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How Do You Post On Pinterest

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What R Value Do I Need For Rim Joist Insulation

How to Post Photos on Pinterest (Quick & Easy)

If you live in an area that gets significant snow during the winter, one of the telltale signs that you are losing heat through your rim joists is fast-melting snow around your homes foundation.

If the temperature outside is still well below freezing, and yet snow is quickly melting next to your band joists, this is a real giveaway.

The only barriers preventing heat loss from uninsulated band joists are the sheathing and siding on your walls. Youd be lucky to get an R-value of more than R-1 from these materials, which is woefully inadequate.

Rim joists are above grade and should be insulated to the same degree as the above-grade walls in your house.

The R-value recommended for these walls varies for different climate zones. To give you an idea, the recommendation in warmer climate zones is at least R-13, but this rises to R-20 in climate zones 5-8.

You can find more information about the climate zones of the US here.

When Is The Best Time To Post On Pinterest

According to their study:

  • 80% of the U.S. population is in the Central and Eastern time zones.
  • Youre best working your Pinning schedule for these zones.

They found two peak times 8pm-11pm and 2am-4am.

If your audience is mostly U.S.-based, then these times may work for you. But theres more to this story.

Another study from Sprout Social found:

  • Best day: Saturday.
  • Other good times to pin: 9pm, 2-4pm and 8pm-1am .

But, being based on averages, these results are very generic.

Links With Utm Parameters

Although you might provide a link to the content you’re promoting in the pin’s description , it’s just as important to include this link in the image you’re pinning. If the image you’re pinning already lives somewhere online, this is easy to do — you’ll simply add the website link first, then select the image you want to pin once this link has been entered.

New to using UTM tracking codes? Get the low-down on how they work here.

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Should You Insulate Your Rim Joists

The rim joists are a common pathway for heat to be lost in many homes built in the US, so insulating them is one of the best things you can do to improve your homes energy efficiency and lower your heating bills.

Any construction details that connect building components can lead to air leakage if not finished correctly. This includes the joins between walls and foundations and the interfaces between walls and roofs.

The rim joists, and all the band joists that form part of the floor system, are complicated details to get right when building a house.

They need to be connected using sealant to make the joins airtight, requiring an experienced and skilled tradesman to achieve the necessary seal.

Failure to form a good air seal at these joints can allow cold air through gaps and imperfections, which can cause cold floors and allow drafts along the walls of your home.

This, in turn, can lead to condensation forming on the inner face of the band joists, with the attendant risk of mold and rot.

It will also lead to heat loss, making your basement cold in the winter and costing you more to heat your home.

Pin Engaging Captivating Content

1000+ images about Funny Text Posts on Pinterest

So, what makes a captivating Pin?

  • Consider your image and video quality. You want to avoid pixelation,
  • Descriptive copy. Good descriptions can help you improve SEO, add context to your images, and encourage users to click on links.
  • Text overlay. Consider including a headline that reinforces your visual message.
  • Tasteful branding. If it makes sense for your brand and corresponds to your Pinterest marketing strategy, incorporate your logo in your Pins so your brand doesnt get lost in the Repin shuffle.
  • Make sure your links work. Broken links wont help your brand! Make sure the link with your Pin wont go to a 404 and that it loads quickly to give Pinners the best user experience.

Finally, be consistent! Consistent, daily Pinning is more effective than creating a board and filling it up at once. And Pinning regularly ensures your content will reach a wider audience.

Using Hootsuite to schedule Pins will help your brand stay on top of your content calendar.

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How To Post A Pin From Your Own Photos

Once the image is uploaded, add a title and Pinterest description of the photo before saving it under one of your personal blog boards. Whether creating a business account pin or a personal pin, make sure the title, content, and description are all accurate and clearly reflect the topic of your pin. You can also add an alternative text description under your title to inform your viewers what your pin is about.

Upload An Image File From Your Computer And Add A Destination Link

The first thing you’ll do is upload an image to represent your pin. You can do this in two ways:

To upload an image file from a folder on your computer, simply click the gray box and select the image file from the window that appears on your screen. You can also drag the image file itself directly into this gray box.

Once your image is uploaded, click “Add a destination link” on the bottom-righthand corner of the form and enter the website you want this pin to link to when users click on it.

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What Is The Best Way To Insulate Rim Joists

There are several options to choose from for insulating a rim joist. Which one you select depends on your specific circumstances and preferences.

