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How Do You Get Swipe Up On Instagram

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Prolong Your Instagram Story

How To Get Swipe Up On Instagram Without 10k Followers

Instagram users are speedy information consumers. They do not waste time taking in more data than they need. This is where the Swipe up feature comes in handy. With its help, you can prolong your Instagram story, which lasts for only 24 hours, and tells more about your company and services through redirecting links.

Additionally, if you have decided to buy Instagram followers, these new users will want to find out more about your company without going through all your recent posts. They can just follow the link you provide through the Swipe up feature and land on your companys website.

The swipe up feature is also effective when you engage in charity work, and you can redirect donors to specific websites to add their contribution to a noble cause.

Everything You Need To Know About The Instagram Swipe Up Feature

The Instagram swipe up feature takes Instagram to the next level.

This feature is one of the best ways to engage your followers and promote your other social media channels, content, and websites.

But its also a great tool for your collaborations with brands. You can use it to direct traffic to a brands website, or to generate more sales and signups!

In this article, well go over what the Instagram swipe up feature is, how you can use it, and what to do if you dont have access to it.

Lets get started!

How Can Instagram Reels Help My Business

Instagram reels are made for fun and engagement which is exactly what will get you more followers and keep them interested in your business. Posting Instagram reels not only shows you are a business that keeps up with trends but will increase your engagement on Instagram. This, in turn, can lead to more website views and sales. Post Instagram reels to show the fun side of your business, whether this is behind the scenes videos, staff meet and greets or cool videos to showcase new products.

We hope that our guide to Instagram reels has helped to give you a better understanding of the new feature. Why not try giving Instagram reels a go today? Dont forget to give us a follow on Instagram .

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What Is The Instagram Swipe Up Tool

Heres the issue

You cant put links in an Instagram post. Instead, Instagram app users can only put one link in their bios.

Not only does this mean constantly switching bio links depending on your social media campaign, but performance tracking is a nightmare.

Cue the Instagram swipe up feature.

Swooping in to save the day, Instagrams swipe up function allows users to promote using links on Instagram Stories.

Dropping a killer promotion or a new YouTube video for your hungry fans? Link directly to specific content in a swipe up Instagram Story.

Viewers can either tap the arrow or swipe up to go directly to the link.

Not only does the swipe up feature drive sales, you can now track click-through rates to determine which content fans most want to see.

How Can I Get The Instagram Swipe Up Feature

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

Technically, the Swipe Up feature is only available to users with an Instagram Business Profile that has at least 10,000 followers or a verified account. The good news is that if you do not have that many followers, there is another way. You can also use the IGTV app. All you then have to do is upload your video to IGTV and create an Instagram Story as a teaser that links to your IGTV video.

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Use Hashtags To Help You Hit 10k Followers

Dont underestimate the power of a good hashtag.

If used correctly, it can help you boost your visibility on the gram, get you new followers and even a few paying customers.

All you need to do is some hashtag research.

Here are some of my top hashtag tips:

  • Use a mix of high and low performing hashtags. Choose 10 popular hashtags that have between 500k to over one million posts. Next, find hashtags related to your content that are between 10k to 50k. This tactic will help you get as much exposure as possible and help you trend in the most popular posts page for that hashtag.
  • Discover the top-trending hashtags relevant to your niche. Use Tags for Likes and TagFire to help you with your research.
  • Research which hashtags top influencers in your niche are using. Its a simple tactic that will make your posts discoverable by people who have already shown an interest in the type of content youre creating.
  • Dont use one set of hashtags. Create around three different sets consisting of 30 hashtags. Rotate them, so your posts reach different people in your niche. Save them on your phone in a notes file or use an app like Later.

How To Drive More Traffic From Instagram Stories

If you really want to drive traffic from stories, its important to add a clear .

This could be a verbal call out, some on-screen text, an animated GIF, or all of the above.

Viewers could take a while to get used to the new link stickers, so prompting your followers to follow your links can really boost your clicks .

ICYMI: You can visually plan andin advance with Later. Youll get all your assets, links, and copy delivered straight to your mobile when its time to publish, so you can share a story in two taps!


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How To Add A Link To An Instagram Story

Learning how to add a link to an Instagram Story with a link sticker can help drive more traffic to your website.

Want to add a link to your Instagram Story? We have good news and then better news.

The good news is that even though Instagram has retired its swipe-up feature, you can still add links to Stories using Instagram link stickers.

The even better news is that the 10,000 follower minimum is officially over, when it comes to adding a link in your Story. In theory, EVERYONE has access to link stickers on Instagram now.

