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How Do You Make Sections On Pinterest

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Write A Good Board Description

How to Add Pinterest Sections to Your Boards

Keywords matter here too! Include phrases your target audience is searching for.

Learn more about here.

But do incorporate your keywords into those sentences! In my Google SERPs example above, you can see how the keyword phrases are picked up and highlighted.

I would shoot for at least 200 characters of description.

Should I use hashtags in my board description?

Hashtags arent helpful in your board description. are only intended for Pin descriptions.

Assess Group Board Effectiveness

Group boards should only be one part of your strategy, not all of it. If you are exclusively pinning your content to group boards I would strongly suggest you dial that back to 30/70 ratio . Not utilizing your personal boards and relying so heavily on group boards puts you at the mercy of a group board owner. A group board owner could remove you at any time or delete the board altogether.

Heres a quick guide for evaluating group boards:

  • Does the topic still fit within your niche or do you write content that will fit on the board?
  • Is there activity on the board or does it seem to be a dead space with little to no repins?
  • How many contributors? Less is more. Having 5-10 contributors who are active is going to be vastly more productive than having your content buried in a board with 50, 75 or even 100s of contributors.

Group boards come and go all the time. Its okay to leave if the board is no longer helpful to your business. Consider joining up with just a few friends who have a similar niche.

Level 2 Organize By Category

Now, take it a step further. For each type of board, organize by priority. If you have multiple brand boards, then rank them by importance and order them that way. Then group your topic boards into categories.

After books, logically the natural progress is to bookstagram and book blogging.

Notice, Ive covered all the different topics I write about. If I wrote a lot about babies, I would have boards about babies and pregnancy, and I would group it in with the mom section. Your goal is for everything to be nice and neat making it easy for your reader to find exactly what they want.

Repeat the category organization you used on your topic boards on your group boards. Notice that I have all my book group boards first, then our blogging, then mom life and lastly travel. Exactly matching how I organized our topic boards.

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How To Create A Group Board

Alternatively, you can simply invite friends to one of your existing personal boards.

Step 1: Log into your Pinterest account and click your profile photo at the top right of your screen if on a desktop or bottom right if on your cell phone.

Step 2: Click + below the name of your board.

Step 3: Search for your friend by using a first or last name, an email address, or a username.

Step 4: Click Invite. You can also Copy the link and send this to the friends you want to add.

As the group board owner, you may be able to decide what your collaborators can do and/or limit what they can do. You can also remove collaborators at any time.

Write Relevant And Helpful Content

You can now create sections within Pinterest boards!

Now that youve started a blog, write 5-10 blog posts related to your niche that will solve your readers problems.

Before you start writing, take a step back and figure out who your target audience is.

I always recommend choosing something you enjoy talking about.

Dont choose a topic just because you think it will make money. Sure, it may work out, but can you really keep writing about something you dont have a genuine interest in?

The last thing you want is your blog to feel like a chore.

This diagram will help you determine what you can write about while solving your readers problems.

  • Passion: Im not going to tell you to quit your job and chase your passions without any financial support. But what would you do with your life if you were financially independent? I know this is tough to answer, so this free personality test is amazing and can help you figure it out as long as you answer truthfully!
  • Skills: What are you good at? What do you usually get compliments on?
  • : What are people searching A LOT for on Google and Pinterest? I recommend using SEMrush for some guidance. Billions of people out there want answers and solutions to their problems!

Remember that readers need your help with something. Most of them arent here to read about your problems. When they land on your page, they will subconsciously ask:

Whats in it for me?

Your ideal spot is to hit all these 3 elements !

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Should You Have Personal Boards On Your Business Account

Theres some controversy about this. Some people say yes. They even recommend going into your Pinterest analytics and making boards on other interests of your audience even if theyre not your interests.

Please, dont do that. Do you really want to keep pinning to a board of things youre not interested in?

Feel free to use Audience Insights to create more boards that are relevant to your business though particularly if you have your own content to save there. Even Pinterest now tells us to focus on saving your own content.

There is a slight chance youll attract some members of your target market this way but much more likely, if you attract anyone, theyll be people who arent.

As a Pinner whos had a somewhat-business-related Pin go viral , I can tell you it caused me a huge waste of time and money.

Even though that Pin was vaguely related to my business , I probably got fewer than 5 people on my business email list from that viral Pin.

