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Does Whatsapp Use Your Phone Number

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How to verify your phone number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp: How to Send a Message to an Unsaved Number Without Adding a Contact The first technique we’re about to offer is compatible with both Android and iOS. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps on any browser and you’re done. Having said that, here’s how to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers without adding a contact.

  • Launch the browser on your phone. Now, in the address bar, copy and paste this link: or this link:
  • You’ll need to replace ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ with the phone number and country code, so if the number you wish to message is +44123456789, the link becomes The first two digits are England’s country code, followed by the person’s cellphone number.
  • Following that, you’ll be sent to a WhatsApp screen featuring the recipient’s phone number and a green Message button. You’ll be routed to WhatsApp after tapping the green message button.
  • That’s it, you can now WhatsApp people without adding a contact.

How To Change Whatsapp Number

Heres how to do it:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone.

Step 2: On Android phones, tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Settings. On iPhone, tap Settings at the bottom.

Step 3: Go to Account followed by Change number on both Android and iPhone.

Step 4: Enter your old and new phone numbers. Tap Next.

Step 5: Select how you would like to notify contacts from the available three options. Tap Done and finally, verify the new number.

How To Check If Your Whatsapp Number Is Blocked

When setting up WhatsApp on your phone, you may receive a message telling you that WhatsApp has blocked your number. WhatsApp says they block any numbers which violate their terms of service. This can include things like sending spam, adding an excessive number of people to groups, creating too many groups , and various other unspecified behaviors which may be flagged by the system.

If you believe your number has been mistakenly blocked, WhatsApp advises you to email them and they will review your case.

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Can I Use Whatsapp Without A Gmail Account

WhatsApp and Gmail are two completely different services, so you can use WhatsApp without a Gmail Account. The only connection is that the Android version of WhatsApp uses Google Drive to keep backups of your chat history , which necessitates the use of a Google account.

If youre referring to the email address linked with your Google Drive or iCloud account, where your WhatsApp conversations are stored, altering these addresses will have no effect on your existing discussions. Your chats will not be lost.

How To Check If A Number Is On Whatsapp Or Not Using Safari

How can we find people on WhatsApp without their phone ...

The above method is very easy, but you should know about a second method as well.

1) Open Safari, and in the address bar, type followed by the country code and the phone number you want to check. is the official short URL for WhatsApp. For example, if you wish to check 987654321 is available on WhatsApp or not, type: In this case, +1 is the country code .

2) Once you have typed everything, tap the Enter on the keyboard.

3) Youll see a popup saying Open this page in WhatsApp? Tap Open.

4) If the phone number is not registered on WhatsApp, it will say, The phone number isnt on WhatsApp.

5) If the number is registered on WhatsApp, it will open the chat screen. You can start a chat with this person or go back to exit the screen.

More WhatsApp tips:

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How Do You Share Your Live Location In Whatsapp

WhatsApp lets you share with other users exactly where you are – it’s a handy feature if you’re driving somewhere as they can see if you’re stuck in traffic without you having to make a call. Open WhatsApp and press Chats. Tap the chat you’re having with the person you want to share your location with and then press the + button on an iPhone or the paperclip if you’re using Android. Choose Location and then Share Live Location followed by the length of time you want to share your location for. Now press the arrow icon on the right to send your location.

Hide Your About Information

When you click on a contact name in WhatsApp, you may see a short bio, a clever blurb, or just an away message. The app serves up a few options: Battery about to die, Cant talk, WhatsApp only, In a meeting, At the gym, Sleeping, and Urgent calls only. You can also create your own. Its up to you whether you want that info to be public, private, or available only to your contacts. Privatizing your about information will not stop you from seeing anybody elses.

On an iPhone: Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy> About, and make your selection: Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.

On an Android phone: Go to WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > About, and make your selection: Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.

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Global Reach Versus The Competition

WhatsApp says it serves more than 2 billion people in over 180 countries, with over a billion daily active users. WhatsApp Messenger is now the leading mobile messaging app in 169 countries although perhaps surprisingly, it wasnt as popular in the U.S., where Messenger was more frequently used. This seems to be changing now, as recent data shows WhatsApp topped the list of the most popular global mobile messaging apps in 2021. Currently, more than 100 billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp, making it the most active messaging app in the world.

WhatsApp generally takes a broad approach to reach as many people as possible around the world. The app continues to dominate in India, Germany, Russia, and the U.K. However, despite its impressive stats, WhatsApp isnt the only game in town. Among the apps competitors are Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and even Twitter DMs.

