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How Do I Delete An Old Gmail Account

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Next Steps For Deleting A Gmail Account If You Can’t Do It Yourself

How To Delete Your Gmail Account

In general, contacting Google customer service is a waste of time. They will generally tell you to simply create another account. This can be incredibly frustrating if you really do want to see that account gone.

Thankfully, there is a solution. DoNotPay can help you get your Gmail account deleted by leveraging our experience and knowledge of data privacy laws.

Does Deleting Gmail Delete All Google Services

Deleting your Gmail account does more than just remove your email address. Since Google services are all tied together through your Gmail account, you also disable access to any G Suite services associated with your Gmail email address.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Google Calendar, including upcoming events and appointments
  • An associated YouTube account, including uploaded content, saved playlists, and other account-specific data
  • Google Drive and any stored content
  • Subscriptions and content purchased through YouTube or Google Play

This may impact many peoples decisions, especially Android users, however it is important to remember that this is all personal information about you. Despite how useful and convenient Googles many services are, they make you vulnerable. Your Drive files can be hacked. Your information can be stolen or sold. Insights can be made about your daily activity. Though it is hard to part ways, deleting your Gmail account is best for your overall privacy.

What Happens When You Remove A Gmail Account

Keep in mind that deleting a Gmail account from your iPhone will that account from syncing data to your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps. Fortunately, your Google account will continue to work with other Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube, and other Google apps.

Of course, you can remove your account from the Gmail app too if you dont want it there either. And if youve signed into Gmail on Safari, youll need to remove it there as well. Well show you how to do both.

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How To Delete A Zoho Mail Account

Assuming that you’re an individual user and not an organization, you can delete your Zoho Mail account directly from your account settings. However, Zoho Mail users whose email address is associated with the Zoho People HR management service must ask their company to close their account for them.

To delete a Zoho Mail account:

  • Log in to your Zoho Mail inbox and click the My Profile icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Select My Account.
  • To confirm your choice, enter your Zoho Mail password and select Close Account again.
  • Finally, click OK to confirm.
  • How To Delete Other Google Services

    How to Auto Delete Old Emails in Gmail Without 3rd Party Tools

    Google runs all sorts of sites, like YouTube and Stadia.

    If you want to delete your accounts on these sites, you can usually go through the same steps as above. When you reach the page with the trashcan icons, just click them instead of Gmail.

    You can also delete your YouTube channel by going through the site itself. Check out our article on how to delete your YouTube account for more details.

    And if you just want to delete your entire Google account at once, you can do that too and just like Gmail, you can download all your data beforehand too. .

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    How To Delete A Gmx Email Account

    GMX makes it very easy for its users to delete their mailbox, and all their emails with it. Just like, it blocks deleted mail addresses from being registered again for one year, giving you plenty of time to tell everyone you know that youre no longer using the address.

    Here are step-by-step instructions for deleting a GMX email account:

  • Log in with your address and password.
  • Navigate to Home and My account.
  • On the left side, click Delete Account.
  • Confirm your decision to delete your GMX address.
  • As you can see, the GMX mailbox deletion process is virtually identical to the deletion process. Thats because the two email services are owned by the same parent company, 1& 1 Mail & Media Inc.

    How To Automatically Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    Deleting old messages once isnt enough. Since new messages keep coming every day, you need to learn how to auto delete old emails in Gmail:

  • Click the Settings gear icon and select the See all settings option.
  • Go to the Filters and Blocked Addressed tab.
  • Click Create a new filter.
  • Enter older_than:1y in the Has the words field.
  • Click Create Filter to confirm.
  • Select the Delete it option and click Create filter again.
  • Gmail will now automatically delete all emails that are older than 1 year .

    If Gmails native email filtering feature seems too awkward to use, then you can use the Auto Clean feature in Clean Email to get rid of all future messages that match your criteria with a single click. All you have to do is check the Selected and future similar emails option before applying an action in Clean Email.

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    Deleting Your Entire Google Account Including The Gmail Email Address

    It goes without saying that you can delete your Google account and all its services any time you wish. This automatically deletes Gmail. But this decision shouldnt be taken lightly since you will lose access to all Google services. Moreover, you wont be able to access your data in the Google Cloud. will also affect some paid functions. Music, movies or games you have purchased from Google Play will no longer be usable after deleting the account.

    How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently 5 Steps

    How To Delete An Old Or Unused Gmail Account 2020

    Step 1. Open Google Account Management Page

    Open Google Chrome browser and go to, and log into the Gmail account that you want to delete.

