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How Do I Find My Gmail

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Frequently Contacted And Duplicates

How To Find All My Gmail Accounts

First, you can see the people you email the most frequently, under the “frequently contacted” tab on the left sidebar menu.

Next, you can check for any duplicate contacts in the “duplicates” tab. Gmail will clean up duplicates for you, so they don’t clutter up your contacts list, but you can find those duplicates here.

Setting Up The Smtp Account

This is how GMass links to SMTP servers:

Step 1

GMass links to your server without TLS or SSL. You can choose which SMTP port number to use its usually 25 or 2525.

Note: Make sure your ISP hasnt blocked the SMTP port number.

Step 2

Turn off the track email opens and clicks option in the SMTP service. This is preferred to avoid double tracking emails.

Make sure the outgoing server doesnt alter any passing emails.

Step 3

Check for any sending limits in your SMTP account. Remove them, or ensure theyre high enough not to affect your email campaigns.

Step 4

Youll have to check the RETURN-PATH address your email server is using. This is also known as a MAIL-FROM address or an Envelope Form.

Though most SMTP service providers use different domains in the MAIL-FROM address and the from address, some dont.

So you may have to verify your domain name.

You may need to alter your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records.

Step 5

Turn on Bounce notifications and set them to go to the From address. This allows GMass to show the bounce rates to you.

Choose How To Set Up The Smtp Server

You can setup SMTP in GMass in three ways:

A. Use GMass own SMTP Server

If your emails are either:

  • Completely organically developed or
  • Non-commercial in nature

You can set up SMTP easily through the GMass SendGrid account. You can contact the GMass team for this service.

B. Setup an SMTP account of your own

Do your emails not fit the criteria listed above?

Dont worry!

You can still easily set up an SMTP account with a third-party email server like SendGrid. After that, just set up your SMTP outgoing server preferences and connect it to GMass!

Read my recent reviews of popular SMTP services:

C. Configure a private SMTP server

If you possess the tech knowledge required, you can set up your own SMTP server for your business.

However, this method does require a lot of time and patience.

If youre an expert-level developer, youll want to see my technical review of popular SMTP services.;

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Check The Encryption Level Of Your Emails

The whole purpose of performing these security exercises is that your sensitive emails dont leak away.

But you can only go so far to protect your emails. In your inbox, chances are you will be sending sensitive emails to other people as well. And is their inbox as secure as yours?;

But one thing you can do before sending sensitive emails is to check their encryption status.;

Note: This is only possible in the G-Suite version of Gmail.;

So if you are using the free version of Gmail, you wont be able to see the encryption status. But this doesnt mean Gmail doesnt encrypt your emails. On the contrary, they encrypt it using TLS technology. But heres the catch: TLS encryption only works if the other person also has a TLS supported inbox.;

But if they dont, your emails wont be encrypted!

On the other hand, in G-Suite, Gmail uses an S/MIME email encryption system. This type of encryption also only works if the other person has it enabled in their G-Suite account or email service.;

But what makes S/MIME is unique is that you can actually see whether your email will be encrypted. Because on the right side of the senders name, youll see a green lock which signals that your email is being encrypted and can only be read by the person youre sending the email to.;

If you dont see the green lock, it means your email isnt encrypted and can be seen by a 3rd party, in which case, you shouldnt send the email if it is highly sensitive.;

Things You Can Do To Protect Your Online Privacy

How can i find my phone with my google account IAMMRFOSTER.COM

Once you find all the linked accounts, make sure you take all the necessary steps to protect your online privacy. Some things to consider are as follows:

  • Signing up for a secure and encrypted email account.

One of the first steps you should take when protecting your online privacy, is opting for an;encrypted email account. Doing so will enhance the security of your most sensitive information.

  • Changing your passwords.

Make sure you update your passwords so that you are not using the same one on more than two accounts. When creating a password, make sure you include both capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

If you want to go one step further, consider investing in a high-quality password manager that has a built-in password generator.

  • Using password manager.

Choosing a reliable password manager is key when it comes to keeping your credentials protected. Check our guide on the;best password managers;on the market today.

A built-in password generator will create the strongest password possible, preventing fraudsters from hacking it.

  • Tracking your activity on your most visited websites and apps.;

While this task may seem tedious and time-consuming, its something you should do once in a while to prevent losing your data.;

For example, you can check your activity on;Google;account by heading to If youre on;, you can go to your profile, press the three dots icon, and click on;Activity log.

