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How Can I Get My Pinterest Account Back

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Dont Attempt To Artificially Manipulate Distribution Clicks Or Other Metrics Including But Not Limited To: Buying Or Selling Engagement Stuffing Irrelevant Keywords Generating Inauthentic Traffic Redirecting Existing Pins To New Destinations Using Fake Or Compromised Accounts To Perform Coordinated Actions

How to get your Pinterest account reactivated

I notice quite frequently some pins that link to spammy websites rather than the URL on the pin or in the description. These are considered stolen pins because someone took a pin and redirected the destination URL to another site.; When you repin these stolen pins to your boards, Pinterest could potentially flag your account.; ;.

Which Boards Should You Pin To

When you have your title, description, and Pins ready, theres one last thing to think about.

What board to Save it to!

currently recommend Saving to the most relevant, keyworded board first. This sends the algorithm helpful signals so your Pin will be shown to the most interested audience.

Go with either the most relevant board, or a top performer if you like. You can experiment with trying both of these to see which gets the best results.

You can also Save your Pin to more than one board. Tailwinds Smart Guide recommends no more than 10 boards, but this isnt a rule, just guidance.

Space out the Pins going to different boards, so your feed isnt full of the same Pin repeatedly. Tailwind interval pinning helps you do this quickly and easily.

When Pinning to the first board, consider Pinning related content around the same time. This is called board co-occurrence.

My Experience With Being Suspended

In the email, they didnt let me know the specific reason why I was blocked or the exact actions I did that marked my account as spam.

From the email I received, any form of spam includes:

  • Saving unwanted or repetitive content
  • Gaming their system
  • Posting deceptive, fraudulent, or unsolicited commercial messages

..All of which I did NOT do!

My heart sank!

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Convert A Business Account To A Personal Account

View instructions for:

Convert your standalone business account to a personal account if you do not want to use the account for business, do not need analytics tools or access to ads. You cannot convert a linked business account into a personal account.

Follow the steps below to convert your business account to a personal account. If you have outstanding bills, youll need to pay them before you can convert your account.

If you cannot complete these steps yourself, contact us.

  • Log into your
  • Select Settings
  • Select Account settings from the left-side navigation
  • Scroll down to Account changes and click Convert to personal account
  • Edit your name and click Convert account
  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner
  • Tap the nut icon in the top-right corner
  • Select Account settings
  • Tap Convert to personal account
  • Edit your name and tap Next
  • Tap Convert account
  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner
  • Tap the nut icon in the top-right corner
  • Select Account settings
  • Tap Convert to personal account
  • Edit your name and tap Next
  • Tap Convert account
  • A New Following Feed:

    Ask Emily: Help! How Can I Get My Sex Drive Back?

    This is a new feed that Pinterest has introduced! Well actually its an old feed Its the feed from the old days which only displays pins f!

    It differs from your SmartFeed which contains pins that are recommended to you based on your interests, what you are pinning, what you are searching and other factors.

    To see your Following feed:

    • With the new followers button, you can now see all the content from the accounts you follow in real time!
    • Id love for you to so that your Follower feed will be filled with my home decor ideas, recipes and fun DIY projects!

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    Schedule Pins In Advance

    Since Pinterest is very often used for planning, its a good idea to stay ahead of the calendar. Pinterest recommends that brands share seasonal content up to 45 days before a holiday or event. Sometimes Pinners even plan three to four months in advance of events.

    Save time by easily scheduling and publishing Pins from Hootsuites dashboard.

    Engage With Whats Popular

    Take a look at whats already performing well on Pinterest by browsing the Popular feed. Take notes, evaluate commonalities, and consider how you could apply these ideas to your own content.

    But dont overdo it. Too many comments may be flagged as spam. Instead, focus on writing a few sincere comments that go beyond one- or two-word remarks like Cool! or Thats awesome.

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    Were You Spamming Be Humble And Helpful

    However, if you were in the wrong, and in fact, you WERE engaging in spammy behavior on your account, just admit that you were not in compliance with . Let them know that it was an accident and explain how you plan to avoid this happening in the future.

    Humility goes a long way.;

    Remember, this person has the power to get your account back up and running for you. Make sure youre respectful and helpful as theyre trying to help you.;

    Dont take it personally if your account is suspended. Its almost always an accident caused by a bot. It can be scary, especially if youre ad-monetized.

    This is a good wake-up call to look for ways to diversify your traffic sources and your site monetization strategy.;

    Make sure you bookmark this blog post and share it with anyone else so that if their account is suspended, they will know what to do.