    After logging in, you can click your user profile icon at the top-right corner to open account settings menu. Click Manage your Google Account. Alternatively, you can also directly go to page in Google browser.

    Step 2. Click Delete a server or your account option

    Next you can click Data & personalization in the left panel.

    Scroll down in the right window, and find Delete a service or your account option under section.

    Step 3. Click Delete a service

    Click Delete a service under Delete a Google service section.

    Next you may be required to sign into account. Enter your password to verify your account.

    Step 4. Delete Gmail account

    Now you are in the Delete a Google Service page. A Google Account offers many services. Some of the services can be deleted from your Google Account individually. In this page, you can also consider if you want to download Google data before you delete a service.

    Now you can click Delete icon next to Gmail. Google will require you to input a non-Gmail email address for signing into other Google services. Enter an email address and click Send Verification Email. Click Got It in pop-up window.

    Step 5. Confirm Gmail account deletion

    At last, you can log in the email account you enter in Step 4. Open the Gmail Deletion Confirmation email.

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    How To Export Your Gmail Emails

    Deleting a Gmail account obviously deletes all the emails and other information contained within that account. To preserve that content, download it before you hit delete.

    While signed into the Gmail account in question, navigate to , which makes it simple to export your Gmail emails. By default, everything will be selected, so click “Select none” on the top right. Then scroll down to “Mail” and toggle that to on. Click the drop-down menu to customize which data is downloaded . Then click Next. You’ll then select file type, archive size , and how you want to receive it .

    Note that your Gmail content will be delivered in the MBOX format, so it won’t be as easy to parse as it is in your Gmail inbox.

    How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    If youve been using your Gmail inbox for a while, then the chances are that it contains many old emails that can safely be deleted. But how do you delete only old messages without also deleting newer emails along with them? With a simple search query.

    Lets explain how Gmail search queries work on an example. Our goal will be to delete all messages from social networks that are older than a year. Heres how to that using the native search feature:

    Step 1: Craft your search query

    The search bar in Gmail is much more useful than it may seem at first. In addition to making it possible to find specific emails based on their sender, subject, and text, it can also be used to display groups of similar email messages based on shared criteria, such as their category and age .

    To display all messages from social networks that are older than a year, you need to copy and paste the following search query into the search bar and hit Enter: category:social , older_than:1y

    Gmail will then let you narrow down the search results even further by displaying a series of contextually aware buttons under the search bar. We wont use them for the purposes of this article, but you can explore them on your own.

    Step 2: Select all search results

    Assuming that youve correctly filtered out your inbox so that only emails from social media networks that are older than one year are visible, you can now go ahead and click the Select box. All visible email messages will be selected.

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    How To Delete All Emails On Gmail At Once On Ios Mail

    Naturally, this only applies to Apple users and so, if you are on Android, skip to the next section. If you are an iOS Mail app user and Apple Mail is your email client of choice instead of the Gmail mobile app, the steps for removing your messages are the following:

  • Open Mail App.
  • Under Mailboxes at the top of your screen, select Gmail.
  • Click Edit in the top right of your screen.
  • Click Select All in the top left corner.
  • Click Move and select the Bin folder to get rid of all unwanted mailings.
  • How To Manually Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    How to Auto Delete Old Emails in Gmail Without 3rd Party Tools

    One of the best things about Gmail is that it lets us manually delete bulk emails or set automatic filters as well. Therefore, if you have limited free space on your account, then you can learn how to delete old emails in Gmail in the following way.

    Step 1. Firstly, just log-in to your Gmail account on any computer and go to the search option from the top.

    Step 2. Now, you can use keywords such as âbeforeâ or âolder_thanâ to get old emails. For instance, to get emails that are older than 60 days, you can just write âolder_than:60dâ in the search option.

    Step 3. Similarly, if you want to look for emails for a particular time, then write the date in YYYY/DD/MM format .

    Step 4. As I have included above, you can also take the assistance of the Advanced Search of Gmail to manually enter the date for old emails.

    Step 5. That’s it! Once you get the searched results on your Gmail, just select all the old emails by clicking on the checkbox at the toolbar. After all the old emails are selected, click on the trash icon to delete them from the Inbox.

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    What To Know Before Deleting Gmail Folders

    When you delete a folder, Gmail removes that folder but all your emails that were in that folder are retained. Know that once you remove a folder, you cant restore it, but you can create a new folder from scratch if you want.

    Before you begin with the folder removal process, if you want to delete all your emails that are in that folder, find and delete all those emails first. Then proceed to the section below to delete the folder itself.

