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How Do I Merge Two Facebook Accounts

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Merging One Or Multiple Profiles Into The Original Profile

How To Merge Two Facebook Pages

This option is available when the Profiles> Advanced Profile Merge application function is set to Y. Select the Miscellaneous> Profile Merge option from the menu bar options. The Profile Merge – Advanced screen appears.

Search for a list of the profiles that will be candidates for the merge by entering your search options and selecting the Search button. All profiles that meet your search criteria will be displayed in the search results grid. Possible duplicates are highlighted in gray/white.

Search Criteria


Profile Type. Select the down arrow to choose a profile type: Individual, Company, Travel Agent, Source , Group, Contact, or View All. View All displays all profile types grouped by profile type.

Name. Enter the name you wish to search for. If you access the Profile Merge – Advanced screen by selecting the Merge button from the Profile Options menu for a given profile, the name of the profile appears here by default. You may change the name if you wish. OPERA will search on partial names as well as complete names. A partial name consists of one or more of the beginning characters of the name.

Use the % wildcard to stand for any one or more characters or spaces. OPERA ignores case in this field so you may use upper case, lower case, or a mix.


Assume all the following profiles have the same address:

1. Smith-Peterson Wedding

3. Smith Wedding

4. Smith-Peterson’s Wedding

Smith-Peterson% would return profiles 1 and 4 as possible duplicates

Match Criteria

Can You Combine Two Ibotta Accounts

A single user can have one earning Ibotta account. A second account cannot be created for reasons such as: adding a referral code, getting better offers, or referring yourself for a bonus. If you accidentally created a second account or have more questions about multiple accounts, please write us! via

Merging Profiles With Ar Accounts Or Commissions

When the Profiles> Allow Profile Merge with AR Accounts application parameter is set to Y, merging profiles that have AR accounts in a single property or in different properties in a multi-property environment is possible. In order for the merge to complete, one or both of the profiles must meet certain criteria.

Merging from Profile 2 to Profile 1 – The merging of Profile 2 to Profile 1 will execute if:

  • Merge From profile does not have financial transactions for AR Account in any resort.

When the Profiles> Allow Profile Merge with AR Accounts application parameter is set to Y, merging profiles that have AR accounts in a single property or in different properties in a multi-property environment is possible. In order for the merge to complete, one or both of the profiles must meet certain criteria.

Merging from Profile 2 to Profile 1 – The merging of Profile 2 to Profile 1 will execute if:

  • The “merge to” profile does not have an AR Account. The “merge to” profile inherits the AR Account of the “merge from” profile .

When the Profiles> Allow Profile Merge with Commissions application parameter is set to Y, merging profiles that have commissions in a single property or in different properties in a multi-property environment is possible. In order for the merge to complete, one or both of the profiles must meet certain criteria.

Profiles that have Negotiated Rates with Commission Codes

Merging from Profile 2 to Profile 1 – The merging of Profile 2 to Profile 1 will execute if:

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Merging A Single Profile Into The Original Profile

Using the Profile Search screen, search for the profile that is to remain in your system .

Highlight the original profile in the search grid and select the Edit button to display the original profile. From the Profile screen, select the Options button. The Profile Options screen appears. Select the Merge button.

The Profile Search screen appears.

Note: If the Profiles> Restrict Profile Name Change After Folio Creation application parameter is set to Y and a folio or invoice has been generated for the Payee and/or Guest, the Merge button will not be active as a Profile name can’t be modified.

Profile Search Screen

The Profile Search screen appears after the Merge button has been selected from the Profile Options menu. Use this specialized Profile Search screen to locate the profile that you want to merge into the original profile. When the Profiles> Advanced Profile Merge application parameter is set to Y, users will be taken directly to the Profile Merge – Advanced screen.

Note: On the Profile Search Screen, the indicator lamps that get displayed for the highlighted profile are view-only and cannot be opened. Clicking on them will result in no action.

Highlight the profile that you want to merge into the original profile and select the OK button. The merge process begins by displaying the Profile Merge screen.

Profile to Merge. This profile will no longer exist after the merge process.

Profile Merge Fields

Following is a description of the Profile Merge screen fields.

Considering A New Instagram Account

How Do I Merge Two Facebook Accounts

To use or not use a single Instagram Account by creating a new account is one dynamic that you would have to closely consider and gauge before you set your mind on creating a new account. If you want to create a new account to merge your multiple Instagram accounts into a single account, you would have to manually repost and transfer your content from your many Instagram accounts.

To make this Instagram account transfer, you may either download your profile contents old posts and repost them to your new Instagram profile. Or use a third-party Instagram App to repost your old profile posts to another new account.

Whichever way you choose to add account posts to your new Instagram account, it would take time, and you would lose likes and comments from your followers made on the old original posts. Likes and Comments cant be transferred in a repost. However, using a new Instagram Account is your best way to merge your accounts and get the united social media presence you need on your Instagram Account.

In this way, it also doesnt matter how many different accounts youre trying to merge to get one business or personal profile. Whether you have two or 5 accounts that you want to switch to a single Instagram profile and account, it would be possible. It just varies in the time it takes to download old posts and add account posts, photos, and videos, to your newly made account log from the 5 accounts made and managed previously.