Which leads us to the other good news: we have a simple hack to customize your link sticker so that it vibes with your brand and design. Read on for all the steps.

Download your free pack of 72 customizable Instagram Stories templates now. Save time and look professional while promoting your brand in style.

What Should You Use Igtv For

How to Get Swipe Up Links for Instagram Story

Any longer form video content thats relevant to your audience is great for IGTV. The beauty of Instagram means that you can share highly produced tutorials or product demos, or raw behind the scenes, unedited videos and really the only rule you need to adhere to is remembering to shoot in portrait mode. IGTV is particularly great for service based businesses as you can share tips and advice, offer free mini trainings, and even repurpose blog content by creating a short video and you can always tell people to check out the link in below to drive their attention to your website.

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How To Get The Instagram Swipe Up Feature

Instagram wants to keep the Swipe Up feature exclusive. As such, there are restrictions on who can get one. To get access to this coveted feature, you have to have an Instagram Business Profile and at least 10,000 followers or have a verified account. That means if youre a public figure who has gone through the trouble of you can get the Instagram Swipe Up feature even without 10K followers.

But once you have it, how do you use it?

Enable Instagram Swipe Up Feature With Story Ads

No matter how many followers you have, you can include a call to action with links in . Like in this one from DataFeedWatch. When I click on the Sign Up call to action or swipe up, I go to their website.

  • Save

And theyre nowhere near the 10,000 follower mark.

  • Save

If you use this technique, make sure you get a good return for your ad spend, as you cant do it long term if you dont break even at least.

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How To Use Instagram Link Stickers

The Instagram Swipe Up button is available to people with more than 10,000 followers on the platform, or those who are verified. Similarly, the Instagram Link Stickers will be available to those who had access to the Swipe Up feature. Just like the users could add an external link to a story using Instagram Swipe Up feature, users will be able to add an external link to the Link Stickers. Those who view the stories with such stickers will be able to tap on them and navigate to an external address. Additionally, users will also be able to react or respond to such Instagram stories.

S To Link To Igtv From Instagram Stories

Instagram Swipe Up Stories Videohive 28774368 Download ...

To feature your IGTV video preview in Instagram stories, youll need to:

1. Select the video you just created to post in IGTV

2. Tap the airplane icon at the bottom of the video

2. Select Add video to your story

3. Tap on the link icon at the top of the screen, then click the + IGTV-video

4. Select the correct IGTV video to link to

5. Add a CTA telling viewers to swipe up to go to your IGTV post

6. Hit

Then, when your followers swipe up on your story, itll take them right to the IGTV video. From the video, theyll be able to click the title on the top left to access your link.

While this process may seem a bit complicated, its really simple, and youll be able to share links on Instagram stories!

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Add Igtv Video Swipe Up Link To Instagram Story

Once you publish an IGTV video, you can create a story with a swipe up link that leads to the IGTV video even if you have less than 10k followers. You can use the story to promote the IGTV video, and the link in the IGTV video will drive traffic.

Heres the step-by-step process on how to do this.

a) Create a short story by uploading an image, gif, or video informing people about your new IGTV video. I made this simple one in a couple of minutes.

  • Save

b) Then upload this visual onto Instagram and click the link icon.

  • Save

c) Choose IGTV Video and the video you want to link to it.

  • Save

d) Then add a swipe up sticker to your IG story to drive attention to the IGTV video link. You can also add some hashtags.

e) Finally, publish it and watch your IGTV video views and website traffic improve.

  • Save

What Are The Requirements For Getting The Instagram Swipe Up Feature

The swipe up web link feature only appears in verified accounts or accounts with at least 10,000 followers and an Instagram business profile.

If you dont meet those criteria, there is a work-around you can use: You still have access to the swipe up feature, but only if you link to Instagram TV . To do this, set up a 15-second video where you tell users to click on a link in the video’s title, where you will have inserted the link to your external page.

This isn’t the same user experience and requires more work on your side, but you can use it while you build up your audience to meet the required 10,000 followers. Alternatively, you could pray to the social media gods and ask them to remove the follower requirements. It just might happen.

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How To Make Swipe

For those with the swipe-up link unlocked, or accounts running paid advertising through Instagram, creating a story with a swipe-up link is simple.

When you go to create a story, there will be an additional setting available at the top of your screen to add a link. You simply input the link you want to drive traffic to, and Instagram will automatically add the swipe-up feature to the bottom of the screen when users view your story. Previously, users would need to take into consideration the placement of the swipe-up link on the screen to make sure it didnt cover up anything important. Thanks to an Instagram update, this issue has been resolved by adding more black space beneath the story panel.

