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How Do I Search People On Pinterest

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Create Your First 3 Boards

How To Find Someone on Pinterest

Believe it or not, youre now ready to start creating your own boards.

I recommend creating at least three boards with a few pins on each, before you really start promoting your page. You dont want to tell people youre on Pinterest, until youre actually on Pinterest.

Here are three ideas you can use to get started

A board about your products or services: This board can be a great way to start contributing to the Pinterest community and to showcase your business. Be careful not to be too promotional, even when youre just starting off. Make sure to give your board a better name than Services and make sure your pins all have descriptions and link to your website.

A board designed to help: A key to not being too promotional on Pinterest is creating boards that your customers can actually use. If youre a clothing store or boutique, that could be a board about fashion tips for the upcoming season, or if youre a marketing company, that could be a board with infographics or pictures that link to blog postsanything that will showcase your expertise and get people involved.

A board thats just fun: I know getting started can be a little stressful, but try to lighten up. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can showcase your business and have fun while you do it. Think of something you love and that your customers will find entertaining. Dont be afraid to think outside the box.

Create A Product Image

  • Closeup Product image Provide a zoomed in image that clearly showcases your product. When users hover over the product in the image, Pinterest will load more information about the particular product.
  • Lifestyle Product image this type of image allows users to mentally picture the product in another environment. For example, purchasing a tile would make it easier for the user if they could see it in the context of a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Sign Up With Facebook

    , the allure of using that account to sign up for Pinterest is all of your Facebook friends who are also on Pinterest will be easy to find and follow . Heres the thing: you know your Facebook habits. If you are an avid sharer and love what comes your way on Facebook, the Facebook-Pinterest linking of accounts will be a beautiful marriage made in social media heaven. If you choose to go this route, be sure you have not blocked Pinterest in your Facebook account, as that will preclude you from signing up with your Facebook. Pinterest can be unblocked in your Facebook account from the Block Apps section under your profiles privacy settings.

    Then again, that is one more way for Facebook to know your every move and eventually take over the world .

    Also, some people like to keep their social media profiles separate, and tailored to their separate spheres. You may use Twitter only for professional networking, Facebook for your friends from school, and MySpace for your friends from that doomsday cult you joined back in the 90s. Anyway, its all about personal preference.

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    Utilize The Search Bar

    2 billion searches are made every month on Pinterest. And 87% of pinners bought something because of Pinterest.

    Now, dont you want a piece of that pie?

    The best way to find relevant keywords that youll use in your board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions, and on your profile is to use the search bar.

    Lets say your blog is about making money at home. To find relevant keywords you could type make money into the search bar to start:

    Youll be given loads of suggestions. I suggest getting as specific as possible by taking a general keyword and turning it into a long-tail keyword.

    For example, the general keyword you began with: make money.

    See the suggestions below? You can create excellent long-tail keywords, such as make money at home, or make money blogging.

    Find A Pinner By Email

    20 Pinterest Tips and Tricks You Might Not Have Discovered ...

    Also note that if youre working from one of the Pinterest mobile apps, you can choose to give the app access to your contacts. Then it will check to see if any of your contacts is on Pinterest, and will give you the option to choose any or all of them to follow.

    Its a lot like when you first signed up for Facebook. And speaking of Facebook

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    Add Relevant Keywords And Hashtags

    How to find the right keywords and hashtags:

    • Note the key word bubbles that appear in the search results header.
    • Look at the hashtag suggestions and usage stats as you add hashtags to your Pin descriptions.
    • Search a relevant hashtag, and look at the tags and keywords being used by Pinners using that hashtag.
    • Look at the trending hashtags in your category .
    • Try these 8 SEO tools for social media marketers.

    You can apply this logic to your profile too. For instance, consider adding a description to your name, like Hootsuite . Your profile is more apt to show up in keyword searches that way. This is especially useful if youre an entrepreneur and you want to emphasize your areas of expertise.

    Start Exploring Your Main Page And Repinning

    Alright, now the fun really begins! Now that youre following some folks, you can start browsing what they have pinned. If you see something you like, you can repin it. That means you pin that image to one of your own boards. Alternatively, you can simply like a pin. I would caution you not to repin absolutely everything that catches your eye, or your boards will get out of control quickly. Think about what youd really want to be able to find later or what you really want your followers to see. To repin, just hover your mouse over the image and the little buttons pop up on the image like this:

    You see that you can either Repin, Like, or leave a comment. Click Repin and this comes up:

    If you click on the image it should take you to the website or blog where it was pinned from so you can get more information. Sometimes the links get broken, which is definitely annoying. What good is a picture of great recipe if you cant get back to the recipe? Its a wise idea to check to make sure the link works before you re-pin .

