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How Do I Know If Someone Declined My Linkedin Invitation

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LinkedIn Sent Invitations – How to Get Out of LinkedIn Jail

Although this article recommends rejecting invites from people you do not have an existing relationship with, it is also an article about welcoming opportunities to meet new people!

When I receive an invite with a thoughtfully written note from somebody I dont know, I make sure Im clear that although Im not prepared to accept their invite today, I am willing and excited to get to know them better starting right now. I will also write a thoughtful response, and if I think theres something I can do to be helpful in some way Im going to suggest a couple of dates and times for us to connect and talk about what help I can offer.

This rejection letter has worked so well for me in the past that I feel bad for only sharing it now.


Hi Susan,

It was really great to meet you last week at SxSW.

Thanks so much for your offer to connect on LinkedIn. At the risk of sounding unappreciative, Im going to decline for now until we know each other better I hope thats ok.

Was there something specific youd like to talk about?

Good luck with your upcoming public beta launch!



Over the years, Ive had one person become angry at the rejection. One. He was a recruiter. He was angry that I didn’t remember him. And Id wager that it was not a connection that would have bore any fruit.

Enjoy the relationship!

If I Reject A Linkedin Connection Request Do They Know

I have been using LinkedIn for a while now and am starting to get invitations from people who appear to be networking sharks or something: they just want to have tons of connections. But I dont know them and I dont want to be connected, but I also dont want to be rude. If I reject them, do they get any sort of notification?


Ques: What Do You Get In Notifications On Linkedin

Ans: LinkedIns online professional network uses invitation communication as an indication that you are in a relationship with another subscriber.

LinkedIn doesnt specify how many invitations the individual subscriber offers, but the service focuses on all accounts. If you invite another member to connect, you may receive email notifications from LinkedIn about overeating and responding, but not all actions will result in a review.

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Why You Cant Connect With People

On some profiles, you might notice that the LinkedIn Connect button is missing. This can happen for quite a number of reasons, which are:

You havent confirmed your primary email, the email bounced, or new email needs confirmation.Youre already connected to that memberYouve already sent the member a connection requestThe member is outside your network. Instead youll have the option to send an InMail.

Sending a direct message or connection request to anyone outside of your LinkedIn network is possible with Inmail.

When Should You Decline A Linkedin Invite

5 Things To Do on Your LinkedIn Mobile App

For me, the biggest factor in accepting an invite from a professional contact depends on how well I know the person. If I dont know them, then I will politely decline the invite. There are different ways of knowing somebody, and in todays online world, its possible to get to know people without having ever met them in person. Ten years ago, I would never have added a connection to my network if I hadnt met the individual in person over coffee, for lunch, whatever.

My approach to accepting LinkedIn invites is straightforward. It goes like this:

  • Do I know this person in a professional capacity?
  • Is this individual trustworthy, with ethics, morals, and values similar to my own?
  • Would I be comfortable recommending them to others in my professional network?
  • Some might say that I risk losing out on potentially valuable relationships when I decline LinkedIn invites .

    I dont buy that.

    My approach actually shows people know how seriously I take my professional network. Todays world is hyper-connected, and the majority of professional connections people claim to have are more akin to one-time conference acquaintances. To me, these arent really relationships they belong in my iPhones contacts, or a CRM such as HubSpot, Sugar, or Salesforce not a social relationship service like LinkedIn.

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    So How Do You Unsend A Pending Connection Request From Linkedin

    Go to the Network tab and then click on View XX to go to the page and manage your invitations.

    Then go to the Manage tab of your invitations, you can view all the invitations sent.

    Next to each name, you will have a Remove button that allows you to cancel your request.

    And there you have it, you have just removed your LinkedIn request and can, if you wish, make it again.

    People Are Not Using Linkedin Daily

    LinkedIn has 500+ million users from that number, only 106 millions are active users . From that 106 million:

    • 53 percent of active users spend between 0-2 hours weekly on LinkedIn
    • 22 percent spend 3-4 hours weekly and,
    • 10 percent spend 5-6 hours .

    As you can see from these statistics, the only people who spend a lot of time on LinkedIn are recruiters, because its their work tool. But candidates? Not so much.

    Also consider this: One of the reasons why your invitation may not have been accepted just may be bad timing. You can send the invite out on a Monday, but if the person youre sending it to is not logged in to LinkedIn until Friday, your LinkedIn invitation will not be seen until then. Given that, your invitation could be easily overlooked.

