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How Do I Tweet On Twitter

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How To Follow Someone On Twitter

How to Tweet

Following people is not only a great way to grow your own network, but its how you develop an interesting newsfeed. As soon as you log in for the first time, youll find its no fun to be online alone. Lucky for you, following others is easy. If youre on a desktop, go to other users profiles and look for the follow button just beneath their header.

How To See Old Tweets In A Comprehensive Archive

In Twitter, you can demand the collection of your tweets! Not just for one time but time to time since it generally serves as a good social media experience.

This way, youll be able to retrieve and see your old tweets.

Twitter will give you a complete, comprehensive, and accessible archive of every tweet you posted, all you need to do is follow if you do these:

  • Open your Twitter account by signing in and head to Tap the Request your archive button that can be found under the Content heading.
  • Do not be impatient. Twitter prepare your archive for minutes, hours, or days. The time depends on how large the archive you are requesting for.
  • Once already done and ready, go directly to Tap Download archive. This button can be found under the Download your data field.
  • Always bear in mind that in doing this procedure, your email address must be updated. Twitter will email you the download link once your archive of tweets is completed- serving as a push notification.
  • Twitter will give all your old tweets in a .zip file format. Download it. There are two ways that you can view your archive.
  • To directly view your archive in the web browser you are using, just double-click on the index.html file. You can browse your tweets that are sorted by month.

    In your preferred spreadsheet, you can open the tweets.csv and see a more detailed cessation of your tweets.

    Twitter For Beginners: The Complete Guide

    Thinking about joining the Twitterverse, but a bit intimidated? Dont be. This unique social media platform has a lot of perks and its easier to set up and start tweeting than you might think.

    Fun stuff aside, Twitter can be a great promotional tool for your business website. It provides a terrific venue to connect with your target audience, and bring them tailored content that can convert them into customers.

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    Twitter Is Many Different Things

    Twitter is a blend of instant messaging, blogging, and texting, but with concise content and a broad audience. If you fancy yourself a bit of a writer with something to say, then Twitter is a channel worth exploring. If you don’t like to write but are curious about a celebrity, a particular hobby topic, or even a long-lost cousin, then Twitter is one way to connect with that person or subject.

    The Dos And Donts Of Hashtags

    How Do I Tweet Someone

    Youâve spent time creating a great Twitter content marketing strategy crafted the perfect creative assets and Tweet copy, and now itâs time to start posting. After all your efforts, you want your Tweets to reach the right audience, and as many of them as you can.

    On top of creating a , using hashtags can help your Tweets get optimum visibility and encourage engagement.

    Below, weâve got the dos and donâts that the best hashtags follow:


    • Use them consistently. Using hashtags helps your brand connect with whatâs happening on Twitter. Which is good news for you, because when brands connect with what’s happening on Twitter, they see lifts all across the marketing funnel, such as +18% message association, +8% brand awareness, and +3% purchase intent.1
    • Make them easy to remember â and spell. Donât leave room for people to make typos with your hashtag. This will make it less discoverable and people will be less likely to use it. Capitalizing each word of your hashtag can help make it easier to read, too.

    The Professional Fighters League uses two hashtags that are both easy to remember and spell for the playoffs of their 2021 championship.

    • Do your research. Use the explore tab to search and see what trending hashtags people are already using. Capitalize on those by using them in your Tweets. Check for any hashtags people are using when talking about your brand too, and include them in your own Tweets.


    Additional reading:

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    Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy

    Like every social media platform, you need to create a site-specific marketing strategy. It doesnt have to be too different from your overall business marketing strategy, as youll carry over elements like your buyer personas. These are the representations of your target audience that youll translate into social media target audiences, which will help you identify the customers most likely to interact with you on the platform.

    Its important to note that your will need to be in line with Twitter specific elements like live video and hashtags.

    Plan Out Your Twitter Strategy with HubSpot’s Free Social Media Content Calendar

    How To Use Twitter

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to get started with Twitter, which includes creating an account and learning how to tweet.

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    How To Use Twitter Like A Social Media Pro

    Twitter made its internet debut in 2006. Since then, it has quickly become one of the most popular social media networks on the web.

    Not only is it a social site, but it’s also a , a news-sharing platform, and a way to keep up with the thoughts of your favorite celebrities. It has made our world much smaller by connecting us to people who would otherwise be out of reach.