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    Search 55+ Social Media With Beenverified

    BeenVerified is a reputable people search engine. It allows you to look up almost anyones online profiles on more than 55 social networks, including Pinterest, Instagram and Tinder. All you need to do is enter the name, phone number or email address, and youll acquire the reports in less than a minute.

  • Go to the BeenVerified search page.
  • Enter that persons name, phone number or email address and hit SEARCH.
  • Wait for BeenVerified to search the databases. Once done, youll see all the available social media profiles associated with this person.
  • Use The Follow Button

    How To Search Boards On Pinterest App In 2022

    Make following your company easy with the Follow button. Install the button on your website, in newsletters, in email signatures, or really anywhere online that you think you might attract followers.

    In other situations, you can also use the to promote your brands profile. Make sure to also link to Pinterest in the bios of your other social accounts.

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    How Do I Add Hashtags To Pins

    Hashtags for Pins go in the description.

    I recommend placing them at the end of your description, and not peppered throughout your carefully-crafted sentences.

    Remember that hashtags are clickable, so give Pinners a chance to read through to your call-to-action before getting distracted to click away to a hashtag feed!

    To add a hashtag, type # and add a keyword or phrase.

    This changed in 2020: Youll ONLY get hashtag suggestions when creating a NEW Pin in the mobile app. This is still true in April 2021. See screenshots below.

    Start typing the hash mark followed by a word, and youll see suggested hashtags pop up with a number following.

    The hashtag suggestion feature is no longer available on desktop, at all.

    Start Your Own Group Board

    Group boards are all the rage and can be marketing power-houses if used correctly. And theyre known for increasing website traffic like nobodys business.

    But are you aware of their potential to amplify your followers?

    To start a group board, you can do it one of two ways:

    • Start a new board
    • Use a board you already own

    Once you have a board created, click on the plus sign to start adding contributors:

    The key to using your group board to gaining new followers?

    State clearly in your board guidelines that to join they must follow the board and you. This is standard among group board creators, and its one of the quickest ways to accumulate followers quickly.

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    Saving Pins To A Board

  • 1Search for a Pin. Enter what you’re looking for into the search bar and peruse the results.
  • If you’re using a phone or tablet, tap the magnifying glass at the bottom to bring up the search bar.
  • 2 This brings up more information about the Pin.
  • 3Click or tap Save on the Pin. If you’ve created boards in the past, you’ll see a list of those boards here. If it’s your first time saving a Pin , you can create a new board.
  • 4Click or tap Create board. It’s at the bottom of the list. This opens the Create board form, where you’ll enter some basic information.
  • 5Fill out your board’s basic information. Enter a board title that’s reflective of the sort of content you’ll be saving to this board. For example, if you’re saving a haircut idea, you could use something like Curly Haircuts or Hair Ideas. If you’re using a phone or tablet, you also have some optional decisions to make now:
  • If you don’t want anyone to see your board, you can toggle the “Secret” switch to the On position.
  • If you want to collaborate on the board with someone else, tap the button under “Collaborators” to choose someone.
  • 6Click Create or tap Next. If you’re using the mobile app, you may have to tap Next will bring up some other topics related to your board that you can add if you wish. If you’re not interested, tap Skip and your board will be created. Now that you’ve created a board, it’ll appear as an option when you’re pinning things in the future.
  • Tap or click the profile icon and select Boards.
  • Where Can I See My Repinned Pins

    How I Got 1.7 Million Pin Views to My Pinterest Account

    To find out this valuable information, you need to do a simple action. Just type the following URL:

    When you press the enter, you will get a whole list of your Pins that are repinned.

    Within the listed Pins, you can see information about who did it and where they pinned those Pins. That way you get the insight into information about people who like your content and who saved it to their boards.

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    Connect Your Touch Points

    Pinners are shoppers. In fact, . So let them know that your business is there by linking to your Pinterest account on your website. Not connecting your website to your social networks is a bad practice for all social networks, but especially for Pinterest. Adding a Pinterest logo to your website will not only help drive traffic to your page, but will act as a reminder to people who visit your website to pin your content. Youll also want to make sure youre inserting a link in your email newsletter with a strong call to action.

