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How Do I Log Out Of Instagram

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How To Log Out Of Other Devices On Instagram On A Pc Or Mac

How To Log Out Of All Devices On Instagram (Without Changing Password)

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This wikiHow teaches you how to automatically log out of all mobile and desktop Instagram sessions by resetting your password, using a desktop internet browser.

Reporting A Hacked Account

If your account has been hacked and you cannot regain control using the automated methods, then you need to escalate the situation and report it to Instagrams Security Team.

On Android, go to the login screen and tap Get help signing in. Enter your username, e-mail address, or phone number, and then tap Next. Tap My login info isnt working then follow the on-screen instructions. You will then get an e-mail from Instagram with the next steps for you to follow.

On iPhone, the instructions are similar but some of the links have different names. On the login screen, tap Forgot password? and then tap My login info isnt working and follow the on-screen instructions.

Reasons To Logout On Instagram

Using social media can come with a plethora of safety concerns. Similarly, privacy concerns are as important as using the application itself. For a lot of users, logging out from Instagram can be an easy way to maintain privacy. In addition, a simple way to maintain privacy before logging out is by checking the account history, account settings and . So, we look into the reasons and best methods to log out from Instagram for users below.

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Log Out Of Instagram From Android And Ios

  • Login to the instagram app, from your Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Tablet.
  • Tap on your photo, located in the lower right.
  • It will open your Instagram profile, then go to the hamburger-style menu in the upper right.

Enter Instagram from your mobile and go to your user profile

  • Click on the gear icon or Setting, located at the end of the options.
  • Scroll down and tap Get out. If you want to log out of all your linked accounts , click Close all accounts.

Go directly to system settings to log out of Instagram

Hire An Instagram Specialist To Help You With The Logging You Error

How to use multiple accounts on Instagram for iPhone

Since Instagram bugs keep coming each year in different forms and ways, it is a good idea to hire an Instagram specialist and deal with all Instagram bugs.

If you , you donât need to scroll through articles to fix the problem. All you need to do is just inform your manager and watch your problem goes away.

AiGrow is a good company to refer to, given the fact that they only hire professional experts with eye-catching resumes.

Instagram managers of AiGrow

If you are reluctant to refer to a specialist, you try one of the given solutions. That can get them fixed.

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How Do I Log Out Of Instagram

You can log out with the app or follow the official web address to log out on your web browser

  • Launch your app because its already logged in
  • Move to your Profile through the human icon situated at the end of your screen
  • Scroll to Settings and hit
  • You can now logout from there

Remember that you need to have your login details handy, especially your password so as to be able to login next time. Click here to logout your facebook account rightaway.

Using The Instagram App

To open an account using the app, first, you have to download the application on your device. This can be done through the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android devices. After it is installed, click on it to open it.

  • You will then be required to create your profile by creating a username and password. Enter your personal information and click on done. While using a Facebook account, you will be required to log in to your account in case you are logged out.

After successfully going through this process, you are good to go.

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Can I Disconnect A Personal And Business Account On The Same Email Address

One login causing problems? Heres what one reader, Deanna, had to say:

I have a personal Instagram account and created a business account linked to it using my iPhone under the same email/password combo.

I can only access the business account through the personal account on my iPhone. On my Mac, I can log into my personal account, but it does not allow access to my business account.

I would like to be able to log into my business account on my Mac. Is there a way to create separate login information for my business account now that its already established and linked to my personal account?

Another reader left this option on October 7, 2020. This worked for him, though I cant vouch for it and as social media always changes, we cant rely on this to be available in the future.

According to Linoy:

You should log out from it and then try to reset your password. Youll get an email to reset it, after you pick a new one a reset the password for this account, youll be able to access both accounts just with username and different passwords, even if its under the same email.

Note that your accounts that had previously shared a password will be unlinked BUT you can relink them with the new password. According to Deanna:

Hope this helps.

How To Logout Of Instagram On Other Devices Remotely

How to Sign Out of Instagram

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Social media is something everybody likes and we spend a considerable amount of our time on it, and why not! It helps us to stay connected with the world. But with the rise in the popularity of social media platforms, they are being more prone to hacking as well. And therefore these platforms keep adding new security features like a remote log out, two-factor authentication, etc. to them. But unlike and Gmail, Instagram doesnt provide any feature to remotely log out of your Instagram account on other devices. However, we have a workaround using which you can easily log out of Instagram remotely on other devices.

