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How Do I Get Followers On Linkedin

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How To Generate More Followers On Linkedin

How to Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers?

LinkedIn, as you well know, is a business-centric social medium it shares commonalities with all the major social media platforms, but is unique in its focus on employment, the professional, and the entrepreneur. As with its social media kin, the ultimate key to success on the platform is expanding reach and influence, and this, unsurprisingly, is numbers dependent you need followers, and lots of them.

The much-coveted large follower-base seems a somewhat esoteric thing, the result of witchcraft or sorcery, or some other obscure trickery, perhaps just luck and nothing more, like winning the lottery. Who knows? Successful folk have it, and you want it. Building your follower base and expanding your reach, however, is no act of the dark arts there is no secret grimoire shared amongst the popular and influential. You can achieve this goal systematically by focusing on these three cobre principles: Visibility, Authority, Value.

Whats The Difference Between Followers And Connections

Its a common point of confusion.

To clarify:

  • You can connect with an individual on LinkedInthis means you see each others posts, and you can message them directly. In other words, connections are a kind of Follow+you see their posts and can communicate directly with them.
  • The next level down from that is to follow an individual on LinkedIn. Users can set Follow as the primary action on their profile rather than Connect, but Follow is available anyway via the More menu as shown in the second pic below. Followers can see your posts, but you wont see theirs unless you follow them too.
  • You can also follow a Company Page . As youd expect, that means youll see updates from that company in your feed.

Weve seen that once Pages gain 150 followers, their opportunity for growth becomes exponential.

The topic of how to grow LinkedIn followers can mean different things to different people. For you, that might include:

  • Followers for you as an individual, or
  • Followers for your Company Page.

The good news is that you’ll find most of the 15+ tips below cover both, or can be adapted to do so.

Some small businesses remain sole proprietors, but for others, the long-term strategy calls for moving past that phase. In these situations, where there is an intention to increase in scale, it almost always makes sense to create a LinkedIn Page, and it is usually advantageous to commit resources to its growth.Emmeline Vu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, AngelList

How To Get More Followers For Your Linkedin Company Page

LinkedIn is evolving into a content platform with lots of opportunities. But how can you get more followers for your LinkedIn company page? Here are 13 simple tips and an explanation of LinkedIns algorithm to start growing your LinkedIn following step-by-step.

Do you want to get serious about promoting your business or nonprofit on LinkedIn?

See how, by following a few small steps, you can get a lot more out of your LinkedIn company page and grow your followers month over month.

LinkedIn is becoming a Content Powerhouse with many opportunities to build a strong following, organic, and via paid advertising.

In this article, well mainly go into how to get more LinkedIn followers for your company page organically.

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Connect With Your Biggest Fans

Once you publish new content on your LinkedIn profile regularly, you will notice that a few people consistently show up for every post.

  • They will leave comments.
  • They will like it.

These are your biggest fans, who probably already follow your profile.

Connecting with them can take these relationships to the next level, creating an even stronger bond and encouraging future engagement.

Advertising To Grow Your Audience

How Do I Get Followers for My LinkedIn Company Page?

Several companies have used LinkedIn advertising to . The easiest way to do this is by promoting a post which data shows will drive strong engagement from your target audience.

Sponsored Content posts also feature a Follow button users can click, since the Sponsored Content will often be displayed to users who dont currently follow your Company Page.

Other ad options, including Text Ads, Programmatic Display Ads, and Dynamic Ads are available to give your company flexibility in how you promote yourself to the LinkedIn community.

With so many options for extending reach and driving engagement, any company can grow its LinkedIn audience from a small following to a bustling, expansive community.

Uncover more effective tactics for growing your brand on LinkedIn with the Company Pages Playbook.

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How Do I Grow My Linkedin Connections

1 If youre looking to connect with someone you havent previously spoken to before, its a good idea to add relevancy by personalising your connection response. Even LinkedIn advises you to do so, saying that LinkedIn members are more likely to accept requests that include a personal note.

2 Post often. 91% of execs rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professionally relevant content. Posting more, whether it be your thoughts on industry updates or sharing content your LinkedIn connections might be interested in, creates additional opportunities for exposure and engagement. If one person comments on your post, one of their connections might see it, find it interesting and request to connect.

3 Engage with your current connections. If someone you know writes an interesting post, comment! Others will see this, and increase engagement and exposure even more.

4 Promote your LinkedIn account on other social media platforms, and when youre speaking to business prospects. Got a public speaking gig? Make sure you put your LinkedIn account at the end of the slide, so people can note it down. Its easier than giving every attendee your business card and better for the environment!

