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How Do I Post My Resume On Linkedin

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How To Upload A Resume In Linkedin Profile

How to Upload Resume on LinkedIn (2020 LATEST VERSION) | LinkedIn Resume Upload

1. Go to the and log in to your account, if necessary.

2. Click the Me tab in the top toolbar underneath your profile photo.

3. Choose View Profile from the drop-down menu that appears.;

4. Scroll down to the Featured section and click the Add featured link if you haven’t uploaded anything to the section. If you have, click the plus + icon at the top-right of the box, to the left of the pencil icon.;

If you don’t see the Featured section, it might be disabled. In that case, scroll up to the top of your profile and select Add Section, then Featured, followed by Media. You can then skip to step #6 in this guide.

5. Otherwise, if you do have the Featured section and have clicked Add featured or the plus + icon, in the drop-down that appears, select Media.

6. In the file upload window that appears, locate the resume document you want to upload. Click it and select Open.;

7. A preview of the document will appear, as will boxes to give your resume a Title and Description. Only the Title is required.

8. Once you’ve filled out the title and description, click Save.

Why You Shouldnt Upload Your Resume Your Linkedin Profile

Your intention may be to make your resume available in as many places as possible, but it isnt particularly helpful to upload your resume to LinkedIn. Its redundant and could communicate to recruiters that you dont really get the platform. After all, LinkedIn allows you to dive into your past experiences much more than you can with a standard resume.

Focus on building out your LinkedIn profile content rather than simply using it as a home for your resume. Try Jobscans;;for personalized tips and ideas.

Additionally, LinkedIn already allows users to download a resume-style .pdf of your LinkedIn profile.

How To Hide Linkedin Resume Changes

If you simply want to update your resume without updating everyone about it, you can hide your LinkedIn resume changes by limiting the broadcasting. Follow these steps below to update your profile:

  • First, you have to click your name on the top right of the LinkedIn website and select Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Next, click Turn on/off your activity broadcasts next to Profile under Privacy Controls
  • Uncheck the box for Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies, then click Save Changes
  • After this, you can also click Who can see your connections in the Settings menu to prevent other people from seeing your connections
  • Set the drop-down menu to Only You and then click Save Changes

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Standard Resumes On Linkedin May Discourage Contact

Recruiters and others looking to fill jobs frequently use LinkedIn as a way to source candidates, which is one of the reasons job seekers need a presence. From your end, the objective is to spark interest that generates contact. Conversing allows you to present yourself in the best light and learn about the opportunity.

But an uploaded resume potentially keeps you from ever getting that chance to make an impression. Readers may glance at the document and decide on the spot not to bother initiating a conversation. This denies you the occasion to highlight information theyd find most relevant, fill in gaps, and impress them with pertinent examples.

How To Update Your Resume On Linkedin

LinkedIn Just Made Writing Your Resume in Microsoft Word a ...

One thing you want to look out for when having your resume on your LinkedIn profile is making sure its always up to date. You dont want to seem sloppy to your future employers with a resume thats a few years old.;

To update your resume on LinkedIn, youll have to delete your old one and upload a new document. Once you have your updated resume ready, go to the Featured section of your profile.;

Click on the resume youd like to replace, and select Delete. Once you delete the item, follow the steps described under the How To Upload Your Resume On LinkedIn section of this article.;

To avoid any confusion from potential recruiters, keep an eye on your resume on LinkedIn and make sure its always fresh and up to date.;

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Case #: The Qualityteam

Businessman Control Quality – Free photo on

People sometimes feel that quality is another one of those black and white areas where you are either right or wrong.

During an audit, it is not the responsibility of the quality auditor to issue opinions on your internal administrative procedures. They will simply check that they are being followed!

Example: Industrial Valve Audit

In the example of industrial valves, certain industry norms are required to be followed and will be checked when the manufacturing process is audited in order to ensure compliance.

The highly coveted quality certifications such as API 6A, API6D, and their ISO equivalents are then used as sales tools by manufacturers once obtained and/or renewed.

The issue here is that, when applying industry norms and additional customer quality requirements, there are so many procedures, specifications, and review points that it is impossible to comply 100% within the specified manufacturing lead times and customer delivery requirements.

As such, negotiations usually take place during the inspection process so that the valves are accepted rather than either side taking a harsh stance to prove they are right on a particular point.

The goal then is to negotiate the best settlement so that your products can be delivered to your customers!

Reasons Not To Upload A Resume To Linkedin


LinkedIn provides modern professionals with a convenient way to connect with and learn about others. The platform is used so widely today that failure to post a profile can raise eyebrows, especially if youre searching for a job.