    What Keywording Is Not

    Its not a way to game the system. Its a way to ensure the right people find your content. Thats where you get qualified leads and people added to your tribe. Let me say this as well, dont sweep wide here. Ive heard people say you should maximize for all areas quotes, food, DIY, Style, Fashion, etc. However, if none of those areas have your target person, do not keyword for them. Be specific and strategic with keywords. If you dont create content or sell products in the wedding space, dont have a board for weddings.

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    Get Instant Results With Peoplefinders

    People search engines differ in price plans and databases. If one doesnt give you luck, simply try the next one. PeopleFinders is the longest standing people finder database in business, providing an all-in-one search portal where you can look up any name, phone number or email address. And if youre searching for a common name, it offers tools to help you quickly narrow down the results.

  • Go to the PeopleFinders search page.
  • Enter the name, phone number or email address of that person. Then hit Search.
  • Wait for PeopleFinders to search the databases. It might ask you to narrow down the result by providing more info. Once done, youll see a report including all the available social media profiles.
  • Hide Your Profile From Search Engines

    How to Find Your Pinterest Account, Pins, Boards Search Accounts in Pinterest | Pinterest Marketing

    The default setting allows search engines such as Google to find your Pinterest content and display it in their search results. You can change this setting from your profile page by clicking on the Settings link . The first part of the page is Account Basics. Change the Search Privacy toggle from No to Yes. You may get a prompt that Itll take several weeks for search engines to remove your profile from search results. You can speed up the process with Google using their online tool.

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    Kick Your Copyright Fears

    Many artists have steered clear of Pinterest after hearing rumors about artwork getting ripped off and spread over the internet without the artists getting credit. The Abundant Artists Cory Huff has acknowledged this issue, saying, If its a big deal for you, watermark your images. Simply use Canva to add in your website or art business name.

    Artist Joanie Springer added a subtle watermark to the image of her painting Sweetie Pie.

    Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfields advice? Be aware of whats happening on Pinterest! If you find that your work is being pinned on Pinterest without a proper link back to you, you have the right to ask that user to either remove the pin or provide correct attribution, advises Alyson.

    Which Boards Should You Pin To

    When you have your title, description, and Pins ready, theres one last thing to think about.

    What board to Save it to!

    currently recommend Saving to the most relevant, keyworded board first. This sends the algorithm helpful signals so your Pin will be shown to the most interested audience.

    Go with either the most relevant board, or a top performer if you like. You can experiment with trying both of these to see which gets the best results.

    You can also Save your Pin to more than one board. Tailwinds Smart Guide recommends no more than 10 boards, but this isnt a rule, just guidance.

    Space out the Pins going to different boards, so your feed isnt full of the same Pin repeatedly. Tailwind interval pinning helps you do this quickly and easily.

    When Pinning to the first board, consider Pinning related content around the same time. This is called board co-occurrence.

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    Stand Out With Beautiful Visuals

    , the best performing pins have three things in common: Theyre beautiful, interesting, and actionable. In that order.

    • Use high-resolution and high quality images.
    • Use lifestyle images, which tend to be more alluring than standard product shots, .
    • Avoid images that are too busy.
    • Favour vertically-oriented photos over horizontal ones. A whopping 85% of users search Pinterest on mobile, which means vertical images have much higher impact.
    • Dont make images too long, or theyll be cut off. The ideal aspect ratio is 2:3 .
    • Consider showing multiple products in a single Pin. that Pins with multiple products can appeal to different tastes and spark curiosity. Its best to maintain a four-product limit per Pin so as not to overwhelm.
    • Try video! If you have the resources, short videos have the power to stand out among even the best photos. If you dont, check out Hootsuites social video toolkit.

    Why Pin Your Own Artwork

    How to find someone on Pinterest

    Many reasons! First, it helps your artwork be seen by even more admiring eyes online. But whats equally important is making sure the pins are done correctly, so it actually benefits your art business.

    Again, adding in specific keywords to your description, such as yellow and blue abstract painting, will help your art come up in the search results when collectors are trying to find the perfect piece.

    Artwork Archive artist M. Jane Johnson includes lots of important details in the description of her art.

    Also, when pinning your artwork yourself, you can double check to make sure the link to your website works when people click on the image of your art, which should work automatically with the Pin It button. With the right link attached to the image, people will be redirected back to your page of stunning, new pieces, so they can actually buy your artwork besides simply admiring it. Link not there? Click on the pin, hit Edit, and add in your websites link.

    Want to know the best part?

    Then when people come across your pin, they can repin your art to their page which will already include all of the right information and have the correct link where they can buy it. Then all their followers will be able to see it and click right through to your art business!

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