    To Send A Direct Message Via The Web

    How to Use Twitter (Tweet, Retweet, Direct Messages, Lists)

    To manage a group conversation:

    • From within a group conversation, click on the information icon to access the conversation settings:
    • From within the Group info page, click the more icon to access the drop-down menu. You can choose to Edit group name, Upload new photo, View photo, or Remove photo.Note: The option to view and remove the photo will be available only if a group message photo is uploaded.
  • Under Notifications, you can select to:
  • Click Snooze notifications to snooze notifications for 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 week, or Forever.
  • Click Snooze mentions to control whether you will receive notifications when you are mentioned in a group conversation. Please note that, unless this feature is enabled, you will receive notifications when you are directly mentioned in a conversation, even if you have enabled the Snooze conversation feature. Additionally, you must be a participant in a group conversation to receive mention notifications for that conversation.
  • To report the group conversation, click Report conversation.
  • To remove yourself from the group conversation, click Leave conversation.
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    Fill Out The Sign Up Form On The Twitter Home Page

    Here’s how to create a new account on Twitter, add a profile picture, and write a bio that your followers will see:

  • Go to Twitter, and select Sign up. You can use an email address/phone number or a Google account to create your account. Mac and iOS users can also use their Apple ID.

  • Twitter displays the initial sign-up form. Enter your name, your phone number or email for verification, and your date of birth. Select Next to continue.

  • Customize your experience by opting into tracking Twitter content across the web. Check or uncheck the box and select Next.

  • The information that you entered displays. If everything looks correct, select Sign up.

  • Twitter sends a verification code to the phone number or email address you provided. Retrieve the code and enter it in the space provided. Select Next.

  • Twitter prompts you to choose a password. Choose a strong password, and select Next.

  • Select the profile picture icon, and choose a profile picture to upload. Choose a clear picture of yourself without other people as a profile picture.

  • You can edit the profile picture that you uploaded. After you align it the way you want, select Apply.

  • Your profile picture displays in a preview. If you like the way it looks, select Next.

  • Enter a short bio, and then select Next.

  • Twitter asks if you want to import your contacts. That choice is entirely up to you. To skip it, select Not now.

  • Choose the interests that you want to see tweets about, or select Skip for now.

  • Understand The Twitter Lingo

    This particular social network has some key elements youll want to familiarize yourself with. Lets get down to it:


    Those things that start with the pound symbol? Hashtags are a great way to tap into conversations happening on Twitter. More on that below.

    Handles. We covered this one up top, but heres a reminder: its your profile name. For example, ours is @Wix.


    Much like a share on FB, retweets are like gold for your content. You can retweet content you see on Twitter by simply clicking the button below the text. Once you start tweeting, youll soon be hoping that people retweet your own content.


    When someone talks to you on Twitter, or talks about you, its called a mention. Its something youll want to check for when youre maintaining your channel .

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    How To Find Tweet Drafts On The New Twitter Draft

    Find the draft option next to the Tweet button. Remember, this option only exists if you have saved drafts. NOTE: Save a Tweet as a draft after typing it by clicking on the Cancel button. A question to keep or delete will pop up, and you should Tap on Save as Draft.

    First, you must open a new tweet then type your idea or thoughts to save. Then,

    • Locate and click Cancel at the top left.
    • You have the option of a pop-up menu to delete or save your tweet as a draft. Tap on save as a draft.

    How To Pin Someone Elses Tweet

    Twitter Help: What Is a Retweet? How Do I Retweet?

    Heres how to pin someone elses tweet on your profile:

  • to pin someones tweet, go to their profile
  • Scroll down to the tweet you want to pin.
  • Click on embed tweet.
  • On the next popup, uncheck the include media option.
  • Scroll down to get the raw text of the tweet. Copy it all including the URL.
  • Go to your profile and tweet the copied content.
  • Follow the process to pin this new tweet.
  • Make sure you give due credits and cross check if the person allows retweets.
  • Done.
  • I hope that was an easy way for those wondering how to pin a tweet that isnt yours.

    Now that you know how to pin someone elses tweet, lets learn how to pin a retweet:

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    Twitter Is A Blend Of Social Media Blogging And Texting

    Twitter is an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Tweeting is posting short messages for anyone who follows you on Twitter, with the hope that your words are useful and interesting to someone in your audience. Another description of Twitter and tweeting might be microblogging.

    Some people use Twitter to discover interesting people and companies online, opting to follow their tweets.

    Using Hashtags On Twitter

    A hashtag is any word or phrase with the # symbol in front of it. In short, a hashtag is a way to quickly inform others what your post is about. Hashtags also tell Twitter how to categorize your content.

    In this tweet posted by the Academy, they used hashtags like #Oscars and #5Gbuiltright to make sure the tweet appeared on user’s feeds if they searched for those terms. This is an example of how hashtags can help content go viral by capitalizing on trends and posting tweets in real time during big events.