I spent a ton of time making a content upgrade for that blog post, set up an email list for it, tried to figure out a way to monetize

I did get thousands of people to sign up to that list . So that cost me plenty.

I eventually closed that list because I was wasting too much time on it, and making no money.

Now imagine if Id made a board about knitting? Which was recommended to me.

If you make baby clothes, and you suddenly came out with a line of adult hair care products, thats diluting your brand.

Consider Creating Two Pins For Each Blog Post

As I mentioned in this post, for a while I was creating two new pins for each new blog post I published.

I found this was a great way to pin more and grow my followers and traffic. If you have the time, go ahead and create two pins for each blog post, then when you publish your post, pin the first pin to a board.

Then, wait a day or two before pinning the second pin to a board. Afterward, you can schedule both pins using Tailwind!

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Have Several Boards On The Same Topic

A great way to distribute pins on your profile is to have similar board topics.

When you do this, you can pin the same pin to multiple different boards.

For example, if I search kid activities, I get a lot of global topics:

This can start some of your board topics like:

  • Indoor kid activities
  • Outdoor kid activities
  • Kid activities while camping

In my course Ready Set Blog for Traffic, I share more optimized ways to name your boards so that pinners find your pins and boards and grow your traffic and profile.

Changing And/or Removing A Pins Section:

How To Add & Delete Pinterest Board Sections

A section a pin belongs to can be changed to another section. Also, it can be removed from the section its currently in. And all these actions are carried out by going to the pin directly , rather than going to section setting.

1. Go to desired section.

2. Tap on pin to be moved.

3. Then hit More.

5. To change board section, tap on it.

6. And select another section to move pin.

7. Redirected page shows pin moved into new section.

8. Also, To remove pin, tap board section again.

10. Pin is removed from current board Hit Done.

11. Then wait until setting is saved.

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Level 1 Organize By Type

Now lets get down to the details of how you organize your Pinterest boards. It all comes down to one rule: Prioritize. You want to logically order things so that everything is easy for your followers to find.

Where do you start? With you of course. I cant stress enough how that your Best Of board needs to be the very first thing any follower sees. Your brand boards always trump anything else.

Next up are your topic boards. Since these are boards you own, they get higher priority over the group boards. Group all your topic boards and then trail all your group boards in at the bottom of your profile.

Creating A New Section Method :

Now this method follows selecting pins first. And it involves creating a section for them from there on out. Its slightly different from the first one. But just as easy.

1. Follow steps 1-3 from above.

2. Tap Select.

3. Choose pins to move.

4. And hit folder.

5. Now name section > Done.

6. And wait until setting is saved.

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How To Find Group Boards

The best way to find good group boards is to find a top blogger in your niche and take a look at their list of boards, chances are they will own or contribute to several group boards. You can tell if its a group board at a glance because of the bubble overlay indicating multiple contributors.

Write down the group boards youd like to inquire about.

Then find the owner of one of those new group boards, and look at what boards theyre in. Repeat until you have a long list of boards to inquire about.

The owner of the board will always be the first person listed:

You can start by snooping through my list of boards if youd like!

Another way to find group boards is to participate in FB groups related to blogging or Pinterest. They usually have threads for sharing group boards. Try this one, or this one, .

Best Practices For Contacting Board Owners

You can now create sections within Pinterest boards!

DO be specific when requesting addition to a group board, name the board accurately. I often get requests from people to be added to my group board, but I have several group boards. I usually respond and ask them to specify which board exactly they were interested in. One lady answered with Oh any of them!. Ummm, no. I will only add people who can contribute relevant content to the board, and who care enough to do a little basic research.

DO include a sentence about yourself and what kind of content you intend to add to the board.

DONT write an essay. Im busy, youre busy. We only have time to read short messages. Honestly, your life story and blogging background isnt necessary information.

DONT request access to a board which is closed to new contributors. Its a waste of everyones time. If there is nothing in the board description that specifically says it is not accepting new contributors, then its fair game to inquire.

DO try to address the board owner by name. Its just more personal and makes it look like youve done your research.

DO follow the board and the board owner. Even if it doesnt specifically say to do so in the board description.

