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How Do I Find My Old Facebook Account

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Couldnt Find Account Error During Sign In

How to find your lost facebook account.

If youve previously signed up for a Google Account, and cant remember the username or email address that you used, you can try to recover it.

Follow the steps in the preceding section to recover your account.

An email address cant be used to sign up for more than one Google Account. If this email address belongs to you, it’s possible that:

  • Youve already signed up for a Google Account: Follow the account recovery instructions in the top section for help.
  • You have a Google Workspace visitor session linked to this email address. If youre invited to collaborate on Google Drive files as a visitor, with your email and a PIN, youll need to delete this visitor session before your email address is used to sign up for a new account. Learn how to delete your visitor session.

On Facebook You Have The Options Of Either Deactivating And Deleting Your Account

If you deactivate your account:

  • You can reactivate it whenever you want. This will mean you can access your photos, videos, friends and groups again.
  • People cant see your timeline or find your account in a search unless you reactivate the account.
  • Some things may remain visible .
  • You can reactivate your account at any time by logging back into Facebook or by using your Facebook account to log in somewhere else. Youll need to have access to the email or mobile number you use to log in to complete the reactivation.

To deactivate your account:

  • 5. Choose Deactivate Account, then Continue to Account Deactivation and follow the instructions to confirm.
  • When Your Facebook account is deactivated, but you still have Messenger:

    • You can still chat with friends on Messenger.
    • Your Facebook profile picture will still be visible in your conversations on Messenger.
    • Other people can search for you to send you a message within Messanger.

    If you delete your account:

    To delete your account:

  • Choose Permanently Delete Account then click Continue to Account Deletion.
  • Click Delete Account, enter your password and then click Continue.
  • How Can I Make Sure I Can Always Get Into My Account

    So, forgotten passwords are a thing that happens to the best of us. If you want to keep your account forever, there are a few things you can do today to make sure you never lose it:

    • Add and verify your phone number You can regain access to an older Instagram account with just a phone number. This is one of those things youll likely have for years as well so that should make verifying your account in the future possible even if you change your email address.
    • Keep your email up-to-date Another really important step to keeping and maintaining your Instagram account is keeping your contact information up-to-date. Not only does this play a role in your accounts security, but it also helps you to log in and verify 2FA.
    • Use a stronger password One of the major issues with getting locked out of an Instagram account is hijacking. If someone takes over your account, changes the contact information, and uses it as their own, about the only thing you can do is report it as fraudulent. Use a strong password and 2FA.
    • Log in often As stated above, Instagram will delete your account if you dont log in. Use the account often to avoid any risk that Instagram may close it.

    Know of any other ways to login to your old Instagram account when you have forgotten the details? Tell us about them below if you do!

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    Delete Or Deactivate What To Do With Your Old Accounts

    18 September 2020

    When you stop using a social networking profile or website, it is a good idea to deactivate or delete your account. This will mean that your content is no longer visible online and should not be searchable online. It will also remove the risk of these accounts being used by others or hacked without you knowing.

    This blog gives site specific guidance about how to deactivate or delete your accounts, and what these options mean.

    Log Into Your Instagram Account Using Facebook

    How To Delete An Old Facebook Account: Online Reputation ...

    Because social networks love to share information and harvest lots of personal data, they like to link to each other in any way they can. Your account may be set to default login with Facebook because it is the parent company of Instagram.

    If you need to log into your Instagram account but dont have the password, you can elect to log in using a linked Facebook account. Make sure that youre logged into Facebook on another tab in the same browser for this to work. Doing that makes the process slightly smoother as Instagram will auto-detect your Facebook credentials.