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To Create A New Account On Instagram

To create a new account on Instagram, you would have to follow the normal process on the Instagram App. However, Its advised to keep your old accounts private while you complete the new accounts bio, posts, photos, and videos through your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

This way, you would avoid users becoming newly engaged people, and your post engagement wouldnt matter because you have silently just gone MIA on Social Media. You dont want the people engagement on your old accounts to grow and turn into followers, while you will need to delete the accounts later after your new Instagram is completed.

Post Transfer Old Instagram Accounts Posts To The New Account

As mentioned, there are two ways to transfer your Instagram posts to make a single account. Your first option is to schedule and organize to post each content to your log on Instagram exclusively and respectively. Or you could use a third-party app and use the right settings scroll to make your content published at different time intervals and through the app without your presence or having to tap or click the Post button to add content to your new account on Instagram.

Whichever way you choose, we dont necessarily advise uploading your newly made Instagram with old posts. You would want to take your time, post your menu of content one tap and click at a time into your Instagram. This way, you will get the necessary tap and likes from your previous people on your accounts and redirect and urge new and old followers to the newly made account one tap, like, and comment at a time, before you would have to delete your previous accounts.

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Can You Transfer Likes From One Facebook Page To Another

Its possible to transfer Likes from one business page to another business page. Facebook calls it a page merge and there are only a few restrictions: You cant transfer friends from a personal Facebook page to Likes on a business page. Theyre two different features and they arent interchangeable.

Is It Possible To Merge Instagram Accounts

How to Convert & Merge Facebook Profiles and Pages

Social media networking platforms like Facebook would allow you to merge two or even more different accounts into one. It would even allow you to merge your followers from one page to another. But regardless of Instagram being under Facebook and users looking to merge their Instagram Accounts just like their Facebook, Instagram hasnt been given this option. Thus, the simple answer to the question of Instagrams multiple accounts merging possibility process is, unfortunately No!

So far, Instagram has allowed creating multiple accounts from the same device, but merging seems to be out of the question now. No matter how many personal, business, or other accounts you have, merging different accounts into a single page is impossible. You cant transfer feeds, content, or data to a single account, and followers cant be merged into a single new Instagram Profile.

However, dont worry. If you want to merge two Instagram Accounts or more into one account, we have found two easy alternatives for you and your accounts. Instagram doesnt allow you to import or export any followers or content. But, if you want to create just one account to take control easily, here are two things that could be done to make this switch possible.

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How Can I Transfer My Followers To Another Facebook Page

Once your current pages fans know about the new page, they only need to click Like to become fans of it.Create the new Facebook page first and keep the original page active.Set a date to delete the original page. Make frequent posts to the original page, letting fans know about the new page.More items

How Many Facebook Accounts Can I Have

one accountFacebook accounts are free, but remember, you can only have one account. If you already have a personal Facebook page account, you will have to create your business page off that account. If you create more than one account and Facebook catches you, they will disable or delete one or both accounts.

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Option : Change The Username Instagram Account

Suppose you want to merge two accounts into one. You could change your accounts username you dont need to transfer content from one account to another. This is because the URL on Instagram is your username. So if you want to move the content and followers of an account to move to a new account just because you wish to switch the username, then heres the thing.

Instagram allows you to swap the username however many different times you want. So if you change the username, the corresponding URL will also get changed, and consequently, the way youve been presented on Google log search.

How To Merge Instagram Accounts

How Do I Merge Two Facebook Accounts

If you have two accounts on Instagram and are wondering if you could merge them, then youve come to the right place. Lets say youve spent a lot of time growing your audience in both your personal and professional accounts. However, now youre thinking of deactivating one of the accounts so that you have access to just one account instead of two or even three. So you may be asking yourself how to merge . Is it possible to turn in multiple Instagram Accounts into one new Instagram Account?

Well, in this article, we will answer just that related question.

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Followers Switch To The Newly Made Instagram Account Profile

The trickiest process to making the switch between different accounts to a single Instagram Account is getting your followers to follow the newly made account. If you create another account that supports your business better, you might have to convert your followers manually to add them to your newly made account.

To do this, you will have to make sure you follow and understand all the switch options for paid and organic techniques of gaining followers. However, this step is more challenging because you will be utterly dependent on your old followers to follow your new account on Instagram. Theres a menu of several different things you could do to direct your followers to the right Instagram Account:

  • Since unfortunately, theres no way to merge two accounts. Once you create your new account, constantly start tagging your old account on all the content posts, hoping that your old followers will be urged to follow the new one as well, just like you need them to.
  • You could also post a story or photos to your timeline log, asking your followers to follow your newly made account username. You could even add your new Instagram Profile name link to your posts so that they could tap and click on it to be guided to your new Instagram page.
  • You may add the newly made account name to your old Instagram Account Bio and redirect followers to switch to the said Account by just a simple tap or a click of the Instagram account name.
    • Menu

    Option : Manual Conversion Using A New Account

    Presently to merge Two Instagram Accounts into a single profile, your best option would be to create a new account using your iPhone or Android Smartphone. By generating a new Instagram account, you could bring your personal and business accounts into one rather than manage multiple Instagram accounts.

    To get this process done, you would need to put time and patience through every related step.

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    How Do I Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

    Here are eight ways to manage multiple Facebook accounts without going nuts.Make an image library. Establish a workflow to stay on task. Use a dashboard to monitor all your Facebook activity. Reuse evergreen content. Schedule your posts at least two weeks in advance. Designate a Pull My Pages Analytics DayMore itemsMay 3, 2017

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