Connect With Professionals In Your Niche

The more people you reach & connect with on LinkedIn, the more visibility and reach youve on the platform. It increases the appearance of your profile in suggestions and LinkedIn search results.

LinkedIns advanced search algorithm prefers the 1st and 2nd-degree connections of the searcher over their 3rd-degree connections. So the more people youre connected to, the probability of your appearance in search results increases.

To find the best people in your industry to establish a connection with, make sure to take the advantage of a powerful LinkedIn search engine. I recommend you to read this guide to leverage the power of the LinkedIn search engine .

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Join Conversations Using Hashtags

When you share an update on LinkedIn, make sure you are using relevant hashtags before you hit post.

Without those hashtags, you are missing out on a huge audience that you could be reaching.

and reach people who have never heard of your brand before and likely never would have found you otherwise.

Aside from simply adding hashtags to your own updates, you can even associate your company page with relevant hashtags. This is all done in your Communities Hashtag panel.

In this panel, you can click on a hashtag that you follow, enter its feed, and then comment or react to conversations.

This helps to expose your brand to new and like-minded audiences that have no idea you exist.

Once people within this community see your interest, theyll visit your profile and potentially follow you if they see what they like.

Interact With Your Linkedin Company Page

How to View Your Company Page Followers on LinkedIn VIDEO

You can interact on various topics with your personal account and tag your LinkedIn company page.

You can simply interact directly with your LinkedIn company page .

LinkedIn is even promoting this. Have you seen updates showing which conversation might be valuable to interact with, with your company page? LinkedIn is helping out.

If you want to take it a step further, go and search for conversations based on your hashtags. Start by clicking on the hashtags on your company page as seen in the image below.

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Whats The Difference Between A Linkedin Follower And A Connection

Before I explain how to find out, my good friend, accountant Aimeé Hargreaves, recently asked me what the difference is between a Follower and a Connection. Heres the answer I gave:

Connections are two people who have Connected on LinkedIn because, at some level, they know and trust each other. A Connection automatically becomes a Follower .

On the other hand, Following someone on LinkedIn allows you to see the persons posts and articles on your homepage/in your feed without being Connected to them. However, you must remember that the person you are Following wont see your posts at all unless they Connect or Follow you in return.

Heres how I think of it:

I will Follow a person who can add some value to my life. Usually, someone who has provided thought-leading content that has come across my path. Perhaps someone who is geographically at a distance from me as well.

How Do I Find Out Who My Followers Are

Heres a quick tip:

Use this URL to check on who you Follow and who is Following you on LinkedIn:

Why? If people are taking an interest in YOU, learning from the valuable content helpful videos, beneficial tips, insightful infographics, engaging podcasts or eye-catching photos you share, might there be an opportunity lurking somewhere? A chance to help them and begin to build a trusted relationship with them? An opportunity that could blossom into a new client, business partner or contact?

Why not consider Following them back or even sending them a Connection request? . For a more in-depth guide on growing your Connections on LinkedIn, check out my posts:

You never know where it might lead

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Ask Your Employees To Follow Your Page

Another easy way to grow your LinkedIn followers is to get your team members involved. Ask employees and colleagues to follow you on LinkedIn and spread the word with their connections.

This is an essential step for new LinkedIn pages, as it helps you grow your page quickly. When team members and colleagues tag your page in updates and share the benefits of following you, it adds up to a much-needed boost.

You should also ensure employees accurately cite your page in the work experience section of their profiles. This is because whenever they make a new connection, that connection gets a prompt to follow your LinkedIn Page.

Use Hashtags In Your Posts

How Do I Get Followers for My LinkedIn Company Page?

As well as the community hashtags you should be using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts. LinkedIn suggests using 3-5 relevant hashtags and will offer up suggestions based on the content on your post. This will help to increase the reach of your post and grow your followers because your content will be in front of more people in your target audience.

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Write Linkedin Recommendations For People You Know

People are often very happy to share recommendations and put them on their profiles, especially those that are positive.

The more recommendations you write, the more ads you have all across LinkedIn.

Every time someone clicks on your name next to a written recommendation, they are redirected to your LinkedIn profile, where they have a chance to learn more about you and to follow you if they see what they like.

Tip #: Add A Page Link To Your Email Signature

Another set it and forget it tip that can pay major dividends. Edit your work email signature to include a link directing recipients toward your organizations LinkedIn Page, and encourage them to give it a follow. If youre corresponding with someone professionally, theres a good chance your Page might interest them.

