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How Do Twitter Lists Work

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Optimize Your Blog Post Titles In Tweets

How To Use Twitter Lists For Marketing 2021

On a similar note, when youre tweeting an article, you dont have to just use the blog posts title for your tweet. Vary it up and personalize it for your followers.

For instance, lets say we wanted to share this Fast Company article.

A lot of marketers might just use the article title for the copy in their tweet, like this.

The problem is most of the people sharing this article will likely use the same exact headline.

So instead, we can personalize the copy to stand out.

You know your audience. Craft your tweets to appeal to what theyre most likely to respond to.

Customize With An Image If You Can

This is not required but will add personality to your list. It is more important on a public list.

For example, I created a list, so members of a Facebook group I am a part of could also follow each other on Twitter easily. I used the image from the Facebook group, so it would be recognizable by the members. The dimensions will be similar to those for a Twitter header image for your account.

List Ideas For A Business

Your Business Team: Set up a list of all employees that are using Twitter for your business. You may have multiple employees that are active on Twitter on behalf of your company. A list will enable people to view the tweets of these employees. Any team member will be able to use the lists to keep track of tweets. This helps to create consistency and helps to form the company culture.

For a customer who views the list, they will be able to see the people who work for and enhance their experience when they interact with your company. It is good for clients to see the people who make the company go.

Your employees will also see that you are committed to them and that you take Twitter exposure and marketing seriously.

Live Events: If someone attends an event then part of the information you may collect from them is their Twitter Handle. Create a list of people who have attended a live event.

Customers: You will want to make this a private list. You will gain more insights into the thinking of your customers by being able to see what they tweet about. Once you create this it will help you to chime in from time to time or get involved for something of significance. You may be able to help out a client or two directly from Twitter. This not only would be helpful but also demonstrate your willingness to help, demonstrate your expertise, and your Twitter savviness.

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A Waiting List Is All About Anticipation Isn’t It

No matter whether you’re about to sell a product, service or training, it would do us all a bit of good to create a waiting list. And waiting lists work for a simple reason: it creates a feeling of scarcityeven if you’re not exactly well known in your field.

Take the example of Joseph Pilates, for example. When Pilates started out his studio, he wasn’t just an unknown he was also an immigrant to the US with a German accent.

That didn’t exactly stop Pilates from creating a waiting list. He started his exercise regimen near a niche audiencedancers. Despite being brand new in the business, Pilates never agreed to see a client right away.

The client was always put on a waiting list, a few days or a week or two after the initial contact. Waiting in that queue as it were, created anticipation for the client. When the day rolled along, they were eager to get started.

Decide What Content To Tweet About

Printable To Do Lists That Work

What will you be saying? Are you most interested in running Twitter marketing campaigns or will you be using it to provide commentary on things that involve your brand? Perhaps all of the above? This may evolve over time, but deciding what you will be saying on this social channel is one of the important first steps. Itll take some trial and error until you figure out what works best, but coming up with some preliminary content ideas will be very helpful.

Once youve started tweeting, be sure to utilize the Pinned tweet option. Basically, it lets you decided which tweet you want people to see most. So, when they visit your profile theyll see it first and get a good idea what youre about. For example, heres .

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How Do I Set Up Twitter Lists

Setting up a Twitter list is easy to do and once you master the basics you can explore all the ways to use these lists.

Start by logging in to your Twitter account. Then click the word Lists in your navigation bar. Click Create New List and give it a name and description .

Next, youll decide if you want to make the list public or private. Well explore ways to use both types of lists later in this post and the decision to make a list public or private will have a lot to do with how you want others to interact with your list.

If you choose to create a public list, others will be able to see it. Those accounts you add to a public list will also be notified that theyre on your list and people will be able to subscribe to your list.

If you decide to create a private list, only youll have access to it and people will not be notified that theyve been added to that list.

Once youve decided what type of list you want to create youll begin to add accounts to your list. From their page click the gear icon and then select Add or remove from lists. Youll then select the list you want to add them to and repeat the process of adding all the accounts you want to be a part of that particular list.

To find out whos subscribing to your public lists, click that list and click the List Subscribers link there. And to find out what lists your account is a part of click the Member of tab under your cover photo.

