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How Do You Go Live On Twitter

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Launch Or Demo A New Product

How to go Live on Twitter on Desktop… So Easy!

For organizations, LinkedIn Live can be a great way to launch products or services. Live lets you walk potential customers through your latest offering, step-by-step. You can also answer questions as they come up using Linkedins live comment feature.

For example, TAP Innovations recently used LinkedIn to stream DialedIns demo of their Admin tool. The demo helped customers, by teaching them how to make the most of the tool. But it also helped TAP get the word out about their latest product. A win-win for everyone.

For individuals, live-review a new product to show your thought leadership. Walk viewers through what works well and what doesnt. Comment on any challenges you experience along the way. You can also offer insider tips on how to make the most of the product.

How To Go Live On Instagram

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With Instagrams Go Live option, you can start a video broadcast of yourself and let people on this platform watch and interact with it. Well show you how to do this on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

When you go live, Instagram notifies some of your followers so they can watch your broadcast. They can then watch as well as post comments on your live video.

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How To Stream To Twitch From A Smartphone

While consoles are pretty much focused on streaming gaming content, smartphones are less so. Twitchs smartphone app only lets you broadcast from your phones camera, so if you want to cast mobile gaming, youll have to deal with third-party apps. Heres how you live stream to Twitch from your smartphone.

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How To Go Live On Twitter

As you would with any video recording, use the best possible lighting and sound for your live video broadcast. This will increase the likelihood that your audience will watch longer, participate in the discussion, engage using the reactions, and share the live broadcast with their followers.

Ultimately, this will give you a boost in the . Keep reading for 14 steps on live streaming from start to finish.

Set Up Your Ps4 For Live Streaming

how to go live on twitter

There are a couple of settings you should pay attention to before you turn on your game and connect the console to your Twitch account:

  • Ensure HDCP is disabled. Youll find this option under Settings > System. Turn it on when watching content from services such as Netflix on your PS4. When streaming, it should be off.
  • Set up your devices. In Settings > Devices you can find options for audio devices as well as the PlayStation Camera. This is where you can adjust levels for your microphone or headset. PlayStation 4 doesnt support any webcams other than the PlayStation Camera.
  • Set up audio sharing. When you launch the game, press the share button on the controller and go to Sharing and Broadcast Settings > Broadcast Settings > Advanced Settings > Audio Sharing Settings. This is where you enable the sound from your microphone for your broadcast.
  • Enable the chat. In the Sharing and Broadcast Settings > Broadcast Settings > Advanced Settings, you can check the Display Messages to Spectators and Spectators Comments to enable the chat.

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How To Go Live On Twitter To Connect With Your Followers

If you are already getting good results from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn live video, learning how to go live on Twitter should be your next step.

Are you ready to go live on Twitter to level up your tactics? If you are already getting good results from , , and live video, Twitter live broadcasts should be your next stop.

In this post, youll learn how to go live on Twitter and stream content to your follower in real-time.

Please note that if you are interested in live-tweeting an event, there is a post on that as well! Both live-tweeting and going live on Twitter can help you promote an event.

Bonus:Download the free 30-day plan to grow your Twitter following fast, a daily workbook that will help you establish a Twitter marketing routine and track your growth, so you can show your boss real results after one month.

Engage With Other Users Content

If you want other users to engage with your content, a good way to start is to always interact with their first. Like, respond to, and retweet your users content when you can, and following them can also help.

When you respond to other users or engage with their content, theyll be more likely to pay attention to what youre posting, too. This is especially true considering most brands dont take or have the time to interact with a lot of followers, so it can mean more when you do.

This can also help to build social proof over time, which is valuable across all social media marketing platforms.

Not only will this increase engagement, but it will also help you start to build a relationship between you or your brand and the users youre interacting with, expanding the benefits more concretelyand off Twitter.

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Optimize Your Linkedin Presence

A great video can generate lots of traffic. Make sure your LinkedIn presence is ready for it:

If youre an individual, go through your carefully. Use a professional headshot and update your work experience. Write a brief, informative headline that catches peoples attention.

Winnie Suns profile is polished and punchy. Her headline even includes a plug for her LinkedIn Live show!

If youre an organization, make sure youve filled out your entire Page. According to insights from LinkedIn, complete Pages receive 30% more views as incomplete ones.

To craft a perfect Page, start with compelling profile and banner images. Add an engaging About us section, including relevant keywords where possible.

How To Share And Change Settings For Live Broadcasts

How To Go Live On Twitter: Turn Your Tweets Into A Live Broadcast!