    To log in with your Facebook credentials do this:

  • Go to Instagrams website and click on the Log in with Facebook option
  • Verify your account if prompted.
  • Thats all you need to do assuming your accounts are linked. If you still cant log in, dont give up just yet, try this:

    To reset your login with Facebook credentials, try this:

  • Open the Instagram app and select the Forgot password option.
  • Select Reset Using Facebook.
  • Sign into Facebook if you arent already.
  • Select the Reset prompt that appears in the Facebook app.
  • Enter a new password into the box and select Done.
  • Log into Instagram using that new password.
  • This obviously only works if you have linked Facebook with Instagram. This will not prompt for a new username and only works on passwords. If you have forgotten all your details, you may have to create another Instagram account and be done with it.

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    Privacy Fix: How To Find Old Online Accounts

    You sign up for new apps or websites, then forget about them. But dormant accounts can threaten your privacy and security.

    It’s easy to forget about old accounts you’ve signed up for, including everything from photo-hosting sites to apps for household budgeting.

    But even if you stopped using a service years ago, experts say it’s important to find and delete it. Otherwise, the lingering data poses a risk to your digital privacy and security.

    Understanding what’s out there about yourself on the internet, even those things in the past that we’ve left behind, is very important, says Micah Hoffman, principal investigator at Spotlight Infosec, a cybersecurity consulting company that often works with individuals worried about their security.

    When there’s a data breach or some other compromise of a system, attackers can grab usernames, passwords, and email addresses, and reuse those credentials to break into other accounts, he explains.

    In addition, once you give an app or website permission to access your calendar, contacts, or even bank accounts, it can continue doing that for years, whether you still use the service or not. You may be supplying a steady stream of personal data to online companies you’ve forgotten about.

    Experts like Hoffman use advanced tools and techniques to help clients dig up old accounts and other digital breadcrumbs.

    Can I Delete My Facebook Account And Start A New One

    If you need to cancel Facebook and make a new account, youll have to do more than just deactivate it. Account deactivation doesnt erase your Facebook friends and settings Facebook keeps a record of everything. This makes it possible to reestablish your Facebook account if you change your mind about deleting it.

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    Check Your Google And Facebook Accounts

    Many services let you log in using Facebook or Google credentials. Both platforms document every time youve done this, and those records are easy to finda handy way to rediscover your Words With Friends account, if the app didn’t make the cut last time you got a new phone.

    To find this list on Facebook using a computer browser, click the downward arrow in the top right > Settings > Apps and Websites. Be sure to look through all three tabs for a complete list.

    For Google, go to any Google page > click the grid icon near the top right corner > Account > Security > Signing in with Google.

    You can revoke apps’ access to your Google and Facebook profiles, but this won’t delete your account. First, log in to those services directly and take steps to get rid of them for good.

    Other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, allow you to use your account to log in to other services, as well. Check their privacy settings for details.

    Can You Delete A Facebook Account Without Knowing The Password

    How to get back on your old Facebook account. Help recover your email

    You need access to your Facebook account in order to deactivate or permanently delete it. If you forgot your login password, Facebook offers several recovery methods aimed at resetting your password and regaining access to your account. Once in, you can close your account temporarily or permanently.

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    Can I Get My Instagram Account Back

    Most of the time you can get your account back, but there are a few exceptions. Trying to reactivate an older account can get you into inactive account policy territory. Instagram makes a point to periodically dump inactive Instagram accounts. If you havent logged in for a while or posted anything, the company reserves the right to delete your account. If thats the case, you wont get your old account back but you may be able to create a new one with the same username assuming its still available.

    If Instagram disabled your account for violation of community guidelines you may never regain access to your account. The company has the option to remove your account for any reason.

    Lastly, if you have no information about your old account and it isnt linked to any other social media websites, youre not likely to get it back. Even Instagram Support wont know what your account login is.

    How To Find Your Username

    Depending on how long youve been locked out of your Instagram you may really struggle to remember any key details about the account. If you think its crazy to forget something like this, people often use special characters and numbers when they create their account making it more difficult to log in.

