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How Do I Contact Linkedin Customer Support By Email

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Subscription Charged Contrary To Legal Eu Consumer Law

How To Contact LinkedIn Customer Support

Dear sir, madam,

Since you are providing your services inter alia in the territory of Europe you are bound to follow up and comply with the laws – these laws especially the consumer protection laws require you to notify the consumer about the end of the trial period and about debiting your account,

– you failed to comply with the statutory obligation, and you debited my premium trial the moment it expired, as a purchase concluded online I would therefore like to apply my statutory right and withdraw from the transaction effective immediately and request immediate return of the funds debited from my account, this is your statutory obligation.

I shall hope you will do this without me needing to contact my attorney.

I would like to add I am very disappointed by your noncompliant and unprofessional approach, in fact I was considering keeping the premium membership but would you did is for me unforgivable and it breaches any kind of code of professional ethics specially when it would be very simple to send an email and inform your client youre planning to debit their account due to expiration of the free trial and normally you do send quite a lot of emails, needless to say I will never get a premium account ever again.

Yours sincerely,

Malicious Behavior On Linkedin


In what is known as Operation Socialist, documents released by Edward Snowden in the 2013 global surveillance disclosures revealed that British Government Communications Headquarters infiltrated the Belgian telecommunications network Belgacom by luring employees to a false LinkedIn page.

In 2014 Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit discovered that Threat Group-2889, an Iran-based group, created 25 fake LinkedIn accounts. The accounts were either fully developed personas or supporting personas. They use spearphishing and malicious websites against their victims.

According to reporting by Le Figaro, France’s General Directorate for Internal Security and Directorate-General for External Security believe that Chinese spies have used LinkedIn to target thousands of business and government officials as potential sources of information.

In 2017 Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution published information alleging that Chinese intelligence services had created fake social media profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, using them to gather information on German politicians and government officials.

In 2022, the company ranked first in a list of brands most likely to be imitated in phishing attempts.

False and misleading information

LinkedIn has come under scrutiny for its handling of misinformation and disinformation. The platform has struggled to deal with fake profiles and falsehoods about COVID-19 and the 2020 US presidential election.

Privacy policy

Chatting With Linkedin Customer Service

Live chat with LinkedIn by following these instructions. For better talking points and tips, be sure to tell us what kind of issue you are trying to message with LinkedIn about. We can usually help ensure a better outcome. This is the best way to live chat with LinkedIn because 223,290 customers have used it over the last 18 months to reach customer service and told us about it. The department that mans the chat windows at are used to handling Delete Account, Recover Account, Upgrade/Downgrade Account, Refund a Charge, Account Restricted and other customer service issues. When you chat with LinkedIn agents, they are most likely chatting with you from their call center located in California. Live chat is rarely available 24/7, and this department is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST. It’s hard to tell if companies like LinkedIn offer customer care over live chat, so we started compiling this information and best alternatives from customers like you. Please keep sharing what you know about contacting LinkedIn with GetHuman and keep sharing with others so we can together make customer service less frustrating.

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Unable To Open Linkedin Account

Dear Team,

My LinkedIn account is restricted, I did my ID verification but still no response from the LinkedIn team, please do let me the reason. Could you please let me know the reason for this error?

Could you please help me with this error, It’s urgent!

My LinkedIn profile with name shamima quadri was earlier registered with a different email address which I deleted before retrieving or changing the registered email id from linkedin account.I was thinking that after inactivity it will be deleted automatically.Now after 7 years I found that LinkedIn profile still exists and I am not able to update email id or delete that account.What could be the best solution to come out of this problem. If I create new account then it will be a duplicate one.Thanks

My LinkedIn account got restricted with out any reason.

Please resolve the issue asap.

I apologize for the frustration regarding this decision, as mentioned in our previous messages the account has been permanently restricted. Please consider this reply as our final communication regarding this issue.

Any additional questions regarding this restriction will not receive a response.

Reactivate My Official Account

How Do I Contact Linkedin Support Phone Number ? Linked Customer ...

I am unable to log in into my official account its say i need to verify my identity. for which i have uploaded my passport copy couple of days ago and still there has been no communication or resolution. I am sure i haven’t sent any connection requested in weeks or commented or posted anything. So i don’t understand the reason why my account has been suspended.

I would really appreciate if i get to know what’s that i have done and if you could please do the needful to reactivate my account.


I upload their identity but still its not resolve so please kindly check & reopen that account.Resticted ID : hr pune hmxmedia com

Please reply & solve it

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Ive Seen Another Site That Offers In

If you want to make an in-app purchase, the only way is to buy through the game itself on your mobile device. Beware of any third party sites that promise you enhancements for our games . These sites may collect your personal information, money, or both, and often never deliver the promised in-game products. Selling, redeeming or trading virtual in-game currency is otherwise not allowed by our Terms of Service.