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    How To Decline Linkedin Invitations By Sharing Your Connection Policy

    Formulate the rules you want as your connection policy. Write them down.

    • Perhaps you only want to connect with people on LinkedIn that you know in real life
    • Only people you have had conversations with on social media
    • Perhaps you only want to connect with people who are clients
    • Perhaps you only want to connect with people you went to school with

    Whatever your reasoning is, establish a policy and then be prepared to explain it. You can message people and explain your connection policy. If they dont give you a satisfactory answer, then this is how to decline LinkedIn invitations.

    In The Professional Setting Everyone Is Chasing Time Keep Your Messages Short And Easy To Read

    How to See Your Sent Invitations on LinkedIn

    The straightforward trick to improving your LinkedIn invitation message is to keep it as short as possible while still showing value and interest. It doesnt have to be a long-form letter just something enough to get your prospect interested in what who you are and what you do.

    Remember that youre speaking with professionals and decision-makers who may be just as busy as you are! And long messages can turn people off, because its too much to read and it allows little room for a two-way conversation.

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    Can You Tell If Someone Declines Your Linkedin Request

    LinkedIn is a useful resource for making professional contacts. It is the best social networking platform for professionals, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Making new connections is one of its core functions. As with many similar sites, a LinkedIn relationship begins when one user invites another person to connect with them.

    Before the connection is made and the users are added to one anothers respective networks, the recipient needs to accept the invite first. Once they click Accept, the pair will be linked on the site.

    In some cases, the recipient might not accept the invitation at all. Either they are not interested in connecting, or they simply dont know the sender. People rarely they dont know personally.

    Should You Reply To A Linkedin Invite With An Idk Response

    I personally have never responded with an IDK, but I have received my share of them, even from self-professed and members of LinkedIn groups for open networkers. I believe it is a unwritten but understood rule that LIONs should never respond with an IDK but merely archive any invite they do not want to connect with. You never know when you may want to connect with that contact if you move to a new place or a new industry, so why not just archive it and keep the potential for connecting open? Couldnt hurt.

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    Your Message Lacks Meaningful Intention

    What is the difference between these two ?

    I attended your workshop on entrepreneurship last week and would like to connect with you on LinkedIn.

    It was a pleasure chatting with you about entrepreneurship after your workshop last week, and Id love to keep in touch.

    Its a really minor difference, but the second one feels easier to accept because its clear what the person extending the invitation wants. The first invitation is just a little too open-ended. Its not clear why the person wants to connect, and that makes it harder for someone to accept this invite. Make sure your invite has a straightforward and, ideally, mutually beneficial reason for connecting.

    How Do I Connect With Someone On My Network On Linkedin

    Why Sending Job Opportunities in LinkedIn Connection Requests is Bad

    You can contact them by sending a message on LinkedIn or directly through the group. LinkedIn Member LinkedIn members who fall outside the categories listed above. Profiles out of your network have limited visibility but you can build your network with other valuable connections to see more profiles.

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    Linkedin Invitations: Everything You Need To Know

    Most knowledgeable LinkedIn users would agree that best practice when sending an invitation to connect on LinkedIn should include a personal note introducing yourself and expressing why you want to connect.

    Although I personally don’t think it’s a crime to send a generic LinkedIn connection request, a well-crafted personal message will always increase your chances of connecting with the recipient. This is probably true for all social networks.

    Generally, the fact that I get generic invitations is usually not the reason why I reject connection requests. When receiving a generic invitation from someone, I always check their LinkedIn Profile to see if they’re someone who I want to connect with.

    If the LinkedIn profile is not complete or doesn’t clearly tell me who they are, the chance of being a connection is pretty much zero.

    Here’s a recent invitation I received which contained the LinkedIn generic message.

    After receiving it, I checked the profile. It didn’t take long for me to reject this invitation. Here’s why:

    No Business Name.Including your business name or companies you worked for will give you added credibility.

    No connections. This is not really a reason to reject an invitation but when looking at the entire profile, it can make me suspicious if your profile is not complete.

    Fake picture. This is obviously not the real picture for this LinkedIn user. Tip: Always use a professional self-portrait.

    How To See Who Viewed Your Linkedin Profile

    Follow the below steps to find out people who have visited your profile after an invitation is being sent.

    Open mobile App.

    Now you can see the list of people who visited your profile. If you are using the basic account, youll see the five most recent viewers in the last 90 days. So, if you have sent the connection request recently, you have to check on a constant basis to check whether the person has viewed your profile or not.

