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How Do I Change My Twitter Name

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How To Change Twitter Handle Without Affecting Your Follower List

How To Change Your Twitter Display Name And @ Handle

Twitter is an excellent avenue for personal and business branding.

Having a misaligned username on Twitter that just doesnt represent your brand anymore can be catastrophic for your branding game.

Things get more severe with a Twitter username that is embarrassing, older or has a string of random numbers at the back.

No one wants such names popping up in the timeline when people mention them in Tweets.

The process of changing your Twitter handle is pretty simple. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process of how to change Twitter handle from a mobile device or a desktop.

Lets roll.

How To Change Twitter Name On Desktop

Here are all the detailed steps for how to change Twitter name on the Desktop.

Step 1: Open Twitter official website on your Desktop and login into your account.

Step 2: Click on the Profile option from the vertical menu bar on the screens left side to enter the Profile Page.

Alternatively, a user can click on your profile picture given on the status bar for the same.

Step 3: On your Twitter profile page, click on the Edit Profile option .

Step 4: In the name section, you can edit your display name.

Step 5: Click the Save button to change name on Twitter.

How To Change Your Username Using A Web Browser

Changing your Twitter username using a web browser on PC, Mac, Linux, or Chrome is a simple process, but the option is a little buried. First, log into using any web browser. In the sidebar on the Twitter website, click the ellipses button to reveal more options.

In the menu that pops up, select Settings and Privacy.

In Settings, click Account, then click Username.

On the Change username page, click the Username text area and type the new username youd like to use. While youre typing, Twitter will tell you if the username is already taken. Keep trying until you find one that is unique. Then click Save.

Your new username is now set. The change should take place immediately, but if you dont see it right away, see the section at the bottom of this article for advice.

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Enter A New Twitter Name On The Twitter Website

Enter a new display name in the box at the top of the left side of the screen. Your name can be up to 20 characters long.

Then, click Save changes.

A message displays saying your profile has been saved, and your new name displays on the left.

How do you decide on a Twitter username and name? Do you use your own name or business name? Let us know in the comments.

Tips For Choosing The Right Name For Your Twitter Handle

How to change your Twitter username

The process of changing your Twitter username can be done lickety-split.

But what is going to be the new name of your Twitter handle is something that you need to think about so that you dont trace the same path of changing your Twitter handle again.

Here are 5 tips to help you create a Twitter username that bolsters your branding efforts and makes it easily recognizable among your prospects:

Use a relevant name

Your URL name must be relevant to your brands name. It will be easier for people to search for you on Twitter.

Also, as you know, your username shows up on your Twitter profile URL. So having a URL, which is not relevant to your company name or the company website, visiting cards, and other platforms can emanate bad branding vibes.

Look how Forbes named their Twitter account on-point!

Avoid adding numbers

Unless you are an arithmetic aficionado, seeing an array full of numbers in a username would not be a tempting sight for you.

Usernames with unnecessary numbers at the end look odd, unmemorable, and spammy.

Usually, these types of usernames are selected right out from the suggestions Twitter gives when you are creating a new profile. Going with such usernames also makes it hard for people to find you.

However, its ok to use numbers creatively when your desirable URL is taken. You can either use numbers that look similar to alphabets or use them to add underscores or initials between names.

Keep it short


Go with an actionable username

Give it a local twist

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How To Change Twitter Url

ANSWER. To change your Twitter URL address: Go to to and sign in. Click on Settings in the top right menu and then click on Account in the top left menu. Your Twitter Username is the same thing as your URL for so enter your new username in the Username box that you want to show up as your URL.

S To Change Your Twitter Handle From An Android Device

Step 1: Open the Twitter mobile app and tap on your profile icon present at the top-left corner of your phone screen to open the menu. From there select the Settings and Privacy option.

Step 2: Under the Settings and Privacy menu, tap on the Account option.

Step 3: In the Account section you will see the Username option. Tap on it to move forward.

Step 4: You will find a text box to type in your new username. Start typing your username to see if its available or not. The application will prompt if the username you have written is already taken. Once you get your username right, click on Done.

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How To Change Your Twitter Name On Your Phone

1. Open the Twitter app on your Android or iOS phone.

2. If the app doesn’t open directly to your profile page, click your small profile picture at the top of the screen.

3. In the sidebar that appears, tap the profile picture again.

4. On your profile page, tap “Edit profile.”

5. In the Edit profile window, tap your name and change it to whatever you like. The new name can be up to 50 characters long, and there’s no requirement for it to be unique.

