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How Do You Change Your Twitter Handle

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How To Change Your Twitter Handle

With millions of users already active on Twitter, theres a good chance someone else has your handle.

If you cant access your ideal handle, dont panic. One option is to ask the person who owns your Twitter handle whether you can have it. Alternatively, if you have a trademark on your company name, .

Alternatively, make your Twitter handle unique by:

  • Adding HQ or Inc to demonstrate your professionalism.
  • Adding The to the front of your Twitter username.
  • Beginning with a phrase like We Are or The Real if youre Twitter verified
  • Referencing your industry. Many app developers use the word app at the end of their Twitter handle to make it unique.
  • Adding words like Try,Use,Join or Get for service-focused companies
  • Adding terms like Team or Community, i.e. SproutSocialTeam.

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How To Change Your Twitter Handle And Display Name

You don’t always think of the perfect username when you’re making an account, and that definitely applies when we’re talking about Twitter.

Maybe you want something fun, or just something with more of a ring to it, but you can’t come up with anything. So you default to one of the basic suggested handles with your first and last name, and maybe a number or something…until one day it hits you.

Damn, that would’ve been the perfect Twitter handle, you think to yourself. I wish I could change it.

Well, random Twitter user out there, we’re thrilled to tell you that you can, indeed, change it. Follow the steps below to learn how you can finally have the Twitter handle of your dreams .

How To Change Twitter Handle On Twitter

Your Twitter username – alternatively called Twitter handle – is the very first thing you setup when you join the platform.

Whether you are individual or a brand, Twitter username is a foundation of every interaction on Twitter – this is how people tag you in their tweets, visiting your Twitter profile URL and your followers can recognize you. Your username is something you identify yourself with and likely something you will keep for years to come.

But in case you want to change it, I have good news for you – you can change your Twitter handle anytime, as many times as you like.

In this article you will learn:

  • things you should know before you change your username
  • how to change twitter handle
  • explain what are common reasons you are unable to change Twitter

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How To Change Your Twitter Name

First, make sure the Twitter ID you want to use is available. Sign up for a new account with the ID you want to use . Second, follow this step-by-step guide from Twitter to switch names: .

Note that during the switch there will be a window of time where the ID you want to use becomes free for others to grab. Make sure you start this process when you can work on it quickly and without interruption so that window is as short as possible.

How To Change Your Twitter Username

How to change your Twitter username

Your username ââ also known as your handle ââ begins with the â@â symbol, is unique to your account, and appears in your profile URL. Your username is used to log in to your account, and is visible when sending and receiving replies and Direct Messages. People can also search for you by your username.

Note: Your display name ââ referred to as name ââ is a personal identifier on Twitter and is separate from your username. It can be things like something playful, a business name, or a real name, and is displayed next to your username. You can update your name at any time.

  • Your username must be more than 4 characters long and can be up to 15 characters or less.

  • Your username can contain only letters, numbers, and underscoresâno spaces are allowed.

  • Your display name can be up to 50 characters long.

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Change Your Twitter Handle On A Computer

To use Twitter’s website to make a new name, you’ll go through the More menu on the main page.

  • Navigate to, log in to your account, and select More from the menu on the left.

  • Select Settings and Privacy.

  • Select Your Account and then Account Information.

  • Type in your Twitter password and select Confirm.

  • Select Username.

  • How To Change Twitter Handle Or Username

    Hey there! Before reading the article which is about How to Change Twitter Handle or Username, you should read about . It shares basic information about this article and also adds more value to it. Do let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below. Happy Reading! Really glad that you are here.

    Twitter is a social networking service with over 250 million active users and over 500 million Tweets sent each day. Its a great tool for keeping in touch with friends, family and coworkers, sharing photos and links, and for following updates from favorite celebrities, brands and music artists. However, one of the biggest Twitter faux pas is not knowing how to change your username.

    Changing a Twitter handle or username is really simple, it just takes a little bit of time. Heres how to change your Twitter username or handle:

    Before we look at how to change my Twitter address, lets look at why I need to change it.

    Article Index

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    How To Change The Twitter Name On Android Ios

    • Go to the Twitter app on your Android or iOS smartphone
    • Tap on your profile picture situated in the top left corner
    • A menu will appear. Select the Settings and Privacy option in the list
    • Select the Username option
    • Now, enter the username of your choice and if it’s available for use, the name will turn green and you will be able to set it
    • Additionally, Twitter provides you with a name suggestion. So, you can choose from the suggestions as well

    You can change your Twitter handle name via Twitter for web too. Just head to> log in with your credentials> tap on the More option> select Settings and Privacy option> tap on the Username option under the Account option> enter the new name and if it isn’t taken, you will get it.

