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How Do You Advertise On Pinterest

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Build Your Business Page

PINTEREST ADS TUTORIAL 2022// How To Advertise On Pinterest With Promoted Pins (Strategy & Tips)

Lets start with the basics!

Setting up your page as a business account will be best for your art business for many reasons, a big one being you can keep track of how your account and audience are doing with Pinterests insights. Learn everything from what potential buyers are loving most about your page to what kind of fans are engaging with your art business, so then you can strategize and help your art business flourish even more.

If you have a personal account, dont worry! You can convert it to a business account here.

Once your Pinterest account is all set up with the name you consistently use for your brand and your art businesss website or Artwork Archive Public Page, add in the intriguing details about yourself and what you do as an artist. Remember to use keywords so other pinners can find you in their search. And, if you are drawing a blank writing your artist About section, follow our how-to guide!

Tangerine Meg, an Artwork Archive artist, includes a fun artist description and links to her website and Twitter account on her .

The easy, final step is to add in the links to the rest of your artist social media accounts so fans can easily peruse all the happenings of your art business while you can hook them into buying your latest piece.

Display Ads With Mediavine:

I switched from Google Adsense to Mediavine after hitting 25,000 monthly sessions back in July. It takes 3-4 weeks to make the switch.

Mediavine requires your blog to be at least 3-4 months old with a minimum of 25,000 monthly sessions .

As I increased my Pinterest traffic to my blog a few months after July, I started earning a passive income online of at least $1,000+ USD per month by displaying ads like the one you see here

I definitely saw a HUGE improvement in ad earnings once I made the switch from Google Adsense to Mediavine!

See below for my results

Choose Your Landing Page Carefully

If youve run PPC campaigns before on any platform, you know how important the landing page is. You should be sending users directly to the content that theyre expecting to see after they click on your Pindont send them to your home page, or to a random lead offer or email subscriber page.

Instead, send them directly to the pages of the products or content youre promoting. If you dont, theyll get frustrated and click away, even if they were interested in buying before. This will lower the chance of them clicking on your ads again, so you dont want to blow your opportunity.

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But Why Not Just Pin Your Own Pins And No One Elses

Well, I want to be able to spread out my pins across several boards which are appropriate without annoying my 10,000 followers. Not all of my pins are suitable for every board.

I dont just pin my pins to these boards, I pin other pins, repins, things I find on Etsy and yes, I do pin my direct competition also. This way I feel my pins just filter through, and it looks beautiful and interesting.

Of course, I still have boards which I think my customers might be looking for such as DIY crafts, seasonal home ideas, flowers, plants, decor etc.

They like you to pin to all of your boards regularly.

Build your authority by claiming all of your accounts. If you have an Instagram or youtube, then claim these also.

Make The Most Out Of Your Description

How to promote affiliate links on pinterest

Your Pins image will be what catches the users eye, but the description adds a lot of context. It really explains to users what the Pin is and why they should click, so it can make all the difference.

Lets look at an example. The Promoted Pin below from Society6 tells users they have TONS of throw pillows to choose from. Okay. Are they great quality? Quirky styles? Essential to me having that Pinterest-worthy living room? This ad doesnt really make me want to click, even if Id searched for throw pillows.

This Promoted Pin from Kohls, however, has the type of content that pinners love. Its offering value, using the context of how to pick the perfect pillows in order to promote some of their pillows great qualities and show off a few styles. Their description capitalizes on this, saying, Throw pillows are a fun way to incorporate a little style, and the image shows users how. This is a great way to maximize your description.

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Write Relevant And Helpful Content

Now that youve started a blog, write 5-10 blog posts related to your niche that will solve your readers problems.

Before you start writing, take a step back and figure out who your target audience is.

I always recommend choosing something you enjoy talking about.

Dont choose a topic just because you think it will make money. Sure, it may work out, but can you really keep writing about something you dont have a genuine interest in?

The last thing you want is your blog to feel like a chore.

This diagram will help you determine what you can write about while solving your readers problems.

  • Passion: Im not going to tell you to quit your job and chase your passions without any financial support. But what would you do with your life if you were financially independent? I know this is tough to answer, so this free personality test is amazing and can help you figure it out as long as you answer truthfully!
  • Skills: What are you good at? What do you usually get compliments on?
  • : What are people searching A LOT for on Google and Pinterest? I recommend using SEMrush for some guidance. Billions of people out there want answers and solutions to their problems!

Remember that readers need your help with something. Most of them arent here to read about your problems. When they land on your page, they will subconsciously ask:

Whats in it for me?

