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How Do I Turn On Link Sharing In Gmail

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How To Hyperlink In Gmail On A Mobile Device

Enable Link Sharing on your Files in Google Drive 2020

1. Open the Gmail app on your phone and begin composing a new message.

2. Copy and paste the link you’d like to hyperlink to somewhere in the draft. It won’t appear blue at first, so you’ll have to press the “X” to close out and save as a draft first. Reopen the draft and it will appear blue.

3. Begin typing the text you’d like to display somewhere within the active link. It can be anywhere, so long as it appears blue.

4. Once you’re done typing the word or phrase, delete all of the text around it until it’s all that remains.

Sharing Files Using A Link On Mobile

You can get a shareable link and send it to other people so anyone with the link to the file can gain access to it.

Tap the more icon next to the files name and tap link sharing off to turn it on.

Tap copy link and then paste the link wherever you want to share it.

Note: If you dont own the file, you wont see the share link option. In this case, ask the file owner for permission to share the file.

How To Assign A Delegate To Your Gmail Account

An assigned delegate can access your Gmail account for limited purposes. They can’t view or change important account settings. Here’s how to name a delegate.

No one can serve as an assigned delegate without their own Gmail account.

  • Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Select See all settings from the menu that appears.

  • Go to the Accounts and Import tab.

  • In the Grant access to your account section, select Add another account.

  • Enter the Gmail email address of the person you want to entrust with the handling of your account in the Email address field, and then select Next Step.

  • Select Send email to grant access.

  • Wait for the recipient to accept the request. The recipient must accept your request before functioning as your email delegate.

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    The Easy Way To Hyperlink An Image

    Heres how you can easily make an image a link:

    1. Place the image into your Gmail email as you normally would.

    2. Then select the image. You can do this by clicking and holding to the right of it, then dragging the cursor left until the image turns blue. When the image is blue, this indicates it has been selected. Do not merely click on the image to select it.That wont work. You have to drag your mouse across it to select it.

    Dragging the cursor left to highlight the image.

    3. Click the link icon at the bottom of the Compose window. A small window will appear under the image showing you the option to change or remove the link.

    Selecting the web link you want for this image.

    4. Enter the web address to which you want the image to link.

    Entering the web address.

    5. Then click the OK button.

    Its a must to confirm that you have linked the image to where you intended it to link. This is important because its easy to create a new link rather than link the image, because sometimes the image looks like its selected when its not. To confirm that youve linked the image correctly, just click on the image, and then the URL will show with the change option. You should see the web address to which you want the image to link displayed under the image after the words Go to link. If it is incorrect, simply repeat the steps above, making sure you have definitely selected the image this time.

    Checking that the link is correct by clicking on the image.

    How To Turnon The Link Visibility Option

    How To Turn Link Sharing On Gmail

    You can also use the Google Docs screen to turn on thelink visibility options. If the link visibility option is turned on, anyone whohas a link to your document can access it.

    To turn on the Link Sharing option, click the link icon in the upper right cornerof the screen. A screen with a link appears.

    The system provides you with a linkthat you can share with others.

    Note: It’simportant to remember that activating the link share option reduces the amountof control you have over who can see the document. One of your reviewers couldshare the link with others, and those others would be able to access thedocument.

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    Fix Problems With Documents Shared With Many People

    If your document is shared with many people and its crashing or not updating quickly, try these troubleshooting tips:

    • Instead of allowing people to comment on a document or spreadsheet, create a Google Form to collect feedback. .
    • If youre making a copy of a document, dont include resolved comments and suggestions. Learn how to make a copy.
    • Delete older information or move data into a new document.
    • Ask viewers to close the document when they arent using it.
    • Include only the most important information in a published document. Shorter documents load faster.
    • Reduce the amount of people with edit access to a document.
    • If collecting information from multiple documents, create a new, view-only document to share with a large number of people.

    Sharing Files With Groups

    Google file sharing is limited to 200 people or groups. Up to 100 people can simultaneously comment and edit, but more than 100 people can view the file, though its easier to publish it and create a shareable link.

    You can also share files with up to 200 people or groups, but beyond that, youll need to create a and share the file with the group via a single email address.

    For instance, you can create a group with a specific email address such as and add members to the group. You can then use the group email address to share files with group members.

    If you share content with a subgroup of a main group, the subgroups members can access the same content thats shared with the parent group. You can also remove members from the group, and theyll lose access to the groups shared folder or file.

