of that post.

  • 4.

  • 5.

  • References

    How Do You Undo A Retweet

    Undoing an Auto Retweet

    If you don’t add a comment, you can undo your auto retweet anytime by clicking that retweet icon at the bottom of the original tweet. It won’t open up the retweeting window all over again. That icon will toggle on and off with each click by changing color and the retweet count.

    Undoing a Tweet With Comment

    If you do add a comment, your retweet becomes a whole new tweet object with it’s own URL. In other words, it’s a separate entity from that original tweet, consisting of the embedded original tweet plus your comment. To get rid of this kind of retweet, you’ll have to delete your entire tweet. But

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    How To Hide Replies On Twitter

    Did you know that you could hide replies on your timeline?

    However, other users will still be able to access those hidden replies. Plus, they will also be able to reply to the hidden replies.

    Also, you can unhide a reply anytime if you are the Tweet author. Once you have hidden a reply, the user that posted the reply will not be notified.

    Now, lets learn how to hide a reply on Twitter...

    Steps to Follow

    • Go to your Tweet on which you want to hide a reply.
    • Then find the specific reply you want to hide and tap on the Down Arrow icon next to the reply.
    • It will bring out a few options. From those options, you will have to tap on the Hide Reply option.
    • Then tap on the Confirm button, and the reply will be hidden.
    • You can view the hidden replies by tapping on the hidden reply icon, which will be at the main Tweets bottom right corner.

    As usual, if the reply was from a protected or private account, then it will not be available. Also, if the reply was deleted, then you will not see that reply on the list of hidden replies.

    How To See Other Hidden Replies On Twitter

    How to Retweet with a Comment on Twitter: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

    If you want to see the hidden replies on a tweet, you have to follow a few straightforward steps.

  • Go to the Twitter post of which you wish to see the hidden replies.
  • Please open the full tweet by clicking on it.
  • You will see the horizontal three-dot symbol on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on that symbol and click on the last option in the list, View hidden replies.
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    Seeing Twitter Replies On Pc

    Seeing replies on a computer is, by design, very similar to the procedure on a mobile platform. Of course, there are Twitter applications for both Windows and MacOS but youre better off using your web browser. Open your browser and navigate to the Twitter website. Once youre logged in, follow these steps:

  • Find the tweet youre trying to see replies for.
  • to see replies. The replies will open in the same tab.
  • The methods listed above give you directions to see repliesand only repliesto a tweet. However, comments can be added to retweets, making them a type of reply. A retweet with comments acts pretty much the same way as a tweet does, except that it refers back to the tweet its commenting on. The distinction between replying and retweeting isnt to the theme of this article, but its enough to say that they serve very different purposes.

    Why Cant I Read Comments On Twitter

    If you cant see comments on Twitter, you better try with other tweets or posts, too, because four scenarios might cause your problem.

  • The owner of that tweet blocks you.
  • The tweet you are trying to view can be a tweet from a Twitter private account.
  • The creator might have deleted the tweet or comment.
  • The owner of that tweet must hide the comment you are trying to consider
  • I have mentioned how to view hidden comments on Twitter below. Have a look! Speaking of private accounts, a new feature launched recently on Twitter is worth mentioning here. You can create a group of friends and share the tweet with them only. Twitter calls it aIt is the newest method to send private tweets to the people you choose.

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    How Do You View All Replies To A Quoted Tweet

    Follow the below-mentioned steps to see the replies to a quotes tweet:

  • Open the app on your phone or a desktop.
  • Go to the tweet of which you want to see the quoted answers.
  • Open the full tweet by clicking on it, where it shows the comment section.
  • You will then see the option of Quote Tweet under the tweet.
  • Why You Should Search Your Twitter History

    How To See Twitter Comments

    Now that weve covered how you can check out all of your past tweets and account mentions, lets talk about why you would want to do this.

    It might seem tedious to go back and check on your past Twitter history, but I promise theres a method to this madness. Here are a few reasons why you want to search your Twitter history every so often.

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    Start Searching Your Twitter History

    Ready to start searching through your Twitter history and managing past tweets? This is an important strategy to help continue evolving your Twitter presence, improve your content and auditing your account.

    Sign up for a free Sprout Social trial to help make the process easier. Manage your social listening from a single dashboard and never miss another tweet.

    If You Dont Take Control Who Will

    Theres a saying that goes: Good things come to those who wait, but only whats leftover by those who act.

    Do you think your competitors are waiting for you to catch up? Hell no, they could care less if you fall flat on your face.

    This is why you need to get smarter and elevate your Twitter marketing game.

    Ride, roll, or get rolled over. Its as simple as that.

    But by all means, dont keep tweeting your ass off without a solid strategy else youll just be wasting your time playing a social media fools game.

    Thats the hard cold truth and were keepin it real with you.

    Buy Twitter comments/replies and while others are just sitting back hoping for results, youll have real results with the best user engagement ever.

    Youll cause a frenzy as people wonder what all the action is about and their curiosity compels them to take a closer look.

    This will help grow your Twitter account faster than ever and create a larger user-base that you can communicate with and market to at any time.

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    How To Search Twitter History Using Sprout Social

    Sprout Social makes it easy to search past conversations youve had on Twitter to keep track of customer service conversations and complaints.

    Simply head to your Sprout Social dashboard, click the search icon in the right corner of the top navigation bar and conduct a People Search to find your search history with various Twitter users.

    Youll be able to see every tweet youve sent mentioning that handle or thats in direct response to one of their messages.

    You can even use this area to add a note about the account or add in contact info for the user so you have something to reference in the future.

    How To Hide Comments On Twitter

    Do You See What I Mean Tweets

    Twitter gives you an option to hide replies to your Tweets and no one will be able to see it. Additionally, a Tweet author can unhide a reply at any time. The microblogging site says when a Tweet author hides a comment, the author of the reply will not be notified.

    Step 1: From a reply to one of your Tweets, you simply need to tap on the three-dotted icon.

    Step 2: You now need to select hide reply and confirm.

    Note: If you want to view your hidden replies, then you will have to click or tap on the hidden reply icon, which will be available in the bottom-right of your original Tweet. The author of the tweet can unhide replies through the hidden reply icon, which shows up on the original Tweet when there are hidden replies.

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    Just You Tweet And See

    Now youre ready to engage Twitter like a pro. Seeing the replies to a tweet is as simple as tapping or clicking on the text. To see all the retweets that have comments is a little more involved but hardly a challenge.

    Do you usually reply or retweet? What criteria do you use to choose one or the other? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Why Cant I See Comments/replies On Twitter Posts

    It is not like that you can not see them. You just need know the right way as the twitter doesnt show the comments directly under tweets as shown by Facebook below its posts.

    When you click that Comment icon to look at the comments,, instead of showing you all the replied by other users, twitter opens a dialog box for you to reply to that tweet.

    If you cant see replies on twitter which means either the tweets are protected by the users, you are not following the user, or they are being hidden by the tweet author.

    4Reasons Why You Cant See Replies on Twitter

  • Blocked User
  • Hidden Reply
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