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Does Whatsapp Show Your Number

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Delete A Specific Message Within A Chat

How To Use Whatsapp without Showing Your Number (Not Working)

Just as you can star a specific message within a chat, you can also delete a specific message within a chat. You can also “delete for everyone” but you have to do this within 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

Choosing delete for everyone will also result in a message appearing in the chat saying the message has been deleted which although looks suspicious, could be better than whatever message you sent in the first place.

iOS & Android: Chats > Specific chat > Press and hold on specific message you want to delete > Press Delete.

How To Set Up A New Account On Whatsapp

Well, once you are armed with your new number from any of the services described above, you are ready to start;configuring a new WhatsApp account.

Alternatively, you can try changing the phone number on your current WhatsApp account if you dont want to lose conversations, even if you may encounter some problems during the attempt depending on your account and if you have already changed numbers before.

Well explain it later in this guide, so if youd like to try this step first, go to the section below.;Furthermore, we are using the Android version of WhatsApp to test this service;;the method may vary on iOS or other operating systems.

How to hide phone number on WhatsApp.;Start by completely disconnecting your WhatsApp account.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the application and reinstall it from the App Store or Play Store to ensure a new installation.

Once you reach the WhatsApp login screen, WhatsApp will ask for your phone number to register your account and verify your device.

Instead of entering your current phone number, enter the secondary number you created via Google Voice or Talkatone .

Press the Next icon and WhatsApp will notify you of the number they are about to check.

Make sure you entered your number correctly;;once you have ascertained that the correct number has been entered in the device, press OK to continue with the next step.

After that, WhatsApp will ask you to automatically detect the verification code by displaying your SMS messages.

How To Share My Whatsapp Account With Someone

To share your whatsapp account with someone, you can simply create a whatsapp account link and share it with the person, or probably you give the person the number linked to your whatsapp account.

This is same with the topic of the post, how do i give someone my whatsapp number.

It is as simply as ABC. Give the person your whatsapp number to save on its phone, or you create a link using the above method and share it with the person you want to give out your whatsapp number.

Remember, any body that has the number linked to your whatsapp account already has your whatsapp number.;

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Extra Tips1: Whatsapp Contacts Missing: How To Recover Whatsapp Data On Iphone

While that issue has been fixed on your device, you will want to keep a backup of your WhatsApp contents so that an unexpected cannot come and ruin everything you have stored in WhatsApp.

Fortunately for you, there is an app that lets you recover lost WhatsApp contents. With UltData, you can get back lost or deleted WhatsApp chats including messages, videos, and photos easily from iOS and Android phones. In this example, I am going to show you how you can recover WhatsApp data from iPhone.

Step 1 Free download and install UltData application on your computer firstly.

Step 2 Connect your device to your PC and open the app on your PC. Choose the file types you would like to recover.

Step 3 You can then select the data you want to recover and then click on “Recover” to begin recovering the data.

How To Install Whatsapp

How To Hide Number on Whatsapp

Before you get started using WhatsApp, you need to head over to the official website and download the free app for your device: Android, or iOS. Then follow the steps.;

  • Launch the app and click Agree And Continue after you read the privacy policy agreement.
  • Enter your phone number and click Next. WhatsApp will send an SMS with a code and link that you can use to verify your phone number.;
  • If youve used the app before, WhatsApp will offer you to and access your saved contacts and media.;
  • Once your number is verified, WhatsApp will ask you to fill in your profile info by providing them with your name and picture . You can always change either of those later.
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    How To Set Up Two

    With the app open, head to Settings/Account/Two-Step Verification and click on Enable. Next, enter a six-digit code that you wont forget.

    Then enter your email address as an extra failsafe. Finally, you will see confirmation of two-step verification set up on your phone, so it will be far more difficult for someone to be able to hijack your account or transfer your messages to another device.

    Youll now be asked for the PIN at random times when you open WhatsApp. It isnt every time you open the app, so it shouldnt become an inconvenience.

    It will, however, make you better prepared to enjoy safer technology.

    Use Whatsapp To Call Others From Your Smartphone

    One of the things that makes WhatsApp so appealing to users is the ability to use it for free unlimited calls. Since it uses the internet connection over cellular data, you can call internationally and not have to pay anything for it.

    Open a chat with the person youd like to call, and click the phone icon in the top right corner of your chat window. If you want to start a video call, opt for the video camera icon instead.;

    If youre calling a group instead of a single contact, youll get to select how many people can join in before you start the call.;

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    Hide Your Profile Photo

    Dont want anybody with your phone number to be able to see your profile pic? This is something you can change, and making your profile photo private will not stop you from seeing anybody elses.

    On an iPhone: Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo and select everyone, my contacts, or nobody.

