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How Do You Delete Your Twitter Account

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Why People Leave Twitter

How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

There are many reasons why users are deleting their Twitter accounts, and you might want to do it too if:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Its becoming impossible to sieve through the important news stories and posts that are irrelevant to you
  • Its becoming too addictive and taking up too much of your precious time
  • Twitter fails to deal with online harassment. Twitter attempted to so by getting rid of egg avatars, but even if you block harassers, report them, or get their tweets filtered, their offensive comments will remain visible on other users timelines.
  • You dont want Twitter to collect and store your data. This social media giants keep a record of everything from your basic user information and your location to your likes, links and widgets you engaged with and even your address book. You can find more information about what data Twitter collects and who do they share it with in their privacy policy.

How To Download Your Twitter Data Before You Deactivate Your Account

You may want to download your Twitter data, which includes your entire Tweet history, before you take the first step to delete your account.

To do so, go to your Account settings by clicking the “More” icon in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen. Select “Your account” from the menu.

Next, enter your password. Then click “Confirm.” You now need to verify your identity by clicking “Send code to your email address and/or phone number on file.” If you do not have an email address or phone number on file, you will be redirected to the Account information page.

Enter the code sent to your email address and/or phone number. After verifying your identity, click the “Request data” button.

When your .zip file data download is ready, Twitter will send an email to your connected email account or a push notification if you have the app installed. From your settings, you can click the “Download data” button under the Download data section.

Once you receive the email, click the “Download” button while logged in to your Twitter account and download a .zip file of your Twitter archive.

Change Your Username And Email

Before you get started, know that if you want to make your username or email address available for re-use , change them before your account is permanently deleted. Navigate to Settings and privacy and change your username and email in the fields up top. Keep in mind that when you change your email, you will need to confirm via an email link that will be sent to your new address before the change goes into effect.

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How To Delete Twitter Account

While many choose Twitter over other social networks, many dont consider it privacy-friendly. In July 2020, Twitter faces a major hack where several high-profile personalities, including former President Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, are among many prominent US figures targeted by hackers on Twitter in an apparent Bitcoin scam. A tweet with the message titled Everyone is asking me to give back. You send $1,000. I send you back $2,000 was displayed with a Bitcoin address. Its reported that many people fell for this online scam, and the scammers received contributions totaling more than $100,000. Note that once youve deleted your Twitter account, theres no way that you can retrieve it. So, think twice before you proceed. In case you also need to take extra privacy measures over social networking accounts and want your digital footprints to be secured, dont worry PureVPN is here for you.

  • Enter your password and tap Deactivate.

How Does Twitter Use My Information

How to Delete Your Twitter Account

After collecting your information, Twitter may use it in the following ways:

  • Advertising: Twitters services are supported by advertising. The information collected by Twitter will be used to show you targeted ads.
  • Sharing to third parties: Twitter does not disclose your information without your consent except in special circumstances. For example, it may have to share your information with law enforcement agencies if legally obligated or if the company is filing for bankruptcy or is involved in a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets.

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How Do I Delete My Tweets

You’ve posted a tweet that has come back to bite you, or you fear that it might in the future , so you want to remove it.

If it’s a fresh tweet or a tweet you can easily track down, you can delete it right from Twitter. But what about older tweets that may not be so simple to find? And what if you want to easily and quickly delete multiple tweets? No worries. With the right tool, you can go back in time and erase your more ill-advised musings.

Tweet Deleter, for example, helps you browse or search for older tweets by date or keyword and delete multiple tweets in a single shot. TweetDelete automatically deletes all tweets before a certain date.

Of course, deleting an older tweet doesn’t undo all the damage. People have already read and possibly reacted to your tweet. But you still may want to kick out the tweet for the sake of permanence and posterity. Why let a bad tweet linger? Here’s what you need to know.

More Ways To Protect Your Privacy

Knowing how to delete your Twitter account is a good start, but you can also take other steps to protect your privacy online when using social networks. The first step is awareness, and you should be aware of the following:

  • Information you post to social media is publicly visible, so think before you post.
  • Even if you manage your privacy settings, there are still privacy concerns “behind the scenes” as Twitter collects data on users.
  • Understand how your social media applications connect to other apps, and that data sharing may occur across programs.