Use Landline Number To Verify Whatsapp

Use WhatsApp without revealing your real Number!

Another potent means to create a second account on WhatsApp without a regular phone number is to use a landline number. Lucky you if you have a landline phone you can purchase one, though. Anyhow, follow the steps below to use landline number to enjoy WhatsApp:

  • As usual, download WhatsApp on your smartphone, PC or tablet.
  • Launch the app, agree to its terms and conditions.
  • In the next page, select your country code, and enter your landline number into it.
  • Select to verify by SMSâwhich will fail after 5 minutes of waiting.
  • After the SMS verification fails, click ” button to receive an automated call from WhatsApp, bearing your verification code.
  • You will then receive a call from WhatsApp on your landline phone note the code that will be called to you.
  • Go back to WhatsApp and input the code into the box, and it will be activated immediately.
  • Complete your registration and you can now enjoy WhatsApp without a regular phone number, but with a landline number.

All the aforementioned three steps are working methods to use WhatsApp with a phone number. One, two or three should work for you.

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How To Use Whatsapp

Not sure how to get started with the free messaging and calling app? Here’s what you need to know.

Want to save money on your mobile phone bill? Then switch to WhatsApp. The free mobile messaging app lets you send messages, and make voice and video calls from your smartphone over the internet rather than your mobile network for free. As long as youre connected to wi-fi, wherever that might be, it wont cost you a penny to keep in touch. Heres everything you need to know about how to use WhatsApp.

How To Change Whatsapp Number Without Verification

Just like setting up a new WhatsApp account, you can change your WhatsApp number too. You donât have to skip the verification process here but can enter any other temporary number to complete the process. If you are lucky, you would be able to switch numbers on WhatsApp without sharing your number the following way.

  • Install the TextNow app on your device and get a virtual number listed from here beforehand.
  • Now, launch WhatsApp and go to its Settings > Accounts > Change Number feature to switch your phone number.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and enter your existing as well as the new phone number.
  • To proceed, you would get a message on the new number. Let the SMS verification fail and choose to get a call instead. Now, launch the TextNow app, accept the call, and use the shared verification code to change your number.
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    Additional Tip: How To Recover Your Whatsapp Data

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    • Recover WhatsApp data to PC as HTML/PDF/Excel/CSV files.

    What are you waiting for? Please free download the app to have a try and help you get the deleted WhatsApp data back.

    Like we touched on at the start of the article, you may never have thought it was possible to utilize WhatsApp without disclosing your actual phone number. By using one of the methods we provided above, you’ll be able to do exactly that. Enjoy!

    Whats A Whatsapp Group

    How can we find people on WhatsApp without their phone ...

    You can message multiple people at once in a WhatsApp group. This is really handy if you want to chat with a few family members, neighbours, or members of a club or group.

    Someone you know might add you to a WhatsApp group if they have your number, or you can set up your own group:

  • Tap the green circle with a messaging icon on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Choose participants from your contact list.
  • Add a name for the group.
  • You can even choose an image for the group by tapping on the camera icon.
  • Start chatting! Everyone in the group will be sent the message at once.
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    Use A Virtual Phone Number And Texting App

    Sadly, not everyone has access to a secondary cellphone or landline number. You might still want to use WhatsApp without a SIM card, though.

    If you really cant get a hold of any phone number for a call or text verification, but have access to an internet connection, you can use a third-party app. Some applications grant you a virtual phone number, as well as calling and texting capabilities. Some of them are free too! A very popular one is Google Voice, but there are great alternatives in the post linked below.

    Follow the next steps once you can get a phone number for either call or text verification.

  • Get a free VOIP number from one of the apps in the link above.
  • Read the privacy policy and terms of service offered by the welcome screen.
  • Hit Agree and continue.
  • Enter the phone number you got from the text app.
  • Press Next.
  • Verify your number is correct and press OK.
  • Youll get a text message with your verification code on the text app.
  • Enter the code on WhatsApp, on your phone without a SIM card.
  • You should be good to Go!
  • Whatsapp Tool: Send A Message To An Unsaved Number

    You don’t need to save people’s contact information to send them a WhatsApp message simply input their phone number below and start chatting right away.

    Simply enter the phone number you want to WhatsApp in international format, for example, +16123456789, +27123456789, +42123456789, +254123456789. NB: There should be no gaps between the numbers.

    WhatsApp trick: Sending a message to an unsaved number.

    WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide and is the most popular messaging Application for everyone.