Which Twitter Tips Work For Beginners And Pros

Our list of contained a lot of basic information about how to engage, discover, and grow your Twitter profile. Some of the advice even has carryover potential beyond those of us just starting out. Here are a few tips that could be keepers:

  • You dont have to read every tweet
  • Put your favorites into a list
  • Use a scheduler like Buffer
  • Maintain an informative, smart bio
  • Engage other users directly
  • Its okay to reshare the same content

Now onto the new Twitter tips, strategies, and experiments for the intermediate and advanced set.

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People Who Retweet You

Post Planners Aaron Lee has come up with several neat uses for Twitter lists. One of them is a collection of people who retweet you often. Place them into a list so that you can see their content and share their articles and tweets. The idea is that it might encourage your retweeters to continue sharing your content as well.

Heres the way Aaron recommends to name the list.

Dont name the List retweeters or something equally vague. Instead give it a name that doesnt give away the reason you started the list to begin with.I call mine Super-sidekicks.


Speaking of Aarons Super-sidekicks list, here it is. Currently, there are over 100 members and nearly that many subscribers.

Keep The Tweets Short

Beat The TWITTER ALGORITHM in 2021 – Dominate The Twitter Algorithm in 7 Days

Lauren Fisher of SimplyZesty writes about the importance of that extra space:

You may post interesting content or say witty things, but when youre doing so, you want to give people the opportunity to retweet your stuff. As a rule, you should leave leave 20 characters worth of spare to allow this. If its possible leave 40 since that way, the person retweeting should be able to fit in a quick comment.

Research by Track Social confirms that 100 is a good threshold to aim for if youre after a retweet. In their study, tweets of 71 to 100 characters came out on top.

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Staff Directory For Your Team

Find all your employees who are on Twitter, and collect them into a list. Its as simple as that!

Doing so could be good motivation for some late adopters on your team to start accounts, and it could be good incentive for others to keep sharing. Collectively, these lists can reveal a lot about the culture and the people behind the brand. If youve got anywhere from five to 100 employees, lists like these can be a really intriguing follow.


Weve put together a twitter list with all the members of the Buffer team. Give the list a follow if youd like!

When To Start A New Twitter List

Now that weve covered the basics of why Twitter list management is important and how to create Twitter lists, lets address when it might be time to put a cap on one Twitter list and move on.

The answer to this dilemma, though more of a feel call, should be quite logical when you remember the whole reason you created your Twitter lists to begin with. Since the purpose of making Twitter lists was to filter the tweets you view into systematic mini-timelines based around specific topics or criteria, if the number of members on any given list becomes excessive, youre back to experiencing the same problem that you set out to solve.

The more you experiment with creating and actually using Twitter lists, the closer youll come to finding your perfect balance of how many lists you can effectively manage and how many members make a list worthwhile but not too busy. Remember, the ultimate goal of this entire exercise is to more efficiently target and find the audiences you want to engage with most .

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Public Twitter List Ideas: Employee Or Brand Round

Showcasing your management and key employees Twitter accounts or referencing the other brands in your company lineup can help you tell your brand story more effectively. This ensures that people know what brands carry your name and can help them begin to connect faces, or in this case tweets with your brand overall.

Even if youre a small company in your industry, getting followers acquainted with the faces behind the brand makes things even more personal and that can be great for your marketing strategy.

Gather The Details For Each List

Printable To Do Lists That Work

Ideally, you will be able to use lists of people that you have created in other marketing systems. You can put them on a spreadsheet, or print out a list. Whatever is easiest for you will work for this step.

Personally, I find it helpful to have a physical piece of paper in front of me that I can write on.

Some examples of existing databases to use:

  • Your current clients
  • Potential clients that you are doing outreach to
  • Influencers you are actively targeting
  • Competitors

If you use Agorapulse, you can also use the fans and followers function to find your most engaged connections on social media. These are also good potentials for various lists.

In Agorapulse, you can view all your most engaged users.

Interact with these people to build stronger relationships. You can write notes on each user and see their company information. You can also click the Twitter logo to go directly to their account to easily add them to a list.