    New members who you add later to the group can open the files through URLs, but the shared folder or file wont immediately appear in their shared with me view in Google Drive. Instead, you will have to share the content again with the group, or individually with each new member.

    You can also limit your groups content-sharing abilities with others and allow only specific people from your organization to access the files.

    To share a file with a group, create a document in Google Drive or open an existing one, then click share.

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    How To Link Or Share An Email In Gmail

    I often want to share an old email chain with a friend — usually someone who was on on the chain in the first place.

    Is there an easy way to send a “link” or otherwise share that email?

    • 1I am guessing from your question that forwarding the email thread is not an option, but I’m not sure why… Can you clarify why you wouldn’t just forward the email?Aug 23, 2012 at 2:50
    • 1@ShannonWagner The chains can be long. I don’t wan’t to forward a multi-email chain if I only want to cite one section — and yet, I don’t want to just copy/paste a section because the reader might want context. samthebrandAug 23, 2012 at 3:06
    • It’s 2020 and Gmail can’t attach an email thread to an email . Why some people have fears about The Singularity or Skynet or AI taking their jobs?Mar 10, 2020 at 19:09
    • this would be a great feature to have especially for business emails AnupamJul 16, 2020 at 4:23
    • The best answer I have is still cloudHQ’s service: “Gmail Email Links” PROS: -Can open the link anywhere! -Create link for multiple emails. -Free. -Not editable therefore emails are trustworthy. -Dashboard to track clicks. // CONS: -Branded . -Requires Chrome extension/addon.

    There is no way to get a link or to share an email or thread with another person using just Gmail. Gmail gives you a unique URL in the address bar for each message thread but that URL is only accessible after you have logged in to your account, so another user would not be able to access the link.

    Sharing Files On Google Drive With Your Browser

    How to turn on Google link sharing.

    Open Google Drive and find the specific file that youd want to share. Click on the file and then hit the share icon which looks like a person with a plus sign at the top-right side of your screen. You can also right-click on the file and select share.

    To share multiple files, hold shift on your keyboard and select two or more files. Then click share on the top-right side of your screen.

    For Google Forms, the sharing options are different compared to other types of files. You can share a form with collaborators to work on it together. To do this, open the form, click the three dots at the top-right side of your screen and select add collaborators.

    Type the name or email address of your collaborator, and then click send. The collaborator can then edit any part of the form, including saved responses.

    Note: If you dont want the shared link to be sent as an email to each collaborator, click advanced.

    Then you can deselect the notify people box.

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    How To Share File / Attachment Between Gmail And Google Drive

    has been integrated into Gmail and this gives you the convenience of sending files stored in the cloud straight to your email, without leaving Gmail page. Its especially useful for sending large files up to 10GB.

    Due to the fact that youre sending file stored in the Google Drive, it allows your recipients access to the most updated version of it. Also, Gmail will check and make sure all your recipients have access to the file youre sending. If it detects the file isnt shared with all recipients, you will be prompted with a warning message together with the option to change the file sharing settings. Also, it works well with drive links pasted straight into emails.

    To use this feature, youll have to enable Gmails new compose experience. From there, youll see Google Drive icon added at the bottom of the new compose message window. Click on the icon and youll be able to share your drive files with Gmail.

    If youre looking for other options to share files between Gmail and Google Drive, below are some useful Chrome extensions to help you out!

    How to Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

    Gmail Attachments to Drive

    To easily save Gmail attachments such as documents and images to Google Drive, the Chrome extension: Gmail Attachments to Drive would be your first-choice.

    Note: Remember to refresh your Gmail after installing the extension. This is to ensure that the Save To Drive link shows up on any of your attachments.

    How To Create A Text Hyperlink The Gmail Web App:

    To get started, log in to your Gmail account and open up a new message. Draft your message as you normally would:

    Now, we need to choose want we want the anchor text for the link to be.

    For the sake of this example, were going to keep things simple and use this article.

    To add the link, head back to your message and highlight the anchor text youve chosen and hit the Insert link button along the bottom formatting bar:

    This will bring us the following pop-up:

    You can also get to this popup with a keyboard shortcut.

    To use the keyboard shortcut, highlight the anchor text the same way as before. Instead of hitting the Insert link button, hit Ctrl+K if youre on a PC and Cmd+K if youre on a Mac.

    The above edit link popup should appear.

    In the Web address line, paste the link you want to include:

    You can make sure the link works by hitting Test this link.

    Notice that you can also edit your display text within this window. In the Text to display line you can make any changes to the anchor text of your link.