    How To Change Twitter Handle From Web Browser

    How To Change Your Twitter Handle

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to change your username using web browser.

    Step 1: Login to your Twitter account.

    Step 2: From the account menu on the left side, click More.

    Step 3: Select Settings and privacy

    Step 4: In the first tab in Settings, click Account information. You might be asked for the password, so go ahead and type it.

    Step 5: Click Username.

    Step 6. Pick new username you want to change to and click Save to confirm.

    This is how you change your Twitter handle via web browser!

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    How To Change Twitter Handle With Mobile App

    Step 1: Launch Twitter mobile app.

    Step 2: Tap your Twitter profile avatar.

    Step 3: You will see a side menu panel on the left, scroll a little down until you see Settings and Privacy – tap it.

    Step 4: Tap Account.

    Step 5: Tap Username

    Step 6: Inside Update username, tap the New username field. You might see a prompt Are you sure you want to change your username – tap Continue.

    Step 7: Type in your new username you want to change to. Your username must be at least 4 characters long and 15 characters or less. Additionally, it can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores and no spaces. In case the username is not available or you are using any of the non-supported characters, Twitter will output an error message.

    Step 8: Once you type in the username that is available, just tap Done in upper right corner.

    Thats all! You just changed your Twitter handle on your account!

    What If Your Chosen Username Is Not Available

    Twitter boasts about 330 million active users per month, which means your desired username is very likely to be occupied by another person.

    There are a few things you can do when facing the unavailable red sign. The first one is to make some smart modifications. But remember that you shouldnt deviate from your main identity. Here are some recommendations:

    • Add some underscores or hyphens to your username.
    • Shorten the name or replace it with a nickname.
    • Use the abbreviation of your location at the end of your username.
    • Add the in front of your name, if possible.
    • Begin your username with This is or I am.
    • Type some letters more than once but dont overdo it.
    • Add words such as join, queen, daily, or whatever that introduces you the best.

    However, if you insist on choosing a particular username and its taken by an inactive user, you should figure out a way to contact them and ask for their permission.

    The owner may be nice enough to let you take it for free. But if they ask for money, youd better forget about the username, because Twitter is against username trading, and it may shut off your account altogether.

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    Best Practices For Twitter Names

    Before we get into specific methods for coming up with a new Twitter name when yours is taken, its important to go over some best practices for social media usernames in general.

    Your social media usernames are reflective of your brand, whether thats your personal brand, blog brand, or a business brand. Your usernames make an impression, whether good or bad.

    Just like anything else having to do with branding, you want your usernames to be consistent and memorable:

    How To Search On Twitter

    Change Your Twitter Handle

    If you’re looking for tweets related to a certain topic, the easiest way to do this is by using Twitter’s search functionality. In the top-right corner of your home page, there’s a search bar marked with a magnifying glass icon. Input a search query containing a phrase or hashtag relevant to what youre looking for. After entering a word or phrase into the search bar, any tweets containing the exact query will be shown.

    The default setting on Twitter will display the top results. These top results arent necessarily in chronological order theyre simply the most interacted with tweets within your search. To filter by most recent tweets, click on “Latest.” If you’re looking for a specific account, use the “People” selection. Additionally, you can search for photos of videos using those search options.

    Using advanced search on Twitter

    If you’re searching for something very specific, Twitter offers an advanced search feature that allows users to filter by exact phrase, level of engagement, and even specific date ranges.

    To access advanced search, simply search for a query as you normally would. Once the results are populated, click on “advanced search” on the right-hand side of your screen. A pop-up will provide you with access to all of the available filters.

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    S To Change Your Twitter Username And Display Name

    Changing your Twitter Username is quite a simple process which can be done within 3 steps.