    On an Android phone: Go to WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo and select everyone, my contacts, or nobody.

    Finding My Whatsapp Number And Username On Android

    Use whatsapp without showing your phone number

    NOTE:Im using a Vivo V15 device with Android version 9.0 in order to achieve this task. And the steps that I will mention below are followed with WhatsApp version 2.20.140. The steps might differ a little depending on the Android device in use and the WhatsApp version you are currently using.

    Its really easy to locate your WhatsApp number and WhatsApp ID, just some simple steps need to be followed, which are as follows.

    1. Open the App Drawer of your Android smartphone and swipe left or right to locate WhatsApp.

    2. Open WhatsApp and here you see all the chats that you have done with several people. Tap on the 3 dots icon given at the top-right side of the screen.

    3. Now tap on the Settings option that appears after tapping on 3 dots icon.

    4. On this page, you can see your profile pic, some settings options given by WhatsApp, and most importantly your username adjacent to your profile pic that you were looking up for quite a long time.

    5. Now you know how to find your username and all you are left with is finding the registered number. Tap on your username or your profile pic, or anywhere in the above section.

    6. On the next page that opens, you will see your phone number inside the Phone section that is registered with WhatsApp. Your username will appear again inside the Name section if you doubt the one shown on the previous page.

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    Can I Track My Wifes Phone Without Her Knowing

    Spy apps are not only powerful, but they can also monitor your wife discreetly without her knowing. You can use the app to monitor your wifes iOS or Android device. In addition to its stealth feature, Spyine also provides great privacy. Not all cell phone spy apps out there protect your personal data.

    Stop Images And Video Appearing In Your Gallery

    Sharing photos and video on WhatsApp is great, but you might not want it added to your phone’s gallery. On Android, a folder is created in the gallery by default, while on iOS, it saves to your camera roll. If you don’t want that, you can turn it off.

    iOS: Settings > Chats > Toggle off Save to Camera Roll.

    Android: Settings > Chats > Toggle off Show Media in Gallery.

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    How Do I Give Someone My Whatsapp Number

    There are way to give out a whatsapp number, by providing a url or probably giving out the mobile phone number linked to a whatsapp account. On this article we will be looking at how do i give someone my whatsapp number, and I will explain the ways which you can do that.

    Before going further, I want you to know that you cannot use the whatsapp without a phone number, even if you go ahead and create a fake phone for your whatsapp, it will still require you to enter a mobile phone number in order to have your whatsapp account.

    Ive seen lots of people asking how to use whatsapp without phone number or getting a random phone number from apps like textNow, etc. Honestly I dont recommend such to anyone unless you dont want to use your phone number for your account.

    Now lets proceed with the topic of the post, how do i give someone my whatsapp number.

    How To See And Turn Off Last Seen

    Unban your banned WhatsApp number in 5 steps

    WhatsApp’s last seen feature allows you to see when someone last checked WhatsApp, as well as allow users to see when you last checked. If a contact hasn’t disabled last seen, it will appear under their name at the top of an open chat.;To disable last seen:

    iOS & Android: Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Switch to Nobody.

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    Getting A New Phone Number

    There are more than a dozen services online that you can use to get a secondary number.

    is our top pick and is perfect for our purposes. It offers personal and business services and is frequently updated on both web and mobile. Voice even allows you to use your number to forward calls, make free phone calls in the United States, and text your family and friends with ease.

    Your number can be used to make and receive calls and texts. Its a great service, especially for free, and it comes as our top recommended service for anyone looking for a new phone number to use with WhatsApp.

    Like Google Voice, Talkatone makes it easy to get a free phone number. The service gives you an alternate phone number for calling and texting, complete with a US or Canada-based area code.

    Talkatone even lets you change this number when you need to. Talkatone does include ads, but if youre only using the phone number to verify your account, this shouldnt be much of a problem.

    While Voice and Talkatone are our top two picks for our purposes, if youre looking for an app with a bit more functionality beyond simple calls and texts, or an app with the ability to create more than one number, check out these applications:

    For the purposes of this article, well be using a number from Google Voice, along with screenshots from Voice as we set up our new WhatsApp account.

    What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Whatsapp

    In case you are an existing WhatsApp user then you can know about the disadvantages of the messaging behemoth.ConsMissing Face Filters. No Virtual Assistant. Self-Destructing Messages. WhatsApp Calling Limitation. File Size limit. No Animated Stickers. Contact Number Required.More items

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    Changing Your Phone Number On Android

  • 1Open WhatsApp. It’s the green and white chat bubble containing a white phone receiver. Youll usually find it in the app drawer.
  • If you’re creating a new WhatsApp account for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions to create the account, and enter your Google Voice phone number when prompted. At that point, skip to step 10 to verify.
  • Change Phones With The Same Operating System

    Use WhatsApp without revealing your real Number!