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Searching For Potential Clients

Just like you would do with your leads, you can create your Twitter lists of people who gave you their contact details.

Luckily, there are various tools that can assist you in using their email address.

Another great way of utilizing Twitter lists is to use them to track potential leads for any kind of event.

If your company is taking part in a conference, then it wouldnt hurt to create a list of users who are planning to attend.

You can use ScoutZen to collect a list of people who have recently shared something about a particular event.

For example, heres a list of all users who have tweeted about BrightonSEO:

To further extend your research, you can review your competitors followers. I bet youll find a lot of potential clients who can be added to a new and promising list.

Lists Are Great For Monitoring Competitors

You want to use private lists when you monitor your competition. Its a great way to keep track of all of them without needing to remember a list of every tertiary competitor you might have come across. You dont want to follow your competitors, for obvious reasons. Adding them to a public list just lets them know youre keeping track of them, which might tip them off to your presence if they havent noticed you. Generally, you just dont want to provide your competitors with benefit while youre stalking them.

Using a private list allows you to keep track of all of your competition in one place. You can see which ones are tweeting most frequently. You can see which ones are getting the most value out of Twitter. If nothing else, you have the convenient list of names you can use as a jumping-off point for other forms of research, like plugging those names into BuzzSumo or Twitonomy.

You can also use a list like this to keep an eye on trends in your industry. If you post something and a few days later see a bunch of your competitors posting about the same topics, you know youre a trendsetter and youre ahead of the curve. If you see topics popping up that you hadnt noticed, you might need to start looking for the data source theyre all using and youre not. Twitter is just a great tool for awareness.

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What Are The Popular Twitter Hashtags

Studies have shown that tweets which include hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted than those without them. But which specific hashtags are most likely to help you gain traction on the platform?

Create A Name And Description For Your List

How To Use Twitter

Your name is limited to only 25 characters, and your description to 100 characters. You will need to keep it short while maintaining clarity.

If it is a private list, you can use this name and description to help you keep track of your goal for the list.

If it is a public list, then it is important that anyone looking at the list can easily understand what it is about.

Dont hesitate to use hashtags if it is appropriate to communicate intent in short-form.

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Recap 4/: Twitter Direct Messages

Direct messages break all the rules. They are one to one private messages through Twitter as a platform, from one account to another. They dont work the same way as tweets, and they have a much higher character limit as of just recently. They are most often used as private messaging and as direct customer support in a private setting.

Theres not much more to direct messages. If youve ever used email or any web forum with accounts, youre familiar enough with the concept. If you somehow havent, think of it like Facebook messages, without the live chat interface.

Fortune Is In The Follow

Once its active, dont just forget about this list. Youll want to check in on it and see what types of content is being produced by this group. Make it a routine.

Then, when appropriate, engage with these people. If your targeting has worked, youll likely find some great people to connect with.

You will also notice that some people begin to thank you for adding them to the list. The reason for this is that when a user is added to a public list on Twitter, they get a notification about it. Thats why its important that you make your lists public.

People will see youve added them to a listthis is the biggest part of the automated discovery. These highly targeted people will be discovering your profile thanks to the notification they receive.

Immediately follow anyone who responds to your adding them to the list. Theyre paying attention, and theyre engaged. Those are the kinds of people you want to connect with.

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Accounts With Protected Tweets On Lists

  • Accounts that have opted to protect their Tweets can be added to lists. However, you will only see an accountâs protected Tweets if you have been approved to follow that account.
  • Other people who view your list will likewise only see an accountâs protected Tweets if they have been approved to follow that account.

Private Twitter List Ideas: What They Do Or How We Met

Do Twitter Ads Really Work? (&  How to Get The Most Out of ...

If youve ever met someone at a networking event or conference, received a referral from a friend, fielded an out of the blue email, or received a direct message from a potential collaborator or customer, you know one thing for sure: It can be tough to keep everyone straight.

So, one way to organize people and their Twitter accounts into a list is to sort them by what they do or how you met.

This list is great for those who get a good bit of word of mouth traffic but it can also help those who dont stay organized. Thats because it helps you know how best to interact with that person based on how they came to know you or your brand.

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