For example, you might be on a tight budget, limiting your options to fiberglass alone.

If being able to do it yourself is important to you, you should probably steer clear of spray foam because this requires specialized equipment to be done correctly and safely.

Is having a warranty important to you? If so, then finding a contractor who offers a guarantee on workmanship and materials would be the way to go.

Lets look at the options.

Why Pinning Time Matters

How To POST On Pinterest TUTORIAL (2022) – How To Use Pinterest For Beginners

When you Pinned was super important. Pin at the wrong time and no one would see it!

Now we have Smart Feed. At first glance, it might seem that when you Pin isnt important anymore.

Thats because you want need your followers to interact with your content when it first arrives.

This really helps you !

So knowing when your audience is around is really important.

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B Using Social Sharing Buttons On The Websites

Most websites today include social sharing buttons on their single post pages. You can find these at the top or bottom of the pages. Some also use floating icons on the left or right sides of the posts.

Depending on the social sharing plugin the site is using, you may be able to hover over certain images on the page, and a pin button will appear, letting you pin the image.

Tips On How To Optimize A Pin

To optimize your pins and increase your website and blog traffic, start by optimizing your Pinterest profile. Create a catchy name to attract viewers. When creating boards on your Pinterest account, choose names with search engine optimized keywords to attract viewers.

Pinterest marketing tools have their own list of Pinterest trends and keywords that you can review when picking optimized words to name your boards. You can also view other peoples pins and boards to see what names attract more attention.

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When Should You Pin Seasonal Content

As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to pin your seasonal content at least 3 months in advance. It may even be better to pin before that, especially for users with new accounts that Pinterest is still learning to trust.

For example, Christmas pins should start being pinned around September!

You want to make sure you give the algorithm enough time to fully understand your pin and distribute it to the right audience when the time comes around.

Since seasonal content and trends can BOOM on Pinterest, I created the to help you plan and post seasonal content and trends far enough in advance to help it take off when seasons and trends peak!This will help you pin seasonal content and plan amazing ideas with ease!

Rich Pins Showing Article Information

Pinterest for Business: Why You Need It Now

Rich pins appear for validated sites. Validation does not happen automatically. You can apply to add rich pins from your own website after checking to see that all the right code is in place.

Heres a bit about how this process worked for us, step-by-step:

  • We use the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO, which includes a setting for adding a Pinterest meta tag. We copied and pasted the code from Pinterest into this Yoast setting.
  • , which will show you a preview of your pin.
  • Request Rich Pins. From the Pinterest validation tool, you can click to apply for Rich Pins for your website.
  • Rich Pins validated. When successful, youll receive an email from Pinterest notifying you that Rich Pins have been enabled.

After stepping through this process, the pins from the Buffer blogall present and past pinsnow include Rich Pin information like headline, author, story description, and link.

Thats a gain of 104 clicks per daya 2x increasewith Rich Pins.

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Pin At The Best Times

Another important tip is to post your Pinterest content at the best times to post on Pinterest. If you have been wondering about when to post on Pinterest, you can schedule pins in advance with a tool like RecurPost. When you post at times that are optimal for posting, you will increase the chances of getting higher engagement and visibility for your posts.

Try Different Pin Formats

Mix it up! Pin a video encouraging Pinners to shop at your e-commerce store or try adding multiple photos to a Pin to create a carousel.

For example, Nike uses video to promote its products:

And carousels to show a variety of products in one Pin:

But even though 80% of Pinners discover a new brand or product on Pinterest, think beyond shopping and explicitly promoting your brand.

For example, Nespresso pins step-by-step content to engage Pinners with its brand:

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How Do I Sell Things On Pinterest

In fact, has proven to be a fantastic way of doing business on the internet. If you need some advice on using social media platforms in your strategy, check out our social media marketing tips.

Rich pins also make it really easy for people who are searching for products like yours to find you.

Unfortunately, these awesome Pins are currently only available in the United States and are exclusive to BigCommerce and Shopify.

It is hoped that Pinterest will soon make changes that allow global trading. Keep an eye on the for news on this.

How To Post On Pinterest: How To Create Pins That Go Viral

How to Upload Videos on Pinterest

Anastasia Blogger Blogging

And boards just make it so much easier to find those ideas you saved for later because every board is dedicated to a specific topic.

So, lets dive into it!

And the first thing I want to talk about is pin design.

Most importantly, your images MUST be vertical! About 80% of the users on mobile devices, which is why Pinterest prefers images with an aspect ratio 2:3.