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Import Your Email Contacts

Importing your email contacts is the easiest and fastest way to grow your professional network. LinkedIn will guide you through the process, prompting you to send out invitations even to people who are still not on Linkedin. However, my advice is not to use this option. Take the time to go through all the suggested connections and send an invitation just to people you would like to continue your professional relationship with.

Sales Navigator And Waalaxy Account

FAST Way To Increase Your LinkedIn Company Page Followers

We recommend Sales Navigator to improve your prospecting on LinkedIn. For this tutorial, it is actual MANDATORY. .

Tip: If you dont have a Sales Nav account and want to use the free trial for the hack we mentioned, avoid taking the company executive profile. You will avoid running into issues while the export occurs.

You will also need a Waalaxy account in order to extract the results for prospecting.

And of course, you will need to have identified the LinkedIn page you want to target.

Do you have everything? Lets go.

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Make It Easy To Share Your Content On Linkedin

After you add a follow button to LinkedIn from your website, its also a good idea to add social media sharing buttons.

Having share buttons on your website makes it easier for website visitors to share your content on LinkedIn. This increases the chance that people who dont already follow you will see your content. And as a result, it can encourage them to follow you on LinkedIn for more updates.

Check out this helpful guide to learn how to add social share buttons to WordPress.

Get A Professional Headshot Photo

A picture speaks a thousand words. That’s so true, especially on LinkedIn.

On your LinkedIn profile, your headshot photo is the most important picture that allows you to communicate both friendliness and competence at the glance of an eye.

Most people just upload a selfie they took on their smartphone. Don’t be that person. Invest in a professional headshot photograph! It’s worth every penny.

Ask the photographer to take at least 10 to 20 different pictures and let them know how you want to be perceived. Select the best photo that communicates the desired values to your dream audience and add it to your profile.

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How To Engage Followers On Linkedin

LinkedIn is known as the go-to social media platform for business and industry related queries. Its a place to find news, brand yourself, and most importantly a place to build relationships, be it personal or professional. With 80 percent of members wanting to connect with businesses on the platform, LinkedIn gives those using Company Pages a unique opportunity to connect with audiences who are interested in their product and willing to hear what they have to say.

Use Analytics To Analyze Page & Post Performance

How Do I Get Followers for My LinkedIn Company Page?

As we have mentioned, content is key for increasing LinkedIn company page followers. If youre not posting regular, high-quality content no one is going to follow your page. You should think of social media as an extension of a great content marketing plan. Without the content, you have nothing to post.

With that in mind, you need to know which posts and content are getting your audience excited and engaging. Using the build-in LinkedIn page analytics you can see which content is working and which isnt. If you see a particular format, such as video is working best then focus your efforts on producing and posting more video. Giving your followers what they want will help you to attract more followers to your page as engagement increases.

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Invite Connections To Follow Your Linkedin Company Page

LinkedIn had introduced this option for a short period, then removed it and has now re-introduced it.

You can invite your first connections to follow your LinkedIn company page. All team members that are page admins can use this function. You can invite an individual only once.

This can be a powerful tool to get more followers for your LinkedIn company page, but be sure not to spam people.

Include Visuals In Your Posts

Visuals make a big difference in overcrowded LinkedIn feeds and keeps you stand unique among others. Including visuals in your LinkedIn posts can help you attract new followers as well as engage your existing followers.

In fact, on any social site including LinkedIn, posts with visuals get 94% more engagement in comparison to posts without any visuals.

Long story short, visual posts are friendly to our brain which makes things easier to understand and memorable. So make sure you take the advantage of the power of visual posts in your LinkedIn posts and boost your social reach to grow your follower base.

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Complete Your Company Page And Optimize It

Your company page reflects your image, and you want to make a good first impression every time a new visitor clicks on your page. Your company page should provide complete information about your business so that you can appear credible and trustworthy.

Company pages with complete profiles receive up to two times more visitors than those with incomplete information. Filling it out is a simple way to drive engagement and increase your chances of getting a new follower.

Present a clear photo that shows what your business is all about. Make sure your LinkedIn company page has your logo, company description, company size, industry, company type, location, and website URL. What your prospective followers are looking for is legitimacy.

Having a complete profile is critical for your brand image because it projects professionalism. Profile visitors can get all the information they need to connect with your company when they are ready.

Optimize your profile with relevant keywords so that it can rank higher in search results. This helps your target audience find you when they use search engines.

Another tip is to edit your email signature to include a link to your LinkedIn company page, to serve as free advertising. Dont think of LinkedIn as a separate entity from your other social networking profiles. You can get better results by using different social media to promote your company page.

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