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How Do I Close My Twitter Account

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How To Really Delete Your Twitter Account In 3 Seconds

How to Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account

So youve decided that you are no longer comfortable using Twitter, or you have decided that you really do need to halt the spread of that embarrassing Tweet that you posted.

Well, the good news is that it is entirely possible to permanently delete your account.

Its also really simple to do once you know-how! All you need to do is just follow those steps.


What Happens When Your Twitter Account Gets Suspended

What you are allowed to do when your account gets suspended depends on the type of account suspension. For temporary suspensions, you may be restricted from certain activities, like tweeting, or not allowed to log in until you resolve the issue by following a specific procedure.

When your Twitter account is permanently suspended, you cant access itbut it exists on the platforms server. Other Twitter users cannot view your public profile, including your tweets, but they will see your account is suspended.

How To Delete Twitter

Whether you want to delete one tweet, a bunch of tweets, or permanently delete your Twitter account, here’s how to say farewell to your more ill-advised posts.

Twitter is a hellish snark-den populated by trolls, spambots, and scammers. Why would anyone purposefully spend time there? Well, the good news is you don’t have to! In fact, you can delete your entire account or clean up any unfortunate word vomit.

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How To Delete Twitter Permanently Or Temporarily Deactivate Your Account

When you deactivate your Twitter account, Twitter will retain all of your user data for a 30-day period. Once thats over, Twitter starts purging your data from its systems, when thats done, your Twitter account will be gone forever.

However, if you log into your account before the 30-day grace period is over, youll automatically reactivate your account. To delete it permanently, youll need to start the process all over again.

Its important to note that if you just want to change your username or email address, you dont need to delete your account. You can make these changes very easily in your account settings.

Twitter also points out that although account deactivation happens almost immediately, some content from your account may still be viewable on the website for a few days.

Also, Twitter has no control over third-party websites like Google or Bing that cache content for quicker loading. This means content from your Twitter profile may remain available elsewhere on the internet.

If you want the option to create a new account with the same username or email address before the 30-day grace period is up, youll need to switch out the email address linked to your existing Twitter account before you delete it.

Otherwise, youll have to wait for the deactivation period to end.

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How To Delete Your Twitter On Desktop

How to Delete Your Twitter Account
  • Go to Twitter and log into your account.
  • Click your profile icon at the top right-hand corner. Select Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Deactivate your account.
  • Deactivate

  • A new window will pop up. Enter your Twitter password and click Deactivate account.
  • Congratulations! Youve just deactivated your Twitter account. After the 30-day deactivation period, your account will be permanently deleted.
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    How To Deactivate Twitter: What You Need To Know

    Before rushing to deactivate your Twitter account, you need to bear some things in mind.

    • You have 30 days to reactivate your account before everything is deleted for good.

    • If you just want to change your username or email address, you dont need to deactivate your Twitter account to do so.

    • Deactivating your account wont necessarily remove information from Google search results.

    • Deactivating and reactivating an account doesnt solve issues around missing tweets, incorrect follower counts, suspicious DMs or potential account compromises.

    • Deactivated accounts will have their profile page removed within a few minutes, but content may remain viewable for a few days via

    • If you need to switch your username/email address from one account to another, you need to change them first, then confirm said change prior to deleting the original account. .

    Can I Delete All Of My Twitter Likes

    Yes, but you will need to use a third-party service. Unfortunately, Twitter does not have an official way to perform this action in bulk. In this article, weve listed the services that we know are reliable and secure.

    If you use another third-party service there are some things you need to be aware of. First, whatever service you use will need complete access to your Twitter account. Some third-party services are not to be trusted for this reason alone.

    Second, some services charge a fee to delete all of your Twitter likes but dont deliver. Its best to read the reviews and do a little research before letting one of these websites have access to all of your account information and/or paying for a service.

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    How To Deactivate Your Account

    To deactivate your account, follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Settingsand privacy.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Account section and click the option to Deactivate your account.
  • Read the accompanying information and then click Deactivate .
  • Enter your password and confirm by clicking Deactivate account.
  • I Want To Deactivate My Twitter Account Using Android

    How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

    Whether youre using a Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, or Google phone, follow these steps to deactivate your account:

    • Depending on your version of the Twitter app, click the profile icon or the hamburger menu at the top of the screen.
    • Go into the Settings and privacy menu and tap Account.
    • Select Deactivate your account.
    • When prompted, enter your password and tap Deactivate.
    • Finally, tap Yes to confirm your decision.