    First, we would examine the situation where you are switching over to a device with an OS which is same as your current device. This means iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android switchovers. Being in the same ecosystem means that there are official options available to transfer your WhatsApp conversations.

    A. Transfer WhatsApp Conversations for iPhones by Backing Up via iCloud

    For iPhones, the best course of action for transferring WhatsApp messages is to make use of the iCloud backup and restore it on your new iPhone. We would break it down in 2 different steps, Backup to iCloud and Restore from iCloud. There are a few considerations to keep in mind for both the steps.

    You must be signed in with your Apple ID with iOS 9 or later and iCloud Drive turned on. Also, you need more than twice the free space on both the iPhone and the iCloud compared to the size of the backup. Finally, the phone number used for backing up and restoring the iCloud must be the same. Otherwise the process would not work.

    The steps are as follows:

    Step 1. On your old phone, if you have automatic backups enabled then the backup should already exist on the iCloud.

    Step 2. If you wish to manually backup your messages, launch WhatsApp and follow the path, WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back Up Now.

    Step 3. On your new phone, install WhatsApp. Once your phone number is verified, follow the instructions on the screen to restore your WhatsApp data along with your conversations on the new phone.

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    What Is My Whatsapp Number/username: Difference In Saved And Unsaved Contacts

    So, do you still find it hard to locate your username and number on your iOS or Android device you are using? Im quite sure you dont. Just keep in mind that your username will not be shown to everyone you are in contact with. It will only be shown to those people who have not saved your contact in their address book. And this is true for both Android and iOS users.

    Link Whatsapp With A Landline Number

    This is comparatively an easier solution to use WhatsApp without a phone number. In this, we will be entering a working number for WhatsApp to link â just not a personal mobile number.

    Instead, we will try to set up WhatsApp using a landline number. Hereâs how to use WhatsApp without code or SMS verification.

  • To start with, just install WhatsApp on your device and start the initial setup. If you are already using WhatsApp, then delete it first, and reinstall it.
  • Before you uninstall your WhatsApp, we recommend you to backup your WhatsApp to the computer first.

  • Now, instead of your number, just enter the fixed landline digits with the country and state code. If there is an option to call on the number to verify it, then just tap on it to continue.
  • Alternatively, you can just wait for a while for the SMS verification process to be failed. Once it is failed, WhatsApp will suggest you call the number instead to verify.
  • Wait for a while as you get a call on your landline number delivering the verification code. Thatâs it! Now you can just enter the recently received code, authenticate the number, and start using WhatsApp.
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  • How to Export Telegram/WeChat/Snapchat Stickers to WhatsApp?
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    How To Verify Whatsapp Without Code

    Ideally, you canât verify a WhatsApp number without code. An active phone number is needed to set up a WhatsApp profile. If you donât want to give your number, then you can either try it with a landline number or get a virtual number instead. I have already discussed both of these solutions above.

    You would either get a one-time generated code by SMS or call that you need to enter here. Since the code is active only for a while and works specifically for the entered number, you canât use someone elseâs code as well.

    Hide Your About Information

    How to Link/Add WhatsApp to a Facebook Page

    When you click on a contact name in WhatsApp, you may see a short bio or a clever blurb, or just an away message. WhatsApp includes some you can choose from, such as battery about to die, Cant talk, WhatsApp only, in a meeting, at the gym, sleeping, or urgent calls only. You can also create your own about blurb. Whether you want it to be public, private, or available only to your contacts is up to you. Privatizing your about information will not stop you from seeing anybody elses.

    On an iPhone: Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy> About and make your selection: everyone, my contacts, or nobody.

    On an Android phone: Go to WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > About and make your selection: everyone, my contacts, or nobody.

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    How To Add Someone On Whatsapp Without Phone Number

    Im sorry it is not possible to add someone on whatsapp without a phone be it a fake number or real number, you must add someone on whatsapp with a phone number.

    WhatsApp isnt just like Duo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tiktok, snapchat, etc that you add, follow someone without a number. It works with a phone number and without the phone number, you cannot use WhatsApp.

    This is how it is made, to work using a users mobile phone number. So you can get a fake phone number or real phone number and use for your whatsapp.

    However, I dont see the reason why you would get a fake phone number for your whatsapp account, thats absolutely nonsense unless youre a fraudster.

    Maybe youre requesting a whatsapp phone number of a friend or someone, and the person says no!!! Im sorry you cant add the person to your whatsapp account without getting the persons phone number.;

    How to add someone on whatsapp without phone number?

    Im sorry that is not possible as whatsapp requires a phone number to open an account with them and same with how do i give someone my whatsapp number.

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