    For Further Listening/Reading:

    What Is The Difference Between Account Suspension And A Blocked Site

    Pinterest Account Suspended? Here is How to Reactivate Pinterest Account if It Disappeared

    The majority of cases Ive seen reported by bloggers were called;account suspension: the account profile link would not be searchable on Pinterest, the account owner would not have access to his profile, but all links from pins saved on Pinterest by other users would be still active and driving traffic to the website.

    My own website was once affected by the second and very rare situation when . It was a quite known glitch in the middle of summer 2018 when hundreds of legit bloggers noticed their sites were blocked on Pinterest overnight . Pinterest confirmed it was a glitch and reinstated all the accounts within 24-48 hours.

  • Read the Community guidelines page everything that youll find on this page is very important and violations of these rules can get your account suspended. I would recommend you read the Spam and Quality section especially carefully.
  • Use a business account and verify your domain if you use it to promote a website. Personal accounts used for commercial purposes are frequently shut down. You can also convert from personal account to business without losing your followers. Read here everything about creating business accounts and enabling rich pins.
  • Dont the same text under pins, especially with links to your website. This is pure evil spam.
  • Remember, if something like this happens to you, you can use your right to appeal and explain what you think is happening.

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    Get A Hint For Your Email Address

    If you forgot the email address associated with your account, we can give you a hint.

  • Enter your name, username, or any possible emails you might have used to find your account
  • Find the hint listed next to your profile picture
  • Use the hint to see which email is connected to your Pinterest account and log in to your account.

    If you forgot your password and have access to the email associated with your Pinterest account, you can reset your password.;You have to be able to log in to the email associated with your Pinterest account to reset your password. If you don’t have access to your email, create a new account instead.

    Create A Profile That Captures Your Business

    The focus of Pinterest as a site for content curationwhere people are constantly looking to find content they love and want to sharemakes it a place where a lot of new people are going to be exposed to your business.

    Heres how it works:

    • Youre a bakery;and you pin a picture of a fresh batch of muffins.
    • My friend, whos already a customer and follows your Muffins board, sees the picture LOVES IT! and repins it to;her;Muffin Madness board.
    • I, a lover of muffins, but not currently a customer of yours, see the picture LOVE IT!, repin it to my MMMuffin board and click on your name to find out who you are

    So who are you? Tell me, or any customer: who you are, what you do, and why I should want to follow you or your boards.

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    Stand Out With Beautiful Visuals

    , the best performing pins have three things in common: Theyre beautiful, interesting, and actionable. In that order.

    • Use high-resolution and high quality images.
    • Use lifestyle images, which tend to be more alluring than standard product shots, .
    • Avoid images that are too busy.
    • Favour vertically-oriented photos over horizontal ones. A whopping 85% of users search Pinterest on mobile, which means vertical images have much higher impact.
    • Dont make images too long, or theyll be cut off. The ideal aspect ratio is 2:3 .
    • Consider showing multiple products in a single Pin. that Pins with multiple products can appeal to different tastes and spark curiosity. Its best to maintain a four-product limit per Pin so as not to overwhelm.
    • Try video! If you have the resources, short videos have the power to stand out among even the best photos. If you dont, check out Hootsuites social video toolkit.

    Start Your Own Group Board

    Social Media Help: How do I Recover my Facebook Login ...

    Group boards are all the rage and can be marketing power-houses if used correctly. And theyre known for increasing website traffic like nobodys business.

    But are you aware of their potential to amplify your followers?

    To start a group board, you can do it one of two ways:

    • Start a new board
    • Use a board you already own

    Once you have a board created, click on the plus sign to start adding contributors:

    The key to using your group board to gaining new followers?

    State clearly in your board guidelines that to join they must follow the board and you. This is standard among group board creators, and its one of the quickest ways to accumulate followers quickly.

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    Appeal It Again And Again If You Have To Your Persistence Will Show Them That They Made A Mistake And That You Did Not Knowingly Violate Their Guidelines

    Unfortunately, it can be anywhere from days to weeks, but eventually, you get a response back.

    Sometimes, even when you are doing everything by the book, mistakes can happen.; Its important to remember to stick with it and when you get your account back, continue to pin your high-quality content!

    Happy Pinning!

    What If I Did Spam Can I Still Get My Account Back

    Accept when you were in the wrong.

    Let them know it was a one off accident and explain how you plan to avoid this happening again.

    Maybe take some training courses. Looking for some good training, that has helped me to create and build my account.

    Make sure that you are polite in all communication and speak nicely.

    They are afterall also only doing a job and don t deserve to receive any abuse.

    This will not help you in getting your account back.

    ;Remember they are trying to help you.

