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How Do You Dm Someone On Instagram

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Can You See If Your Direct Message Has Been Opened And Seen

How To DM Direct Message Someone On Instagram

Its a different story with disappearing Direct Messages on Instagram, but if youre sending a regular direct message, will you be able to see if the person has seen your message on Instagram DM?

The answer is yes.

If your Instagram Direct Message has been opened or seen, it will say seen right below it if the recipient has seen it.

Way : Use Bluestacks For Windows/mac

Bluestacks Player is a free Android emulator that changes your Windows or Mac computer into an Android device. So you can sign in with Google account and install Instagram in the virtual Android device. Then youre able to direct messages in Instagram on PC or Mac.

  • Log in to with your Google account and click on the Right Arrow located at the bottom right side of your screen.
  • Once you are done, you will be redirected to the Bluestacks dashboard. Then go to Google Play Store, search and download the Instagram app.
  • After that, open the Instagram app and login to your account. Then click on Instagram Direct and select the desired conversation to start messaging.
  • Note: Bluestacks has some bugs meanwhile. For example, users might fail to sign in, install Instagram or it may even slow down your PC. Once you find any problem with the tool, you can try to uninstall it and look for other methods.

    Instagram Dms Are Now Available For Everyone To Use On Desktop

    Back in January, Instagram started rolling out its direct message feature on the web to a small percentage of users. As of Friday, the feature is officially available for everyone to use.

    The company took to Twitter to announce that everyone around the world can now send Direct Messages to each other on desktop.

    Tweet may have been deleted

    Sending and receiving Instagram DMs via web browser works the exact same way as on the mobile app.

    When you log in, you’ll see the Direct Message icon in the top right hand corner. Once you click on it, you can scroll through all of your existing conversations on the left.

    You can also DM someone directly through their profile. As with on the app, go to their page, tap on the Message icon, and start typing away.

    If you’re particularly active on Instagram, you can also set up desktop notifications for DMs so you don’t miss anything.

    Considering the fact that the entire world is on lockdown due to coronavirus, it’s the perfect time to release desktop DMs to the masses.

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    Keep Your Writing Short And Sweet

    If someone is reaching out to your brand directly, they want an answer quickly. So avoid the chit-chat. Get right to it.

    Address your customers DM right away. Write in a way that is easy to read. Write short sentences.

    And dont fear short paragraphs.

    Doing all this makes it easier for customers to find the answer to their query.

    Don’t: Like Every Single Photo They Post

    How to DM on instagram

    All of our experts agree that a mass liking of someone else’s posts is a terrible idea that comes off as obsessive. If you are going to like more than one photo, though, here’s one salient piece of advice: “I advise guys to like a variety of pictures, not just selfies and sexy photos,” says Jonathan Bennett, certified counselor, dating expert, and founder of The Popular Man. “Build a rapport and get to know her by actually exploring photos that reveal more than just her looks. Women know what a guy is after when he only focuses on the sexy photos.”

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    How To Send A Direct Message To Friends And Followed Profiles Using Mobile In Instagram

  • Open Instagram and log in.
  • Select the messenger icon in the top right of the app. This opens Instagram Direct. If you have any DMs waiting for you, there will be a number on the tip of the messengers icon.
  • Tap on the profilethat you want to send a message to, or tap the edit icon in the upper right-hand corner to write in the username of someone not in your Friends list.
  • To add an image from your devices gallery, tap the image icon on the right before you type the message, or the option disappears.
  • To add an instant photo, tap the camera icon to the left before you type a message, or the option disappears.
  • To add an animated sticker or GIF, tap the sticker icon on the right before you type your message or the same icon on the left after typing your message.
  • Write your message in the text box, then press Send.
  • Instagram DMs work more or less like messaging in any other regular chat app the message is sent internally within the apps platform . The recipient usually sees the DM instantly.

    Write In Your Brand Voice

    Whatever your brands tone, be sure to use that same voice in your Instagram DMs.

    Remember to:

    • Be authentic and personable. Show your customer theyre interacting with a real person who cares about their experience with your brand.
    • Make sure communication is easy to understand. Irony, sarcasm and jokes might be misinterpreted by the reader or cause offence. Leave no room for misinterpretation.

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    How To Send A Post From Your Instagram Feed In A Dm

    Now that Instagram is littered with meme accounts , its a pretty regular occurrence to see something in your feed that makes you laugh out loud. And whats better than laughing alone? Laughing with friends, of course!

    Luckily, Instagram makes it easy to send posts directly from the feed to your friends and followers. The original poster will not know that you sent their Instagram post, nor will the messages appear in the Instagram feed, search, or your profile.