Make sure to verify that the link is directing to the proper webpage before posting. Users wont be able to see the URL when they view the story, and the only way to update the link is to remove the story and repost it with the correct link.

Access the swipe-up feature when youre creating a new story.

Create A Shoppable Instagram Story

How to Swipe Up from your Instagram Story

Instagram initially introduced product tagging, a.k.a shoppable posts for feed posts, but they gradually expanded to stories. When you tag products, followers simply have to tap the post, and all the tagged products appear.

They can then click on the products and visit landing pages directly from the store. When Natori implemented this feature their Instagram traffic increased by 1,416%. As its easy for people to find the product.

You can manually set this up, but the easiest way is to use an ecommerce builder like BigCommerce. It makes it possible to tag products in minutes.

  • Save

To add products, open stickers after you upload a photo of your product, tap the Product sticker and tag your product.

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How To Customize Your Instagram Link Sticker Design

If you are finding that the Instagram link sticker isnt living up to your brands aesthetic, youll be happy to know you can customize it even further in a few simple steps.

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to customize your Instagram link sticker.

Heres how to customize your Instagram Story link sticker design:

  • Create your Instagram Story and add a link sticker just as you usually would
  • Go to the design app of your choice
  • Design a sticker that is on-brand, visually pleasing, with a clear CTA
  • Export it to your phone as a PNG file with a transparent background
  • Go back to your Instagram Story draft, and add your custom sticker from your phones photo album or files
  • Place the custom sticker directly over your link sticker
  • Voila! Thats it: youll have perfect aesthetic control over your Story, and people will still be able to tap through.

    Pro Tip: Remember to track your Story metrics so you can optimize your click-through rate. If you arent getting as many taps as you want, make sure you have a clear call to action, and that you dont overload one Instagram post with too much information.

    Why Instagram Is Getting Rid Of The Swipe Up

    Back in June 2021, Vishal Shah, Instagram’s former Head of Product, told the Verge they were testing an alternative to Instagram’s popular swipe up feature which, as a reminder, enables influencers to direct viewers to external links.

    As Shah told the Verge, stickers fit more cohesively into the existing Instagram infrastructure. He said, ” brings links into the same kind of overall system, which from a simplicity of system perspective, also makes a lot of sense.”

    Then, in August, Instagram made an announcement that stickers would replace the swipe up feature. In a statement, an Instagram spokesperson said stickers would “streamline the stories creation experience” and offer more “creative control”.

    What does that mean, exactly? Well, unlike the swipe up feature, which looked the same for everyone, link stickers can be customized depending on color, text, size, and placement within the story.

    Plus perhaps best of all viewers can still engage with the story by reacting or replying to it, which the swipe up feature had previously inhibited people from doing.

    Here’s an example of what I mean. On the left phone, shown below, you’ll see an older HubSpot stories post with a “See More” CTA at the bottom what was known as the swipe up feature.

    On the right side, you’ll see a newer HubSpot stories post with a “Visit Link” CTA, which pops up when you click on the link:

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    How Do You Do This

    Even though a see more sign will appear at the bottom of your story, people will still need to be directed to click it. S

    Here are some examples: swipe up for more, swipe up to shop, see more here! or you can always doodle arrows that point to where they need to swipe up!

    Once thats done, voila!

    You can now add the content to your story.

    How To Add A Link Sticker To Your Instagram Story

    Instagram Swipe Up Stories Videohive 28774368 Download ...
    • ,

    The ability to send your followers to a site by sharing links on your Instagram Story spells a major opportunity for businesses, bloggers, influencers, and affiliate marketers alike!

    Thats why the Instagram Swipe Up feature was such a big deal its an easy, engaging way to drive traffic from the Instagram app! Its also why so many people were confused when Instagram discontinued the feature.

    Dont worry though, they are using a new feature called link stickers that allow businesses to still use links, just in a different format.

    In this article, were going over what link sticker links are, how to add links in Instagram Stories now, and some great examples of brands using the feature for social media marketing.

    Lets take a look!

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    Good News For Small Business Owners There Is Now A Way For Everyone To Get Swipe On On Instagram Stories Event Without 10000 Followers

    Instagram stories are great for small businesses, and with 500 million daily active story users worldwide, you could be missing a great way to connect with customers if youre not already harnessing their marketing power. But with Instagram only offering one placement for an external link , one of the questions I am asked most often since Instagram rolled out the swipe up option in stories, is:

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