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Finding Your Email Address Is Easier Than You Think

What’s my email? The steps you take to find out what email address people see when you email them depends on the service or email program you use. Below are general instructions as well as specific instructions for popular email providers.

The general instructions work for all email services, but there are specific directions for some of the major providers.

How Does Smtp Send Email

SMTP utilizes a set of commands to simplify the email sending process across servers. The SMTP relay server passes your email through several email servers before it reaches your recipient.

But, SMTP cant transmit attachments it can only send text.

You can use the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension protocol as a workaround for this. MIME encodes all non-text data into text before sending the email through SMTP.

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Finding Ip Address In Yahoo Mail

  • Log into your Yahoo! mail with your username and password.
  • Click on Inbox or whichever folder you have stored your mail.
  • Click on the email you want to track. When it opens, click on More. You’ll get a dropdown menu.
  • Select View Full Header.
  • You may copy the headers and use my IP address detection script to ease the process. Or if you want to manually find the IP address, proceed to the next step.
  • Look for Received: from followed by the IP address between square brackets . That should most likely be the IP address of the sender.If there are many instances of Received: from with the IP address, select the IP address in the last pattern. If there are no instances of Received: from with the IP address, select the first IP address in X-Originating-IP.
  • In this case, the IP address of the scammer is
  • Track the IP address of the sender

I’ve Lost My Gmail Password: Now What

How To Find All Of Your Gmail Accounts – find all of my Gmail accounts

Q. I forgot to the password to my Gmail account and also no longer have the recovery email account I specified when I created the account. How can I get back into my Gmail?

A. Everybody forgets passwords, but Gmails can be easier to misplace mentally because the site doesnt nag you for your password every dayif Google sees you connecting from the same computer and location as before, it will assume its still you.

The usual password-reset method has Google sending a message to the backup email address you designated when you set up your account. But what if that second recovery mail account no longer exists?

Freelance journalist Jesse Emspak had to deal with that issue recently. He forgot the password hed just changed on his Gmail, then realized his recovery address was a Verizon account hed closed at least four years ago.

In that case, youre not out of luck. But youd better have a good memory of your history with Gmail. will ask you to fill out an account-recovery form that features questions about how youve used Gmail. Emspak said one was when hed created his account and another was one of the security questions hed created when opening the account.

More from Rob Pegoraro:

Three business days later, Google restored his access, allowing him to reset the password and provide a new recovery e-mail address.

To make sure your Gmail account isnt relying on a dead or dying email address, visit and scroll down to Account recovery options.

Rob Pegoraro;.

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Finding Ip Address In Aol

  • Log into your AOL Mail AIM account with your username and password.
  • Open the email that you want to track.
  • On the top row, click on Action and in the drop-down menu, select View Message Source
  • It opens a new page with the headers. Once you have the headers, look for the IP address that follows X-AOL-IP:. That should be the IP address of the sender.
  • Track that IP address of the sender

Finding Archived Emails In Gmail Using The Search Bar

Unfortunately, theres no archive label you can use to search for when youre using the Gmail search bar at the top of the Gmail website or in the Gmail app.

Youll need to know the topic, sender, or subject of your archived email to search for it manually. Alternatively, you can use advanced Gmail search filters to search for emails that arent in typical folders like your inbox folder, sent folder, and drafts folder.

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Setting Up Gmail Smtp Settings

Looking to set up your Gmail SMTP settings?

In this article, Ill detail everything you need to know about configuring your Gmail SMTP settings.

Ill take you through a step-by-step guide on how to set up SMTP settings and explain what SMTP is used for in Gmail. Ill also highlight how to set up your Gmail POP and IMAP settings, too.

The Quickest And Simplest Way To Copy Your Google Account

How to Find My Old Gmail Address

And the easiest way to copy your data from A to Z is with VaultMe–a simple automated software that copies a copy of your old account into your new account.

VaultMe saves you a bunch of time:

  • takes only three steps
  • copies all of your organization and labeling
  • is the safest, simplest solution to moving data between any two Google accounts.

We have helped a lot of people just like you solve this problem in only a minute of setup.

Our customers love us, just read ourreviews!

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How To View Calendar On Gmail

Posted September 22, 2018 by Beejay Adoghe in Gmail

Over the years,;Gmail has proven to be one of the best Email services with billions of daily users, this is because of its quality services and amazing features.

There has been a lot of complaints from Gmail users about the fact that they have to open a separate tab just to view their calendar or agenda while working in Gmail. ;Wouldnt it be great if you could just view your calendar right on your Gmail page? Just in case you are wondering if its possible? Yes, it is, and I am going to show you how to view calendar on Gmail.

