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How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me On Whatsapp

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Try Texting Or Calling

How To Check If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp ?

When you send a message to somehow who has blocked you, the delivery receipt will only show one checkmark. Your messages wont actually reach the contacts WhatsApp.

If you messaged them before they blocked you, you would see two blue checkmarks instead.

You can also try calling them. If your call doesnt go through, it means you might have been blocked. WhatsApp will actually place the call for you, and youll hear it ring, but no one will pick up on the other end.

Look For Updates To Their Profile

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you won’t see updates to their profile photo. On its own, this isn’t a definitive clue, given that many users don’t have profile pictures or rarely update theirs. Combined with a lack of a Last Seen status and undelivered messages, though, it’s another indication you’ve been blocked.

Find If Someone Has Blocked You On Whatsapp

In order to maintain the privacy of its users, WhatsApp does not provide an official way to find out whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

However, there are certainly some indicators that can suggest whether or not someone has indeed Blocked you on WhatsApp.

Without further delay, let us take a look at some of the ways to find out whether or not Someone Has Blocked You On WhatsApp.

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Check Your Contact’s Last Seen Status

Here’s how to check the user’s Last Seen status. Last Seen status refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp.

  • Find and open a chat with the user.

    If a conversation isn’t open, find the user’s name and create a new chat.

  • The Last Seen status is visible under the user’s namefor example, “last seen today at 10:18 A.M.”

  • If you don’t see anything under the user’s name, it’s possible they blocked you.

  • A lack of a Last Seen status isn’t necessarily an indication that you’ve been blocked. WhatsApp has a privacy setting that allows the user to hide their Last Seen status.

  • Do You Want To Block Someone On Whatsapp Who Has Already Blocked You

    How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

    Yeah! You can also block someone who blocked you from WhatsApp, as it a default feature of WhatsApp. When you are blocked by someone you are unable to see the profile of that person, DP, about, or status as well. Well, before blocking confirm first that its just privacy or you have been blocked, as you cant see last seen or online if a person has set privacy settings, you are not able to see whether the message you have sent is seen or not.

    Whatsapp is an amazing app, if you feel you have been blocked then you also have the option to block that person because if you are blocked by the person, he/she can see your profile update can see your DP as well. So, if you want to stop the person seeing your profile you have got an option to block. By blocking that person will no more be able to have an eye on you.

    Here, I am Going to Explain to You 5 Ways Which are

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    Ways In Which You Can Tell Whether You’ve Been Blocked

    WhatsApp listed on their website four indicators that someone may have blocked out:

    – You can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window. Learn more here.

    – You do not see updates to a contact’s profile photo.

    – Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark , and never show a second check mark .

    – Any calls you attempt to place will not go through.

    As WhatsApp points out, they have not provided users with the option of being able to find out who has blocked them to protect the privacy of the person who proceeded with blocking a contact.

    “If you see all of the indicators above for a contact, this could mean that the user is blocking you,” noted WhatsApp.

    “However, there are other possibilities. We have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect your privacy when you block someone. Thus, we cannot tell you if you are being blocked by someone else.”

    How Whatsapp Blocking Works

    Users who no longer wish to interact with other contacts can block those individuals within the Settings of the application. By opening the app and clicking on the menu on the right-hand side of the app, tap on Settings.

    From there, scroll down to Account and tap on Privacy. Once on this page you can click on Blocked Contacts. Looking at the top right-hand side of this youll see a person icon with a plus sign next to it. When youve tapped on this you can add anyone from your list of contacts.

    We have a tutorial: How to Block Someone on WhatsApp if youd like to check it out!

    If a user has been blocked they will no longer see a culmination of changes that are consistent with being blocked.

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    Check The Participants List In A Group Message

    When creating a group message, it may seem as if you successfully added the userbut when you open the group chat, they don’t appear in the participants list. If you try to add a contact who’s blocked you through the Add Participants section of the group chat, you’ll get a Can’t add participant error.

    WhatsApp is intentionally ambiguous about blocked status to protect the blocker’s privacy, and it will not notify you if you’ve been blocked. If you see all the indicators above, your WhatsApp contact likely blocked you. If you’ve been blocked, there’s no way to unblock yourself. Your best course of action is to either move on or reach out to the person to find out why you were blocked.

    See Contact Details In Chat

    How to know if someone blocked you on Whatsapp

    The first thing you should do is open a conversation in the WhatsApp application for iPhone or Android and then look at the contact details at the top. If you cant see their profile picture and their last seen, its possible that they have blocked you.

    The lack of an avatar and last seen message isnt a guarantee that theyve blocked you. Your contact could have just disabled their Last Seen activity.