    How To Delete A Gmail Account

    • 1. Sign into your Gmail account on
    • 2. Click the grid icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “Account.”
    • 3. On the left, select the “Data & privacy” menu.
    • 4. Scroll to “Data from apps and services you use.”
    • 5. Under “Download or delete your data,” click Delete a Google service.
    • 6. Next to “Gmail,” click “Delete.”
    • 7. Enter an alternate email address .

    Make sure to use an email address you have access to you will need it to continue deleting your account.

    • 8. Click “Send Verification Email.”
    • 9. Open the email from Google you should have received with your alternate email.
    • 10. Follow the deletion link in the message.
    • 11. If prompted, log into the Gmail account you want to delete.
    • 13. Click “Delete Gmail.” Then, click “Done.”

    According to Google Account Help, “If you use Gmail through your work, school, or other group, contact your administrator.” The administrator of the account is the only one who can delete the Gmail account.

    Google doesn’t specify how long it waits to actually erase your information after you make your request. If you change your mind, there’s a chance you can recover your Gmail address and emails.

    If you want to delete your whole Google Account instead of just your email address, there’s another set of steps you have to go through.

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    How To Remove Gmail Account From Computer

    There are several reasons why one would want to do away with their Gmail account information or the account itself. For instance, security issues make it hard to leave your most sensitive information on someone elses device.

    Additionally, maybe you feel it is time for you to close your Gmail account, either because you have a new one, you want to quit using the platform, or for any other reason.

    However, the challenge for most people becomes how to remove a Gmail account from a computer. We will be looking at certain instances where one wants to remove their Gmail account from the computer and how to go about it.

    This Is What Happens To Data In The Deleted Gmail Account

    How to Delete Old Gmail: Quickly, Safely, and Easily! (2021)

    As stated earlier, the messages you deleted alongside your account will disappear permanently. If there are files that you consider important, even if not at that moment, you can back them up somewhere to avoid future inconveniences. Additionally, you can always download copies of some messages using Google Takeout so that you can read them later. Most importantly, go through your messages first to pick those you consider important and download them to using that platform.

    It is important to note that only messages copied to local folders will be kept if you used IMAP to access Gmail. It is more reason to familiarize yourself with programs such as Google Takeout. Emails on the server that are synchronized with the Gmail account you just deleted will disappear without any hope of tracing them.

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    How To Delete Gmail Account On Android

    • Open Setting app on Android.
    • In Settings, find Google section.
    • Tap Google Account in Google settings window.
    • Tap Data & Personalization tab.
    • Tap Delete a service or your account under Download, delete, or make a plan for your data section.
    • Tap Delete a Google Service and enter your account password again.

    What Happens To Emails Sent To The Deleted Account

    Well, those emails will not be delivered to that account in the first place. Anyone that sends you a message after you have deleted your account will receive back a Delivery Failure message. The best thing to do if you have decided to take this path is to notify your contacts beforehand that you will be changing your email. However, this should be done before the old Gmail account is deleted. Simply send a general message to those contacts you consider very important with your old email account before deleting it.

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    Finalize The Deletion Process By Adding A New Email

    To continue using your Google account once your Gmail has been deleted, youll need a new email address to sign in with. This cant be another Gmail address.

    Enter an existing email address in the box that pops up. This is the same on both desktop and within the Gmail app. Youll then receive a verification message at this new email address.

    Gmail wont be deleted from your account until youve clicked the link in this verification message. If you change your mind after deleting your Gmail account, you have a 20-day time period to recover a recently deleted Gmail account. Once 20 days have passed, your Gmail account and all associated data will have been permanently deleted, and Google will not be able to recover it.

    How To Delete A Protonmail Account

    How to Auto Delete Old Emails in Gmail Without 3rd Party Tools

    As a security- and privacy-oriented service provider, ProtonMail employs a highly secure account deletion process that prevents deleted accounts from being recovered. Whats more, the service also doesnt recycle usernames, so you dont need to worry about someone registering your former email address and using it to scam others.

    Heres what you need to do to delete an email account:

  • Log in to your ProtonMail mailbox and go to Settings.
  • Go to the Account tab and click the Delete your account button at the bottom.
  • Confirm your decision to remove the email address.
  • As you can see, learning how to delete an email account is easy if youre a ProtonMail user. Just make sure to think your decision through because theres no going back. You can also delete your email account on Android, using a web browser like Chrome, but deleting it on desktop is more convenient.

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