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How Can You Tell If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp

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False Positives That May Make You Think That Someone Blocked You

How to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp

Network: Network issues can make a persons number unreachable. Are you trying to reach a loved one? It could be that they are in an area with poor network service. You can try sending a messagebut if the network is absolutely inaccessible, it will not be delivered.

Airplane Mode: People leave their phones on Airplane Mode for various reasons, one of which could be that they are in an actual airplane. If you try a number and it doesnt ring, or it rings and drops, you may have to try it later in the day.

How Whatsapp Blocking Works

Users who no longer wish to interact with other contacts can block those individuals within the Settings of the application. By opening the app and clicking on the menu on the right-hand side of the app, tap on Settings.

From there, scroll down to Account and tap on Privacy. Once on this page you can click on Blocked Contacts. Looking at the top right-hand side of this youll see a person icon with a plus sign next to it. When youve tapped on this you can add anyone from your list of contacts.

We have a tutorial: How to Block Someone on WhatsApp if youd like to check it out!

If a user has been blocked they will no longer see a culmination of changes that are consistent with being blocked.

Check Your Relationship Status On Whatsapp

If a specific contact meets all the criteria mentioned above, then person has certainly blocked you on WhatsApp. You wont be able to see their WhatsApp Status either.

While, anyone can reach you on WhatsApp via your mobile number, select privacy features can safeguard your account. However, investigating where a potential interest or a friend has suddenly blocked you, go through the indicators mentioned above. If some of them dont check out, then its possible that the other person has deleted WhatsApp account completely.

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How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked On Whatsapp: Your Calls Wont Connect

Another bold, but sure-fire step to take is to physically call the contact you think might have blocked you on WhatsApp. If you try and call your contact on WhatsApp and the call rings a couple of times then disconnects, then chances are youve been blocked.

That said, this might also mean that theyre busy and are hanging up, but if it happens multiple times, it might confirm your suspicions.

If you try all of the above and notice one or more of these things over a few days, the chances are you have been blocked on WhatsApp . That said, there is no way to be 100% sure, and it seems unlikely that WhatsApp will ever roll out such a feature, to protect its users’ privacy.

Tips: Things About Blocking On Iphone

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

What Happens When You Block A Phone Call on iPhone?

Blocking a number on your iPhone is an easy way to keep unwanted callers from reaching you. If you block calls on iPhone and want to know what happens when you block a number on your iPhone, here is the detail.

When you block a number on your iPhone, it becomes more difficult for them to reach out to you. When they call you, they will hear only one ring and then the blocked caller will be sent straight into voicemail when they call.

They will not get any response to their calls or messages. Their message will not even show up in the regular messages list. To listen back and see what was said by them when calling, scroll down past all of your other saved messages until you find “Blocked Messages.”

What Happens When You Block Someone’s Text Message on iPhone?

Block texts iphone is the same as block texts on Android, this is what happens when you block text messages on your iPhone you will not get any kind of notification from that ID again. When you block someone, iPhone won’t notify the person that you have blocked their texts messages.

Whenever they try to send you a text message, the message will remain in their inbox as sent but it won’t show up as delivered and you will not get any message from the blocked number.

How to Call Someone Even though They’ve Blocked You?

You’ve probably been told to never call someone when they don’t want you, but what if the tables were turned and your number was blocked?

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Whatsapp Users Can Find Out If They Have Been Blocked By A Contact Here’s How

1 min read.LivemintDanny Cyril D Cruze

WhatsApp has listed a few ways in which you can tell whether your number has been blocked by a specific person/contact. However, there’s no way to be 100% sure

WhatsApp provides the functionality of blocking people in their chats to stop getting new messages from that contact. However, the person who is blocked does not get any notification of the same. WhatsApp has listed a few ways in which you can tell whether your number has been blocked by a specific person/contact.

Here are a few ways to know that youve been blocked:

  • You can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window
  • You do not see updates to a contact’s profile photo.
  • Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark and never show a second check mark
  • Any calls you attempt to place will not go through.