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    Create A Pin Using An Image Saved On Your Computer

    To create a Pin from images on your computer, follow these steps:

    • Select Choose Image and find the file on your computer
    • Pick a board for your Pin and add a description

    Heres how to schedule your Pins with Later:

    • ;Drag and drop an image from your Media Library onto your content calendar to schedule it at the date and time of your choice.

    Important: Your board settings must be set to Public in order to schedule your Pin to that board. When scheduling your Pin, you can search your boards by name, or simply scroll through a list of your boards

    • Crop your photo, enter your caption, and add a link.
    • Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin!

    Not signed up to Later yet? What are you waiting for! Start managing and scheduling your Pins;now:;

    More Account Deletion Tips

    How To Reactivate Your Deactivated Pinterest Account | Reactivate Pinterest Account Easily!

    If you need a break from all your social media, we have tutorials that will show you , , and how to delete a TikTok account. And if you no longer use Microsoft services, here’s how to delete a Microsoft account.;

    If youre heading back into the office, find out how to delete Zoom. Or, if you want to use a different music streaming service, discover how to delete your Spotify account.;

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    Lets Back Up How Do We Get People To See Our Pins

    How do you get more people to see your pins?

    You need to create beautiful pins along with unique descriptions .

    Then do that hundreds and thousands of times.

    Instead, you need to trickle out one or two per day.; Build up over time.

    Every pin should be fresh.; I do not repin. Every pin I post is unique.; Its a lot of work but its worth it.

    Do this over and over and your impressions and clicks will grow.

    Add Relevant Keywords And Hashtags

    How to find the right keywords and hashtags:

    • Note the key word bubbles that appear in the search results header.
    • Look at the hashtag suggestions and usage stats as you add hashtags to your Pin descriptions.
    • Search a relevant hashtag, and look at the tags and keywords being used by Pinners using that hashtag.
    • Look at the trending hashtags in your category .
    • Try these 8 SEO tools for social media marketers.

    You can apply this logic to your profile too. For instance, consider adding a description to your name, like Hootsuite . Your profile is more apt to show up in keyword searches that way. This is especially useful if youre an entrepreneur and you want to emphasize your areas of expertise.

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    Jump On The Hashtag Bandwagon

    Pinterest recently changed its tune on hashtags, and hashtags are now popping up on feeds everywhere. Theyre a way to see what pins are the newest and most relevant now that we cant see re-pin counts.

    If you want to be found by followers who fall into your target audience, nows the time to dive onto the hashtag bandwagon.

    You can use relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions like these pinners have:

    To use hashtags type # and then the keyword you want to use. Youll notice itll provide popular suggestions. Those will be the types of hashtags people will be plugging into the search bar so select them strategically.

    Want to learn more? Check out our guide to .

    We Protected Your Account

    I have been suspended on twitter, how can i get my account ...

    If we notice any strange activity on your Pinterest account, we’ll send you an email, reset your password, and log everyone out to protect your account. To get back on Pinterest, reset your password. Or, if your account is connected to Google, Facebook or Apple and you’ve logged in that way before, .

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    Follow Your Competitors Followers

    If youre sitting around waiting for followers to flock to you, youll be waiting a long time.

    A powerful tactic to generate followers is strategically following your competitors followers.

    Since you both have the same target audiences, chances are, if they followed your competitor theyll follow you, too.

    A quick way to find competitors:

  • Search for terms that may be on your competitors profiles in the search bar. For example, if your content is about blogging, you might search for blogging tips.
  • Youll see four different options click on People.
  • Anyone who has blog, blogging, or a related term in their profile will show up under People:

    Begin looking through your competitors profiles, one by one. From there you can start following their followers, and youll begin to see many of them will happily follow you back. Easy-peasy!

    How To Delete Your Account

    To delete your account completely, go to;Settings>Account Basics>Deactivate Account>Permanently;close my account.

    Deleting your account means you will lose all your boards and pins. To completely delete your account, you’ll receive an email confirming you want to shut your account down with a link to click.

    While this method works with personal accounts, there doesn’t appear to be a way to shut down business accounts.

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    Create A Regular Pinning Schedule With Later

    Whether youre posting once a day, or once a month, making sure your Pinterest account is staying active is easier than ever with Later!

    Heres how to use the within the Later app:

  • ;Drag and drop an image from the Media Library onto your content calendar to schedule it at your selected date and time.
  • Crop your photo, enter your caption, and add a link.
  • Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin!
  • Dont Attempt To Evade Our Anti

    How To Get Pinterest Followers

    In addition to the above guidelines, follow these last few rules of thumb to prevent inauthentic content and behavior:

    • Make sure youre posting relevant content to relevant boards.
    • Keep the content of your posts high-quality and avoid spammy behavior.
    • Save content you have an authentic interest in.

    Ok, now on to what to do if your account does get suspended.

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