You can change how people interact with your live video. To do so, at the bottom of the Instagram app, next to Add a Comment, tap the three dots.

You will then see the following options:

  • Turn Off Commenting: This disables comments on your current live video.
  • Turn Off Requests to Go Live: By default, your viewers can send you a request to be in your live video. Selecting this option disables that feature.
  • Turn Off Questions: Disables the question feature.
  • Use this option to share your live videos link using your phones share menu.
  • Copy Link: This copies the link to your current Instagram live video. You can share this link with others to let them watch your live video.

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Tips To Increase Twitter Engagement & Ctr

Now that weve completely covered what Twitter engagement is, why it matters, and how to measure it, we can focus on how to increase it.

Strategies to increase engagement and your CTRs on Twitter include strategies for how you engage with other content, the words you choose to create your post, and how and when you post your content.

Ultimately, youll want to test the strategies you choose for yourself and see what works best for you and your audience to increase both clicks and engagement.

What Kind Of Content Should You Stream On Twitch

Gaming content is what originally launched Twitch. For a long time, it was the primary draw of the platform. Even today, people seem to tune in mostly to watch gaming content. Two of the most popular categories, in terms of hours watched, are two game categories: League of Legends and Fortnite.

Its important to note, however, that as of March 2021, the Just Chatting category was dominating concurrent viewership and racked up 63 million watched hours, accounting for a 12.8% viewing share of total watched hours. In the Just Chatting category, you can find channels about anything, not just games and gamer culture.

So what does this mean for you? You dont have to get stuck producing bad gaming content if theres something else youre much better at. Here are a few tips that should help you get settled into a nice content category or a few.

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Share A Variety Of Links

If you want to get clicks to your site, the best way to do so is to put links in your Tweets.

While you want to share links to your most valuable content, sending traffic to your site, you also want to share content from others, too. With social media, you never want to make it all about you and your brand Twitter is no exception.

If you find great content off Twitter, share it there and tag the brand/user who created it if possible theyll appreciate it, and some of your users might, too.

Sharing links that you find valuableand that arent your owncan encourage users to pay more attention to what youre posting. Even better, it can build relationships between you and your users and other industry leaders whose content youre sharing, and they might later share your content in return.

This can help increase engagement and send more traffic and new visitors to your site as an added bonus.

When Should I Tweet

How To Go Live on Instagram: Tips and Tricks for Instagram ...
  • When you are about to go Live on your channel, and every few hours while youre Live , or when you change games.
  • When you make a new highlight / clip / video.
  • When you conclude your stream. Thank people for coming.
  • When youre raided, to thank the person whom the raid came from.
  • Post about upcoming events on your channel, and other related news.

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Promote Your Event With Twitter Live

You know that live-tweeting can help you promote an event. Now, try going live on Twitter to promote your event. In the case below, hosted a Q& A for an upcoming movie with the lead actors.

Bonus:Download the free 30-day plan to grow your Twitter following fast, a daily workbook that will help you establish a Twitter marketing routine and track your growth, so you can show your boss real results after one month.

Twitter Live

What Is Twitter Engagement

Twitter engagement is when someone engages with the content that you post. There are multiple different ways customers can interact with your content, including:

  • Favoriting your tweet
  • Mentioning you in a separate tweet

This engagement, therefore, is one of the main purposes for posting on Twitter at all to send interested, engaged traffic to your site.

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Gather Connect And Set Up Your Gear

Before you start setting up your streaming software, make sure all the hardware you need is connected. This means connecting your webcam and microphone to your computer. If you plan to add an additional computer monitor to your setup or want to use a green screen, nows the time to get it ready.

Test everything as well. Set up your webcam at a good angle and check out the audio levels on your mic. Nows a good time to sound-proof the room youre streaming in or adjust your lighting if youre using lights.

How Do I Make My Stream Look And Sound Great

How To Live Stream Directly On Twitter (Periscope Tutorial)

Your gear and your upload speed play a crucial role in the quality of your stream, but theyre not all that matters. Content affects quality, too, albeit in a different way. There are some other effects you can add to your stream, as well as special settings you can pay attention to, that can make a lot of difference.

If you want your stream to look and sound like those of some of the most popular streamers, you should consider the following:

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Viewing And Understanding Your Broadcast Analytics

What kind of HLS streams are supported?Producer in Media Studio accepts HLS streams in the form of .m3u8 or .m3u URLs. When specifying an HLS stream URL in Twitterâs Media Studio, you are specifying a URL to a playlist. We accept both types — so-called âmaster playlistsâ and âmedia playlistsâ.