Pinterest recommends that your pin size is at least 1000*1500 pixels for the best resolution on any devices.

In the most recent Pinterests official guide, they even mentioned as a recommended pin size 1000*1500 pixels. Which I think reflects technological development most of the mobile devices nowadays come with screens of high resolution. Which means your smaller images might look pixelated on them. So, I expect that in the near future most of the content creators will start using pins of least a 1000 pixels in width.

In my experience, images of 1:2 ratio work better, probably because they still occupy more space in the feed than 2:3 images. Also, maybe they stand out because most of the people are using 2:3 ratio nowadays.

Let me know in the comments below, which image ratio performs better on your account?

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Add Title And Description

Write your video pin title and description. The title must accurately state what your video is about. Search engine optimized descriptions should be no more than 500 characters maximum. If you are pinning more than one video, write additional text for each video explaining to viewers what each video on the pin is about.

Boards And Board Types


Think of Pinterest boards as digital mood boards. Use boards to save, collect and organize your Pins. Many use boards to group Pins according to a certain theme or topic. For example, you might create a board around the planning of a product launch event, for seasonal content, or for wedding inspiration.

Group boards

Group boards are the same as regular boards, except more than one person can add content. This format is ideal for marketers looking to share ideas or plans with their team, as anyone can contribute.

Secret boards

A secret board can only be seen by its creator and invited collaborators. When you create one, youll see a lock symbol beside the board name. These are useful for planning you dont want to be public secret boards wont appear in the home feed, in search, or anywhere publicly on Pinterest.

Protected boards

Similar to secret boards, protected boards live at the bottom of your Pinterest profile and only you can see them. However, the Pins on these protected boards can be seen across Pinterest if a Pinner has a direct link.

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How To Post On Pinterest: Creating A Pin On Desktop Web

If you’d prefer to create Pins via Pinterest’s desktop website, you can. Just use the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Open up your web browser, and go to . Then, log in to your account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: In the top-left corner, select the Create drop-down menu option. From the menu that appears, choose Create Pin.

Step 3: You should now be looking at the Pin-builder screen. On this screen, you can either drag and drop an image or upload an image in the gray box on the left.

You can also select Save from site to choose a photo from the website you’re creating a Pin for. Then, you’ll add a title and alt text for your Pin, choose a Pinterest board to Pin it to from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the Pin builder, write a description for it in the Tell everyone what your Pin is about field, and then select Save.

If you’re not saving from a site, you’ll need to upload an image as described above, add a title for your Pin, add a link in the field marked Add a destination link, add alt text to your image, write a description of the Pin in the Tell everyone what your Pin is about field, and then choose the Pinterest board you want to post your Pin to from the drop-down menu located in the top-right corner of the Pin builder. Then, choose Save.

And that’s it!

Accompanying Title And/or Descriptive Picture

8 Ways to Effectively Extend Your Instagram Reach Now

Instead, choose an image that reflects the link’s contents. If you’re struggling to convey an abstract concept, feel free to add text to your image to describe it. The above example didn’t need that — the icons themselves conveyed what was behind the link: free downloadable icons. If you want an example of a great pin with text on it, check the one out below. Without the title on the image, the pin wouldn’t nearly be as strong — people would have no idea that this was an ebook they could download.

Moral of the story here: make sure that people know what’s inside the pin so they feel enticed to click. If you feel like the image isn’t pulling its weight on its own, add text. That little bit of text could make the difference between someone clicking on your pin or not.

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Why Cant I Upload Photos To Pinterest

You may need to clear some of your browsing data such as your history, cookies etc. if youre using Google Chrome.

If that doesnt work for you, contact Pinterests support team or Google your issue and see if you find any useful answers.

As a last resort, you can try and upload photos from a completely different device.

What Can You Post On Pinterest

If youre a small business or an influencer, you will likely want to know . Those posts can lead directly to your website and thus generate traffic. The platform allows you to post both videos and images or a mix of both. However, it also enables you to write extended captions explaining the image/video or inviting viewers to visit your website.

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Consider Creating Two Pins For Each Blog Post

As I mentioned in this post, for a while I was creating two new pins for each new blog post I published.

I found this was a great way to pin more and grow my followers and traffic. If you have the time, go ahead and create two pins for each blog post, then when you publish your post, pin the first pin to a board.

Then, wait a day or two before pinning the second pin to a board. Afterward, you can schedule both pins using Tailwind!

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