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How Do I See Who I Blocked On Instagram

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Using Bots To Boost Engagement

Blocked on Instagram? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Using automated bots to boost engagement or increase likes, comments and followers is a sure fire way to get your Instagram account blocked. All users on Instagram, whether youre a business account or not, are hungry for engagement. However, to avoid being banned on Instagram, youll have to organically increase your engagement. A smaller more engaged audience has a higher likelihood of making a sale than a large audience full of fake followers.

Instagram tracks your account and if it sees you liking, following, or commenting an abnormal amount, it will alert Instagram of your potential use of a bot and lead your Instagram action being blocked.

Use A Different Instagram Account

To know if someone has blocked you on Instagram is much easier if you have two accounts. If you are unable to find the user through any of the methods mentioned above, you can try searching for their username from a different account.

You will automatically know if you have been blocked if you can see their profile from a different account. However, if you cannot see their profile from the other one as well, the user might have either blocked your other account as well or deleted their account.

If the user was aware of your second account, there is a high possibility of them blocking both your accounts. In those cases, you might want to check their profile from your friends account or search their username in the browser through incognito mode.

Violating The Rules Of Social Media

While social media is meant to be a place where you can express yourself however you want, there are still some guidelines that you need to follow. If you break these rules, you may get your Instagram account blocked or even banned.

The platform has set in place community guidelines and rules to keep users safe and happy.

Sometimes you may not even realize youre breaking the rules, and on many occasions its not completely clear why Instagram blocks an account. To avoid being banned on Instagram, below are the most common rules to keep in mind when posting and engaging with content.

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Logging In From Multiple Ip Addresses

When discussing the topic of an Instagram account blocked, this is one that is not as commonly discussed. While Instagram has not made any official statements about whether they ban on the basis of IP addresses or devices, it seems rather obvious to the professionals that they do.

An IP address indicates the location from which youre logging onto Instagram, and its an easy piece of identifying information to change. When someone uses Instagram, they are not only identified by their username, but also their password, IP address and MAC address, which shows the hardware of the device. If youre logging in to Instagram from multiple IP addresses or from multiple devices, Instagram may see this as suspicious activity and block you.

If Instagram decides to block someone, you wont be able to log on to the network using your username and password, from your old IP addresses, with the same MAC address, or with the same phone. Any attempt at logging in will be flagged by Instagram and send you back to square one.

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Unblock Someone On Instagram

Can find someone on Instagram that you have blocked if they have ...
  • Open the application you’ll see your profile in the far right of the bottom menu .
  • Tap an icon of three lines and find “Settings” at the end of that page.Go to account settings and privacy details! Once inside those menus select “Blocked People”.
  • This screen lists all blocked users from anywhere under “Add New” or ‘People You Follow’.
  • Tap on the users name you wish to unblock and tap on unblock button.
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    Search For Their Profile Using A Link

    Instagram assigns a unique URL to each created account. The URL includes the accounts username. If you believe a person has blocked you on Instagram, try searching for their profile using their unique URL.

    Heres how to do it:

  • Open your mobile or desktop browser.
  • Enter into the address bar.
  • Hit Send on your mobile or Enter on your PC.
  • If they havent blocked you, their profile page will appear. The Sorry, this page isnt available message might have several explanations:

    • Youve entered the wrong link
    • Theyve changed their username
    • Theyve deactivated their account
    • Theyve deleted their account
    • Theyve blocked you

    After double-checking the link, you can eliminate the other options by performing the search in an incognito browser. The person in question has blocked you if you can see their profile page from the incognito browser.

    How To See Your Blocked Accounts List On Instagram

    When you block someone on Instagram, it adds them to a blocked accounts list inside your settings. You can see people youve blocked and even unblock them from this list, although you should be careful not to select the wrong account by accident.

  • Open the Settings Menu

    Click the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of your profile page, then select settings at the bottom of the menu.

    Open the Instagram app and find the settings page.

  • Go Into Your Privacy Settings

    Tap privacy the button next to the padlock icon to open up the settings for who can view your profile.

    Go into privacy to change what certain users can see.

  • Select Blocked Accounts

    In the privacy page, tap on blocked accounts to view the profiles that you have previously blocked.

    Tap blocked accounts to find everyone youve blocked.

  • Press the Unblock Button

    If you want to unblock someone, tap the unblock button next to their account name.

    To unblock someone, tap on the unblock button next to their username.

  • Confirm You Want to Unblock Them

    Tap unblock in the confirmation window to give them access to your account.

    Tap unblock again, and the user will be unblocked.