  • Go to Twitters main page and click on the profile icon in the top right then click on Settings and privacy for iOS and Android press on the display picture of your account, go to Settings and privacy then on Content. Shortcut/direct link:
  • After youre on the content page, you can change your Username if its not already taken. This will be the one displayed after and will be the Twitter handle people can tag you in and will use to find you on Twitter. This is the same process for mobile and PC changes. This is as well applicable to change your display name, which will not affect your Twitter username in any way.
  • Note: Changing your username will not affect your existing followers, Direct Messages, or replies. Your followers will simply see a new username next to your profile photo when you update. We suggest you alert your followers before you change your username so they can direct replies or Direct Messages to your new username.
  • P.S. Your Username is not the Name which is displayed on your profile, to change that you need to change the Name and not Username!

    How To Make Your Twitter Account Private

  • On the left side of your homepage, click More followed by Settings and privacy.
  • In the settings menu, select Privacy and safety.
  • Check the box next to Protect your Tweets. Scroll to the bottom and save your changes. Your profile can now only be seen by your followers.
  • You can always undo this action if you want to switch back to a public profile in the future.

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    Getting An Inactive Twitter Handle

    Sometimes, the Twitter username you want for your business or yourself is unavailable. You cant change your Twitter handle if the one you want is already taken. If the account appears inactive, however, you may be in luck. You could take measures to claim that Twitter username.

    If youre going to do this, dont wait for the social media giant to give you the handle you want. Although Twitter did say that theyll remove inactive accounts and free up usernames, theyre not giving an exact date on when these handles will become available. Be proactive instead.

    When claiming an inactive Twitter username, you first have to make sure that the handle youre trying to claim is no longer active. Twitter considers an account inactive if the user doesnt use it for at least six months. Theres a clear difference between an inactive account and an account with zero visible activity. Logging in to the Twitter account, then logging out, still counts as an active account.

    If you think youve stumbled upon an inactive Twitter account, take note of these suggestions:

    How Often Can I Change My Twitter User Name

    How To Change Your Twitter Display Name And @ Handle

    Unlike other social media sites, Twitter has no policy on how many times you can change your username or handle. You can change it as many times as you want. Also, there is no verification procedure when choosing your new username or display name. An occasional password confirmation screen will appear whenever you want to view your account information, but other than that, changing it is all up to you.

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    When Youre Done Tap Done

    Congratulations! You can now have the Twitter handle youve always wanted .

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    But even if your dream grip is taken, you can still have yours. still change display name. Your display name will appear more prominently in bold next to your Twitter handle, and it doesnt matter if two or more accounts have the same display name . If you cant have the grip you want, maybe at least you can.

    How to change your Twitter display name:

    Choose Handle For Twitter

    This is very simple and easy to do. You can change it any way you want. Just select a different username that is not in use, and you can continue to use Twitter. But this can be difficult for your followers. The user name they are accustomed to may seem strange to them. There is no change in the content, messages, and shares in your profile when you do this. Your follower list doesnt change either. You can select and change a user name of up to 15 characters. You can do it within the rules set forth by Twitter.

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    S To Change Your Twitter Username And

    Oct 11, 2017 ·Changing your Twitter Username is quite a simple process which can be done within 3 steps. Go to s main page and click on the profile icon in the top right then click on Settings and privacy for iOS and Android press on the display picture of your account, go to Settings and privacy then on Content. Shortcut/direct link: Account Settings here.

  • Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins
  • What Happens When You Change Your Twitter Handle

    How To Change Your Twitter Username Handle And Rebrand ...

    Technically, the process of changing a Twitter handle doesnt take much effortother than a few clicks. But if you consider the associated risks and try to address them, it turns into a more complicated process.

    The first trouble you might run into is losing your Twitter communications. Because if you fail to inform others that youve changed your handle, they may still try to contact you via the old username.

    Also, Twitter will still display your previous username wherever you were mentioned. This is because the mentions on Twitter dont rely on user IDs. Theyre just plain texts on other peoples tweets followed by an @ sign. This means the platform cant alter their tweets to display your new handle.

    Therefore, if youre among the 50 percent of business figures who use a Twitter account for their marketing practices, and youve tried to build links to promote your profile, all your hard-earned links will show nothing but a 404 blank page.

    A less likely but more serious hazard is when someone tries to grab your old handle and use it to steal or damage your online persona or scam your followers.

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    Change Your Twitter Handle To Get A New Start

    So, thats how you can change your handle without deleting your Twitter account. The only thing to keep in mind is that your Twitter username cant be longer than 15 letters and can only consist of numbers and letters.

    I think the steps are easy to follow. But if you still have any problems, let me know in the comments below, and I will help you out. By the way, dont forget to check out our article on best to learn more neat tips like this.

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