If you see all of the indicators above for a contact, this could mean that the user is blocking you.

Despite the above-mentioned pointers, there is no way to be 100% sure that the contact has blocked you or is dealing with a connectivity issue. According to WhatsApp, they have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect the user’s privacy when they block someone. WhatsApp will never relay the information directly to a contact that they are blocked.

Apart from just blocking contacts, users can even report them if they think they are sending problematic content or spam.

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Use The Tips Whatsapp Offers To Users

You might have been blocked if you noticed any the following signs when you click on a contact on WhatsApp:

1. If you cannot see a contact’s “last seen” or “online” status in the chat window, it could be an indication you have been blocked.

2. If a contact updated his profile photo and you do not see it except the old profile picture, it is not out of place to believe you have been blocked.

3. If you see just one check mark whenever you send a message to a contact. Generally, two check mark often show if a contact has not blocked you.

4. If you place a call to the contact and it is not going through.

You can use the tips above to know if someone has blocked you. However, there is a drawback. Because of privacy, you cannot be 100% sure if you have been blocked since WhatsApp will not confirm that to you. WhatsApp plainly stated that they cannot confirm to you directly, thus you might be in the dark as to whether your contact blocked you or not.

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You Will No Longer See Contacts Last Seen Or Online

The easiest way to find out whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or not, is to check whether their Last Seen or Online status is visible or not. For this, you need to go to the persons chat and see whether it is showing the Online/Last Seen option or not. However, it is important to note that the user might have turned out the Last Seen option to themselves, meaning that one can see it. However, one can always check for the Online as this cannot be hidden from the Settings.

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Check The Participants List In A Group Message

How to Know if You’re Blocked on WhatsApp

When creating a group message in WhatsApp, it may seem as if you successfully added the userbut when you open the group chat, they don’t appear in the participants list. If you try to add a contact who’s blocked you through the Add Participants section of the group chat, you’ll get a Can’t add participant error.

WhatsApp is intentionally ambiguous about blocked status to protect the blocker’s privacy, and it will not notify you if you’ve been blocked. If you see all the indicators above, your WhatsApp contact likely blocked you. If you’ve been blocked, there’s no way to unblock yourself. Your best course of action is to either move on or reach out to the person to find out why you were blocked.

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Can You Tell That The Person Is Online

While many people remove their “last seen” status, you can tell when a contact is online when you open their chat.

You’d have to keep the chat open to see if they come online or check multiple times. If you don’t see them online, you’ve likely been blocked.

Caveat: The reason for someone’s inactivity on WhatsApp could be because the person is no longer using the app, or they’ve been staying offline for another reason.

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Most methods do not guarantee the confirmation of the blocking activity but it gives an idea that you might have blocked. You can find similar changes if the person had modified the WhatsApp settings. While adding the person on the WhatsApp group the pop-up message confirms the blocking activity. You can try out all the strategies to know whether you are blocked or not.

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Check Last Seen And Online Status

This is the first thing you can check to see if someone on WhatsApp has blocked you. Open the conversation with the person on WhatsApp and check the last seen status under the Contacts name. Even though the person has enabled last seen on WhatsApp, you probably wont see it now.

When the person is active on WhatsApp, you normally see Online status regardless of their last seen setting. But when someone blocks you, you wont see the online status.

There are chances that the person has disabled the Last Seen At option in WhatsApp and is not online on WhatsApp at that moment.

How To Check If You’ve Been Blocked On Whatsapp

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp

Firstly, there’s no direct way to check if you’ve been blocked. WhatsApp won’t notify you at all.

However, you will no longer be able to see a contact’s online status in the chat window.

You will also be unable to see their “last seen” indicator.

Of course, both of these markers can have other causes beyond a block so they’re not guaranteed proof.