6. When you’re done, tap “Save.”

Can I Change My Twitter Display Name

How to Change Your Twitter Display Name & @ Handle

You can change your Twitter display name at any time from the Edit profile page on the Twitter mobile app or in a desktop web browser. The display name, which allows people to identify you, doesnt need to be unique and can be up to 50 characters long. Visit Business Insiders homepage for more stories.

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How To Change Twitter Name On Android

Here are all the detailed steps for how to change name on Twitter app.

Step 1: Open Twitter official app on your Android and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click on the three bars given on the Home screens left corner and tap on profile.

Alternatively, you can tap on the profile picture given at the top of the menu.

Step 3: On your Twitter profile page, click on the Edit Profile option .

Step 4: In the name section, you can edit your display name.

Step 5: Click Save to change Twitter name.

Changing Your Twitter Profile Picture

If you wish to change how your Twitter profile picture looks, then you can do the following:

On Windows, Mac, or Chromebook PC

  • Open and log into your Twitter account.
  • On the home page, click on your profile picture.
  • Choose an image that you wish to use for your picture, then click on Open.
  • Adjust the picture to your desired position and size.
  • Your new picture should now be saved.
  • On the Mobile App

  • Tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • On the menu, tap on Profile.
  • Tap on the Edit Profile button, on the bottom right of the banner picture.
  • Tap on the camera icon on your profile pic.
  • If you wish to take a picture, tap on Take a Photo. If you have an image that you want to use, tap on Choose existing photo.
  • Adjust the image as you see fit.
  • When youre done, tap on Use in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Save on the upper corner of the screen.
  • Your profile pic should now be changed.
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    Handle With Care: How And When To Change Your Twitter Username


    Has your Twitter username become a relic? If you set up your account years ago and your username no longer reflects your firms brand, it may be time for an update. Fortunately, you dont have to start over with a new accountyou can change your Twitter username and retain the followers youve built up. Below are two options for changing your Twitter username, as well as best practices to follow.

    What Is Meant By Twitter Username Or Handle

    How To Change Your Twitter Username Handle And Rebrand ...

    Twitter username and handle are the same things. So if someone asks you for your Twitter handle, they are referring to your username and vice versa. Username is your unique identity on Twitter. No two accounts can have the same username. Your username can be used to and you can also find people by their Twitter username.

    Twitter usernames arent permanent and can be changed easily. Also, usernames are public and visible to everyone. Your username will appear next to your name in your tweets, replies, and messages. It is preceded by the symbol.

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    Why Your Username Or Handle Are Important

    Your Twitter handle is important for one key reason, branding.

    The name and handle you settle on are all part of your brand. Its how followers and people in the Twitterverse will come to know you and refer to you. New followers will find you that, and thats how your current tribe spread the word about you.

    Think about it, with the mention of any word or niche your mind drifts to someone. Right then you remember their name or if youre looking to show them some love their handle will come mind.

    As you build a reputation, your name will become inextricably linked to it. Thats why your name and are important. When people need help with something, theyll know how to find you. Theyll know where to go looking. Even you have a list of names you default to when need a certain type of content. The same is how people think about you.

    Changing your names could mean all the people whose radar you were on cant find you anymore. Worse, it could mean all your tweets getting scrolled past because people dont know theyre from you. That be a real train-wreck for your engagement, at least until people have caught on to the change.

    In this attention-deficient age, changing your names willy-nilly will hurt you. Most people wont go through the trouble of finding you. Theyll happily settle for whats readily available. That could do significant harm to your account or at the very least stunt its growth.

    A note worth remembering

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    What To Do If Your Desired Twitter Handle Name Is Taken

    Its always a good idea to get in there early and get the Twitter name exactly like your display name. So, search for your desired name on Twitter and if its not taken, then make it yours as soon as possible.

    However, if your desired name is already taken then you can try out some of the tips that we have mentioned above, such as using initials or numbers creatively and more.

    Keep trying different variations while keeping your branding factor in mind.

    Sometimes, it would happen that you wont be able to use the desired username which is yet not taken. This will be the case when your typed username wouldnt be abiding by .

    Having a proper Twitter username is important for brands and individuals trying to rebrand themselves.

    After all, your branding is something that attracts new followers along with reminding the old ones that they are sticking around the right place.

    With the tips mentioned in this blog, changing your shoddy username into a memorable Twitter handle will be an easy ride.