There are many situations when you would like to remotely log out your Instagram account from another device. For instance, when you have logged into your Instagram account on your friends device and forgot to log out. Or if you have a doubt that your account is being misused or hacked by someone. No matter what the situation is, the method given below will help you in signing out of Instagram from everywhere. It can be achieved from the Instagram app on Android and iPhone as well as from its website.


  • 3 Conclusion
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    Reasons For Instagram Sign Out

    Honestly! Its very tiring trying to sign out your instagram account every now and then but its for your own good. If your reputation matters a lot to you and avoids from using your face to manipulate other friends or your friends actually, then you have to take this route for your safety.

    • Remember that your account can be resetted to your non-preference, so log it out once you are through with whatever you are doing
    • After you are through with the usage outside your home, or in any public device, log it out with the steps shown so as to avoid another party checking your chats and important discussions
    • Privacy is maintained with the Logout initiative
    • Instagram will never notify you of irregular bounce into your account. Its unlike gmail or any other email that will indicate and notify you of unauthorized usage. So, dont deviate from signing it out.

    How To Add Instagram Account Switching To Existing Accounts

    Account switching became available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android. First make sure your app is updated. If it IS and you still dont have account switching, one user reported that deleting and reinstalling the app solved this issue.

    You can add multiple Instagram accounts to switch between them without having to log out and log back in.

    To add existing Instagram accounts:

    • Go to your profile and tap your account name along the top.
    • In the pop-up that opens, tap Log Into Existing Account.
    • Once you have added the account, it will show in this pop-up .
    • Tap the account you want to use to switch between them.

    To switch between accounts youve added:

    • Go to your profile.
    • Tap your username at the very top of the screen.
    • Tap the account youd like to switch to.
    • OR you can switch from any tab with a long-press your profile picture in the bottom left!

    Note that you can add up to 5 accounts on one device.

    From now on, just tap your at the bottom of any panel to switch between accounts.

    Once you have multiple accounts added, youll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one youre using at the moment. I noticed that my account name appears in the comment field so Im sure which account Im using. Nice!

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    From Desktop On Instagram Website

    If you are a desktop user then you can use the below steps to sign out of your Instagram account from someones device.

    1) Log in to your Instagram account from the browser and visit your profile page.

    2) Next, click on the gear icon next to the Edit profile option. and choose Change Password.

    3) Now, enter your old and new password and click on Change Password to change it.

    As soon as you do it, you will be logged out of all the devices.

    Look For Unusual Activity On Instagram

    How to Logout from Instagram through PC in new method may ...

    The most obvious sign that someone else is using your Instagram account is if you see account activity that isnt yours.

    This can include uploads that you didnt publish, followers you dont recognize or didnt approve, or people you are following that you dont remember following. It can even consist of messages you didnt send or ones youve received from people you dont know.

    While it is possible that you simply forgot about doing something on your Instagram account, if you spot a post that you know you did not create or a photo you know you didnt take, then you have a definitive indication that someone has compromised your account.

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    How To Log Out Of Instagram From Android And Iphone

    You use an Android mobile phone or an iPhone and you are interested in understanding how to leave instagram ? In this case, follow the instructions below and you will see that in a few minutes you will be able to log out of the application. for mobile devices.

    The first step to take, to be able to log out of your account , consists of starting the application on your mobile phone, to access the main screen of the social network through the simple login procedure.

    Once this is done, press little man symbol located at the bottom right, to access the screen related to your profile. Then, first touch the symbol located at the top and press the item configurations.

    Now, on the new screen that appears to you, scroll to the bottom of the list of items present, until you find the wording Outside. Then tap on it and confirm the logout by pressing the button again Outside.

    Then to log into your account again, just launch the app and press the button Log In, log in. If you have questions or problems, read my tutorial on how .