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    Option #: Delete Twitter Likes Through Your Browser

    If youd like to delete a large number of likes, you can do it through your web browsers Twitter console. You will need some basic knowledge of how the console works. This method will only work on Google Chrome. Heres the step-by-step guide:

  • First, launch Chrome.
  • Then, log into your Twitter account.
  • Navigate to the Likes section.
  • Once youre on the Likes page, hit F12. This command will open Chromes debug console.
  • Next, click on Console to open the tab.
  • Copy this script $.click without quotes into the Console field, next to the blue arrow.
  • Hit Enter and run it.
  • Check the results.
  • Repeat the process as many times as needed.
  • While the above method is certainly far more efficient than the previous one, deleting likes through the console does have its limitations. Youll still only be able to erase around 3,200 Likes this way, as thats how many your Likes page accesses. If you have more than 3,000 likes to delete, you will need a better, more robust solution.

    Option #: Deleting Twitter Likes One By One

    The old-fashioned way is the only native-to-Twitter method: delete your likes, one at a time, using the Twitter app on your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet.

    While the process sounds easy and straightforward, its actually quite tedious and time-consuming. The advantage of manual deletion is that it lets you leave some likes in place if you desire. Heres how to do it:

  • Log in to Twitter.
  • Browse the tweets.
  • Click Undo Like next to all the likes that you decide to remove.
  • There is one significant limitation to note with manually deleting likes: The Likes page in your Twitter app will only track the last 3,200 likes, with the older ones being inaccessible. Luckily, there are faster and more efficient methods out there.

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    Deactivate Your Twitter Account In A Browser

    If youre on a computer or in a mobile browser, go to and log in to your account. To deactivate:

    • On the web, click the More item on the bottom-left of the screen. On the mobile browser, tap your profile icon.
    • Select Settings and Privacy and then Your account

    Select Settings and Privacy and then Your account.

    • At the bottom of the list, tap Deactivate your account

    At the bottom of the list, tap Deactivate your account.

    • Go to the bottom of the page to find the Deactivate link

    Theres going to be a lot of information on the page before you get to that link, some of it pretty useful. Theres a full description of what will no longer be viewable , an assurance that you can restore your account for some time if it was accidentally or wrongfully deleted, and a way to reactivate after 30 days or 12 months .

    There are a lot of options to choose from before you reach the Deactivate link.

    There are also links if you just want to change your name, use your current name with a different account, or download your Twitter data. This last one is always a good idea before you delete any account heres the link.

    How Do You Deactivate Your Twitter

    How to Delete Twitter (and Your Terrible Tweets)

    To deactivate your account:

  • Sign in using a web browser .
  • Go to your account settings you can find these by clicking on your profile picture next to the search bar and selecting ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure you read the account deactivation information before committing to your decision. If you’re happy with what you read, click ‘Deactivate ‘.
  • Enter your password to verify you want to deactivate your account.
  • Now all you have to do it wait for Twitter to delete your account.

    Remember, Twitter have no control over what links appear on search engines like Google. Google may have cached content from your Twitter account in their search index – if so, some of your data might still appear when googled. If this happens to you, you can send them a request to take down your information.

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    How To Deactivate Twitter: Deactivating Your Twitter Account Online

    If you want to deactivate your Twitter account from your PC or Mac browser, simply follow these four steps:

  • Sign in to

  • Head over to Account Settings and scroll to Deactivate your account at the bottom of the page.

  • Once youve read Twitters deactivation terms, click Deactivate.

  • Youll then be prompted to enter your password and verify your account deactivation. Do so.

  • Finalize by selecting the Deactivate button.
  • How To Delete A Twitter Account

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    How To Delete All Your Twitter Likes

    Robert Hayes Robert is a freelance editor and writer living in Colorado. Read more March 29, 2021

    Twitter has become one of the worlds leading social channels for discussions and arguments, with at least half a billion tweets sent out each day. Everyone on Twitter either publishes their opinion on a subject or their favorite posts and links, or they follow and like what other people share.

    Periodically, you may decide to delete old Favorites, also known as likes, assuming you dont want to .

    Regardless, deciding to undo a Twitter like is a common decision. Its quick and easy to do, and many have done it. But what if you want to delete all of your likes and start fresh? There are a few different ways to remove all Twitter likes, so lets get started!

    Donotpay Can Rescue Your Accounts

    How To Delete A Twitter Account Permanently

    Social media platforms and gaming services can have tricky policies. You can have your without any explanation or be banned from a service youve been using for years. If you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation, DoNotPay will help!

