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How Do You Get Verified On Twitter

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The Types Of Twitter Accounts Eligible For Verification

How to Get Verified on Twitter

To be verified on Twitter, your account must fall into one of six categories:

  • Activist, organizer, or influencer: Twitter defines these as people who use the platform to “bring awareness, share information, and galvanize community members around a cause.”
  • Company, brand, or organization: This is for accounts that represent brand names, corporations, and similar. It also includes leaders and other prominent people from these organizations.
  • Entertainers and entertainment groups: In addition to major entertainment organizations like TV networks and film studios, this group also includes individual artists, directors, and performers. Twitter also says that digital content creators may be verified if they have consistently published original content for at least six months and meet notability requirements.
  • Government official or affiliate: People who are currently government officials, ambassadors, official candidates, or similar.
  • Journalist or news organization: This includes official accounts of “qualifying news organizations,” plus any journalist working for them. Eligible types of organizations include newspapers, cable or streaming stations, podcast hosts, and similar. Freelance journalists can be verified if they can provide enough writing credits.
  • It should be pretty clear which group you fall into. The requirements you need to meet depend on what you pick here, so be sure to choose the right option.

    Why Its Important To Be Twitter Verified

    There are a lot of obvious benefits to having a verified account:

  • You might get more followers.
  • You gain trust and respect from the community.
  • You are immediately recognized as an influencer or authority.
  • You can defend yourself against impersonation attempts.
  • Its the last two points that might be the most important.That blue verified badge on your profile means that you will always have a closer connection to other verified users. Your likes, replies, and retweets of other verified users can never be hidden. You’re also protecting yourself from impersonators who want to use your influence to forward their own agendaswhether it’s to spread fake news and conspiracy theories, spam your followers, or steal your followers’ personal information.Moving forward, to expand categories to include other influential persons such as scientists, academics, and more. They are also planning to add more functionality to profiles by creating different types of accounts and adding an about page.Being verified ensures that your content and your interactions always remain visible for the maximum number of Twitter users possible.

    What Is Twitter Verification

    Twitter verification shows that the profile is authentic and of public interest. The profile with a blue badge symbol shows others that this account is verified by Twitter and not spamming and violating any copyright or trademark laws.

    Twitter verification only means that the profile is credible by Twitter and it does not show any endorsement.

    Lets briefly discuss Twitter verification eligibility criteria!

    To get verified, your profile must be authentic, notable, and active. As per the Twitter new verification program, the categories Government, Companies, brands and non-profit organizations, news organizations and journalists, Entertainment, Sports and Esports, Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals are authentic. So your profile must fall under these categories to earn a badge from Twitter.

    Here are some points that you should know about Twitter verification:

    • Only twitter holds the authority to verify profiles, and third parties have no power to do this.
    • Verified accounts always have a blue badge next to their username and are of the same size, shape, and color.
    • Anyone can apply for twitter verification, but only qualified profiles get verified and earn badges from Twitter.
    • Twitter also holds the right to remove the blue badge from a verified account any time without giving notice.

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    Create A Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

    Having a clear makes putting in that work a little easier.

    Do this to:

    • Determine what your competition is doing.
    • Plan a content calendar.
    • Track engagement and growth.

    As well as helping your brand determine whether its meeting its goals, having a strategy in place will help you monitor what content your audience is engaging with and stay on track to post content regularly.

    Who Cant Verify Their Twitter Accounts

    You can now get verified on Twitter again

    Of course, there are certain types of accounts that are ineligible for the Twitter blue check. These are:

    • Parody, newsfeed, commentary, and unofficial fan accounts
    • Pets and fictional characters, unless directly affiliated with a Verified Company, Brand, or Organization, or with a Verified entertainment production
    • Accounts engaged in severe violations of Twitters Platform manipulation and spam policy, such as the buying and selling of followers and engagement
    • Accounts of individuals or groups associated with coordinated harmful activity, or hateful content as defined in Twitters Ads Policies
    • Accounts that routinely post content that harasses, shames, or insults any individual or group or promotes the supremacy or interests of members of any group
    • Accounts promoting the sale of the Verification badge itself or offering unauthorized assistance with the application process

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    Be Authentic And Real

    Authencity is required to build and maintain interest between users and for this, you need to confirm your identity with Twitter. There are several ways that you can follow to prove authentic like providing a link to your official website as a reference on your Twitter account, providing documents for ID verification such as a passport or driving license, and thirdly you can simply add your official email id with your domain.

    Along with being authentic, also focus on keeping your profile real. As there are no shortcuts, you would have to do lots of hard work to make your profile authentic.

    And the only way to keep your profile authentic and real is through producing authentic and real content.

    S For Twitter Verification

    If your account is qualified for verification, the application process is straightforward.

    • Navigate to the Account settings tab.
    • Choose one of the six mentioned categories.
    • Submit with a valid Identity proof.