Yet while few dispute the value of joining LinkedIn, whether or not to upload a resume directly to the platform is still debated. Consider these reasons why uploading a standard resume might work against you before you hit submit.

  • Featured in:

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Resume Vs Linkedin Profile

You may be tempted to upload your resume to LinkedIn and call it a day. But LinkedIn serves a completely different function than your resume.

Your resume is a formal history of your professional life that includes work experience, education, accomplishments, skills, and other sections depending on your format and experience level.

Its perfectly okay to include a hyperlink to , so recruiters and hiring managers can peruse if theyre curious enough about you.

Your LinkedIn profile, on the other hand, is a little less formal. Its a networking platform, so youre still self-promoting, but in a more casual way. Use that to your advantage by letting your personality shine throughout your LinkedIn profile.

Hiring managers and recruiters want to see what youre interested in , and LinkedIn is a great place to find out what actually makes you tick as a professional. , and youll have no reason at all to throw a picture of your generic resume on there.

How To Change Resume On Linkedin

How To Post Your Resume On LinkedIn #GetHiredToday / Easy way to upload resume on LinkedIn

Heres how to update your resume on LinkedIn in short: you need to delete your old resume and upload a new one. Although this sounds very easy, the process itself is intricate. For your convenience, weve made a step-by-step guide that will help you cope with the task quickly and efficiently.

By the way, you can find step-by-step instructions on in our previous article.

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Inability To Tailor Your Experience

Getting a hiring managers attention involves demonstrating why youre the perfect person to fulfill the needs of the position at hand, not just any role. A posted resume reflects general qualifications, but does not address the particulars that make the connection to your fit for a specific opening. Customizing your resume before it goes in front of a prospective employer ups your odds of landing an interview.

Furthermore, the possibility exists that the one-size-fits all resume you uploaded could even come back to haunt you. Say you sent an awesome, tailored resume to a hiring manager. She likes it so much that she goes on LinkedIn to further check you out only to find a resume there that doesnt look so much like the one she received. This inconsistency can generate concern about your actual suitability and career interests.

What Needs To Be Different Between The Resume And The Linkedin Profile

Add extra value with your LinkedIn profile by filling in details or gaps that might not make it onto a targeted resume. Remember, your resume should speak to specific accomplishments and experiences that address the employers needs. Your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to expand the story.

Resume Summary & LinkedIn About:

Keep the professional summary on your resume to a maximum of 3 or 4 sentences, connecting your value directly to the target job. Be concise and specific.;

On LinkedIn, expand your About section into a more robust overview. This section offers you 2,600 characters to write your professional story in a less formal voice. Consider this section a brand-building section and infuse personality, writing in the first person.

Position Descriptions:

Showcase only the most relevant details to the target job on your resume. Consider using your LinkedIn to demonstrate more stories of how it all came to be, or additional facts. Show the progression and success in your roles within both files.;


Although both files will likely share many of the same keywords, only the resume allows you to customize for each unique application. Read each job posting and carefully select keywords that match job requirements. Integrate these into your resume.;

Awards, Certifications, Volunteering:;

Keeping your resume focused and brief may mean no room for various awards, certifications, and volunteer experiences .

Specific Facts & Metrics:

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How To Add Your Resume On Linkedin : 4 Secret Nuggets To Find A Job On This Social Media

You have now seen the basics about how to add your resume on your profile. Now we go to the next level with 4 hacks that you can implement right now to find a job through LinkedIn.

Here they are:

  • Make an animated/video resume in Motion Design to create the wow effect among people and unleash a powerful virality.
  • Use the AIDA method to make readers actually read your post until the end. Here is the process explained.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile as much as possible to reach the rank of absolute expert to get more visibility.
  • Use the Podawaa tool to boost the reach of your publication and reach 10x more views on your post than before .

By applying these 4 steps, you will be able to reach many HR and business managers, and consequently find opportunities in a massive way.

Finally, lets move on to a bonus that should really interest you: how to write an excellent resume ?

Dont: Phrase Your Professional Experience In The First Person

Resume 5Mb : Kampus Update On Twitter Happy Monday ...

After phrasing your summary in the first person, you should not do the same for the professional experience section. Under each role, the information should remain the same as it appears on your resume. However, this is where it gets tricky.

LinkedIn maintains character limits for each role; therefore you may not be able to include all of the information that is present on your resume. It is important to focus on your achievements and contributions and cut down the information that focuses on daily tasks.

Also, keep in mind any confidentiality or bad practices.