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    How To Schedule Tweets On The Twitter Website

    Khamosh Pathak is a freelance technology writer who specializes in tutorials. His work has also been published on iPhoneHacks, Zapier’s blog, MakeUseOf, and Guiding Tech. Khamosh has seven years of experience writing how-tos, features and technology guides on the internet. Read more…

    If you dont want to tweet something at a late hour, you can now schedule tweets on the Twitter website. Theres no longer any need to use a third-party service or TweetDeck! Heres how it works.

    At this writing, the Schedule feature on Twitters website only works on desktop or mobile web. Hopefully, Twitter will bring this feature to its mobile app soon.

    To get started, go to the on your computer or smartphone, and then for which you want to schedule the tweet.


    Next, click Tweet in the sidebar on your computer or tap the Tweet floating action button on your iPhone or Android phone.

    Type your tweet in the compose box . Then, instead of clicking Tweet, button, click the Schedule icon.

    In the popup, choose the date, time, and your time zone, and then click or tap Confirm.

    Review your tweet and, if youre happy with it, click or tap Schedule.

    Your tweet will publish at the time you selected.

    You can also delete or edit a scheduled tweet. To do so, click or tap Tweet on the Twitter website, and then click or tap Unsent Tweets at the top.

    Go to the Scheduled section, and then click or tap a tweet to expand and edit it. You can change the date and the time, as well.

    Update A Scheduled Tweet

    How to Use Twitter

    Maybe you want to change the date and time that you selected to schedule your tweet.

    1) Use the steps above to review your Scheduled tweets and select the tweet you want to update.

    2) Click the Schedule button.

    3) Adjust the date and/or time as you like.

    4) Click Update, make any changes to the actual tweet as needed, and then click Schedule.

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    Customize Your Twitter Feed

    Your Twitter feed is what you see on your homepage. It consists of tweets from people you follow, as well as anything theyve retweeted or liked. The more people you follow, the more diversified and, arguably, interesting your newsfeed will become. Following more people also reduces the odds of you seeing the same tweets every time you log in.

    What’s The Twitter Character Limit

    Tweets can only have 280 or less characters. If you go over, Twitter won’t let you post it. The circle underneath the emoji is a warning of whether youre about to exceed your character limit.

    The circle fills up as you write and turns yellow when youre getting close to your character limit and eventually turns red when you’re out of characters. If you reach or exceed the limit, it will show you how many characters youll need to cut out.

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    How To Pin A Tweet On Twitter In 2021

    Heres how to pin a tweet on Twitter:

  • Open up your Twitter account.
  • Scroll down to the tweet you want to pin.
  • Choose the option pin to your profile page.
  • Done.
  • You just pinned a tweet to the top of your profile page on twitter.
  • Here is a video tutorial to show you the step by step process of pinning a tweet.

    Pin An Affiliate Product

    How to Embed Tweets on Your Website and Blog

    If you are promoting a product that is hugely popular amongst your followers why not send it to a place that already gets so many views. This way you could .

    PRO TIP: Also include a link to a product or affiliate review on your blog. This will increase credibility and the visitor might want to read the review before buying.

    This way you have 2X chances to convert your follower into a lead.

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    Find The Right People To Follow

    Who you follow on Twitter will dictate the type of content you have access to and the quality of the relationships youre able to establish. For this reason, youll want to set up some criteria, based on your experience, your industry, and what youre trying to accomplish. People you want to follow could include friends, professionals in your industry, other local businesses, colleagues, and even current or potential customers.

    When youre starting out, the key is to follow businesses, similar to yours that are doing it welldont mimic everything they tweet, but pay attention to how they are engaging and the type of content they share.

    Do You Ever Think Of Automating Your Twitter Growth

    Worry not Makezu can help you with

    • Automated Tweets

    You can sit back and let Makezu’s automation tools take care of your tweets, including creating posts on Twitter automatically according to your personalization. For example, to post tweets about a trending topic which people love, choose a particular keyword you want, and you are good to go.

    Automating Tweets can also help you repost tweets by scheduling automated evergreen campaigns and making the best out of your previous tweets.

    • Auto Retweet

    You might be wondering how to retweet something without clicking the retweet button. This feature will allow you to automatically retweet content according to your preferences

    • Twitter Auto Following

    Use the Twitter automated follow to follow people automatically according to keywords in their Twitter bio or depending on what they tweet.

    Twitter autofollow will also allow you to stay active so that you can focus on creating the best content on Twitter.

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    How Do You Pin A Retweet

    Heres how to pin a retweet to your profile page on Twitter:

  • Go to the retweet you want to pin.
  • Select embed
  • On the new overlay, copy the text version of the retweet .
  • Tweet the copied content and then follow the above process to pin it.
  • This is different from pinning a normal tweet because Twitter doesnt have pin a retweet feature as of now.
  • Dont forget to give due credits of the tweet.
  • You have successfully pinned a retweet now.
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