    Also, if you are looking to exponentially increase your growth on Twitter, then social media scheduling tools like SocialPilot can work wonders for you. Its a boon for agency marketers grappling to manage multiple clients accounts without losing their minds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You cant change your username because of the two reasons:

    • The username you want is already taken.
    • The username you want is not in compliance with Twitter username rules.

    Chandraveer Singh

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    When You’re Ready Tap Done

    Congrats! You can now have the Twitter handle you’ve always wanted .

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    Even if your dream handle is taken, however, you can still change your display name. Your display name appears more visibly in bold next to your Twitter handle, and it doesn’t matter if two or more accounts have the same display name . If you can’t have the handle you want, maybe you can at least have this.

    Here’s how to change your Twitter display name:

    How To Change Your Twitter Handle In 5 Easy Steps

    How to Change Twitter Display Name & @ Handle (2021)

    As with most social media platforms, when Twitter first launched, it was an informal platform for people to connect with peers, thought leaders, and even celebrities. Now, it’s evolved into a powerful marketing tool that many brands rely on.

    But what happens if your former Twitter username, otherwise known as a handle, no longer reflects you or your brand? Well, there’s an easy fix. Here, we’ll show you how to change your Twitter handle on your desktop and the mobile app.

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    Its More Than Just A Name

    As with any social media platform, your Twitter username represents your brand and leaves an impression on visitors to your profile. Its critical that the username you choose is professional and makes sense based on your business. Ideally, it should be consistent across all of your social media accounts to make it easy for people to find you and tag you in posts.

    What To Do If Your Twitter Handle Is Taken

    If youve already got a Twitter account and want to update the username, the best thing to do is search for your desired username on Twitter. If its available, then click Update and start using that name as soon as possible!

    If your desired username is taken, then you have a few options. First, try using just numbers or letters for the first and last name . If that doesnt work, use only the first letter of each word in your new handle or just the beginning number .

    Keep trying different variations until you find one thats available!

    If the account that has the same username is an imposter, then you have a different problem.

    Heres what to do if your business name is being used by an imposter or troll on Twitter:

  • Report the account to Twitter. This can be done by clicking on the accounts profile and pressing Report.
  • In your report, mention that this is a false username and that youre not affiliated with it.
  • Copy or take a screenshot of any tweets from the imposter account to show proof of their violation against your name or business.
  • Keep in mind that these accounts are violating Twitters terms of service agreement, so they may end up getting taken down anyway.
  • Keeping imposters from stealing your business name on Twitter or impersonating you online is also a good reason to try and get verified. That way, when people see the blue check mark beside your name, theyll know its really you.

    For more instructions on how to do that, check out our .

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    Change Your Twitter Username In 2020

    Our Twitter handles are like our digital address. If you are fed up with people messaging you on Twitter and want a fresh start, nuking your followers and starting with a new username is a great option. This way, you dont have to and create a new one.

    In this article, I am going to show you how you can change your Twitter handle using both web and mobile apps. For the mobile app, I am using Twitter for iPhone, but the process is the same on Android, so it shouldnt matter much. The web app is the same across all the browsers and platforms so we dont have any problem there.

    How To Change Twitter Handle

    How to Change Your Name on Youtube Comments
  • Go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ from your profile icon drop-down menu.
  • Next, select ‘Account Information.’
  • Select the ‘Username’ tab.
  • In the text box, type in your new username. If the username is taken, Twitter will prompt you to make a new one and offer some suggestions. If the username is available, you’ll see a green checkmark.
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    How To Change Your Display Name On Twitter

    Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero. Read more…

    Unlike Facebook, Twitter has never insisted people user their real names. In fact, theres a long tradition of people changing their names to a joke or pun because its Christmas or Halloween, or just for no reason at all.

    Just this week, half the How-To Geek staff changed their name to Justin Pot, just to annoy the real Justin Pot. Even The Geek himself got in on the act.

    So lets look at how to change your name on Twitter so you can take part in awful collective jokes .

    Log in to Twitter and head to your profile page.

    Select the text box with your name.

    Enter a new one.

    How To Customise Your Profile

  • Sign in to or open your Twitter app .
  • Go to your profile.
    • Header photo
    • Profile photo
    • Name
    • Theme color
    • Birthday

    When changing a profile or header photo, click or tap the camera icon and select Upload photo or Remove. Photos can be in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG.

    You can also choose to Show my Periscope profile through your Twitter profile . Click or tap Save changes. If your Periscope account is connected, your Twitter profile will show LIVE on #Periscope when you are broadcasting.

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