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How Do You Repost Something On Pinterest

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How to Repost a Video to Facebook WITHOUT Re-uploading It | #QuickTips Tutorial

Pinterests most popular pins are fashion, food and home decorating. Given that, you may not expect Lowes hardware stores to be a natural fit. But the brand has worked hard to tailor its activity to Pinterests audience.

Lowes includes everything from style inspiration for each room in the house to gift ideas that link neatly to their online store to craft projects and cool gadgets.

The result is a showcase of lifestyle ideasand 3.5 million followers.

Tip: Pinterests user base is currently 80% women, and their top interests are fashion, home design, crafts and kids. Put a spin on your brand that fits the audience you want to reach.

How To Avoid Copyright Infringement

  • Never change or delete the source link when pinning or re-pinning an image. Not only does this prevent future users from being able to locate the original source, but it also gives others a false idea that the image belongs to you.

Platform responsibility plays a critical role when it comes to social networks regardless of whether youre sharing, liking, tweeting, or pinning content. Sure, Pinterest includes;Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and;Copyright pages to inform users how to properly use the platform and educate individuals about copyright infringement, but sometimes thats not enough.;

We know its easy to get lost in planning your imaginary wedding or pinning 10 different ways to make avocado toast, but its important to pin with precaution, be mindful when saving images to your boards, and always practice good etiquette!

Header image: tanuha2001 / / CreativeFuture

Best Practices For Regramming

Now that you know how to regram, well cover some best practices. We do not recommend reposting whatever you want without obtaining permission and providing credit. Be thoughtful and be kind.

Join us for conversations about the future of social media and business, featuring Alexis Ohanian, Seven Seven Six Founder and Former Executive Chair of Reddit, and Alexandra Waldman, Co-Founder of Universal Standard.

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Why Copyright Infringement Is A Problem

Theres no question that Pinterest encourages;re-pinning community photos. After all, the platform was built on the idea of sharing and collecting digital objects. But the goal is to ensure users pin from the original source, providing credit to the content owner and including a detailed description. Disputes occur when an image is taken directly from a website and uploaded to the platforms server without approval from the owner. With a growing number of unsourced pins being saved to user boards and profiles, copyright holders are being directly impacted. Images on the platform are being exploited for commercial gain, and the personal work of artists is being stolen.

How To Regram With Sprout Social

Repost if your BRAVE to see what people think of you ...

Because Sprout Social is an official Instagram Partner, we offer both the repost function and auto-publishing via our mobile app.

  • Find the post you want to repost.
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the post.
  • Tap Copy Link.
  • Open the Sprout Social app.
  • Tap the in-app notification If youve copied an Instagram link, tap here to repost! Itll open up a prompt.
  • Tap Got it.
  • Tap Schedule or Queue or Repost Now. The accounts name, username and first few caption lines are copied over.
  • Edit to suit your brands voice. The Instagram post is automatically published.
  • You can also repost Instagram content from Sprouts Smart Inbox for posts you are mentioned or tagged in. Click the overflow menu on the post youre tagged in, and then click Repost from the available message actions.

    The beauty of using Sprout for your regramming efforts is that you can save posts as drafts. Theres no need for you immediately repost the photo. Secondly, the photo thats reposted wont have a watermark. This is important if you want to keep your feed looking seamless.

    In addition to this method of regramming through Sprout, you can also republish posts found with your monitored hashtags through the Feeds tab on our iOS app.

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    How To Repost On Instagram Stories

    Now you know how to regram on your Instagram feed, but what about Stories?

    When it comes to your Stories strategy, resharing posts that are interesting but dont quite match your visuals, or highlighting someone elses Story that mentions you are great ways to fill up your content calendar and increase engagement.

    Fortunately, regramming Stories is a little more effortless than feed postsheres how to repost with Stories.

    Make Sure You Get Permission Before You Repost On Instagram

    How do you repost on ? It’s a question we tend to hear a lot, as it’s trickier to share content from other users on Instagram when compared to or . There isnt an option to repost directly from the Instagram app, either.

    Dont worry, though, as our easy to follow guide will show you how to repost on Instagram like a pro if such a thing existed and we’ll make sure you don’t fall foul of any community guidelines or copyright claims in the process.;

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    Pin Again When Seasonally Appropriate

    that we start saving Pins that are relevant to upcoming trends, seasons and holidays about 45 days before the event. This applies to new AND existing content as long as the information is still current. Remember to apply the hashtag tips we shared above to appeal to people looking for your content right now.