Wikipedia describes a calendar;as a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. With;these, You can create calendars to keep track of different types of events. For example, you could create a calendar called Dance crew that tracks your upcoming dance practices and meetings. this is truly an amazing feature you would love to explore.

Now that you know what a Calendar on Gmail is and how it works, lets proceed on how to view Calendar on Gmail, please read and follow the steps carefully.

How Do You Manage Duplicates In Your Contacts List

Having duplicate contacts can be a headache as they clutter up your contact list.

Thankfully, Gmail can automatically clean out all the duplicates from your contact list.

All you have to do is ask Gmail to clean it up.

Lets see how you can clear up duplicates in your Gmail contact list:

Step 1

Open the Google Contacts page.

Step 2

Click on the Merge & fix icon on the left sidebar.

If there are any duplicate contacts, Gmail displays a number alongside it.

Here, I have 50 duplicates in my contacts list.

Step 3

In the Merge & fix page, Gmail will show you each duplicated entry.

You have the choice to Merge all, which fixes every duplicate entry.

Alternatively, you can choose to merge or dismiss duplicates individually. If you dismiss a duplicate, both entries will stay in your contact list.

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Setting Up A Gmail Account

To add a Gmail account to an Android phone:

  • Go into your Settings
  • Tap Accounts
  • Tap Add Account
  • Tap Google
  • Create
  • Fill out the fields (youre going to be presented with some fields to type in your information. If a keypad to type with doesnt pop up automatically then press on the box/field you want to type in and the keypad will pop up. Fill out these fields and proceed with the setup procedure. Note: the User Name field is what you want your email address to be. If you already have an email address with another email provider such as @hotmail or @msn or @comcast or @bellsouth or @yahoo etc. then to keep things simple you can just use the beginning of that email and it will just end with So for Example if you had an email address like then in the User Name you could type in myemail. You dont have to do this but it often makes your Gmail easier to remember. Also remember to input your alternate email address, such as a personal or work email, so that if you forget your Gmail accounts password you can have the password emailed to that alternate/other email.
  • Follow the prompts and you should be good to go. Just write down your Gmail when you finish just in case you forget it and need to log into it again and enjoy.

How Can I Stop Someone Else From Using My Gmail Account

How to find all of your Gmail Accounts

Valeria and other readers think people are using their Gmail account without permission. To lock them out, there are several security steps to take

I think someone I know has hacked my Gmail account. What should I do? Valeria

This is a relatively common question. Other recent examples include Someone is using my Gmail account to steal my data on a game. How do I get rid of him? from Rodimus Ghost, and My daughter is using my Gmail account. How do I stop her? I dont recall getting these queries about other email services.

My usual response is: How do you know?

There might be emails in the Sent Mail folder that you didnt write, though hackers can cover their tracks by deleting copies of sent emails. However, incoming emails are not an indicator. Ive had emails from Instagram, GoCompare, Barclaycard Business, Apple, Prattville YMCA and many other organisations where people have entered my Gmail address, probably by mistake. It doesnt mean they have accessed my account.

The best way to tell if someone else has used our account is to scroll down the Gmail inbox and look for Last account activity in the bottom right. Clicking on Details produces a nice table that shows how someone accessed the account , their IP address, and the date and time. You should recognise any sessions that arent yours.

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How To Retrieve Archived Emails In Gmail

Many people dont know where to find archived emails in Gmail because they dont understand how Gmail organizes email messages, and even more, people dont know how to access archived emails in Gmail and retrieve them. You already know how to access archived emails in Gmail, so simply use any of the three methods described in the previous chapter of this article to locate the email message that you would like to unarchive.

If you want to retrieve Gmail archived emails, this is what you need to do:

  • Go to:
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find the archived message. You can either search for the message using the search bar or look for it in the All Mail label.
  • Check the box next to the message. Or tap and hold the message if youre using the Gmail app.
  • This will remove the Archive label and you will be able to find the email message inside your inbox.

    Importing And Exporting Contacts

    You might want to import new contacts en masse, and you can do that using the import function .

    Simply click the “import” button, and then select a list of contact you’d like to import into Gmail :

    You follow a similar process if you want to export your Gmail contacts as a CSV or Outlook file:

    Simple as that!

    If you need to manage your contacts in any other ways – update an entry, delete an entry, or whatever else you’d like to do – just pop back into that contacts list and edit away.

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