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How Do I Unfollow Someone On Twitter

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How To Mass Unfollow On Twitter

Quickest Way to Unfollow People & Clean Up Your Twitter Timeline [How-To]

Has your Twitter timeline become bloated with too many unnecessary tweets and you want to know how to mass follow on Twitter? Your crowded Twitter homepage is a result of the huge amounts of people that you have followed and to have a cleaner and crisper Twitter experience, youll need to unfollow the unnecessary Twitter accounts. Unfollowing then one by one can be a pretty laborious task. Therefore, today we have brought to you the step by step guide on how to mass unfollow on Twitter.

Twitter is a very lively and vivid place with millions of users from all around the world sharing their thoughts, ideas, pictures, and all other social things through their tweets. Now, who would like to miss out on all this fun and interesting information? Obviously nobody! So, what people do is that they follow a lot of other people and pages without realizing that this would make their Twitter timeline very congested and clumsy. And it is at this very moment that people realize that they need to learn how to mass unfollow on Twitter.

General Follow And Unfollow Tips

There are a lot of things you can do to make your behavior on Twitter more natural, and it will have the side effect of helping you grow your presence in a more organic way.

Go through and prune out the accounts that havent posted in over a year, or even over six months. Inactive accounts arent providing you any value, so theres no reason for you to follow them.

Conversely, dont worry about inactive accounts that follow you. Just because they dont post doesnt mean they dont monitor Twitter. I know a few people who never even consider posting on Twitter, but love following people to keep an eye on their work.

Go through your followers and remove the fakes. This means egg accounts with a handful of spam tweets, it means accounts that bot-followed you based on a hashtag you used, or accounts that followed you to fish for follow-backs. I like to report the spam accounts because theres no reason to not inconvenience people making the site worse for everyone.

Consider making lists out of the people you follow rather than following them. Its already hard to follow a Twitter feed and catch everything of value when you have 100-200 people you follow. When youre in the thousands or tens of thousands, it becomes virtually unusable. You catch one in every 100 posts, and who knows what value you miss.

Twitter Tip: How To Make Someone Unfollow You

Until now, when you blocked people on , they couldn’t follow you and wouldn’t see your tweets in their streams. Of course, harassers could always go to your public profile and read your updates there, but it would take a little extra effort on their part.

However, Twitter has changed its blocking policy, so that blocking a user really just mutes them from your point of view. A blocked harasser can now follow you, read your tweets in their stream, and even retweet them. The only upside, as far as I can tell, is that blocked users will no longer be able to tell that you’ve blocked them.

Anyways, before Twitter made this latest change, it was super-easy to make someone unfollow you without permanently blocking them, if you so desired. All you had to do is block them and then unblock them.

With the new blocking policy, this just involves a couple more steps:

  • Select the option to “Protect my Tweets” under “Security and privacy” settings.
  • Go to the profile of your unwanted follower and block them. This will make them unfollow you.
  • If you want, you can then unblock them .
  • Just make sure to unprotect your tweets to make them public again.
  • This won’t stop someone from re-following you, but with any luck it’ll be a while before they notice that they “accidentally” unfollowed you.

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    Youre Dming People You Dont Know

    Most of the time, DMs are a no-no. Unless youre DMing a buddy to tell him where to meet for dinner, dont DM. Only DM buddies.

    Most direct messages are spam. I have a Twitter message box full of spam. The people who send it to me automatically get removed from my follow list. I have no toleration for spam, and neither do the people who you might DM.

    DMs are annoying and will get you unfollowed in a hurry.

    Other Methods To Learn How To Unfollow Everyone On Twitter

    How To Find Out Who Recently Unfollows You On Twitter ...

    Search for the best command-line Unfollow All Twitter tool

    When you want an actual unfollowing, then you can use this command-line tool.

    This unfollow all twitter tool only needs to be installed so it will run.

    You might get to install the Ruby first. But if you dont know how to do it, you can ask for help.

    Some people know a lot about Twitter, especially on how to unfollow everyone.

    Sometimes unfollowing everyone is seen to be a complicated process as you need to unfollow thousands and hundreds of them.

    But if you want for a quick unfollow everyone then use the command-line tool.

    You can use your follow manager as a twitter unfollow all method

    Most people do not use the command line because it is more technical. So, other people use ManageFlitter in selecting and picking everyone they want to unfollow.

    The ManageFlitter will help you in sorting you follows through follower count, amount of time you followed them, tweet frequency, and others.

    This site cannot unfollow everyone instantly, but it has an interface that helps for an easier click point-click and continues on a schedule

    This way you can have a free space and achieve the Twitter unfollow all goals.

    Carefully use the Twitter Unfollow All chrome extension

    Twitter Unfollow may have some problems now for some.

    There is still a in chrome extension, yet you must carefully use it.