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    Whatsapp A Quick History

    Here’s what you need to know…

    • WhatsApp was created in 2009 by computer programmers Brian Acton and Jan Koum – former employees of Yahoo
    • It’s one of the most popular messaging services in the world
    • Koum came up with the name WhatsApp because it sounded like “what’s up”
    • After a number of tweaks the app was released with a messaging component in June 2009, with 250,000 active users
    • It was originally free but switched to a paid service to avoid growing too fast. Then in 2016, it became free again for all users
    • Facebook bought WhatsApp Inc in February 2014 for $19.3billion
    • The app is particularly popular because all messages are encrypted during transit, shutting out snoopers
    • As of 2020, WhatsApp has over 2billion users globally

    Check If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp

    If for a particular WhatsApp contact you observe the following things mentioned below then it signals that you have been blocked by that contact on WhatsApp.

    1. Firstly, go to that contact on WhatsApp whom you suspect has blocked you on WhatsApp. Try viewing the time that comes below the name of that contact at the top of the conversation as shown in the screenshot below.

    You will not be able to see this persons time information if the contact is not online at that moment. Also, the Online status wont be visible even if the contact is online at that particular time.

    2. You wont be able to see that WhatsApp contacts profile picture if he/she has blocked you.

    3. Moreover, you will also not be able to view the About of that WhatsApp contacts.

    4. You cant see any changes in the profile of that person. The 24-hour status or WhatsApp stories will be visible to you only if they uploaded it before blocking you. Their new statuses wont be visible to you.

    5. If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp then the messages you send wont be delivered to that contact. This means that any message you send will have only one grey tick forever. You wont see double or blue ticks for newly sent messages.

    Note: The messages you sent to that contact in the period when you were blocked by that contact wont be delivered even if that WhatsApp contact removes you from their blocked list in the future.

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    How To Send Message A Person Who Blocked You On Whatsapp

    Blocked! By someone, no worries you can still message him/her by following the way I am going to tell you, just follow up the steps and get your desire fulfilled. However, sending a message through WhatsApp when blocked is kind of impossible. The only way known to people is to meet that person face to face or to have a favor from another person, which can be insulting for a person to say that he/she has been blocked by someone. Get rid of some shameful experience as you can unblock yourself in three ways which I am going to explain to you for your ease.

    Have You Been Sending Messages On Whatsapp To A Contact And Not Getting Replies Well You Might Have Been Blocked

    5 Easy Ways to Know Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

    For WhatsApp users, the ‘Block’ feature has been one of the most popular one and helps you get rid of annoying forwards and status updates from certain contacts by blocking them. One of the best things about WhatsApp Block feature is it doesn’t notify the other person about such action. But there are ways to find out if someone has blocked you. Have you been blocked on WhatsApp? Well, there’s no way WhatsApp will notify you when a contact blocks you on the messaging platform but there are some indicators that can help you.

    WhatsApp has slowly replaced your traditional text messages in a good way. The app not only offers you ways to share messages but also multimedia and documents like PDF, word files and more. With WhatsApp, the biggest fear, however, is whether the receiver has read the messages or was it even delivered?

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    Compare The Targets Whatsapp Profile

    When your secondary WhatsApp account is finally set up, you need to visit the target persons WhatsApp profile through the chat screen. To initiate a new conversation with the person using the secondary account, just save the number first and invoke a new chat, or use WhatsApp Direct to go to the required chat directly.

    Once in the persons WhatsApp profile, check if any of the four Privacy attributes is visible on the secondary WhatsApp account, while being unavailable on your primary account. If so, it indicates that your primary account has been blocked.

    If the target persons profile appears same on both of your WhatsApp accounts, we cant draw any conclusions yet. In that case, we have to investigate further.

    Visibility Of Last Seen Status

    Step 1:

    Go to the chat page of the person whom you feel that your number might be blocked by them.

    Step 2:

    Check their last seen status and if it is not visible then there is a chance that he/she had blocked your number on WhatsApp.

    A similar situation happens if he/she had changed their privacy settings to hide the last seen factor on their WhatsApp account. Either chances are feasible in this method. This strategy does not ensure that the person had blocked your number still it serves as one of the techniques to check the possibility of blocking activity on WhatsApp.

    You can use this method initially to know whether your number is blocked or not on WhatsApp. You will not be able to see his/her online presence on WhatsApp if he/she had blocked your number.

    You can try out the listed techniques one by one and ensure that your number is blocked on WhatsApp by a person in your contact list.