    However, consumers experience a significant issue when attempting to SMS an unsaved contact without having to save the number. To put it another way, the Facebook-owned messaging app does not allow users to SMS an unsaved number.

    WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide and is the most popular messaging Application for everyone.

    However, consumers experience a significant issue when attempting to SMS an unsaved contact without having to save the number. To put it another way, the Facebook-owned messaging app does not allow users to SMS an unsaved number.

    To do so, users must store the number to their phone and then SMS them using WhatsApp. Well, until now.

    How it work

    This app is compatible with both Android and iOS. All you have to do is enter your recipient’s phone number in the field given below. That being said, here’s how the tool can help you. WhatsApp provided a link that allows you to send messages to unsaved numbers without adding them to your phonebook.

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    Whatsapp Makes Switching To A New Phone Number Easy Through Its Change Number Feature

    How To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number

    WhatsApp users can switch to a new phone number with the following some easy steps

    • WhatsApp lets you notify your contacts upon changing your phone number
    • You wont lose your chats if you arent switching to a new phone
    • WhatsApp will require you to register your new phone number

    WhatsApp allows you to easily change your phone number without losing your chats, and we’re going to explain how to do that. The instant messaging platform is one of the most actively used apps for most smartphone users. A lot of people use it for sending messages and making voice and video calls. These features make WhatsApp a go-to solution for smartphone users. But since WhatsApp works with your phone number, you need to update your WhatsApp account when you change your existing number. And it’s perfectly possible for regular WhatsApp users to change their phone number without losing the chats stored in the app.

    To ease the process of changing your phone number, WhatsApp has a dedicated Change Number feature. This lets you easily move from an old phone number to a new one. The feature also provides the ability for users to automatically inform their contacts about the change. Here’s a step-by-step guide to change your WhatsApp number.

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    Option : Transfer Services To Twilio

    A non-Twilio phone number may be eligible to activate WhatsApp on Twilio by transferring the existing SMS and/or Voice capabilities for that number to Twilio. We have two options that will let you accomplish this:

    • Port your phone number into Twilio: This completely transfers your existing phone number’s service to Twilio, and cancels service with the original provider. For full details, including the supported countries, see the following resources: US porting process|International porting process.
    • Enable Hosted SMS : Non-Twilio phone numbers from the US and Canada may be eligible to have Twilio’s Programmable Messaging service enabled, without needing to change the phone number service provider. For full details, see our Hosted Numbers FAQ .

    Please note, if your phone number has already been activated on the WhatsApp API with another provider, it is not possible to activate it for WhatsApp on Twilio, even if you port or host the number. For more info, see Can I move my approved WhatsApp Number to Twilio?

    Does Whatsapp Show On Your Phone Bill

    No, it does not function that way, not like cellular phone calls. It is not billed as a regular phone call because it is not routed and terminated by your telephone service provider.

    Your WhatsApp call is nothing more than an end-to-end data transfer across the internet using your Wi-Fi or mobile data. The call cost will be included in your data charges, just like browsing the internet or sending a WhatsApp message, image, or voice note: its all part of the data bundle.

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    Keep Your Whatsapp Chats When You Get A New Phone Number

    ByJim Martin, Editor| 18 Aug 2021

    As youre probably aware, WhatsApp ties your account to your phone number and you cant use the messaging app without one.

    But what if your phone number changes? Fortunately, changing your number in WhatsApp is a relatively simple process. However, there are a few points you should keep in mind before you do it.

    If youre changing your phone at the same time, you should first change your phone number in WhatsApp on your old device before registering it on the new one.

    Here, well show you exactly what you have to do.

    How To Switch Phone Numbers In Whatsapp

    How to Verify a Phone Number on WhatsApp (with Pictures ...

    To move your account to the new phone number, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and on Android tap the three dots the cog on an iPhone.
  • Tap on Settings and then on Account.
  • Tap Change number.
  • Youll see a warning that the process cant be undone. Tap Next.
  • Enter your old phone number and your new phone number. Make sure the country is set correctly for both numbers. Tap Next.
  • On the next screen you have the option to notify contacts of the change. You can choose between “All contacts”, “Contacts with whom I have chats” or “User-defined” if you only want to inform certain contacts about the change. Make your selection and tap Done.
  • The verification takes place via an SMS that is sent to you on the new SIM card. Enter the verification code to complete the phone number change.
  • If youre moving to a new phone, you can now make a backup and when youre certain the backup has been created, you can pop the SIM into your new phone, install WhatsApp and enter your new number and you should then see the option to import your chat backup.

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