To protect your privacy while using social networks, you can also do the following:

  • Use a VPN: A VPN encrypts your Internet connection, to keep your privacy and security protected when sending messages or personal communications. You can try a VPN here.
  • Think before you share: information shared on social media is publicly visible, so remember it is visible to a large amount of people.
  • Read the privacy policy: Be sure to understand the privacy policy of the social network and adjust your settings accordingly, and be aware of how your data is being collected, used or sold.
  • Adjust your privacy settings: Set your privacy settings within applications to control how your information is shared and what is kept private.

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Do You Lose Followers If You Deactivate Twitter

Had a change of heart and want to reactivate your account? During the 30-day deactivation period, your followers remain untouched. So when you reactivate, unless someone has actively unfollowed you, your numbers should be the same. That said, Twitter does acknowledge that the following and follower numbers may fluctuate within the first 24 hours of reactivation. If the counts havent been fully restored within 48 hours, you should contact support.

Backup Before You Delete

How to Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account
  • Final Thoughts
  • If youre planning to go ahead with your desire to delete some or all of your tweets, it may be in your best interest to download a copy of your tweet archive. The archive houses all of your tweets since the dawn of time and may prove useful somewhere down the road for one reason or another. In order to do this:

  • Log in to your Twitter account with your credentials and head to your accounts settings. This is located in the left-hand menu, but you might have to click More to find it. Then click Settings and privacy.
  • Select Your account from the left-side column and in the right-side column scroll down and click .
  • Confirm your password then select Request archive.
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    How To Deactivate Your Twitter Account On A Desktop

    Then click on “Settings and privacy” from the drop-down menu.

    From the “Your account” tab, click on “Deactivate your account.”

    Read the account deactivation information, then click “Deactivate.”

    Enter your password when prompted and confirm that you want to proceed by clicking the “Deactivate account” button.

    I Want To Deactivate My Twitter Account Using Android

    Whether youre using a Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, or Google phone, follow these steps to deactivate your account:

    • Depending on your version of the Twitter app, click the profile icon or the hamburger menu at the top of the screen.
    • Go into the Settings and privacy menu and tap Account.
    • Select Deactivate your account.
    • When prompted, enter your password and tap Deactivate.
    • Finally, tap Yes to confirm your decision.

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    Understand What It Means To Deactivate Or Delete A Twitter Account

    Deletion is a gradual process. First, you need to deactivate your account and not log into it for 30 days. After this period, Twitter will start deleting your data and tweets, which can take another week.

    If you access your account within this period, it will be reactivated. However, if you think of it as remorse, its fine. Otherwise, you will have to follow the steps below again if you really want to delete your account

    Your username is frozen for these 30 days and cannot be used for any other account. If you want to make your username available to someone else, please change it before deactivating the account

    How To Delete All Your Tweets

    How to Delete Inactive or Suspended Twitter Account

    GregoryRead more May 3, 2021

    Traditionally, when you need to delete a tweet, you simply scroll down to the tweet you want to get rid of and click delete. This is an easy, albeit tedious, solution to tweet removal. However, Twitter saves only your most recent 3200 tweets to display on your timeline, so this particular option only applies to those.

    As 3,200 is the maximum number of tweets that will show up on your timeline, this method doesnt work if you have more than 3,200 tweets and want to delete one that doesnt still appear on your Twitter timeline.

    So every tweet Ive tweeted prior to 3,200 has already been taken care of?

    Moreover, what if you want to delete all of your tweets? If you have hundreds or thousands of tweets, you surely dont want to go through and delete them one-by-one.

    These same options are still incredibly useful, but for those who would rather save a few pennies on cleaning up their Twitter archive, there is now an easier, readily available do-it-yourself option.

    In only the last year, Twitter has finally provided the option to track down and remove any and all of your most embarrassing tweets, retweets, and mentions from your account.

    That being said, lets take a look at how you can delete all of your tweets without too much effort.

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    Twitter: Delete All Tweets From Your Account

    Twitter was created in 2006 as a short messaging system for small groups. Since then Twitter has come a long way and has evolved into a powerful communication tool. It has dramatically changed how information is shared and spread online. One fine day you realize that you have been tweeting since long and have outgrown them, regret your opinion on controversial subjects, you only re-tweet, or only chat or may be your tweet has too many links, whatever the reason you have decided to delete all past tweets. Can you really delete all tweets and start afresh on Twitter without losing your followers or username? Yes you can!

    There are quite a few popular free web tools available, that can help you delete all your tweets and start on Twitter with a blank slate.

    Keep in mind there is no going back once you have deleted your tweets. If you think you may want to save them beforehand you should check Backupify. It automatically performs scheduled backups at the online services they support. It offers Twitter backups for free and three additional premium plans, depending on how much storage you need. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you before you start deleting your tweets.