    Our nifty app can appeal any suspended or banned account decision. In a few simple steps, your complaint can become a priority.

    If you have any questions about suspended or banned accounts, our learning center has the answers:

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    How To Delete Twitter Account Using Android

    Follow the below-given steps to delete Twitter account using Android app

    Step 1: First, open the Twitter app on your device.

    Step 2: Next in the top menu, you will either see a Navigation menu icon or your Profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have.

    Step 3: From the given option tap Settings and privacy.

    Step 4: On the new page tap Account, then tap Deactivate your account at the bottom.

    Step 5: Read the account deactivation information, then tap Deactivate.

    Step 6: You need to enter your password when prompted and tap Deactivate.

    Step 7: Confirm that you want to proceed by tapping Yes, deactivate.

    Everything You Need To Know About How To Delete A Suspended Twitter Account

    Getting rid of a suspended Twitter account is not as direct as deleting an active account. How do you delete it when you cant access the Deactivate your account option?

    This guide will help you discover how to delete a suspended Twitter account the easy way. We offer helpful information about dealing with other suspended accounts and appealing suspensions so you can resolve the issues with any platform or company.

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    How To Delete Inactive Or Suspended Twitter Account

    While is a social networking platform and is used by many for tweeting their day to day activities, sharing news articles and for many other activities, there has been an up-rise of unwanted bots, increased instances of cyber-bullying as well as fake news spreading.

    Under these circumstances, you may want to delete your inactive Twitter account. Read on to find out how you can deactivate and delete your Twitter account. At the end of this guide, we have also included what you need to do in case your Twitter account is suspended and you want to delete it.

    What Does The Twitter Archive Show You

    How To Deactivate Or Delete Your Twitter Account?

    Your archived data will come in the form of a zip folder. Clicking the Your archive link will show you an HTML document with an interface thats similar in aesthetic to that of the Twitter platform itself. This file holds all of your account information up until the moment the archive was requested.

    You can view account information, Tweets, likes, direct messages, blocked and muted accounts, personalization data, lists, and more. Note that this file is for reference only and can not be used as a backup to restore data to your account.

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    The Reasons You Might Decide To Delete Your Twitter

    In many ways, social media has changed the way that we interact with each other as a species, and perhaps none more so than Twitter. While more personal social media networks like Facebook let you connect and engage with people you know, Twitter does almost the opposite it allows anyone, anywhere, to converse with each other, express opinions, and debate. Its a fantastic tool because of this, but it can also be rather draining, especially if you get involved in controversial topics and online discussions about politics. Many people find Twitter hard to stay away from if they have it, and if this is the case for you, you might want to think about deleting your account.

    How to Delete Twitter Account?

    Delete Twitter: How To Delete Your Twitter Account Or Take A Break From The Site

    Twitter can be useful, informative, and whisper it even pretty uplifting at times. But it also has a habit of bringing out some of peoples ugliest characteristics smugness, shameless self-promotion and straight-up hatred. If you need a break from the micro-blogging site, the good news is that its very simple to delete Twitter. Better still, if you have a change of heart within 30 days, you can resurrect your account, and itll be exactly as it was. However, once that period elapses, your Twitter account will be gone forever.

    If youre ready to give it the boot, heres a complete guide on how to delete Twitter permanently or otherwise.

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    Why People Leave Twitter

    There are many reasons why users are deleting their Twitter accounts, and you might want to do it too if:

    • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Its becoming impossible to sieve through the important news stories and posts that are irrelevant to you
    • Its becoming too addictive and taking up too much of your precious time
    • Twitter fails to deal with online harassment. Twitter attempted to so by getting rid of egg avatars, but even if you block harassers, report them, or get their tweets filtered, their offensive comments will remain visible on other users timelines.
    • You dont want Twitter to collect and store your data. This social media giants keep a record of everything from your basic user information and your location to your likes, links and widgets you engaged with and even your address book. You can find more information about what data Twitter collects and who do they share it with in their privacy policy.

    I Want To Deactivate My Twitter Account On Desktop

    How to Delete Twitter Account 2021 (Permanently!)

    If you want to delete your account on a laptop or computer, follow these steps:

    • Sign into your account on the website.
    • Click on Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu under your profile icon.
    • In the Account section of the menu, select Deactivate.
    • Click Deactivate.
    • Finally, enter your password and click Deactivate account.

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