If you have disclosed certain numbers regarding annual revenues or targets in your resume that your previous/current employer would not want published online remove them from your profile. This also goes for any information regarding failures in certain processes with previous/current employers do not include this information.

You most likely have connections that are still employed with the company, and if senior management were to see information on your profile that they are unhappy with, you may lose a good reference and ruin a relationship.

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Upload A Resume To Linkedin Using Easy Apply

The best way to add your resume to LinkedIn is to upload a targeted resume each time you apply for a job using LinkedIns Easy Apply function.

Follow these steps to upload your resume to LinkedIn during the job application process:

Step 1: Search for a job using the .

Step 2: Find a job listing with an Easy Apply icon. Click on the job for more information.

Step 3: Click the Easy Apply button and complete the required fields.

Step 4: Select Upload Resume to add a resume file.

Step 5: Click Submit Application.

LinkedIn will store your four most recent resumes, which allows you to update your resumes and target different jobs. You can find your saved resumes under , and easily change them.

If you want to get your resume off LinkedIn, you can remove it by clicking delete on the application settings page or featured media page, depending on where you uploaded it.

Should You Put Your Linkedin On Your Resume

You should definitely add your LinkedIn URL to your resume because social media governs a lot of our current interactions and LinkedIn is the social media site for professionals.

LinkedIn offers more information about you and can even give future employers several mini recommendations about you via endorsements from others connected to you in LinkedIn.

You can also upload samples of your work on your LinkedIn profile that can help set you apart from the competition. For example, links to articles, presentations, pictures, etc.

Diversifying your LinkedIn profile helps you look like a more well-rounded candidate with provable skills.

These details can help set you apart from the competition and give you an edge. It helps you get around the one-page resume rule: you can tailor your resume to the job application, but also have all the other great reasons why you would be a great employee on your LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, it gives future interviewers more to work with when theyre interviewing you. If they see youve shared content from a thought-leader in your industry that they also know, it may lead to some more impactful interview questions. Rapport with your interviewer is never a bad thing.

So adding your LinkedIn URL to your resume is definitely a great idea for most job applicants. However, if you are applying for a federal job, make sure you are following the rules for what to include on application materials before sending a resume in with your LinkedIn URL.

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Can I Create A Resume On Linkedin

Yes, there is an option to create a LinkedIn resume right within their platform. Referring back to step 1 of how to upload your resume, you can click on the button that says more instead of add profile section and then select the option to build a resume. LinkedIn will use the information you already have saved in your profile sections or let you begin from scratch or edit to build an updated resume.

You can save several different versions and the applications can be downloaded in PDF format that passes the ATS scan. A LinkedIn url for your profile is also automatically included to make that information readily accessible to the employer.

How To Upload Your Resume To Your Linkedin Profile

How to Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn 2021

Although we dont recommend doing this, heres how:

1. Get into your LinkedIn profile.

2. Move your cursor over the section you want to add your resume and click the Add Media icon in the upper right-hand corner. I suggest your summary section or your most current experience.

3. Select Upload a file if youd like to display your resume on your profile OR type in a website to link to your resume if it exists on another site.

4. If you chose to upload your resume, select the file from your desktop. A picture of your content will display with pre-filled Title and Description fields.

5. Click Save. An update may appear on the homepages of your network, letting others know you added a media file or link.

And there you have it! Uploading your resume to your LinkedIn profile is a cinch but you really must think long and hard as to whether you want this information public.


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How Do You Know If Someone Is Looking For A Job On Linkedin

View Candidates Who Are Open to Work in Recruiter

  • Sign in to Recruiter.
  • After running a search in Recruiter, select Open to New Opportunities at the top of the search results page.
  • If you dont immediately see the Open to New Opportunities spotlight, click the More icon in the top right to scroll through available spotlights for that search.
  • Why Is My Resume Blurry On Linkedin

    Sometimes, resumes uploaded as PDFs to LinkedIn appear blurry due to image quality or compression issues. However, you can often work around this issue by hosting your resume on another site. Upload your PDF to your own website, then navigate to the featured section and add the URL instead of the document.

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    Use Your Resume To Fill Out Your Linkedin Profile

    Finally, you can opt to use your LinkedIn as a standalone part of your job search. You don’t need to upload your resume if you already have all the important information on your LinkedIn!

    Your LinkedIn has many of the same sections as your resume: a summary, work experience, skills, education, certifications, and volunteer experience. If your LinkedIn is complete, you don’t need to upload your resume as well.

    You should still use a resume to apply for a job, though.

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