Your ideal spot is to hit all these 3 elements !

Keep Your Landing Page Relevant

This tip applies to every digital marketing advertising initiatives: your landing page should always be aligned with your ad. Make sure your branding and your copy are coherent across the board to provide a seamless experience to your users.

Holt Renfrew uses similar design on their ad and their landing page, this way, the user knows hell easily find what hes been looking for: the new Fall line.

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Got Tough Marketing Questions Get The Answers Here

Inside the Society, you get exclusive access to an always-on community of thousands of experienced marketers from all over the world. Including many of our trainers!That means you can ask tough questionsand get real, actionable answerson the fly. No more screaming into the void only to be rewarded with *crickets.*

Tag Products In Shop The Look Pins

PINTEREST ADS 101: How to Advertise on Pinterest in 2022 | Learn to Set Up Promoted Pins

Shop the Look Pins are a great way to link to several products at once in a single Pin. Whether its an outfit or home decor post, each product available for purchase in the photo is shown via a white dot that users can click on to see more.

You can share photos of your models wearing an outfit of your latest collection or a room filled with your furniture or similar products to promote more products on the platform.

The process for Shop the Look Pins is manual, and once your Pin is linked to your claimed website, you can tag as many products as youd like.

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Using Your Affiliate Links

Okay, first things first. You dont have to go through the steps that we just discussed to start using your affiliate links.

This might sound familiar. Its also what we say about blogs. And YouTube. And plenty of other promotion strategies for affiliate marketing.

Are you starting to notice a pattern here?

Idea Pins With Paid Partnerships

Previously known as Story Pins and still rolling out as a new feature, Idea Pins are a set of 1-20 images, videos or text that Pinners can tap through. They operate very similarly to other platforms Stories. These are often used to tell a story in a way that a carousel Pin or short video cannot.

Currently, Idea Pins are not available to be promoted but they are available in Pinterest ads as a paid partnership with a creator. A Paid Partnership label will appear on the ad and itll appear with the creators profile image. Youll need to work together with an approved creator to have this ad type. Youre also welcome to create organic Idea Pins to try out the new format.

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Keep Up With The Community

Need a few ideas? Besides pinning articles from your own artist blog, make an Art Marketing board and save blogs from art business experts like Felicity OConnor or tips youve found useful on Artwork Archives blog. Make an inspirational board dedicated to art quotes and new piece ideas or your favorite Edgar Degas paintingsanything that illustrates who you are as an artist will bolster your brand.

Artwork Archive artist Kelly OBrien has featuring not only her own art, but inspiration.

Dont forget this last rule about pinning! It is always good manners when someone pins your art to leave a comment saying thank you and maybe even give them more information about the piece. Follow anyone in the artist communitylike interior designers and collectorsor any art-related board you find inspiring, because you never know what will lead someone to you or what will give you the next burst of inspiration.

New For 202: Try On Product Pins

Pinterest Ads: A Simple Guide to Set You Up For Success

Try on product Pins combine your content with augmented reality to create a virtual fitting room experience on Pinterest. Whoa.

Especially powerful for beauty and accessories brands, it allows users to see how a product will look on them by using their phones camera.

Try on Pins arent available in all countries yet, and youll need a Pinterest Business account and an uploaded product catalog. Additionally, creating a Try on Pin is currently only possible by working with a Pinterest account manager.

But if you run an e-commerce business, you should start thinking about these. Hopefully, well see this format become more publicly available for brands to use as ads in late 2022 as well. Right now, theyre available

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Create Your Maximum Cpc Bid

On the page where you create your ad group, youll be asked to set a maximum CPC bid. This is the maximum amount that you want to pay per audience action, whether thats impressions, clicks, engagement or app download. You wont be charged the full bid unless its necessary to beat out the next-highest bidder.

Create A Target Audience

On the ad group page, youll be asked to create a target audience. This helps you get your ads in front of the right people. You can target viewers based on the following criteria:

Youll be able to further clarify your audience by interests, such as boards and pins that theyve interacted with in the past, keywords, languages, locations, devices, and genders.

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Launch Your Campaign And Start Tracking

As soon as you fill out all the information, you will launch your campaign. From the moment you launch it, you can monitor your campaigns performance to see how your promoted pin is doing.

There are many metrics you can monitor to track ad performance. This includes impressions, repins, clickthrough rate, and total spend. Its a great way to get insight into your campaign to see if its driving the results you desire.