    Real Life Example: That blog post you wrote last year about Summer Vacation Planning with Kids should be shared again starting in about March of this year, too. As long as the content is still relevant, Pin it again when people will be looking for it.

    Pro Tip: Take a tip from above and freshen up your images for your post. Try editing the post title and Pin image to add the current year to it so people know its up to date.

    Tool Tip: Set up your seasonal Pins to automatically go out at the right time of year and at the best times for engagement with Tailwind SmartLoop.;Already a Tailwind member?; Try SmartLoop now.

    How Often Should You Repin Your Own Content

    How To Use Pinterest For BEGINNERS // 2021 Pinterest Marketing Tutorial

    Each pin should only be repinned to a maximum of 10 relevant boards. These can be your boards or group boards. The important factor is relevance.

    Find and join group boards relevant to your content. Make sure these boards have descriptions that use similar keywords to the ones you use in your pin titles and descriptions.;

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    How To Repost Content On Your Blog

    Lets say you come across a blog post that you didnt write but you still want to share it on your site. Its informational, well-written, provides plenty of compelling statistics, and aligns with your companys brand messaging and image. You could try to replicate it in your own words, but doing so may sound too copy-cattish.

    If you run into this instance, dont get discouraged because we have some good news for you. There is a possibility that you could have that blog post live on your website without it being considered stolen or duplicated content.

    Its called content syndication, and its actually a pretty common practice. If done correctly, you and the original author will both benefit from the shared content.

    The main takeaway we want you to know about syndicating content is that you will need permission to repost. Find a way to contact the author and ask if its alright to use their blog on your site. Once youve been granted permission, youll want to attribute the author and link to the original content at the top of the page so its clear that this content is not your own.

    Check Your Notification That You Are Tagged

    You should find the notification that you have been tagged on the upper right corner of your main feed. If you have been getting private messages, you know where you should look out for. Just click on this notification.;

    You should find the information on the video and the profile which has tagged you. Just under the info, you should find the option to Add this to Your Story. Click on the link and the video will be added to your story.;

    Please note that the option will only work when someone else has tagged you in their video. Otherwise, you will not be able to repost a video on Instagram without app. If you have been looking on information on how to repost a video on Instagram without app, this is the only way possible at least as of now.;

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    Take Care When You Are Reposting A Video On Instagram

    Reposting an Instagram video on your profile may not be as easy as it would appear. There are a few rules that you need to focus on. Of course, if you do it right, it can help you build a better brand image whether you are an individual Instagrammer or have been running a profile for your business.;

    Make sure that you always give proper credits whenever you repost a video on Instagram. Ensure that you are always reposting a video that is indeed valuable. This can help you keep your profile in good standing. One of the excellent options would be to use the hashtag #regram to make it more obvious enough.;

    Whenever you repost a video on Instagram, make sure you are not editing it in any way. Your aim should be to repost a video in the original form. That way you would remain someones good books. Decreasing the resolution or cropping the image if any may not be an issue though. In case you feel the need to crop, trim or edit the video, it may be a good idea to ask for permission from the original poster of the video.;

    Instagram rules make it specific that whenever you repost a video on Instagram, you need to take the requisite permission from the original contributor. You can request for the permission by commenting on the post, sending in a direct message to the original contributor or even getting in touch with them through email or other available means.;

    What About Sharing Social Media Content

    Repost this in two minutes and your crush will ask you out ...

    Content published on social media is subject to the Terms of Service of that platform. The user has agreed to be bound by the platforms terms , which usually includes that the post may be shared;by built-in sharing tools, or embedded on other websites. And these methods always link back to the original posters account, so its usually welcome promotion. .

    Note that at this time, Instagram is one platform that doesnt include a share function. There are third-party apps that help you do this, but on Instagram specifically, its not automatically OK to share others pictures. If you check some creatives accounts, youll see that they flat-out;forbid it with verbiage in their bio.

    And even if you dont see a notice, be aware that Instagram users arent shy about calling you out on content theft. Theres even a hashtag : #photo_theives_busted

    I was dumbfounded. How could anyone make such a sweeping generalization?! Its not like Pinterest pictures are all released into the public domain.

    But amazingly, thats what this blogging teacher had said, my friend confirmed.

    Heres a purported expert telling blogging newbies a complete fabrication. Which to me doesnt even make any sense so if you pin my graphic to Pinterest, where did I even have any say in the process, let alone agree to allow anyone to use it in any way?