    Once youre happy with the link and display text, hit OK”:

    See how the text you previously selected has now transformed into a hyperlink?

    To check the details or make changes, click the link once.

    Youll see a menu offering options to go to the linked page, change your anchor text, or remove the link:

    When your hyperlink looks the way you want it to, youre ready to hit send!

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    When To Share Your Documents In Google Docs

    Google Docs makes it simple to share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and there’s a number of ways you can put it to use. Now that you know how to share documents in Google Docs, and can control a number of useful settings, it’s time to put it to use.

    While you won’t need others to help you edit every single document you create, sharing documents in Google docs can come in really handy though. Here are some examples of when you might seek to collaborate and put sharing documents in Google Docs to good use:

    • keep team meeting notes in one collaborative document
    • brainstorm ideas for an upcoming project as a group
    • create a list for your dinner party, and invite guests to add what they plan on bringing
    • allow friends to comment on a speech you are writing for your best friends wedding
    • assign parts of a project to different individuals, but have everyone report their findings on the same document

    If you have any questions, or want to share an example of how you use Google Docs to share and collaborate, leave a comment below.

    Editorial Note: This post was originally published in 2014. It has been comprehensively revised to make current, accurate, and up to date by our staffwith special assistance from Laura Spencer.

    How To Generate A Share Link On Android And Ios

    How To Turn Link Sharing On Gmail

    If you need to build a link on a mobile device, the process is equally as simplethough the varying options are more hidden. Because of that, were going to break this down into a couple of sections: generating the link, and controlling the shared link.

    Generating the Link

    Im using an Android device for this tutorial, but the Drive app works basically the same way on both Android and iOS, so you should be able to follow along regardless of what platform youre on.

    Go ahead and open the Drive app, then navigate to the file you want to share.

    Tap the three-dot button on the file, then tap Share link. On iOS, this actually reads Get link.

    This is where the only real difference between Android and iOS happens: on iOS, the link is simply copied to the clipboard, so you can share it. On Android, the share menu will show up, giving you a lot more options.

    Your Share Dialog box will probably look different than mine, because its curated based on your sharing history, installed apps, and so on. But you should be able to wing it from herejust choose the app you want to share the file in. Alternatively, you can select the Copy to clipboard option if youd rather just copy the link and share it manually.

    How to Modify Your Shared Link

    Now that you have your shared link, youre probably wondering where all the options are. Unlike on Windows or Chrome OS, these options arent directly available from the share dialog. Instead, theyre tucked away in the files Drive menu.

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    How To Share A Link To A File

    You can also send your files shareable link with other people so that anyone with the link can access it.

    Select the file, then click the get shareable link icon which looks like a link of chain at the top-right of the screen. Otherwise, right-click the file and select get shareable link.

    Copy the link and paste it in an email or wherever you want to share it.

    To publicly share your file so that anyone with the link on the web can search, find and open it, click get shareable link, click the down arrow next to anyone with the link and click more.

    Note: If you open your file and see an anonymous animal instead of a persons name, this means the person accessing the file isnt signed in to a Google account.

    How To Add Or Remove Link From Image In Gmail Signature

    You can easily add an image to your Gmail signature now. The issue arises when you want to add a link to the said image to clickable and take the user to a website. If you want to add a link to an image in the Gmail signature, you have landed on the right page.

    Hyperlinking an image in a signature can come in handy to link your website to your company logo or to link your social media profiles to their logos. For instance, you can add Facebook, Instagram, etc., logo and link them to your own profiles. Whenever someone clicks on the hyperlinked image, they will be redirected to that specific website or email.

    Lets check how to add or remove links from images in the Gmail signature.

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    File Sharing Permissions On Android Or Ios Devices

    If you use an Android or iOS device, you can share files with specific people who have a Google account. Under people, enter the persons email address or the Google group you want to share with.

    Tap the send icon.

    Note: If you dont want people to be notified via email, tap the more icon at the top, and select skip sending notifications.

    Not Sure Whether To Use My Drive Or A Shared Drive

    How To Turn On Link Sharing Docomets On Google Docs

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • Are the files of interest to most or all members of a particular project team?
    • Do the files share a consistent theme?

    If you answered “yes” to both questions, creating a new shared drive is a good idea. If the files are for a variety of projects, create multiple shared drives. For a comparison of My Drive and shared drives, see Differences between My Drive and shared drives.

    View What can you do with shared drives? to get started

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