    However, keep in mind that if the original poster has a , your recipient wont be able to see the post unless they follow the account that posted it. If the original poster has a public Instagram profile, then youre good to go!

    Now, heres how to send a post directly from your Instagram feed. Well skip the steps that require opening Instagram and logging in if youve found something you want to share, we can safely assume youve done that already!

    1. Tap the paper airplane button below the image you want to share

    When you tap on the paper plane image below the image you want to share, Instagram will pull up a list of your existing conversations. If you dont see your intended recipient, simply use the search bar to find their account and select their Instagram handle from the list.

    2. Add an optional message, or send without one

    What Do You Say When A Conversation Dies

    How To DM On Instagram 2021

    If the conversation has stalled, try dropping in something youve always liked about them. Even a casual compliment might encourage them to open up to you a little more. For instance, you might share something you really appreciate about them by saying something like, You always make me feel better when Im down.

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    Here Are Two Common Questions About Instagram Direct Message:

    Direct Message Doesnt Show certain messages, what should I do?

    if you suspect that Instagram isnt showing all your messages, you can try these things:

    • Update the app
    • Delete and reinstall the app
    • Log out from your Instagram account and then log in again
    • Check message requests

    Is it possible to see ?

    When you tap and hold, and then select unsent on a Direct Message youve sent on Instagram, there is no way for you to get it back.

    Can I Share Profiles On Instagram Dms

    Let’s say you’ve found another Instagram profile you think your friend would love. You could tag them, or send a post as a DM.

    Or you could go onto the profile in question and tap on the ellipsis symbol in the top-right of the interface. Then click on or Copy Profile URLthe latter lets you paste the profile link to DMs, or another service like WhatsApp.

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    How To Use Instagram Direct Messaging

    If you have never used Instagram DMs, lets first review how they work. If you already know, feel free to skip to the next section.

    DMs are very useful and straightforward . Instagram DMs dont offer anything that other chat apps dont have, but the service is built right into the app and allows you and your friends to have a dialogue focused on picture postings without switching between apps.

    What Is Instagram Direct Message

    How to Get Removed From the Instagram Gross List

    Lets start with the obvious.

    Instagram Direct Messages, also referred to as DMs. Direct, and Instagram Direct is A built-in private messaging feature on Instagram that allows you to share photos, videos, or plain text with particular individual users, or groups.

    You can send Direct Messages to everyone you follow, but you can also send them to any Instagram user, except for the people you are blocked by, however, when you send a DM to someone who isnt following you, it will come up as a message request in the recipients inbox. The recipient can then decide if they want to approve or deny your chat request. If they accept it, the messages you send to them in the future will go directly to their inbox. If they receive a message request, they are able to read your message without approving or denying it, and if that is the case, you wont be able to see if they have read it unless they choose to accept it.

    Just your regular text message or chat apps, the replies will appear as bubbles with the latest replies at the bottom and the oldest at the top. The messages you write will end up on the right side in grey, and the responses you get from the person youre chatting with will appear to the left in white.

    , 3 years after Instagram first launched. The feature allowed users to take their conversations more privately, instead of having conversations in the comment sections of posts, the only place where you could talk to people before the new messaging feature.

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    How To See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram Without Them Knowing

    When someone gets into trouble, they often hide it from their close people. And in the world of Instagram messages, hiding means deleting messages that contain evidence of abuse or harassment. Good news, though. You can restore those messages.

    Although Instagram doesnt have an option to back up deleted direct messages, they remain available on the server. You need to do the following to restore them:

    1) Open the Instagram app on your phone.2) Log in using your kids Instagram account credentials.3) Go to the Profile page by tapping the Profile icon. You can find it at the bottom right corner of the screen.4) When you are redirected to the Profile page, tap the Settings icon:

    5) Go to Privacy and Security.

    6) Tap Request Download in the Data Download section.

    7) To get a copy of your kids Instagram account data, you need to enter your email and click Next. Then, you will be asked for a password. Use your kids.

    8) Instagram will need up to 48 hours to create the data file for your account and email it to you.

    Note that you may need to download a third-party app to open the received files.

    Set Up Your Payment Platform

    If youre selling in the DM without an ecommerce store, youll need to set up an external payment platform to accept payments. To make a manual sale, ask the buyer for payment and follow up with shipping info. Its a simple option that requires no additional tools, but it comes with some downsides: manual, off-site payments are time-consuming and dont scale.

    Are manual payments right for you?

    You have to decide whether manually processing orders, which is hard to scale, is worth it. For some businesses, it is.