What kind of broadcast analytics are shown in Producer in Media Studio?All broadcast analytics for Media Studio are specific to Twitter platforms, including and the iOS and Android applications, and exclude all Periscope platforms, like the Periscope website and the iOS and Android applications

The following metrics can be found within Producer in Media Studio: minutes watched , views , live viewers, maximum concurrent live viewers, viewership percentage by device type, and viewership percentage by country.

Why do my broadcast analytics show 0 for all metrics?Check that you have not used the âhideâ functionality within the Periscope app. Unhide your broadcast via the app again to show broadcast analytics in Media Studio. If you do need your broadcast hidden from replay view, please use the âMake broadcast replay unavailableâ functionality in Media Studio.

Why do my Periscope broadcast analytics not match what I see in Producer in Media Studio?There are many reasons why the data across the two sources will not match:

There are no spam and normalization filters for Periscope data, so you may see much higher Periscope metrics for your broadcasts.

Twitter Live For Mobile Users

Up-to-the-minute broadcasts are what Twitter is best used for, so you should know how to go live from your mobile device. For mobile live streaming, the steps are simple:

  • Launch the Twitter app and go to the composer.
  • Tap the camera icon.
  • Tap live at the bottom.
  • Tap the microphone in the top corner to do an audio-only broadcast.
  • Write a description of your live video, which will appear as a tweet.
  • Add a location if you want your viewers to know where youre streaming from.
  • Tap go live. Your live video will appear in your followers timelines and on your profile as a tweet.
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    How To Stream To Twitter

    To live stream to Twitter, you will need to have a Periscope account. Twitter has begun the process of shutting down Periscope, their live streaming application, in order to let everyone stream directly to Twitter . You will still be able to create broadcasts on StreamYard to Periscope for a limited time, but at some point we will be migrating to the Twitter Live API in 2021.

    Add All The Audio/video Sources And Visuals You Plan To Use

    You can now " Go Live

    Everything you want to broadcast in your stream needs to be added as a source in OBS. Your microphone is a source, and the game you want to play is one too, as is the feed from your webcam and whatevers on your desktop. If you want it on your stream, you have to add it as a source.

    The great thing about OBS Studio is that most of the time it will recognize your audio sources. If it doesnt, you can go to File > Settings > Audio and find the devices you want to use for audio. Usually, this means having a device for desktop sounds and a device for the sounds that come from your microphone .

    As far as video sources go, youll see the sources field in OBS Studios main panel. By clicking on the + button, youll open a menu that lets you add a variety of sources, including games, your desktop, web pages, images, and text files. Keep in mind, though, that the sources appear on the screen just as they appear in the sources box, layered on top of one another. Moving a source up on the list will make it visible on top of other sources.

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    Here Is How To Start A Live Video:

    Step 1: Open the Twitter app on your phone.

    Step 2: Then tap on the camera icon from the composer.

    Step 3: Tap on Live at the bottom selector.

    Step 4: To go live with audio but not video, tap on the microphone at the top right. This will turn off the camera, and youll be heard by viewers, but not seen.

    Step 5: Fill in an optional description that will appear as a Tweet, and a location if desired.

    Step 6: To invite guests before going live, tap on Invite guests to select or search for people to join your broadcast.

    • Tap on the profile icon of the guests you want to join.
    • Tap on Save.

    Step 7: Now tap on Go live. Your live broadcast, with description and location , will appear in a Tweet in your follower’s timeline and on your profile.

    Choose A Relevant Topic

    Knowing your audience is key for creating engaging content. On LinkedIn, that audience largely consists of educated, business-minded people, as well as students and hospitality workers.

    Stick to , and that are related to your brand in some way. You can also grab ideas from LinkedIns monthly blog series on trending content.

    Knowing your audience is key to creating relevant content too. Heres some tips for doing that:

    • Review your Page analytics. See your audience demographics and what type of content resonates most with them.
    • Use the Content Suggestions tool. Filter for your target audience by industry, function, location and level of seniority and see which topics are trending in real-time. Then use these ideas to brainstorm for your next live stream.
    • Try the Communities Hashtags feed. The Communities panel is on the right-hand side of your Page admin view. Here, you can associate your Page with up to three hashtags . Click on any of the hashtags and youll see a feed of content that uses the same hashtag, which is useful for understanding trending content in your industry.

    Our guide to defining a target audience has lots of helpful tips too.

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