    If you use premium, you can see the complete list of people who have visited your profile. Youll see the entire list of viewers from the past 90 days, if you have at least one viewer in the past 90 days, youll also see the viewer trends and insights.

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    Interact With Others And Be Active On Linkedin

    People are much more likely to read something from an active member they have seen before. If you have a presence on LinkedIn and interact or post often, you stand a much higher chance of being read than someone the recipient has never seen or heard of.

    Plus, its the whole point of LinkedIn. To interact with fellow professionals, help each other, and learn a thing or two.

    How Should You Reach Out To A New Connection

    How to connect with or invite people on LinkedIn®

    If youre the recipient of a connection request, you can also engage with the other user by first sending a thank you message. Dont lose your change at networking and finding referrals or leads.

    Here are some ways you can say kickstart the conversation from a simple thank you:

  • Instead of introducing yourself and your company, start by asking about what they do and where they work.
  • Focus on what you can do for them and their business woes.
  • Short but meaningful replies are always better than long-form messages when it comes to LinkedIn! Save the paragraphs for e-mail and maintain the conversational flow on the platform.

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    You Are Too Impatient

    Every month, I get at least one invitation that I consider a little bit pushy.

    For example, I sometimes receive a LinkedIn invitation with a note asking me to add someone to my network. I dont accept the invitation, but a few minutes later I get an email with a proposal for cooperation, and then another a few minutes later requesting a connection on Skype. Before Im able to finish my answer on that email, my phone notifies me about a new Facebook friend request from that same person.

    If you are impatient, just send the email and nothing else. Sending so many requests to a stranger on so many social media sites is never a good approach. Dont ruin your one and only personal brand.

    How To See Your Linkedin Invitations Sent

    Follow the below steps to find out people who have not accepted your request till now.

    Through LinkedIn Mobile App

    Through browser on Desktop or laptop.

    Login to LinkedIn.

    Now you can see the list of people who have not accepted your invitation till now.

    Only the invitations sent in the last 6 months are listed there. This is because invitations sent to members expire after six months.

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    Idk = I Dont Know This Person

    The I Dont Know This Person response seems innocent, right? Because you dont know them, youd rather not have them in your network. However, the problem is that LinkedIn looks down on these responses as they created their social networking platform for professionals to connect people who know each other but lost touch, not for open networkers. Therefore, if you receive 5 cumulative IDKs you will need to enter an E-Mail address for every invite you send. This means that if you find an old colleague and want to connect but dont know their most recent E-Mail address, you will be unable to connect and might have to resort to text messaging.

    You Dont Have A Professional Profile Picture On Linkedin

    5 Things To Do on Your LinkedIn Mobile App

    LinkedIn is a professional social network so you need to have an appropriate profile photo for it. This is especially important if your current photo looks more like a party than work!

    If the person receiving your connection invitation doesnt think that they know what you look like, this could be why theyre not accepting it.

    You can fix this by uploading a professional profile picture to your LinkedIn profile.

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    Reasons Your Linkedin Invitations Are Getting Ignored

    LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform and every week we create new virtual connections with people who send us invites and with those we would like to add to our network.

    to a friend or work colleague, it is often accepted within 24 hours. Then you see some influential people on LinkedIn and you think that it would be great to connect with them.

    You read all their articles on and you would love to meet them if they are available, or just chat with them over LinkedIn. Maybe you are just expanding your network and you find some interesting people that you would like to add to your network, in case you ever find yourself looking for a job.

    So, you decide to send them an invitation.

    After two weeks, they are still not in your network and you are wondering why they did not accept your invitation. You arent sure whether it is just pending or if they declined. Maybe they did not even receive notification from LinkedIn, or perhaps they are on vacation, or just busy.

    Or maybe you just did something wrong. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

    So, here are the main 10 reasons people decline invitations. Please note: I changed the names of people in these invitations and examples.

    Whats The Bottom Line

    First impressions count. Before you begin tracking down and attempting to link in with a make-or-break connection, get your profile sorted picture, summary, experience and ideally some endorsements and recommendations.

    ALWAYS personalise your message whether you actually know this person or whether youre speculating. Mention a mutual connection, keep it snappy and give them a hook to reel them in on. Oh, and dont give up!

    LinkedIn is an incredibly important platform for you and your business. Making sure you land the right connections is just one of the things you need to get right to be making the most out of it. If youve found this post useful and youd like your network to know youve got your finger on the pulse, feel free to share using the buttons below.

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