    Making DM sales is often the best option for businesses that have low order volume and high average order value In the examples section below, we discuss a seller of high-end vintage cameras. He doesnt have a lot of inventory, and his products often sell within minutes of posting product photos. If that sounds like your business, you might want to stick with the simplicity of manual payments and DM selling while you continue to build your brand through posts and engagement.

    On the other hand, if your business is built on volume or your strategy is constant growth, manually processing payments on an external platform will overwhelm you.


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    On Android And Iphone

    Launch the Instagram app on your phone. Once the app is open, tap the paper plane icon on the top right. The icon indicates DM on the app.

    Once youre inside the DM, tap the search bar thats at the top.

    Type the name of the person you want to send a message to. Once their name appears, select it.

    Now type the message in the textbox provided and then tap on Send.

    Why You Need To Use Tags On Instagram

    How to DM on Instagram – Instagram Direct Messages

    Tagging people or businesses on Instagram broadens your businesss reach on the social media platform. Like hashtag marketing that gets the attention of potential customers, tagging someone on Instagram gives you a larger audience. The whole point of social media is to reach out to potential customers and get more followers. The best way to do this is to use various but always relevant tags.

    If you take this advice to heart, you can expect to see increased engagement and activity through your Instagram account. Now get started and tag someone!

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    Find New Instagram Accounts To Target

    In the world of social media, there is a lot of noise. First, you need to cut through it all and locate your point of interest by doing a quick search through the Instagram app. The beauty of Instagram is that you can find a nearly infinite amount of leads through a number of unique search methods. You can choose to search by location, hashtag, or user. For instance, If youre a business and you want to grow your audience, start by searching hashtags for the most used terms in your industry and engage in a meaningful manner.

    Lets say youre a hairdresser on the Upper East Side of New York. You can easily begin your Instagram strategy by searching the hashtag haircut and find posts you would like to engage with to create conversation and gain visibility for your business. For more information, read How To Use Hashtags Correctly. Alternatively, you could also filter by location using the address of your store. Go to the search tab in Instagram and select place, then look at the top and most recent posts and start examining each account for possible people to DM. These people could be prospective customers!

    When deciding which accounts to target, dont overthink it. Too many people get caught up thinking they have to identify people with 100,000+ followers. Unless youre a big time business with a big budget, you dont need this approach. If you can activate micro-influencers, or people with smaller followings but tremendous engagement that live nearby, you can win.

    How To Dm On Instagram: Ways You Havent Heard Of

    If youre looking for ways to DM on Instagram without , youre in the right place. However, keep in mind that the safest way to DM on Instagram is still by using the official app or by going to the official website. Always exercise caution if you plan on logging into your account with a third-party platform or app.

    Without further ado, heres how to DM on Instagram using different ways other than the Instagram app.

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    Why Should You Use A Tool To Bulk Dm For Ig

    Instagram direct messages are an integral part of our experience on the platform. We use the function to stay in touch with our friends and other accounts. Aside from Instagram comments, direct messages are our only tool to share our experiences and moments with one another.

    In addition, those using Instagram for business have to deal with lots of customers every day. Imagine how a business owner feels on Instagram. The inbox is often flooded with all kinds of direct messages complaints from dissatisfied customers, new orders, questions, and lots of other things. Moreover, the business owner needs to send huge numbers of outbound DMs for various purposes. And if these owners donât do whatâs necessary to maintain an active presence, their customers may decide to unfollow their Instagram account.

    When you combine all of these, you immediately begin to think about possible ways to optimize the whole process. And frankly, thereâs no better way to efficiently mass DM on Instagram than to use a bulk DM for IG. Even if you employ a seasoned team of Instagram managers, they wonât handle the situation as efficiently as a bulk DM tool for Instagram could.

    All in all, Instagram direct messages add a unique layer to our experience on the platform, and it could prove to be a useful function to grow your account organically.

    Type : To Unmute Someones Posts

    How to DM on instagram
  • Open the Instagram profile you have previously muted by searching their name in the Instagram Explore page in the search bar.
  • Once you have located the Instagram Profile, tap on the Following Button under their Profile Bio.
  • In the opened menu, tap on Mute.
  • Under the Mute tab, you will see two choices of Posts and Stories with toggles next to them.
  • If a Toggle is a blue color means the button has been activated, and the profile users post and stories are muted. However, if you want to unmute the profile holder Posts and Stories, you have to switch the button by tapping on either the Posts or Stories toggle to unmute the person and turn the buttons grey to unmute them.
  • Now tap back, and the person you want to unmute has been unmuted.
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