IMPORTANT: As with anything related to the Internet, always keep your passwords to yourself and consider changing them on a regular basis. Supercell will never ask you for your game account password or credit card information.

Not Able To Enter Into My Profile Prabhat Kumar Dreamers Media

Hi Team ,

This is Prabhat Kumar from Dreamer Media & Advertising Pvt Ltd, my profile id and password got changed where am from India but password change requested from us am not getting what happened to my profile and now it is restricted am not able to login please help on this can you please communicate with me on mail on mail ID prabhat kumar00 gmail com.

I am expecting soon reply on this..

Please help me on this ASP..


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Copyright Policy/termination Of User Privileges For Infringement And Contact Information For Suspected Copyright Infringement/dmca Notices

We will terminate the privileges of any user who uses the Site to unlawfully transmit copyrighted material without a license, express consent, valid defense or fair use exemption to do so. In particular, users who submit user content to the Site, whether articles, images, stories, software or other copyrightable material must ensure that the content they upload does not infringe the copyrights of third parties.

If You believe that Your copyright has been infringed through the use of PC, please contact Our designated agent at: You may also contact Our customer service department at: or mail at:

Information Supplied By You

How To Contact LinkedIn Support (& Get A Response!)

Except as provided otherwise in its privacy policy, We will keep confidential all information supplied by You to Us, and shall use or disclose such information only for the purposes for which such information was collected, or as required by law. For more information please see Our Privacy Policy which shall be construed as an integral part of this Agreement.

By posting information or content to any public area of the Site, You agree and acknowledge that you can be offered to share Your personal experience and/or opinions with Us while being recorded. You also agree and acknowledge that by accepting such an offer You agree with and consent to the provisions of the Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.

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Where To Find Quick Help For Your Linkedin Problems

Like so many other huge organizations these days, LinkedIn makes it challenging to contact their support personnel directly.

Considering that many individuals use LinkedIn, their customer service personnel would be completely overloaded.

While you may contact LinkedIn’s different phone lines, do not expect too much. LinkedIn will send you a voicemail telling you about their location or advice you to check out their help page, which is their ideal route for customer care support.

To begin, ensure that you’re logged into your account. Then

  • select “Open Quick Help”
  • Then select “Go to Help Homepage.”
  • Type terms relating to your problem or explore the already explored issues on the left-hand side

You can search the help page for previous queries addressed by other members. You can also ask your query by clicking “Start a new Forum conversation” in the navigation pane.

How To Contact Linkedin Customer Service The Easy Way

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people in your sector and professional groups. You may connect with anybody . Your connections have to have their own LinkedIn profile to utilize the service.

You might have some issues while using LinkedIn services and the only way to sort it out is by contacting their customer service support.

Getting in touch with can be tricky since you will have to wait in line to get a chance to explain your issues and get feedback.

With DoNotPay, however, you can evade this hurdle because we have created a robot that will wait in line for you and inform you when it’s your turn to speak with

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Re: Retrieving My Company Page

Hi ,

A linkedin page for my company was created long back by someone who worked in our company. Now i have no idea about the person who created it.The problem is now i’m not able to get the login details of that account/page nor i’m able to create a new linkedin page with the same name. When i create a new page and add the company’s website, it warns me that the website is already linked with another company page.

So kindly help me to sort out this issue.


Pissed Consumer Terms & Conditions

LinkedIn Help is an online forum created to help keep consumers informed.

We are located in Las Vegas, NV. Mailing address is:

This Terms of Service govern the information posters use of the Site and form a binding legal agreement between You and Us. Through the use of this Agreement, We are placing legal conditions on Your use of the Site and its services , and making certain promises to You. Please read the Agreement carefully prior to using the Site and/or the Services.

You are solely responsible for the content or information, including, without limitation, the title and body of the post, You publish or display anywhere on the Site. By submitting the post or using the Site or the Services in any other manner, You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement . You must agree to all of the Terms in this Agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms, You are not permitted to use the Site and the Services. If You do not understand all of the terms in this Agreement, then You may wish to consult with an attorney before using the Services.

We reserve the right to immediately suspend or terminate Your registration with the Site and remove Your posts, without notice, upon any breach of this Agreement by You which is brought to Our attention.

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Top Voices And Other Rankings

Since 2015 LinkedIn has published annual rankings of Top Voices on the platform, recognizing “members that generated the most engagement and interaction with their posts.” The 2020 lists included 14 industry categories, ranging from data science to sports, as well as 14 country lists, extending from Australia to Italy.