Firstly, there’s no direct way to check if you’ve been blocked. WhatsApp won’t notify you at all.However, you will no longer be able to see a contact’s online status in the chat window.You will also be unable to see their “last seen” indicator.Of course, both of these markers can have other causes beyond a block so they’re not guaranteed proof.

You also won’t be able to see any changes to a contact’s profile photo.

This is useful, as you can compare your phone to someone else’s handset with the same contact to see if there’s a difference in profile pictures.

However, this technique only works if a person has actually changed their photo.

When you send messages to someone who has blocked you, your message will be marked as sent but never delivered.

And any calls you make won’t go through.

Both of these indicators can also be caused by a person having no internet connection, however. They don’t mean you’ve blocked.

Again, checking your sent-message status against another person who has also sent a text to your contact is an easy way to check.

Of course, you might both be blocked and then you’ve got real issues.

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Checkmarks And Their Meanings

Have you been sending a person messages and only notice one checkmark beside it? That means your message has been sent but not received and read by the recipient. Heres what all checkmark icons tell you.

  • One grayed check mark means your message has gone through the sending process but hasnt been delivered yet.
  • Two grayed checkmarks mean your message was sent and delivered to your contact.
  • Two blue checkmarks mean that the message has been sent, received, and viewed.

If youre noticing only one gray checkmark next to messages youve sent, then its a good chance you are on the recipients block list. This means that your message is being sent to that person, but for some reason, its not being delivered to their phone.

This can happen because of poor wifi or cellular data signal, so its best to give it some time and see if the checkmark changes.

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Confirm Whether Someone Has Not Blocked You With A Different Phone

Using different phone to access your friend’s WhatsApp is also a strategy. If someone has not blocked you and you want to be so sure, how may you know? Well, you need to confirm again. The steps below can help.

  • Pick up another phone if you have and open WhatsApp.
  • Look for the contact and try to add.
  • Take note of how the contact’s profile appears. Did you see the DP, Last Seen or any details that match with what you saw in your first phone? If all details are the same, it might be that you have not been blocked.
  • Check and if the DP, Last Seen, and other details are showing. If so, you have been blocked.

How To Monitor Someone’s Whatsapp Even If You’ve Been Blocked

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? Truth Revealed!

Is it possible to monitor someone’s WhatsApp even if they blocked you? The answer is yes, and the next question is how can you do this without letting them know. In modern times, the easiest way is to use a WhatsApp monitoring app and while there are so many available services online, only KidsGuard Pro can guarantee the best information and ease of use.

This app works in 100% invisible mode on the target phone once installed and constantly go through their phone to monitor someone’s about. You can simply login its online panel and check someone’s WhatsApp activities below even if they blocked you

  • You can check all WhatsApp chats including date, time and contact.

  • You are able to view their WhatsApp photos and videos.

  • You can monitor what they are up to on WhatsApp through automatic screenshot feature.

  • You can check on WhatsApp notification and know who they interact with online.

  • You can track their WhatsApp accounts in real-time.

  • You can monitor someone’s WhatsApp without them knowing.

  • Not just WhatsApp, other advanced features like call recordings, location, Facebook, etc. are available at one package.

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How Can I Message A Person Who Blocked Me On Whatsapp

Getting âBlockedâ on WhatsApp is a ‘Red alert’ that the person wants you to leave him/her alone, but if your Ego is bigger than a balloon and you have to speak to the person irrespective of his wishes, then there is a smart way to go about it. What you need to do is, form a WhatsApp group with a new number that is not blocked or make a group using one of your friend’s numbers. Add the person who blocked you in the group. Once that person is added, you can message him directly. Of course, you can and should remove other people for privacy concerns, but it’s up to you.

Did You Find Out Who Blocked You On Whatsapp

The best way to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is by checking out all the aforementioned ways. So, if you cant see someones last seen, profile picture & status changes or make a call and add them to a group, then you are indeed blocked.

If there is any other sure shot method that we have not mentioned here, do mention it in the comments section below. Also, dont forget to check our other articles in this series which shows you , Snapchat, and more.

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