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    Can I Check Who Has Blocked Me On Instagram

    Instagram does not provide the users with a notification or a list of the number of people who have blocked them. There is no specific way of checking who has blocked you. However, if you want to check whether a specific person has blocked you or not, you can search for their profile on Instagram. If you cannot see any posts or options of following and sending a message that would mean you have been blocked.

    Check Your Own Profile

    How To See Who You’ve Blocked On Instagram

    Even if someone blocks you, Instagram doesnt delete old comments or tags from your own profile. If you cant find them after searching, but still see their comment on your post, click their profile. Like the first method, if the link takes you to their page where you can see their post count without any photos in the display, this means that you have been blocked. Speaking of blocking, heres how to block annoying emails for good.

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    How To Find Out If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

    Uh oh, so you think you were blocked by someone on Instagram, but you can’t tell because they might have just deleted their account. That’s a tough spot to be in.

    The blocking function on Instagram makes it so a user can make themselves nearly invisible to another user on the app. If you block an account, they are removed from your followers list, you stop following them, and it is very hard for them to find your profile. Your comments, tags, and likes are also no longer visible to them.

    Instagram won’t notify you if you are blocked by another user, which makes it tricky to figure out if you were blocked or if an account was deactivated/deleted, but we can help you figure that out. However, we can’t help you figure out why you were blocked, that’s on you.

    If you think someone blocked you, start out by searching for their profile in the app. If their profile comes up, you’re not blocked.

    If you no longer follow them, but their profile came up they could have not blocked you, but removed you as a follower.

    Find Profile Through Search

    The easiest way to know if someone did block you is to look for their Instagram profile. Search their name or Instagram handle using the .

    Three things will happen:

    1. If you see the profile and also the posts, then you arent blocked in case of public profiles. For private accounts, if you see the profile with the message ‘This Account is Private,’ then everything is fine.

    2. If you see the profile and the post count, but the area displaying the posts shows No posts message, then, yes, you have been blocked.

    3. However, if the profile doesnt appear in search at all, then either the person has deactivated their profile, or they did block you. To verify your suspicion, you must investigate other proofs as mentioned below.

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    Checking From Another Instagram Account

    You can check whether the account you believe has blocked you exists by checking from other mobile or Instagram accounts. You can share the username with a friend to see if it shows up in their search.

    If it doesn’t show up, then the account is deactivated or they have changed their username if it shows up with the same username, you have been blocked.

    How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

    How do I know if Ive been Blocked on Instagram? See tips

    If you suddenly stop seeing someones posts and Stories on Instagram, you may jump to the conclusion that the user has decided to block you from viewing their content. While that may be the case, its also possible that theyve just stopped posting or even deleted their account. Here are a few ways to tell if youve been blocked on Instagram:

    • An account that has blocked you will not show up when you use the search bar to search for it.
    • If you do manage to navigate to their profile page, you wont be able to see posts from the account that has blocked you. Instead of a grid of posts, you will see the message No Posts Yet, even though you can clearly see the number of posts that they have in their account.
    • Likes and comments from the account that blocked you will disappear from all of your posts.
    • You will no longer be able to send DMs to or receive DMs from the account that has blocked you.

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    Search For Their Username

    The first method is the most straightforward: type their Instagram username in the search bar.

    If their account pops up and you can see all their posts, the user hasnt blocked you. If youre greeted by the This account is private message instead of their posts, they mightve removed you as a follower but havent blocked you.

    The accounts owner mightve blocked you if their account doesnt appear on your search. However, this may also mean one of the following:

    • They have deactivated their account
    • They have deleted their account
    • They have changed their username

    While deactivated or deleted accounts usually vanish into thin air, you can quickly check if a person changed their username. Look for a tagged photo or a comment theyve previously left and click on their profile. You should be able to see their new username if theyve changed it.

    However, if you can see their account, the profile photo, post, follower, and following count, but not their posts, theyve probably blocked you. The No Posts Yet message on the photo grid, just a few inches below the actual post count, sends a pretty clear message.

    How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

    If you’re still not sure if someone blocked you, try a few more methods to ascertain if a user blocked you or it’s just a mistake on your part.

  • Search for their account. Go to the Search bar in the app and input their username. If the account doesn’t show up in the results, they either blocked you or deleted their account.

  • Use an old comment or a DM to reach their profile. If their profile shows up but also displays a User not found and a No Posts Yet message on the photo grid, it indicates that the person has blocked you.

    This method only works if they have exchanged messages with you. If they haven’t, then use the following steps on this list.