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    Why Would I Want To Unfollow Someone

    • Typically, people unfollow other accounts when they no longer wish to see that account’s Tweets in their home timeline. You can still view them on an as-needed basis by visiting their profile, unless their Tweets are protected.
    • If you are unfollowing an account because their updates seem like spam, please read our guidelines on .

    Navigate to a Tweet from the account youâd like to unfollow.

    icon located at the top of the Tweet.

    Tap Unfollow from the selection menu.

    Navigate to a Tweet from the account youâd like to unfollow.

    icon located at the top of the Tweet.

    Tap Unfollow from the selection menu.

    Find a Tweet from the account youâd like to unfollow.

    Hover your mouse over their name.

    How To Follow The Right Way

    To avoid violating Twitters rules, the first thing is to make sure youre following other users purposefully.

    Dont just follow other users with the intent to unfollow them later and inflate your follower count.

    Remember, you need to connect with users who can appreciate what you offer as a blogger. If you keep on following random strangers, your follower count will ultimately be meaningless.

    That is if you can get them to follow back in the first place.

    Additionally, try to avoid using automated tools that enable you to mass follow other users.

    As much as possible, follow each person manually. Take a glance at their profile to make sure theyll be interested in your blog while youre at it.

    Finally, avoid using third-party tools or services that automate dubious activities, like:

    • Magically add followers to your account
    • Create duplicates of other accounts and their followers
    • Following a large number of users, including those who arent interested in your niche

    Thats it.

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    Finding Silent Twitter Users To Unfollow

    Use Sprout Social to assess how vocal your Twitter followers have are. To determine how your followers are engaging on Twitter in Sprout:

  • Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
  • Click Twitter Follower Tools under Resources.
  • Click Cleanup in the left-hand navigation pane.
  • Select from:
  • Silent Accounts users that have little or no activity on Twitter.
  • Irregular Usage users that have unusual patterns of use or unusual friend counts.
  • Do Not Follow Back users you follow, but dont follow you.
  • How To Safely Unfollow Twitter Accounts With Circleboom

    How to unfollow everyone on twitter

    Circleboom can help you unfollow right accounts by giving you lists of Twitter accounts:

    -> Fake or spam Twitter accounts-> Inactive accounts

    To unfollow any of these accounts, follow the steps below:

    Step #1: Login to the Circleboom app by authenticating your Twitter account.

    Then, go to The Circle from the menu on the left.

    Step #2: Then, Select Not following Back to unfollow accounts who do not follow back.

    You can select fake/spam, inactive, overactive, eggheads from the sub-menu depending on the accounts you want to unfollow.

    Step #3: Once selected, Circleboom will list all the accounts on your dashboard.

    You can choose to visit each account and unfollow them from the Twitter app.

    In case you would like to follow these steps on our video tutorial to unfollow Twitter accounts without getting suspended, here it goes:

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    Tweepi Follow Unfollow Tools

    Tweepi login page:

    With Tweepi, it is not so smooth, though.

    The Free Tweepi plan offers just a minimal number of Follow recommendations. Even worse, all their unfollow tools are locked. To unlock them you must upgrade to Premium:

    As you can see, there are more follow and more unfollow tools in Tweepi. Lets see what they have on the table :

    Well, if they dont give you their unfollow tools for free then How much do they ask for them? Here are the Tweepi pricing plans:

    It means, the cheapest way to unlock Tweepi follow unfollow tools is $129 per year . Or $12.99 per month.

    Is There A Way To View Who I’ve Followed And Unfollowed On Twitter

    I’m trying to find somebody I followed on Twitter ages ago, but had to unfollow due to personal issues at the time. Is there a way to view who I’ve followed?

    It is possible this person closed his/her twitter account and if they did you could send them an email inviting them to go back. Don’t know if this is useful but if you want to send a message of friendship by following someone on twitter, specially after unfollowing him/her, then the invite could be very useful. 🙂

    If you don’t know their real name, then you are probably out of luck.

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    Quick Tips On How To Get More Followers On Twitter

    When trying to clean up your follower count on Twitter, there are many reasons why you might want to be doing this. One of the most popular reasons is to focus more on quality, and growing your list from scratch again. To help with this process, here are a few ideas on how to start growing your Twitter account to higher levels than ever before.

  • The option is always there to . While this might be frowned upon by some users and brands, its one of the most effective ways to grow an account at a very fast pace. This is also a great method, as its somewhat cost effective. Some services can provide 5,000 new followers to an account for less than $100.
  • If you arent currently cross-promoting your social profiles and accounts with others, you should! By this we mean, promoting your Instagram on Twitter, Facebook on Twitter, and so on. This is a great way to get your follower count up by having your existing followers joining you on each social platform.
  • Adding social sharing buttons to your blog posts is a great way to get more social followers. This is especially true with Twitter, as its one of the most user-friendly platforms for sharing blog content. Make sure your Twitter username is should in all retweets.
  • In addition to acquiring new Twitter users, the tools and services below are also great for better management and mass unfollowing of users on your account as well.