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How To Organize Boards Into Sections

There are a few ways users can use sections to optimize your boards, including:

  • Organizing your ideas Rather than having one board filled with a jumble of ideas, sections allow you to create sub-categories, making it much easier to navigate through and quicker to search.
  • Cleaning up your boards A messy board can make it hard for your audience to find specific pins. You can use sections to make your content easier to find and draw more people to your boards.
  • Planing for the holidays Be it your plans for potential holiday destinations, or just how you plan to decorate this Halloween, sections can make planning for the holidays far easier.
  • Market research is hugely important for Pinterest-based businesses. Using sections can your research easier to navigate and read, making your efforts more efficient.
  • Better customer experience Board split into sections are clearer, easier to understand and navigate, and offer an overall better customer experience.
  • Increase social influence A well-organized board is going to drawn more people to your content and, because they can access multiple sections without leaving your board, keep them viewing for longer.
  • Plan that event or party Using sections can help you organize your decor ideas, the food and drinks menu, possible venues, and even the guest list.

Use A Schedule To Automate Your Pinning Process


Im a busy mom, freelance writer, and course creator.

I have over 7 blogs, two email lists, two Facebook groups, multiple Facebook pages and am on social media.

I cant be bothered to pin 25 times a day.

Instead, I use Tailwind to automate my entire pin strategy and to help me post on Pinterest more consistently.

If you need more help deciding if Tailwind is for you, check out my post and get your first 100 pins free.

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Start A Blog For Really Cheap

I highly recommend starting a self-hosted blog with THIS web hosting company before you learn how to make money on Pinterest.

It is really cheap to invest in a web hosting plan plus you get a FREE domain name when you and go for at least the 12-month plan.

I personally started my blog with them too when I was a beginner and wanted to give blogging a try.

I know you might be thinking of starting a blog for free on or Blogger, but DO NOT go that route!

It would be near impossible to make money when you sign up for a free blog because no one will take you seriously.

On top of that, applying to ad networks and affiliate programs will be extremely tough. So believe me, you will want to start your blog the correct way by following my easy step-by-step tutorial here. You will thank yourself for doing this!

SPECIAL NOTE: Im super excited to let you know that you can start your blog with Bluehost for as low as $2.95 USD/month when you use this exclusive link here. Thats an upfront investment of only $36 for the whole year, which is over 60% off regular pricing. Plus, when you sign up for at least the 12-month plan, will receive a FREE domain name !

I really dont know when this exclusive special ends so take advantage of this offer before its gone.

If youre interested and would like to learn more, you can visit my tutorial, How To Start a Blog here.

Choose A Pin To Move To Your New Section

How to CREATE A BOARD on Pinterest? – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide 2021

You should still be in the Board that you are organizing into Sections

You will see your new Section at the top and it will be displaying empty placeholders for new Pins.

Scroll down past the title of your new Section to view your Board Pins

Choose a Pin to move into your new Section.

on the Pencil icon to Edit the Pin you selected.

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Start With A Square Template

If youre not there already, head to BeFunkys Designer by clicking on this link. You’ll end up in the Instagram Posts template section. As Pinterest Board Covers are square, this format works best.

Our templates are designed in-house for easy customization. But if you’d rather start with a blank canvas, just select Social Media and choose a square template from the or templates.

Place An Emphasis On Your Images

While creating images, you need to have white space around them. This will help you include the necessary elements and text overlays, minus the clutter. It’s also worth avoiding stock images if you’re a photographer, this is the perfect opportunity to dust off your camera and take some original shots.

You can also give each of your pins their own identity, which will help to stop your audience from getting bored.

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Bonus Tip: Move Section To Same Board

While the above method holds true for sections in the same board as well, you can also move pins from one section to another in the same board. For that, you will have to use the merge feature.

Heres how to go about it.

Step 1: Open the section that you want to move. Now, instead of clicking/tapping on the Organize button, tap on the edit .

Step 2: Click on Merge.

Step 3: Click on Pick a section drop-down box. Pinterest will show other sections available on that board. Select the one where you want to move it. Then, hit the Move Pins and delete the section.


Amplify Your Pins With Keywords And Hashtags

How To: Use Pinterest to Organize and Market Your Brand â The Wise Ink Blog

Adding hashtags and relevant keywords will, like on other social media platforms, help you reach a bigger audience.

One clever way to grow your reach is by adding trending hashtags to your pins. Then, hoever searching with that hashtag will have a chance to see your pin. Adding two to three hashtags on each pin description is sufficient.

You can also add keywords that describe your pin. If you pin an image of a dress, for example, you can add keywords like evening gown, partywear, and so on.

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