    How To Delete The Twitter App

    If you’re not ready to delete your Twitter account but want to take a break from the site, you can delete the app from your device without deleting your entire account.

    , hold your finger down on the app icon and tap “Uninstall,” or to hide the app, drag and drop it in your app drawer.

    , hold your finger down on the app icon and tap “Remove App” then “Delete App,” or to move the app to your App Library, tap “Remove App” then “Remove from Home Screen.”

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    Tweet Tweet: This Is How To Delete Your Twitter Account

    • Post author
    Follow these steps to delete your Twitter account permanently and start to regain some extra free time. Next step: delete yourself from social media altogether?

    There are plenty of reasons you may be seeking to learn how to delete your Twitter account. It could be that you are trying to clear up years of embarrassment in the form of microblogs from future employers. Or it could be that you are trying to cleanse yourself from social media for a mental health break.

    For many people, the biggest reason for wanting to delete or deactivate their Twitter accounts is to lessen their online presence and begin deleting themselves from the internet.

    Twitter launched back in 2006 with founder Jack Dorseys first message just setting up my twttr. The platform has since grown to become a real-time scroll of news and events from around the world.

    Deactivating Twitter is fairly simple to do. The company interestingly implemented a serious backstop for users who arent 100% sold on actually deleting their accounts and years of messages, thoughts and feelings. When finalizing the process to delete your Twitter you can choose from two options: a 30-day wait period for Twitter to delete everything from their servers or a 12-month life raft that will allow you to change your mind over the next year.

    Deactivate Your Twitter Account In A Browser

    How To Delete Your Twitter Account

    If youre on a computer or in a mobile browser, go to and log in to your account. To deactivate:

    • On the web, click the More item on the bottom-left of the screen. On the mobile browser, tap your profile icon.
    • Select Settings and Privacy and then Your account

    Select Settings and Privacy and then Your account.

    • At the bottom of the list, tap Deactivate your account

    At the bottom of the list, tap Deactivate your account.

    • Go to the bottom of the page to find the Deactivate link

    Theres going to be a lot of information on the page before you get to that link, some of it pretty useful. Theres a full description of what will no longer be viewable , an assurance that you can restore your account for some time if it was accidentally or wrongfully deleted, and a way to reactivate after 30 days or 12 months .

    There are a lot of options to choose from before you reach the Deactivate link.

    There are also links if you just want to change your name, use your current name with a different account, or download your Twitter data. This last one is always a good idea before you delete any account heres the link.

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    What Happens When You Delete Twitter

    If you don’t access your account for 30 days after deactivate it, it will be permanently deleted. That means you can’t reactivate it after the 30-day window, and all your old tweets are gone.

    However, your information might still appear on search engines like Google and Bing. You have to follow up with the appropriate search engine to have that data removed.

    Also, if you still want to hang on to those old tweets, Twitter allows users to .

    Follow Brett Molina on Twitter: .

    How Do I Change My Username Or Move It To Another Account

    If you want to change the username on your existing account, you can simply click the three-dot menu icon on your main account page, go to Settings and privacy> Account> Login and security, and change your username.

    But what if you want to use your existing username on another account? You might assume that deactivating your account will immediately free up your username for use elsewhere. But this isnt the case. The username on a deactivated account will remain unavailable for 30 days .

    Instead, you should change your username on your existing account to free up the username you want to use. Then change the second account username to the one youve just freed up. You should make the change as quickly as possible because once the username is freed up, anyone can grab it.

    You have to make a similar switch if you want to use a particular email address on another account . Although, if youre a Gmail user, there is a way around this.

    Gmail doesnt recognize dots in email addresses but Twitter does. So you can add the same email address but include a random dot. Twitter will recognize it as a new email address, but in reality, youll have multiple Twitter profiles linked to the same email account.

    For example, the above three email addresses all look the same to Gmail but different to Twitter.

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    Some Of Your Account Features Are Temporarily Limited

    Conversations are core to Twitter, but if we detect behavior that may violate the or inhibit other peopleâs ability to express themselves freely, we may temporarily limit certain account features. For example, this could mean only your followers are able see your activity on Twitter, including Tweets, likes, Retweets, etc. Limiting the reach of potentially abusive content creates a safer environment and stronger Twitter community.

    When you log in and see this message, click or tap Continue to Twitter to initiate the countdown to restore your account features. You can read more about , and find guidelines for our hateful conduct policy.

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