    How To Force Someone To Unfollow You On Twitter

    If You Accidentally Follow Someone On Instagram And Then ...

    Have you ever had someone who you wish wasnt following you on Twitter, but you dont want to block them? Well, heres how to force someone to unfollow you on Twitter.

    Now, Twitter doesnt have a force unfollow feature per se, but there is a workaround.

    First, bring up a the profile of the person you want to force to unfollow you. Heres my personal Twitter profile.

    Note that near the username, you should see the text Follows you.

    Next, on the righthand side of the profile, near the blue Following button, click on the three vertical dots.

    A popup window should appear with some information about blocking. Click on the red Block button.

    The profile should refresh itself, showing you that you have blocked the person.

    If you refresh the page, you should see that the Follows you text has disappeared.

    Hover over the Blocked button on the right hand side of the page.

    It should change to Unblock. Click on that.

    Now the person has been forced to unfollow you and will never receive a notification that it happened. And when they visit your profile, they wont see that you have blocked them, which they would see if you had just blocked them.

    Watch the video below to see it in action. Its under 2 minutes.

    Let me know in the comments what you think of this trick.

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    How To Make Someone Unfollow You On Twitter Using These Three Methods

  • How to make someone unfollow you on Twitter using these three methods
  • Blocking someone on Twitter is one way of getting someone to stop seeing your posts. When you block people from your Twitter account, they cannot follow you and will not see any tweets that you post on your account.

    Before the most recent Twitter update on its blocking policy, people could still view your public profile and update themselves on your posts even if you blocked them. However, blocking someone from your account will quite literally mute them entirely with the latest Twitter update. Another addition to this feature is that the users whom you have blocked cannot tell if you blocked them or not.

    If blocking them is not your intention, you can easily make someone unfollow you on Twitter. Previously, this involved a short 2 step method where you have to block them first and then unblock them again. This will take away all traces that they ever followed you in the first place.

    With the new blocking policy, this is how to get someone to unfollow you on Twitter:

    Here is the solution for how to make someone unfollow you on Twitter:

    How To Mass Unfollow Everyone On Your Twitter Account

    Are you looking for the best way to remove all of your followers from Twitter? If you are, youve likely come across a lot of different results and methods for accomplishing this, but there are really only a handful that actually works. With more than two billion users spread across the major social networks, it can get quite over saturated and annoying to try and see updates from only people you really care about.

    This is something I also recently wanted to accomplish, so I ended up trying a bunch of different methods only to find a select few that actually worked. There are plenty of free methods for removing followers from your account, but most of them will actually take time if you are already following several thousands of users.

    To help with this process, Ive laid out what method has worked best for myself while also mentioning a few other of the top ranking methods used today.

    Heres what currently worked on my Twitter account:

  • Head over to your
  • Go to your Followers tab
  • Scroll down as much as possible to load as many followers as you can
  • Right mouse click and go to Inspect
  • Then end $.trigger
  • Then click ENTER
  • This will then unfollow all of the Twitter accounts on your screen at the time. If you currently are following several thousands of users, you will likely have to go through this method several times over, as Twitter may not allow you to load too many followed accounts at one time.

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    Blocking Vs Muting Vs Unfollowing On Twitter

    When you block someone on Twitter, it also unfollows them, and all of their tweets disappear from your timeline. The blocked user doesn’t get a notification that you blocked them but will be able to tell if they visit your profile page.

    When you mute someone on Twitter, that user can still see your tweets, and like, retweet, and comment on them. Muted users can also send DMs to your account. However, you won’t see any of this activity until you unmute them.

    When you unfollow someone on Twitter, they might get a notification from a third-party app that tracks unfollows. They can still see your tweets as long as they’re following you.

    Decide If You Really Want To

    How – To: Unfollow Someone on Twitter

    As I was saying, there are a bunch of reasons why you might want to keep following an account that doesnt follow you back. See if any of these sound familiar:

    • The account is a bot that curates posts from a given set of sources, making it a valuable news or tips resource. Since its a bot, it doesnt follow anyone, except maybe the sources it curates from.
    • The account is a gimmick account, like Birds Rights Activist, kept around because its amusing even though it doesnt follow you.
    • The account is a popular influencer or celebrity, either an actual celebrity, a weird Twitter celebrity like Dril, or an industry influencer. They dont follow people lightly, but that doesnt mean they arent worth following.
    • The account is operated by someone whose attention you want to get. They dont follow you back yet, but with time and effort you may be able to convince them youre worth following.

    The point is, there are a lot of reasons why you might not want to unfollow an account. So, make a list of the reasons why, so that when you pull a list of possible accounts to unfollow, you can save the ones you want to keep around. That, or you can follow them again, depending on the tool youre using.

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