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    How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me On Whatsapp

    WhatsApp is widely used in our daily life. People are using it to connect with their loved ones, family and friends. WhatsApp allows you to send messages, photos, videos and make call with other.

    However, have you experienced your messages to your friend did not get any reply for a very long time or when your girlfriend or boyfriend is âangryâ with you and all of your messages sent out but none of them is seen or delivered. You may wondering what if they are blocking you from their contact list, but is that a way for you to find out?

    Article below will tell you some of the clues to find out if a person is blocking you from their WhatsApp:

    Make Whatsapp Call To Your Contact

    How to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp

    Now that you do have a fairly good sense of whether or not you have been blocked on WhatsApp, it is time to confirm this by making a WhatsApp Call to this Contact of yours.

    Make a WhatsApp Call to the Person that you suspect has blocked you in WhatsApp and closely observe as to what is happening when you are trying to Call this person.

    Do you feel that your Calls are not going through to this Contact of yours? This is another good signal that you may have been blocked on WhatsApp.

    At this stage, the only benefit of doubt that you can give to this Contact of yours is that his/her phone might be broken.

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    How To Know If You Have Been Blocked By Someone On Whatsapp

    A list of four indicators reveal if someone has blocked you

    • How to.

    Have you ever wondered what happens when you block a person on WhatsApp or whether they could find out that they have been blocked by you?

    Although you can’t be 100 percent sure that your number has been blocked on WhatsApp by another person, there a few ways to know whether your suspicions can be justified.

    WhatsApp allows its users who want to stop receiving messages and notifications of texts from a specific person to block people in chats.

    How To Use Imyfone Itransor Lite To Back Up Whatsapp Data On Iphone

    Click “Back Up & Export from Device”, then you will be offered with “Back Up WhatsApp” option. You just need to follow the on-screen guide to finish the backup process. This backup can be restored to your iPhone with the pro version of iTransor Lite which is iMyFone iTransor . iTransor can backup and restore contacts, messages, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

    If you don’t want to backup WhatsApp data, you can use the program to export WhatsApp chats from your device.

    • Launch it from the “Export from iOS Device” tab.
    • Select the file to be exported and click Next.
    • Connect your device to the computer.
    • Scan your iOS Device.
    • Preview and select files to be exported, and click “Export”.
    • Confirm where to store on your computer.

    Now your WhatsApp data has been backed up to computer successfully and you don’t have to worry you will lost you WhatsApp data even you have been blocked.

    Try all the strategies above to confirm whether you have been blocked for now. And don’t forget to try the free trial version of iMyFone iTransor Lite to see what it can do for you.

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    Start A Group Chat To Confirm Whether You Have Been Blocked

    Another way to know if someone has blocked you is to start a WhatsApp group. The previous strategies and steps above might have left a small room for doubt. If you want to be undoubtedly sure someone has not blocked you, simply start a group.

    • Go to your WhatsApp and start a new group.
    • Look for the contact you thought could have blocked you and try to add the contact to your newly-created group.
    • It should be easy to add the contact straight away if you have not been blocked.
    • You may see a message like “You are not authorized to add this person” if you have been blocked.

    Look For Profile Changes

    How to Know if Someone Blocked me on WhatsApp? 5 Ways

    If you see a contact of yours with a stagnant status or the same old profile picture, which hasnt changed since a long time, he/she might have blocked you. Thats because when you are blocked by someone, you cant see their profile picture changes or new statuses. However, its worth noting that WhatsApp lets people hide profile pictures and statuses as well, so you cannot be sure if theyve simply hidden it or blocked you. Just keep that in mind before jumping into a conclusion.

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    How Can You Block Someone On Whatsapp

    You can block a person who is inappropriate in talking, saying rubbish, or is an unknown person who is not in your contact and is teasing you from such stupid things you can get rid of such annoying person in just a few seconds you just have to open the chat window there are three dots options, click on more here you will find block option

    The person will be unable to contact you, as well as the other user, will be unable to see your profile, about or your status, but you can see the profile of the person being blocked by you. This is the difference in getting blocked or to block anyone.


  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone
  • If you have a chat open, navigate back to the main Chats screen
  • Select the Settings icon at the bottom right of the screen, then Account, then Privacy, then Blocked
  • Tap Add New and choose the contact you wish to block
  • Android:

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone
  • Tap the menu icon
  • Go to Settings, then Account, then Privacy, then select Blocked Contacts
  • Tap the add contact icon a small icon the shape of a person with a plus sign on the left
  • A list will appear. Choose the contact you wish to block
  • Windows Phone:

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone
  • Select More , then Settings, then Contacts, then Blocked contacts
  • Select the plus icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the contact you wish to block
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