    When you submit your application, Twitter will review it and approve it if the requirements are met. If not, you will receive an email explaining why you were rejected.

    A verified account offers several benefits over an unverified account. So, if youre qualified, have your account confirmed right away. We will keep you updated on any changes to Twitters verification procedure.

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    Tips To Strengthen Your Position To Become Twitter Verified

    Twitter claims to be doing its best to provide more clarity into their verification decisions, whether accepted or rejected. Here are a few ways you can improve your position and potential to get accepted, whether on your first try or on your second time around.

    Whether you are taking your first shot at verification or youre going in for a second attempt after initial rejection, there are things you should be doing to better-position yourself to be approved.

    Before you apply for verification, you should:

    • Make sure your Twitter profile is complete with name, photo, bio, website, security, and other relevant info
    • Have a quality photo and cover image
    • Focus on building a large audience
    • Write guest posts for high-authority websites
    • Build relationships with journalists to earn quotes and citations in their work
    • Post often and engage regularly with other Twitter users
    • Mention other verified accounts youre connected with in your bio

    Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz and Co-Founder of SparkToro, drops his wife Geraldines Twitter handle in his bio.


    The good news is, if at first you dont succeed, try, try againin 30 days. Twitter allows users to submit a request for verification every 30 days, so assess where things went wrong and spend 30 days fixing the issues that led to not being approved. Then, when everything is in place, jump back in and give it another shot.

    Providing References For Verification

    How To Get Verified On Twitter (Easy Process)

    Next, you’ll need to provide Twitter with evidence that you are a notable account, based on the category you chose above. See for more info.

    For example, if you chose the activist option, you’ll need to provide a link to a Wikipedia article about you, three recent links from reputable news sources that cover you, or a Google Trends profile that shows people have searched about you recently.

    Depending on what you pick, the page may immediately say that you don’t meet the follower or mention requirements. If this is the case, you’ll need to either pick another category or build up your account further.

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    Improve Your Online Notability

    Once you have a good handle on your social media presence, its time to work on establishing yourself in other places online. Now its time to use every tool at your disposal to give potential clients, customers, and the powers behind social media a way to get to know you, learn about your services, and find out more about what you do.

    Note: Please do not try to create your own Wikipedia page. Read all of the reasons why this is not a good idea and what you can do instead here.

    Here are some of the things you should do when you want to be the most visible version of yourself online:

    • Improve your website: A basic website will help put you on the map, but its not enough – make sure it includes information about the kind of work that you do, any relevant skills or experience, and contact details like a phone number, email address, and physical address. That way, people who are interested in working with you can reach out easily.
    • Strengthen your notability online: Make regular contributions to your industry, via guest posts, press mentions, or other profile sites.
    • Regularly participate in corporate social responsibility

    Who Can Verify Their Twitter Accounts

    Theres a list of certain criteria you must meet to get your Twitter account verified. But before that, you should know whether your type of account can even get verified. Accounts that hold public interest can apply for verification. These include accounts that are:

    • Official government posts or politicians
    • In entertainment
    • Brands, companies, and organizations
    • Other public figures like activists and more

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    Why Should I Bother To Verify My Twitter Account

    The blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that your account is authentic.

    There are benefits to being verified. First, this badge tells the Twittersphere that youve made it and your content is worthy of public interest.

    Second, this special badge makes it easier for users to find you. In a sea of imitation accounts, yours has a blue check mark.

    Third, the check can tell your potential clients that you are a genuine, serious business that is worthy of recognition and trust.

    What Details Do You Need To Submit For Twitters Verification Badge

    Twitter verified png, Twitter verified png Transparent FREE for ...

    Twitter will give you three methods of verifying your identity. One of them is the Official website, using which you can provide the link to an official website that references you and your Twitter account.The second option is ID verification. Here, you will be required to share a photo of a valid official government-issued identification document, such as your drivers license or passport. The third one is Official email address. If you choose this option, then Twitter will ask you to provide an official email address with a domain relevant to the notability category you choose.

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    Finalizing Your Twitter Verification

    Once you’re done with the form, you’ll see a Review and submit page. Confirm that the details you’ve entered are correct, then hit Submit to send in your verification request.

    Twitter states that all requests are reviewed by a human and that it may take a few weeks to process your application. You will get an email and notification to let you know that Twitter received your request. Once the company makes a decision, another email will let you know if Twitter accepted your application.

    If you’re rejected, you can reapply for verification again after 30 days. Keep in mind that Twitter doesn’t mention any specific reasons for rejecting applications, so you won’t know where your account fell short.

    How Many Followers Are Needed To Get Verified On Twitter

    According to Twitter, the follower count isn’t a factor for account verification. Technically, you should be able to get Twitter verified with even zero followers.