Create Good Quality Pins

How to Advertise on Pinterest for your Shopify Store

It is also equally important to ensure that you describe your products as accurately as possible, using the keywords that you have used to describe them in your Etsy shop.

One way to stay on top of your keyword game when describing or captioning pins is to observe how other users with similar products are doing so. This will ensure that your pins reach the relevant audience.

Also, ensure that your logo or shop name is located somewhere on your pin.

This makes it easier for potential customers to find you and it is also a great branding strategy.

If youre interested to know more about pinning and creating attractive pins for your Pinterest boards, check out this article that discusses .

Note- If you are super busy and have no time to read it, then just take that helped me get 10,000 new visitors a month to my website, within 3 months!

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Follow The Best Practices For The Best Results

Create content that suits the site. You dont just want a great ad you want a great pin. How do you do that?

  • Choose a high-quality image for your promoted pin. That means no pixelation!
  • Clearly communicate what to expect when clicking your link. If this is not immediately communicated in the picture, then description text is essential.
  • Be aware of attribution. Give credit where credit is due in the description. Meanwhile, protect your brands content with a logo or URL in your photo.
  • Be concise in your descriptions . Also, consider SEO.

Add Text To Your Pins

Make sure that youre using the description wisely too. A call-to-action helps users stay engaged. You can ask people a question or give an instruction, such as Learn more or Buy now. You might even try having your call-to-action say, Pin this for later to remove the urgent sales quality but encourage people to save your pin.

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So Now You Have Made A Pin What Should You Do With It

  • use the Plus sign and add a pin
  • drag your newly created pin onto it
  • Give your pin a title using keywords
  • now write an excellent keyword-rich description
  • Add a link to either your item or shop categories
  • Choose a board
  • Either publish immediately or at a later date

The reason I do this is to ensure I create repinnable pins which look more authentic than the preview images I use in my Etsy shop. This is for my shop, and your shop may target different audiences.

If you do anything just ensure that your pins are 2×3 in ratio, are not all the same and have great descriptions including keywords.

So for more clarity

  • Pins which you pin directly from your Etsy shop either using the pin button in the listing or from the media drop menu create a post option These pins are attributed to you and your account and your Etsy shop

Perhaps later this will happen but for now, its worth mentioning. So if you want pins with stats and your Profile image to be attributed to you only pin from your Etsy shop account.

If you are interested in opening an Etsy shop- click the image below to gain access to the free eBook on how to start selling printables on Etsy

  • Learn how to get your art online and where to sell it
  • Tools to get started selling digital online prints today
  • Learn how which file sizes to sell so you can go hands-off right away
  • Discovery why I get a 5-star review every time.

Choose The Target Audience

How you can use Pinterest for your brand

One of the most important things for an ad campaign in any platform would be the people who see this ad.

You need to make sure that you target the perfect audience for your ads. Choose the ones that will provide you with the best of the results.

There are many different ways by which you can sort out and target the audience of your liking. You could choose the audience by their interest in your product, their geographical location, the language that they speak, the device that they use and so much more.

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Create A New Engagement Audience

  • Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Audiences
  • Click Create audience
  • Claimed domain
  • Click Create
  • Note: Once youâve created your audience, the audience size will update within 24 hours on the Audiences page in Ads Manager. Once the audience is available, you may use it to target ads or create actalike audiences. To delete an engagement audience, click the trashcan icon on the Audiences page.

    Jump On The Hashtag Bandwagon

    Pinterest recently changed its tune on hashtags, and hashtags are now popping up on feeds everywhere. Theyre a way to see what pins are the newest and most relevant now that we cant see re-pin counts.

    If you want to be found by followers who fall into your target audience, nows the time to dive onto the hashtag bandwagon.

    You can use relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions like these pinners have:

    To use hashtags type # and then the keyword you want to use. Youll notice itll provide popular suggestions. Those will be the types of hashtags people will be plugging into the search bar so select them strategically.

    Want to learn more? Check out our guide to .

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    Select Your Promoted Pin

    Now, you can select the pin that you want to promote. You can only choose from items that youve publicly pinned. The pin doesnt have to be one that you have initiated through your own website, although it would probably be a good idea to use an image that youve created.

    Next, youll give the promoted pin a name and set the URL of the landing page that you want visitors to end up on when they click on it.

    Consider the URL carefully. Ideally, youll send people who click on your ad to a page dedicated to your Pinterest audience. The landing page should have something to do with the pin that led people to it. If youve added Pinterest tag code to your website, youll be able to track the success of each promoted pin.

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