    Dumbest thing I ever heard .

    If you post your content on Pinterest, it still belongs to you but we can show it to people and others can re-pin it.;

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    How Do I Get More Repins For My Images

    Not always, though. And multiple Pins often exist for the same image, anyway, so its not clear which one they get attributed to.

    In addition, if your readers save a different image, that Pin doesnt get added to the repins count. Even worse, if the same image exists twice on the page for whatever reason , then people who are pinning the same image but a different instance of it are thus splitting your repins in half. Sigh!

    So what can you do?

    There are two options:

  • Set the data-pin-id for the image to the main Pin you want to promote, or
  • Lets take a look at both of these.

    Only Pinning Your Own Content Is Spammy

    Were pinning to be helpful.

    I loosely utilize the 80/20, 80% my own content and 20% content that supports my own content and is of high quality.

    The biggest thing to remember about pinning other peoples content is to not just pin willy-nilly without actually clicking through and looking at the post.

    As of late, there have been a large number of spammy sites and stolen pins.

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    How To Pin Without Violating Copyrights

    Typically, a violation is handled by the content owner asking that the content be removed. In this case, a pin that is a copyright violation would just be deletedend of story . Repeat offenders could have their accounts deleted.

    To avoid potential legal problems with Pinterest, just be smart about what you pin and repin. There is no need to stop using the site for fear of violating copyrights. Learning what’s legal to pin and what isn’t is fairly straightforward. Just keep the guidelines below in mind when you are using Pinterest and you won’t be breaking any kind of laws. It’s that simple. You can check out this article for more general tips on using the site.

    If you see this logo with an image, it is safe to pin as long as you credit the source.

    Isnt Everything Online Free

    How to Use Pinterest – Complete Beginner’s Guide

    There seems to be a pervasive premise that anything you find online is free for the taking because you can.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, anything published online is automatically;considered copyrighted by the creator photos, graphics, words, images, ALL of it. *NOTE: I am NOT an attorney. Please consult one;to verify any of this info, or discuss your own content curation policy.

    Heres;a simple;explanation:

    One of the biggest mistakes that people believe is that if a work has no copyright notice, it is not copyrighted. The correct form of a copyright notice is Copyright or © by . Many people believe that if this notice is absent, they can post, use, or take any work on the Internet. In fact, everything from April 1, 1989 is copyrighted by the owner or author whether is has a notice or not. All Internet users must assume that the work is copyrighted, unless otherwise specified by the author.;

    Copyright rules may vary by country, and whether or not theyve agreed to the Berne Convention. But face it, someone put in the hard work of creating something a blog post, a photo, a book, an image. Thats their own intellectual property they didnt make it for you to swipe and use how you like.

    So do the right thing.

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    Above All: Avoid Using Other Peoples Words As Your Own

    Chances are, if youre reading this blog post, you know its wrong to claim someone elses words as your own. Thats called plagiarism, plain and simple, and it could get you into some big trouble. Sometimes its just a slap on the wrist, other times it could evolve into a costly mistake. Either way, we dont want you to make the mistake of not giving credit where credit is due.

    Struggling to come up with new content ideas for your next blog or social media post? We can help. Reach out to us today, wed love the chance to show you our strategic creative side.

    Repin Content From Others

    Its tough to find enough posts if you only pin your own content.


    This is also a great way to get noticed by the original source of the content and get them to follow your page.

    And dont forget to edit the descriptions on your posts — add your own keywords and unique takes on the material.

    Yep, and you can pin it from right inside the app.

    This video will show you how!

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    Download An Instagram Repost App

    Instagram doesnt let you repost from the app itself, so youll need to download one of the many free reposting apps. Popular reposting apps include Repost+ for iOS devices and Regram Posts on Android, but feel free to use whichever you prefer.

    Once youve downloaded the app open up Instagram and head to the post youd like to repost. On iOS tap on the … icon, tap the Share option, and then tap Copy Link. If you’re an Android user, tap Copy Share URL.

    How Does This Work In Terms Of Fresh Content

    Pin on Repost These

    After speaking with Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media about this, we discovered that Pinterest is shifting gears a bit to favor fresh content in the home feed.

    That doesnt mean you should forget about your existing Pins, though! Giving your existing Pins a fresh coat of paint could really go a long way in boosting engagement as well, so we do suggest taking the time to go through your older Pins to see which ones could use a refresh.

    If youre interested in learning more about striking a balance with fresh content, feel free to check out our blog post !

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