LinkedIn also publishes data-driven annual rankings of the Top Startups in more than a dozen countries, based on “employment growth, job interest from potential candidates, engagement, and attraction of top talent.” The 2020 U.S. Top Startups report listed, Doordash and Robinhood in the top three spots.

What’s The Connection Between Linkedin And Gethuman

GetHuman is merely a web-based forum for consumers to share tips about contacting companies and solving customer care problems. GetHuman does not answer LinkedIn’s emails, work as part of its customer service operations or have any other connection of any kind. We are here to help customers like you by simply making information that you share available to all customers. Please share any pages or information that you find useful here with your loved ones- that’s what powers this endeavor!

LinkedIn Contact Info

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Where Are Supercell Games Available

Our games are globally available for free on iOS or Android phones and tablets. To start playing one of our games, the game’s app has to be downloaded to the device via the Play Store or App Store . So far, we’ve launched five games globally: Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.

If Linkedin Refuses To Help Me Can I Sue Them In Small Claims Court

How to Contact LinkedIn’s Customer Service

You can sue LinkedIn in small claims court if you believe you’ve been harmed, and they refuse to admit their error and pay you what you’re owed. Here’s how DoNotPay can assist you with the procedure:

  • To resolve problems outside of court, DoNotPay prepares a demand letter that you may submit to LinkedIn.
  • If LinkedIn doesn’t respond to you, you’ll fill out court paperwork. DoNotPay assists you with this and supplies you with sufficient copies.
  • After that, you can go to court and submit a formal complaint. DoNotPay will walk you through each stage of the procedure.
  • Then you’ll serve LinkedIn, informing them that you are suing them. You should also state why you are bringing the lawsuit against them.
  • Finally, make an appearance in court! DoNotPay will supply you with a script to read in front of the court.
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    Access To The Services

    We grant You a limited, revocable, nonexclusive license to access the Services for Your own personal use. This license does not include any collection, aggregation, copying, duplication, display or derivative use of the Services nor any use of data mining, robots, spiders, or similar data gathering and extraction tools for any purpose unless expressly permitted by Us. In order to make any derivative use of the Services or any content made available via the Services for other purposes not stated herein, You must first obtain a license from Us. A limited exception is provided to general purpose internet search engines and non-commercial public archives that use such tools to gather information for the sole purpose of displaying hyperlinks to the Services, provided they each do so from a stable IP address or range of IP addresses using an easily identifiable agent and comply with Our robots.txt file. General purpose internet search engine does not include a website or search engine or other service that specializes in review/complaints listings, reputation management, search optimization or social media monitoring.

    Use of the Services beyond the scope of authorized access granted to You by Us immediately terminates said permission or license.

    I Have My Previous Account But I Am Not Able To Access That Accp

    Dear LinkedIn,I accidently sign up for the linkedIn account but I already had one. But now I am not able to access that previous account for the deleting that account when I use the email connected with it I catched warning that said this google account is not associated with the linkedin account rather its the only account which is connected with it.Please help regarding this issue.

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    Can I Manage Or Turn Off In

    As long as no payment information is added to your child’s device, no purchases can be made. Should you decide to make purchases for your child and for this reason add your payment information to the device, remember to adjust password protection settings, or disable in-app purchases entirely afterwards to avoid unauthorised purchases.

    In-app purchase settings are different depending on what sort of device you are using. Find the instructions you need linked below:

    Are Linkedin And Gethuman Affiliated

    How to remove connections on your LinkedIn account

    GetHuman and LinkedIn have no relationship whatsoever. GetHuman has been a forum for customers to share tips with each other since the early 2000s and continues to be a resources to over 50 million US customers per year, as well as consumers around the globe. Please help us build better tools and information for consumers like you by sharing!

    Speak to An Expert Now

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    Get In Touch With Linkedin Customer Service Using Donotpay

    When you have a problem with LinkedIn, you want it fixed right away. It can be aggravating to call customer support a half-dozen times and wait hours on hold before speaking with a customer care representative.

    DoNotPay has created the Skip Waiting on Hold solution. You’ll never waste time waiting on hold again if you use DoNotPay! DoNotPay may contact any customer support number on your behalf and wait on hold. DoNotPay will alert you immediately when a support representative answers your call, and then you can explain the problem and obtain the answers you need.

    Here is how DoNotPay can help you reach out to customer care support:

  • Open your web browser and sign up for DoNotPay.
  • Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.
  • Search for the company you’d like to call.
  • Click on the name of the company and have us do the work for you.
  • That’s it! DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

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