    Possible Causes Of Trouble Logging In To Your Instagram Account

    Trouble accessing your Instagram account could be due to a variety of reasons that include

    • In putting the wrong username or password which is a common occurrence
    • Instagram does not recognize the device you are trying to log in with and thus wants more verification
    • There is a problem in the transmission of the information from your account to the Instagram servers
    • Your account might possibly be blocked due to some reasons
    • There are problems with the Instagram servers thus they are not sending the right information back

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    How To Temporarily Disable An Instagram Account

    If you want to take a temporary break from Instagram, you can choose to disable it. If you decide to proceed, Instagram will hide your profile, photos, comments, likes, etc., until you log back in.

    To temporarily delete your Instagram account, you have to log in to your account using a computer or a mobile browser.

  • Log in to the account.
  • Tap your profile picture at the top-right corner.
  • Tap Profile.
  • How To Follow On Instagram

    How to Log Out of Instagram (When You Have Multiple Accounts)

    For instance, you might search “#familyrecipes” under tags — your results will include any images with that hashtag. As you peruse, you might find someone who posts content you really like, and you can choose to follow them so their content appears on your feed.

    To follow someone, follow these three easy steps.

    1. Click on the search icon on the bottom of your screen .

    2. Next, type in a person or brand. For this example, I began searching “mandym” and found her as #1 in the search results. Alternatively, I could’ve clicked “Tags” or “Places” to search those categories.

    3. Once you’re on someone else’s account, you’ll see a blue “Follow” button at the top. For public profiles, you can click and immediately begin following that account. However, if the profile is private, you may need to wait for them to accept you first.

    And that’s it! You’re on your way to becoming a pro. To take your account to the next level, plan out your next posts using an array of content ideas and templates.

    Editor’s note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Oct 1, 2020 5:00:00 PM, updated April 27 2021


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    How To Temporarily Deactivate Your Instagram Account

    Sometimes you can think of deleting your Instagram account because you are mad at someone or something on Instagram, or you just want to take a break from your Instagram life.

    We get bored of social media sometimes. A part of us wants to leave everything on social media and walk away clean from that world. But another part of us cannot let go. This is where temporarily deactivating your account kick in.

    Most of the social media platforms do not let people temporarily deactivate their accounts. It is either you stay or get out. If you decide to stay but not look at it for a few weeks, you end up having too many notifications when you turn back.

    Luckily, Instagram lets us deactivate our accounts temporarily. This way, you can get out anytime you like, but you do not have to leave. Here are the steps to temporarily deactivate or disable your account:

  • Open Instagram from a desktop and log in.
  • At the bottom right of the page, you will see Temporarily disable my account.
  • You will be directed to another page and here, choose your reason for disabling your account.
  • Enter your password for a safety check and click on the Temporarily Disable Account button.
  • That is it now your account would be disabled temporarily. If you , keep in mind that you cant reactivate deleted accounts. You can do it from the Delete Your Account Page. Tap on the option to permanently delete your account, and you are done.

    Logout From Instagram On Mac

    Users can log out of Instagram on Mac too. The steps to log out from Instagram on Mac are below.

    Step 1: Launch Instagram On Your Mac

    Open the browser on your Mac and type, and press enter to launch Instagram.

    Step 2: Go To Profile

    Step 3: Click On The Gear Icon To Access Settings

    You will see a gear icon next to the edit profile option on the top middle of the page on your profile page. Tap on it to access settings.

    Step 4: Tap On The Logout Option

    Then, tap on the logout option to log out of your Mac device on the dialog box.

    After pressing Logout, a dialog box appears saying you have been logged out successfully and directs you to the login page.

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    How To Remove An Account From The Instagram Iphone Or Android App

    If you decide to take a break from social media networks, you might want to know how to remove your Instagram account from the app. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward process.

    In this article, well provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do just that. Plus, well explore other interesting options that might come in handy.

    Forgot Your Instagram Password

    I deactivated it

    Passwords are the bane of modern life. We need them for everything but cannot use the same one for multiple accounts otherwise we compromise each of them. Until something better comes along, we need password managers or a good memory. When the latter lets you down, password reminders come into their own.

    Instagram has one.

  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Select Get help signing in just below the login screen.
  • Select Use Username or Email, Send an SMS, or Log In with Facebook if you use Android.
  • Select Username or Phone if you use iOS.
  • Select Send Login Link.
  • Instagram will then send a link to your email address or phone as an SMS for you to reset your password. You will then need to verify the account through the link and generate a new password. You will then need to log into Instagram using that new password.

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