  • Visit their Instagram profile on the web. Launch any mobile or desktop browser and enter If you can see their profile on the browser but not on the app, it means they blocked you. If you cannot see the profile via Instagram on the web, the person could have deleted their account.

  • Try to follow them. Go to Instagram on the web and open their profile page in the browser. Check if they have blocked you by tapping the blue follow button. If they have blocked you, the button won’t work, and Instagram might indicate a problem with a message.

  • Look for likes and comments on groups and other accounts. This activity indicates that the user hasn’t deleted their account but has only blocked you.

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    Did They Delete Their Instagram Or Block Me

    There are times when you may believe that someone blocked you on Instagram, but in reality, the account has been deactivated or deleted. So how can you tell the difference?

    Simple! A deactivated or deleted Instagram account will not show up in search results, and if you attempt to visit the profile via its URL, you will receive an error message. This is a sure sign that the account no longer exists.

    Remember, accounts that have blocked you are still there the profile page will say No Posts Yet, despite their post count still being visible at the top of the screen. Deleted accounts, meanwhile, simply disappear from Instagram.

    But, if youre also experiencing unusual things like those with other Instagram accounts, it might be that or lagging.

    Why Fake Followers Do More Damage Than Good

    How to See Blocked List on Instagram! (People you Blocked)

    Having your Instagram account blocked isnt the only reason you should stray from buying followers. Fake followers do more damage than good to your brand, account and business.

    There are many reasons why it isnt a good idea to purchase organic followers. Aside from the risk of being banned on Instagram, purchased followers correlate to low engagement, lack of credibility and a follower drop off. Too many fake followers also lead to compromised analytics and less website traffic.

    Compromised analytics will hurt you when negotiating with brands for sponsored posts and will make it difficult for you to compare how well a post performs.

    Fake followers will not bring in sales or website traffic. If Instagram is one of your main marketing tools, you dont want followers who wont make a purchase or could lead your Instagram account to be blocked.

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    How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram Story

    Sadly, there is no direct way of knowing that. All you can do is check from a different profile. That too is only going to work if the person has a public profile. Your best bet is to ask a mutual friend. It’s quite possible they’re using the new Close Friends feature for Instagram Stories.

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    Confirm It Through Comments

    As mentioned, the Sorry, this page isnt available message will also appear if that person has deleted/deactivated his or her account. Thats why to come to a conclusion you will have to search for that particular persons likes or comments on an Insta account they follow. If you can see their comments and likes in other person posts, it is a clear indication that you are in the block list.

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    How To Unblock Someone Who Blocked You On Instagram

    Normally, to block or unblock someone, you need access to their profile. However, you cant do this if theyve blocked you or . Luckily, there is still a way to block or unblock them without this access.

    To unblock them, simply use the first method to see your blocked accounts list and unblock them there. However, if you want to block them, youre going to need to go into your Instagram direct messages and block them there.

    How To See Someone’s Instagram Activity Even If Blocked

    How to Know If Someone Blocked you on Instagram?

    If someone has blocked you on Instagram and unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what they are sharing on their Instagram if they have blocked you from viewing it and are following them. However, as a parent who wants to know their children’s social media status, there are some monitor apps that can help with this problem like KidsGuard Pro for Android.

    KidsGuard Pro For Android

    KidsGuard Pro For Android is an innovative monitoring app on the market. It provides you with access to your targeted devices, no matter what device they are using. With a remote installation option for iOS devices, it doesn’t even require physical contact of any kind once you have their iCloud credentials. It’s available for Android phones or Windows tablets as well.

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    Create A Fake Profile

    Okay, so this method is the most popular and common way to check the profile of an Instagram user discreetly. You only need an email or a contact number to create a fake account on Instagram and see their profile. You can do it easily if the account of the user is public. But, if it is private, you can send them a follow request and wait for them to accept your request. Once they accept your request, you will be able to see all their posts and stories.

    Alternatively, you can use one of your friends Instagram account to follow the target if you dont want to follow them with a fake profile. Know that the chances of a person accepting a request from a stranger are quite rare. If the person has made their account private, it implies that they want the strangers to see what they are posting.

    So, they may simply not accept your request. Studies show people might accept the request from strangers of the same gender. For example, if you are stalking your ex-girlfriend, you could create a female profile on Instagram and send them a request.

    So, these were the few ways you can check the profile of the target user on Instagram even if you are blocked. While creating a fake profile seems the easiest method, it may not work for every user. We do not recommend you try that unless you are really desperate to know what the person is posting.

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