    The following Twitter account actually proves that quantity really doesn’t count when it comes to verification:

    Image Source:

    This data is accurate as of 11/02/2021

    Instead, Twitter awards verification based on whether an account is authentic, notable, and active. Notable means that the account in question represents or is associated with a prominently recognized individual or brand. The criteria for being ‘prominently recognized’ are listed in

    You can actually see what kinds of accounts get verified on Twitter. Twitter runs an account @verified that follows most of the verified accounts. Take a quick browse through the account’s Following list, and you will get a taste of the broad range of accounts that are successfully verified on the platform.

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    Tips To Get Successfully Verified

    Even if you meet all the criteria and have all the necessary evidence, you can still get rejected. Its annoying, but here are some tips for stacking the odds in your favor. Keep in mind that even if you follow these to the letter, the whole verification process is still pretty arbitrary.

    You may have to submit multiple applications in your verification journey.

    Keep your profile boring

    There are a lot of ways to showcase your personality on Twitter, like punny display names, silly profile pics, and jokey handles. Unfortunately, these can count against you during the verification process. It might be cute to use your favorite video game character as your profile pic, but it can also be a big reason why you get denied. In general, its a good idea to:

    • Use a real picture of yourself or your businesss logo
    • Use your actual name as your display name
    • You can have a quirky handle, but relating it to your actual name may help

    Its not as much fun, but while your account is under review, its better to show that you are an actual human being . You can always change it after youve been verified, though Twitter warns that you can lose your verification if you do. However, this seems to be randomly enforced, and there are plenty of verified accounts that partake in memes with no consequence.

    Optimize your profile

    Make your account public and engage

    It helps if you consistently tweet and engage with other users for a sustained period before applying

    Keeping Your Twitter Account Verified

    Twitter Verification: How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2022

    Even after your account has been verified, you risk losing your blue verification badge if you break Twitters community standards.

    Your Twitter verified badge will be taken away if you do any of the following. And you might not get it back if you lose it.

  • Make sure your profile image does not have a blue badge of your own making
  • You dont want to hold off on having Twitter verify your account. Do you believe that adding your own blue check mark emblem to your profile picture or background image is acceptable?

    Think again. Accounts can only receive the verification badge after being verified by Twitter.

    Any Twitter account that displays a phony badge anywhere to suggest that Twitter has verified them will have their account suspended.

  • Avoid misleading your Twitter followers by altering your display name
  • Because the public found your story to be genuine, credible, and interesting, you were verified. It is considered purposefully misleading to change your Twitter handle or bio, especially if the changes change the accounts initial aim.

    Keep whatever was used to verify your identity .

    Simply said, this is sound life counsel.

    Additionally, your account will be suspended and unverified if you advocate for hate or violence of any type, including harassing other Twitter users and uploading graphic images. Dont do it at all.

  • Adhere to the Twitter rules at all times
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    Wait For Twitters Decision

    Now its time to wait to know what Twitter decides. If you have followed the steps correctly and the platform accepts your request, you will receive an email with the response from Twitter and the blue badge automatically will appear next to your username.

    If, on the other hand, your request has been denied by mistake, you can request it again 30 days after Twitter made the decision.

    Demonstrate Your Authenticity To Your Fans And Colleagues By Becoming Verified

    Your followers can see that they arent unintentionally following a bogus account thanks to the Twitter verified symbol.

    Additionally, it is the only mechanism for Twitter users to confirm an accounts authenticity. It enhances the user experience overall, offers an additional degree of security for users and account owners, and stops the propagation of bogus news.

    You can unquestionably submit another request after 30 days if your initial verification request is rejected. You may ask for verification as many times as you like.

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    How To Maximize Your Chances Of Getting Verified On Twitter

    If you are lucky enough, you might crack at the first attempt itself, but it is not the case with most of the profiles, especially if you are not a renowned celebrity or a company. However, you can always plan for it in advance to ensure that you run on a front foot during the process.

    Though there are no clear rules or factors that are considered by a Twitter verified account team to make a decision, there are some aspects that you can work on to maximize your chances.

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    How To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Twitter Verified

    Twitter verified png, Twitter verified png Transparent FREE for ...

    Primarily, Twitter designed its verification process to add a level of legitimacy to accounts. Due to this, not everyone is technically permitted to get verified. This is where you can count yourself in or out of consideration. For example, Twitter defines verified accounts as those that are of public interest. While that description can include a wide range of accounts, examples provided by the service include those related to music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business and other key interest areas. Considering verification is designed to add legitimacy, those looking to get verified need to provide a greater level of account transparency. At the very minimum you need to make sure all of the personal information about you is correct and confirmed by Twitter. This includes your picture, email address, and phone number. If Twitter cannot confirm you are who you say you are, then youre not going to get verified.

    While none of these tips are a guaranteed route to getting verified on Twitter, other than knowing someone on the team or quickly becoming a massive person of interest, abiding by Twitters verification guidelines is going to be the best way to increase verification chances. After all, ‘s verified guidelines are there for a reason.

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