    Here are some ways to get your username:

    • Check your email accounts Every email client has a search function. Visit each one and type in Instagram. Assuming you dont delete emails regularly, you should have received a verification code or account setup email at some point. Clicking the link may give you the username to the account but worst-case scenario you now have the email address to login.
    • Ask your friends If youve ever had friends on Instagram, they can likely pull you from their friends list. Ask a buddy to scroll through their list and give you your username.
    • Try variations of your name This one is a longshot but may be worth a try. Try adding numbers or special characters to your username that you wouldve used if you were setting up the account today. Sometimes this helps to refresh your memory giving you the option to get your account back.

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    Can I Have 2 Facebook Accounts

    Most people have just one Facebook accounts. In fact, Facebook doesnt like it when you have two accounts, it prefers people to keep just one account. The company actually offers two Facebook apps no, we are not talking about the Messenger app that you can use to log into two different Facebook accounts.

    How To Find Out How Old Your Online Accounts Are

    [7 Easy Ways] How Can I Find My Old Facebook Account Quickly?

    NikRead more June 17, 2011

    We all have a plethora of online accounts, and sometimes wed like to be able to figure out when those accounts were created, either just for fun, because we need the information for research purposes, or even to acquire geek bragging rights. Do you have any accounts that are over 10 years old?

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    Go Through Your Saved Logins

    When your browser saves your usernames and passwords, it creates an easily accessible log of sites where you have accounts.

    To see your saved logins in Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, and open > Settings > Passwords.

    In Firefox, open the menu from the top right > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Saved Logins.

    In Safari, click the Safari tab at the top of the screen > Preferences > Passwords.

    In Internet Explorer, open the menu in the top right > Settings > View Advanced Settings > Manage passwords.

    The instructions above are for a computer, but the steps are similar on a phone. If you have multiple devices or old computers lying around, check their browsers as well. Consumers who use password managers should check those apps, too.

    How Do You Spot A Fake Facebook Account

    How Can We Tell If A Facebook Account Is Fake?

  • Not Many Pics. Bots tend not to post lots of photos.
  • Weird Bio Information. If the biography information on the account seems fanciful or just plain unrealistic, then its likely not to be a legitimate account.
  • The Account Doesnt Message.
  • Blank Wall.
  • Lots Of Likes.
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    Try Username Privacy And Security Sites

    Some tools designed for other purposes can also help you locate old accounts.

    For instance, sites such as,, and let you type in a username to see whether its available on popular services. These sites exist mainly to help business people reserve brand and product names, but they can also help on your account hunt. If your usual username isn’t available on a given service, that may indicate that you have an account with it.

    Hoffman cautions that the results aren’t always accurate but says the services are still valuable tools for your account search toolbox.

    Next, go to HaveIBeenPwned, a website that can tell you whether your email address has been associated with a data breach. If it has, the culprit may happen to be a service youve forgotten about. Be sure to check your old or alternative email addresses, as well.

    Last, try typing your name, usernames, and email addresses into a people search engine. These sites scrape social media websites, public records, and other sources of information, and aggregates the data in reports about individual people. Privacy experts have raised a number of concerns about these services, but this is a case where you can use them to your advantage. Some of the search engines require payments, but a few, including, have free options. These may point you to forgotten social media accounts.

    Forgot Your Entire Instagram Login

    How To Find Your Old Facebook Videos

    If you have forgotten your entire Instagram login you can either try to get help from Instagram themselves or create a new account. Much depends on how much content you have and whether you can get your friends to link to your new account.

    While Instagram cannot do much for you if you have forgotten your email, username, and password, they do at least try.

    If you forget your username, you can use your email address instead. If you cannot remember your email address or username, try your phone number. You will need one or the other to identify your account for Instagram to help you or to trigger a password reminder.

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    An Updated Version Of This Blog Is Available Here

    When you stop using a social networking profile or website its a good idea to deactivate or delete your account. This will mean that your content is no longer live and should not be searchable online it will also remove the risk of these accounts being used by others or hacked without you knowing.

    This blog gives site specific guidance about how to deactivate or delete your accounts, and what these options mean.

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