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How Can I See My Followers On Facebook

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How To View And Export A List Of Your Instagram Followers

How to see Followers on Facebook Business Page with Business Suite – Mobile & Desktop

Alright, now lets get into the real reason youve all come here the actual tools and techniques you can use to get a hold of the data you want.

One thing to note, by the way, is that any option that pulls a public list will only pull a list of followers you can see. If an account has blocked you, it wont show up in lists for you to view.

Option 1: The Manual Option. This first option is easy: just go to your profile on Instagram the URL and click on the # followers label up a the top. This will pop up a lightbox that will show you several pieces of information.

  • The username of each person who follows you.
  • The display name of each person who follows you.
  • The profile photo of each person who follows you.
  • Whether or not you follow the person in return.
  • A list of people Instagram recommends you follow.

Now, theres no easy way to export this data. Its not a separate page of its own, its just a lightbox, so its difficult to interact with. You can use a browser-based scraper program to scrape the data, but you may need to manually babysit the program.

If you have a lot of followers that is, more than like, 20 the box will only show a few at first. You need to scroll down to get it to load more followers. This means if you have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers, you will be scrolling for a long time to view all of this data.

Followers Vs Engaged Followers

Throughout the research outlined above for each channel, weve recommended reviewing both your followers and your engaged followers. As stated previously, anyone can hit the Follow button, but the people who engage with your brand beyond that are the people most likely to be current or future customers. If most of your followers are from a different country, but most of your engaged users are from the correct country, then thats not necessarily a problem. It shows you are reaching the right people, people who are interested in becoming paying clients, and are located in areas that allow them to do so.

Look at the example below.

This is a US brand, but most of its followers are in the United Kingdom. Red flag? Take a look at the same brands engaged followers:

We can see that most of the people engaging with the brand are in the US. That means that the majority of people who have taken the effort to actively engage with the brand, not just passively follow, are possible customers/clients.

If Your Audience Is International But You Arent:

Check if you have crossovers from other locations: If you are an international brand and have different websites or social pages for the different countries you operate in, you may experience location crossovers. This occurs when followers from the original/other location want to stay involved with the brand and choose to follow the other locations account. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as outlined in the example above. Continue to monitor the account and confirm that any continued growth is due to followers in your own country.

Check your ad settings: If youre running paid campaigns, make sure that they are set to exclusively target your country. Platforms offer variations on location targeting, with opportunities to reach people whose main location is your country or people that are in your country. Targeting people who live in your country ensures that you dont accidentally reach travelers or other people temporarily in your location.

Check that its an issue: If you have a lot of followers from a country you dont service, maybe you should! This could be an opportunity to tap into new market in a location that has shown to be interested in your services.

If all else fails, call in the experts: If youve checked your settings and monitored your traffic and youre still stumped, ! From social media audits, follower growth, social campaigns, and more, weve got what it takes to get your social media accounts back on track.

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Social Media Analytics: How To Find Your Followers

If you were asked for a location breakdown of your social media audiences, would you be able to provide that? Last time, we discussed the relationship between customer value and location, and how to determine if your customers locations are affecting your bottom line.

In this post, we outline how to use social media analytics and Google Analytics to locate your audiences and what that information might mean for your brand.

How Can I View My Followers On Facebook

How to See Followers on Facebook: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Facebook must have changed something again because I cannot find out how to view the list of subscribers. In Googling for this, I came upon this question:

However, it doesn’t take me to my list os subscribers. Where do I view this list now?

Please include a screenshot and highlight the link I need to click on. This way, when Facebook changes their layout again, your screenshot will at least clue future inquirers in on this fact so they know they’re not going crazy.


There are two ways to get the list of people who are following you.

  • In your profile page, a link from the about section
  • In your ‘Friends’ section, click on the Followers tab
  • Thanks for the screens, but I just don’t see that link. The last time I checked which was recently, all my friends were followers. Also, FWIW, I have followers turned on. oscilatingcretinApr 27 ’13 at 15:55
  • That’s strange now. I had turned on new Graph search sometime ago. I am also able to see my followers by going to . Can you just make sure that ‘Followers’ settings is still on by using this URL: Chethan S.Apr 27 ’13 at 16:01
  • Yep, followers is on. Going to that /followers link just takes me to my profile with my Friends tab selected. I also posted screens in my question of what I see. I really hate FB sometimes. oscilatingcretinApr 27 ’13 at 16:16
  • Well, I must say I do not have an answer then. Let’s wait for someone else to respond. Sorry!

Try going to the “View As” link

and you should be seeing something similar to

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How To See A Complete List Of Your Instagram Followers

Maintaining a list of your social media followers can be a surprisingly useful practice. With such a list on hand, you can extract a variety of benefits, which Ill talk about momentarily. Yet, not all social networks allow you to see a full list of your followers. Twitter does, but , for example. So where does Instagram fall? Can you get a full list of your followers, and if so, how can you use them?

The Numerous Benefits Of A Follower List

If you can get yourself a full list of your Instagram followers, what can you do with it? What good is a list of IG usernames for you? Well, here are some ideas.

You can compare that list to other lists. For example, if you have a list of your followers on Facebook or Twitter, you can compare the two and see which people follow you on more than one profile versus which people only follow you on one.

How is this useful? Well, if you know people follow you on Instagram, you can look up to see if theyre on Twitter, and market to them directly to get them to follow you on Twitter. Conversely, if you know someone follows you on Twitter but doesnt follow you on IG, you can do the same marketing in reverse.

You can upload that list to a social monitoring platform. There are a bunch of different platforms out there that give you various levels of social media monitoring and management. Most of them will have some form of API access to your profile, but if you either dont trust that access or youre using an app that doesnt have such access built in, uploading your own list can help you keep track of the people who follow you.

You can use that list for targeted advertising on other platforms. There are a lot of different advertising platforms that allow you to run ads targeting specific lists of users. If you have a list and upload it, you can then run ads to that specific audience.

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Considerations For Exporting A List Of Followers

Before I get into specific methods you can use to find a full list of your followers, one thing I should bring up is the different ways you can view and use the data you get.

Some of the tools Ill show you will only show you a list of your followers in their own platform. You cant export the data and use it in other ways, you can only use it through the platform. This is usually fine the tool youre using to see the list will also provide the main functions you usually want anyways. On the other hand, if you want to just have an exported list for use in the future, youll need one of the tools that gives you an exported list of data.

So theres your first concern: does the tool youre using give you an option for exporting the data in some form like an Excel file or a CSV? Youll want to make sure it does, if you need the data in another platform.

Alternatively, does the tool display all of your followers in an easy to scrape format? If so, you can scrape it yourself. You might use a tool to do the scraping for you, or you might just be able to select all and copy-and-paste it into a CSV of your own. You may need to process or sanitize the data in some way, but thats not to terribly difficult if you know your way around a spreadsheet application or some simple data filtering code.

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